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Ben Affleck: Peep My Shaved Head!

Ben Affleck: Peep My Shaved Head!


Ben Affleck shows off his newly shorn look as he passes through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday with pregnant wife Jennifer Garner and their daughter Violet.

Jen, 36, will soon delivery baby #2. Ben, also 36, recently walked through a camp for displaced people near Kibati just north of Goma in eastern Congo. He was in the African nation on his fourth trip over the last year, hoping to understand firsthand one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

Violet turns 3 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VIOLET!!!

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  • Adoring Fan

    I think Jen looks adorable. I love her sweater. She is so naturally beautiful. She doesn’t need makeup and s.h.i.t. to look nice. Love this family. Happy birthday to the cutest celebrity kid on the planet.

  • Lopez = 100% Fake Ho

    The troll is jealous that Ben dumped Lopez’s fat ass. Why else would they go on his current wife’s pictures just to talk about that has-been Lopez? Lopez isn’t pregnant so your comparison of clothes doesn’t make any sense, and even with Garner pregnant she still isn’t as big as Lopez is. Go on your Lopez posts and talk about her current skeleton rat-faced husband. Lopez = Manly & Fug! Thank god, Ben came to his senses and dumped that fat, fugly no-talented tranny for a real woman. Even Affleck’s friends and family didn’t like her and could see right through her fakeness. Every time you saw a picture of him with Lopez he was looking away looking miserable. He couldn’t stand that 100% fake, fugly hoe.

  • Lopez = 100% Fake Ho

    If he was so happy with Lopez why didn’t he marry her? Obviously, because he didn’t want to. He obviously wanted to marry Garner and now having their second child. If he wasn’t happy he wouldn’t be having a second kid with her. Get over it, obsessive Lopez fan. You’re the only fan she has left. Lopez will never be popular again because Ben made her popular and he dumped that fat-ass. Now she’s stuck with rat-faced skeleton who doesn’t pay child support for his other 4 kids. Talk about trash. LMAO!!!

  • Janey = Nobuhle = Lulu = Troll

    Hopez can’t act to save her life. Gigli anyone? Yuck! Did anyone even bother seeing that junk? Lopez had to pay her one fan to go see it a bunch of times because nobody else would. ROFL!!!

  • Janey = Nobuhle = Lulu = Troll

    Troll you made a mistake in all your posts. You should have put Lopez instead. Here:

    I like Ben best with Garner
    They are so down to earth and nice to look at
    Lopez?? Not so cute and a bit manly

    Ben could have done so much better when he was with Lopez and now he has with Garner.

    Why on earth did Ben ever date Lopez?
    He’s so much cooler now.
    Back then he looked unhappy.
    I would have been unhappy too if i were dating a woman that looks like a man and can’t act or sing to save her life.
    That Gigli or whateva it was called was a complete disaster!
    she attacked that role like she was in her ghetto and was not cute at all
    She looks as feminine as a rhino in a dress!

    Just plain awful.

    What a complete frump Jennifer Lopez is, just because you’re over-weight doesn’t mean you have dress and look fug. Garner is pregnant and dresses far better, which proves you can dress casual and still look hot and that is how Ben likes his woman to look.

    Ben has never looked so good, he is at his best now, unlike back with Lopez. Yuck!

  • Candy = Stalker Tranny

    Candy your post is wrong. You meant to put Lopez, Here:

    Violet is the cutest baby in the world! That is one cute little girl. Lopez’s babys are so fugly that she never lets anyone see them anymore because the fugness increases day by day. In a blog they can say anything and it doesn’t make it true. Lopez is disgusting!! Angie, she is not she is too fugly! Ben’s hotness went away when he was almost forced into a shot gun wedding with that manly looking broad Lopez. Now, he looks a lot better. This is the only site that they praise that “woman” and post her. All the other blogs find her so ugly and barely post her! Ben looks great too! Poor poor Lopez fan still can’t get over the break-up. She is goofing on herself, saying that nobody would want to stalk that ugly woman, Lopez. All the beautiful woman are stalked by crazies only the fugly ones aren’t.

  • MEL


  • MEL

    Jordan insulting a child. You are pathetic.

  • MEL

    And you’re so stupid… they didn’t name Violet after the color.

  • benfan

    The truth hurts, but the truth is Ben was at his best looking with Jennifer Lopez. That’s the truth and it always will be.

    Jen garner’s crazy stalker fans isn’t the only one who needs to be looked up in a psych ward, all her fans post like psychos.

    Laughing my ass off that it’s the fans Garner has a restraining order out on not the ones who don’t like her.

  • Candy

    I always hit a nerve with garners fans boy does the truth hurt! just because you want to believe that this manly looking woman with the botox lips is pretty doesn’t make it so and that is one really ugly lil. girl!!! and as far as jlo is concerned at least she marries the dudes, garner was known as a serial dater before ben who put her on the map, she is the bigger hoe who slept her way to the top. Poor ben he went to a war zone in the congo to get away from this ugly woman. But her silly fans want to believe the good mom hype, and down to earth cra# , this is the woman that has a 16 million dollar home and check out her rocks do you silly fans still believe that she is down to earth how laughable., do you see other celebs explote their kids to the paps , like this woman she is the classic media hoe! and an ugly one at that! the ones that hate jlo are the ones who are always saying how pretty this woman is, they don’t get that jlo is happy, so they always want to bring her in all of ben’s conversations , turn the page jlo does’t care for benny let it go you silly dilly infantile fans!!!!!!!!!!!


    AGREE, ” MR.BLONDE “…..and to NUMBER # 3, ” G ROCKS “….just how hateful can you be, towards an adorable child ?….What the hell do YOU look like ?….Post a photo of yourself, and we will pick apart you…..
    Violet is the cutest baby around….She has wonderful parents who spend alot of time with her….I know the new baby will be just as adorable and very well loved.

  • Maria

    Candy aka. Ben fan, you really need mental help. You’re beyond sick to keep looking up these people. The truth? The truth is that Ben finally is with someone he loves and it hurts for you people which is why you keep coming back bringing up a 5-year old relationship. All the Lopez fans are the ones posting like psychos? Why are you even here? You’re obsessed and should be locked in a psych ward. She has a restraining order again one obsessive, mentally-ill fan. Next it will be you, probably. Laughing my ass off at how pathetic you are to keep coming back with different user names. Ben looks great and so does Jen. Can’t wait for baby #2 and see all the loser Lopez fans cry. LMAO!!! Ben looks the best now. That is the truth and always will be and the fact that you come here proves that.

  • Maria

    Candy, obviously we hit a nerve because you’re back here again on the Garner post. You never hit a nerve with anyone but make us laugh at how pathetic you are. Keep changing your user names, you psycho stalker. The truth hurts for you, obviously. Beauty isn’t a fact it’s an opinion. You’re a jealous hag who comes on Garner’s posts all the time because she has Ben. That’s a fact. Garner is far from manly-looking. Lopez is the manly-looking one with the mustache. You’re beyond pathetic. Violet is adorable and way more adorable than Lopez’s kids. They are so creepy looking and the ones who are ugly, everyone thinks so. Garner is obviously beautiful, which is why she is always on the most beautiful lists unlike Lopez. Because you want to believe that Garner is ugly doesn’t make it so. Garner has been married before. Lopez is the hoe who keeps getting married. What is a serial dater? Everyone goes out with people until they find the right person. Garner had fans before Ben, Lopez had barely any and Ben put her on the map. Ben has had an interest in the Congo for a while now. You obviously know nothing about him. He wouldn’t need to leave his beautiful wife, like he left the fugly Lopez. He spent more time with strippers than her. Garner is the most down to earth for a celeb. You are the silly one spamming the Garner posts. Such jealousy. Your posts are laughable. She takes her daughter to school, not exploiting her child. Unlike Lopez who sells pictures to the magazines. Classic media hoe! The fact that you obsessively call this woman ugly shows how jealous you really are. Obsessive hatred isn’t good, you should talk to your shrink about it. Everyone can see that you’re the really ugly one who is jealous. You’re the one who comes on Garner posts, you hypocritical moron! You are the one calling Garner, a pretty woman ugly coming on here posts with your jealous hatred. You don’t see Garner fans on the Lopez posts. Proof right there!

  • Maria

    You are obsessed with Ben and Garner. It’s so sad. Nobody cares about Lopez except you. Go on Lopez posts and stop trying to bring that has-been over here. You brought up Lopez in this conversation, you moron! Ben is the happy one who got on with his life, Lopez fans obviously haven’t. Ben doesn’t care for Lopez, nobody does except Lopez’s one obsessive maniac fan. Get over the break-up already. Nobody cares except you. You silly infantile obsessive fan. Thanks for proving my points. Nothing you type makes sense you hypocritical moron. This is a Garner post, you’re a Lopez fan. You have no reason to be here. Get over your jealousy of this beautiful family and go talk about Lopez’s ugly family!!!!

  • lollipop

    *yawn* They are all on their way out. This batch of celebs is fast approaching 40. Why do you think so many of these men in the business trade up when they push 40 for something hot and young? Because Hollywood feeds off the LATEST FRESH YOUNG = MONEY. JLo, Ben, Garner, Damon, this whole set in a few years will be history. They are old news…Sad truth, Sorry.

    Who is hot now?

    Zac, Rob Patterson big time, Miley, Reese, Chace Crawford, Heigl, Kiera Nightley to name a few…

    It is what it is…

  • Lizzy

    Lollipop if they are such old news they wouldn’t keep getting posts and you wouldn’t be here. Go spam you’re untalented actors somewhere else. Talk about *yawn*. Those young, untalented ones will be long forgotten in a year.

  • Lizzy

    BTW Candy is an escaped mental patient. Don’t feed the troll. She comes on every Garner post because she has no life and lives in her mother’s basement full of Garner pictures. She probably stalks Ben and his family. What a freak! If you’re so over Ben, get off of his posts and go on your Lopez posts. So, sad that your life revolves around a 5-year old break-up. Get help, you’re mentally ill and stop making other user names, everyone knows it’s you. And if you want to talk about fugly, look in the mirror. Fugly inside and outside. Don’t be angry because your mother left you in a dumpster when you were born.

  • E

    Thank you Just jared for many JG and little V’s pics.
    Happy Birthday little Violet,
    V is big for 3 years old, we would like to see you walking, we can see clearly how tall you are. Violet looks exactly like JG.
    JG doesn’t need those plastic surgery!! on her lips and the face…
    She used to look natural beauty but now everything seems fall apart…

    Whatever it happened we are fans / non fans don’t gain or loose any thing from it.

    It is fun to see little Violet happy in the pics,.
    bad boy Ben looked like he ready to punch the paps. Who cares about bad boy Ben??
    the standout in the pics is of course little Violet that what we want to see and moreover to see you walk…

  • graham

    The haters are the ones needing mental help. They obsessively come on posts about people they don’t care about just to type negative, cruel jealous rants. The fans sticking up for someone they are a fan of is normal. Look at any post on here, like Angelina. It’s the same for all of them. You obviously have too much time on your hands to waste on people you “say” you don’t care about. Why are you here, then? Your jealous posts only make yourself look bad and don’t affect these celebs’ lives, so get a life of your own already.

    Violet is adorable and anyone that insults her is the fugly one. So insecure that you must insult a toddler. Pathetic! Don’t breed, we don’t need trash like you polluting the world. Idiots like you should die out, Candy. Stop wasting time on the welfare computer and go get your food stamps and make yourself useful. :lol:

  • graham

    E there wouldn’t be photos of Violet without Ben and Jen in the first place so obviously people do care.

  • Bella

    Cute family and happy b-day to Violet. Nothing is a better present than a baby sibling.

    Who cares about the haters? The very fact that they’re here proves that they’re interested. They type nasty comments to get justification of themselves, but in reality they are losers with nothing better to do but spew out their jealousy on celeb gossip sites and will continue to look up these celebs day in and out, who in reality could care less about them. Keep typing your self-hatred, you only add to the comment count. Nothing more. The irony of the haters coming on a post and getting mad at the fans, who actually are here for a reason. Go look up someone you are a fan of and stop wasting time and spreading negativity. Nothing positive comes out of it.

  • Alice

    Candy is obviously mistaken. The blogs are always making fun of Lopez. They always say she looks like a man in drag and is a has-been. The blogs on Garner say that she is beautiful but say that she is boring, yet they still bother taking photos of her. Lopez is the one called fug all the time and made fun of and everyone calls her husband Skeletor.

  • Triple x

    Candy the asswipe seems to know an awful lot about Ben and Jen. How is that? Is she part of their inner circle? Somehow I doubt she’s someone they would want to associate with and she knows it. Lol

  • MDD

    Please, for the love of God, let this child WALK…

  • lostchick

    If you’re too grumpy to get your pictures taken then quit your high paying jobs and stay in the house. Try it, it works. What? Greed to much for you? Then do the not so much fun job that you’re paid for. Smile, it might confuse the paps.

  • val

    I cant imagine why people would make fun of innocent little children. God help you!

  • Lee

    I agree Triple x. Candy is so pathetic and has no life so she attempts to live through these celebs because of her life. LOL. I doubt anyone would want to associate themselves with her.

  • Lee

    Lostchick because someone doesn’t smile at the paps, doesn’t mean they’re grumpy. They shouldn’t have to smile at them. Paps taking photos isn’t part of the job and doing what you want to do has nothing to do with greed or acting not being fun. They shouldn’t have to stay in their house. If you’re not interested in these celebs why are you even here? What? No job or life? Lmao.

    MDD, if you were surrounded by paps you wouldn’t let your three year old walk around them.