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Ben Affleck: Peep My Shaved Head!

Ben Affleck: Peep My Shaved Head!


Ben Affleck shows off his newly shorn look as he passes through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday with pregnant wife Jennifer Garner and their daughter Violet.

Jen, 36, will soon delivery baby #2. Ben, also 36, recently walked through a camp for displaced people near Kibati just north of Goma in eastern Congo. He was in the African nation on his fourth trip over the last year, hoping to understand firsthand one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

Violet turns 3 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VIOLET!!!

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  • Chaucee

    Ben looks great with this outfit on. I love seeing this family together :)

  • Mila w.


  • g!rocks

    Damn! That kid is a cross between Dumbo and fivel the rat! What big ears we have! lol. Her teeth look like she has been smoking crack! lol.Violet lay off the crack!

  • jim


  • Rita

    my favourite celeb kid, happy birthday!!!

  • Freya

    Happy birthday Violet! I think you look a lot like your Mommy and a bit of your Daddy thrown in for good measure. My daughter is three and a half and always gets that she looks just like you. Ignore people who make fun of your gapped tooth grin. They don’t understand that it’s just baby teeth and sometimes it comes from sucking your thumb, just like my little girl, and once your big teeth come in, you’ll be just fine. For now, just know you’re adorable and are blessed with a great family!

  • Meggie

    “Ben Affleck shows off her newly shorn look”

    lol, maybe it’s HIS newly shorn look?)

  • Mary

    Love this family.

  • Jill

    Too bad about her Obama ears. Why would they pull her hair back to show her protruding ears? So sad. At least when she gets older they can have them fixed. And hopefully her second teeth will come in better than her baby teeth, which show a HUGE gap. But braces will fix that too.
    Hopefully they will fix her protruding ears, much unlike the Spears family who never fixed Britney’s Dumbo ears. But then again, her Mom has them, as well as her son’s Preston and Jayden. What an awful birth defect to inherit!

  • dianel

    Violet looks like her mommy very sweet

  • alli

    cutest. kid. in. the. WORLD

  • Mr. Blonde

    Happy 3rd Birthday!

    How could you say that about a little girl, #3?

    You’re sick to judge the looks of little children, #9. Give them a chance at childhood.

  • hohum

    ahh happy birthday violet
    you’re a cutiepie!
    always so happy

  • ice

    Happy Birthday Violet!

  • the real jc.

    Benny boy. He looks really hot with his hair like this. He’s getting better with age I think. Rough and ready. Me likey.

  • shammy

    Happy, Happy, Birthday Violet dolly! You soon will have the best gift ever and that is a baby bonbino/a to play with soon. The fun begins very soon.

    Love the familia and wish them all the BEST!!!

  • Candy

    Stop with the cutest baby in the world that is one fugly lil. girl. In a blog they say that garner is hooked on botox on her lips, , they look digusting Angie she is not she is too fugly! Ben ‘s hotness went away when he was forced into a shot gun weeding with this manly looking broad. This is the only site that they praise this woman. All the other blogs find her so ugly! Ben looks like cra@p too! poor poor garner they were goofing on her and saying why would anyone want to stalk this ugly woman. All the beautiful woman are not stalked by crazies only the fugly ones with the exception of uma.

  • Martyna

    g!rocks you are totally rude, what the hell is wrong with you? Saying that a child is ugly, really show your mentality.

  • lollipop

    I don’t understand the buzz about these two. This couple is about as exciting as Justin and Jessica above them. They are bland and boring. Why even photograph them?

    Heigl, a real charismatic celebrity was just at the airport and she radiates amazing energy without even trying so don’t use the airport excuse a million times over.

    …and they dress like Vermont folk. He could probably write a screenplay or two in Vermont and allow his children to have a normal ubbringing away from Hollywood and Jen can play happy homemaker. Shouldn’t the children come first?

  • x



  • interesting?

    Hey, where’s Matt Damon??

  • CR30.01

    Congrats, kiddo! Happy birthday!

    And it would be interesting to see your critics’ baby pictures. A bunch of Dumbos and Fivels, I bet. Hopefully not on crack.


    it is so nice to see Ben dressed in a nice outfit… and wondering where
    they went for Thanksgiving..?? Heigl could start her own show called
    whines too much about a dead person.. gee when is Shonda Rimes
    going to grow up before everyone tunes out of the show..

  • elle

    Violet’s losing her cuteness as she moves into being a toddler, too bad, but her parents are fugly, so she’s lucky she was cute for as long as she was

  • Daria

    Immature dumb asses posting on here who comment on baby teeth that will be replaced with permanent ones in four years, on ears that can be pinned back with a 20 minute surgical procedure, and criticizing a nice family. Losers I guess who feel better about themselves when they make unkind remarks about others.

  • Mr. Blonde

    You’re sick, #17

    Are you insane, #19?

    You’re sick too, #24

    Right, #25

  • Lee

    Candy is an obsessive loser J-Lo fan with no life. Violet is way cuter than J-Lo’s rat looking babies. Jen and Ben are far superior in the looks department compared to fat J-Lo and her skeleton looking husband. Candy loves to stalk Garner on all the posts. Creepy. People can think she is cute and your opinion won’t change that. You’re not forced into a wedding, idiot. He proposed to her, unlike J-Ho. How would you know what all other sites do? Do you obsessively look her up on all the sites? Go back to mental institution, you creepy stalker. You’re the fugly one. Only a fugly, insecure person would insult someone’s looks on the internet and if they were so fugly you wouldn’t keep looking at their photos. Get help. you’re mentally ill.

  • Lee

    x — If you were surrounded by paps would you want your little 3 year old walking around them? You’re obviously NOT a parent. And there are photos of Violet walking when the paps keep their distance.

  • Rosy Johnson

    I love this family! I want to be part of them!

  • evie4

    It’s a proven fact that people who make fun of others are often the most insecure. Instead of cracking on an innocent child, how about looking in the mirror and fixing what you see there so you can have a happy productive life and the rest of us with healthy self esteem don’t have to spend time pitying you. I’m too busy for that ;)

  • Greg

    Lee @ 12/01/2008 at 4:04 pm

    Violet is way cuter than J-Lo’s rat looking babies. Jen and Ben are far superior in the looks department compared to fat J-Lo and her skeleton looking husband…Only a fugly, insecure person would insult someone’s looks on the internet…
    Lee, aren’t you doing the same thing?

  • Lee

    No, because Candy types the same things on EVERY post. I don’t go on Lopez posts.

  • Katherine

    Wow… now I remember why I don’t read comments on this site. It’s full of a bunch of disgusting, insecure and lonely idiots. Insulting a 3-year old child? You people are beyond pathetic and insane. You must have really miserable lives to result to that. I pity you.

  • cheryl cole is frigging hot

    jennifer looks cute
    his haircut is pretty cool as well

  • Mary

    Violet doesn’t walk because of the paps and I guess Jen is afraid of the stalker and some kids just liked to be carried.


    Such a cute family. I think Ben looks better with longer hair, though. Happy birthday to Violet. ^_^

    Lmao @ the troll who keeps changing their name and typing nasty comments. Shows what kind of life they have coming on every post typing about this family. Your obsessive hatred isn’t normal, Candy. Take your medication and talk to your shrink.


    And Jared, you put “her” instead of “him”. Lol.


    “His” that is… oops.

  • Jen1

    What a sweet, lovely family. Happy b-day to Violet! :)

  • manda


  • Lynda

    Violet is the only one who looks happy.

  • Lulu

    I liked Ben better with JLO
    they were so exciting and nice to look at
    Garner?? not so cute anad a bit manly

    Ben could have done so much better

  • Nobuhle

    why on earth did Ben marry Garner?
    he was so much cooler before
    Now he looks unhappy.
    I would be unhappy too if i were married to a woman that looks like a man and can’t act to save her life
    That 13 going on 30 or whateva it was called was a complete disaster!
    she attacked that role like she was on Alias and was not cute at all
    she looks as feminine as a rhino in a dress!

    Just plain awful

  • Janey

    What a complete frump Jennfer Garner is, just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you have dress and look fug. Recently there were pictures of Jennifer Lopez shopping and she was wearing jeans, which proves you can dress casual and still look hot and that is how Ben likes his woman to look.

    Ben has never looked so bad, he was at his best with Jennifer Lopez.

  • Ally

    The sad, but also rather funny and rather sick, part to all these comments is that 90% are probably from that obsessed, crazy Adoring Fan. She’s probably so desperate to get Jennifer Garner’s comment count up that she’s even posting the negative comments, only so she can turn around and post the “defending” comments!

    Nobody cares about these overhyped “actors.”

    That’s why Nicole Kidman can still get more comments- even with her frozen face and with her latest movie bombing to high heaven!


  • Jordan

    What’s up with those cup ears on that kid ! OMG !!!
    I wonder if they’ll name their next kid Purple or Lilac ???

  • Adoring Fan

    Happy Birthday sweet Violet. You are a very precious little girl and much adored by your parents. Sooooo cute. I love your dimples. Can’t wait for your little sister or brother to get here. Have a lovely b-day angel baby.

  • MuMu

    so weird this family
    i’ve never seen this kid
    walk. fucking weird.
    why is that? anyways

  • Liz

    Lmao @ the troll typing negative comments! Sounds like they are having an identity crisis changing their name every 15 minutes. Nobody cares about fugly Lopez. Ben didn’t either, which is why he broke up with her. Talk about manly looking… Lopez looks like a total tranny with her rat-looking husband. Garner is far better looking than Lopez and has more talent, which is why Lopez’s albums bomb and her merchandise is practically free because it’s so cheap.Why are you talking about what Ben likes? You don’t know Ben, you’re just an obsessive stalker talking about a 5-year old break-up. Get a life.

    Ally, you’re the one probably typing all of these negative comments which is why after them you showed up. Why would a fan type negative comments? That doesn’t even make sense. Nobody has typed defensive comments accept when it came to talking about her daughter. You are mentally ill and need desperate help. If you don’t care about Garner why do you go on all her posts? Lmao. No-life obsessive stalker. You are a very sad, sick person and 90% are from you. You are the nobody that you are referring to and you keep saying you don’t care about her but you come on posts every day.

  • Liz

    I meant to say 90% are from you. Jen obviously doesn’t get more posts than actresses who are currently working and at premiers. You are pathetic.

    The sad, but also rather funny and rather sick, part to all these comments is that 90% are probably from that obsessed, crazy Ally. She’s so desperate to say that she doesn’t like Jennifer Garner, yet she is always here typing comments and raising the comment count.

    Ally is the nobody that nobody cares about and tries to get attention with her obsessive comments.

    That’s why she goes on other people’s posts just to count the comments.