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Beyonce Premieres Cadillac Records in NYC

Beyonce Premieres Cadillac Records in NYC

Beyonce works out her curves in another Zuhair Murad creation at the premiere of her new drama musical, Cadillac Records, at the AMC Loews 19th Street theatre on Mondayin New York City.

The 27-year-old actress portrays the legendary singer Etta James in Cadillac, out Dec. 5. The film explores the 1950s musical era, chronicling the life of the influential Chicago-based record-company executive Leonard Chess (Adrien Brody), and the singers who recorded for Chess Records.

Also pictured: Beyonce‘s husband Jay-Z and mother Tina.

25+ pictures inside of Beyonce premiering Cadillac Recors in NYC…

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beyonce cadllac records nyc 21
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beyonce cadllac records nyc 23
beyonce cadllac records nyc 24
beyonce cadllac records nyc 25

Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • Rok

    She looks beautiful!!!

  • mike

    LOVE HER!!!

  • Um

    She’s a cow. Sorry, but I find her utterly dull, and fakish.
    Does this heffer even have a personality, or does she just pose and sing other people’s songs?

  • suz

    beautiful dress! who makes it???

  • sweetie

    lovely :-)

  • sarah

    wow she is really ugly!

  • Megan

    Wow, calling her a HEFFER is incredibly rude.
    Beyonce is no where near fat, or ugly, so perhaps next time you should be nicer next time you make comments about someone.

  • wtf

    She’s fat, does NOT have a fashion sense, and she’s so dull, and blah. She shouldn’t even be in movies, she’s so fat and her acting isn’t that interesting.

  • malinka

    I think she forgot to shave her armpits! ugh
    I love her dress and the ring on the finger is amazing- is that her engagement ring?

  • malinka

    I think she forgot to shave her armpits! ugh
    I love her dress and the ring on the finger is amazing- is that her engagement ring?

  • mike

    wow your calling her FAT???? Compared to what??? Because your SOOO thin…your probably some fat insecure little girl who is just hating because she has no one…..

  • Bad acting pitt stain on movie

    A cow? Ugly? Are you blind? She is gorgeous! now Jay Z is ugly… that is true.

  • Irene

    what is wrong with your stupid site, Jared?

  • Irene

    will try this again for the third time
    Beyonce – Pretty. Nice dress. Hate the hair and that fabric hanging on her back.
    Jay-z – Ugly as always and those shades are def not helping
    Beyonce and Jay-z – Still childish and refusing to pose together.
    What happened to sisterhood? Where is the rest of Destiny’s Child? I think that sisterhood went right out of the window when they realized that there is only one child in Destiny’s Child

  • Irene

    Tina Knowles – Stop with the plastic surgery because it is really showing, Ma!

  • Irene

    Beyonce- shave your pits when you get home

  • cyn

    Tina Knowles has not had any plastic surgery. But she may have had a few injections but thats it.

    Bee and Jay did take pics together at the after party.

    I can’t believe yall insecure asses are hating on her.

  • lady t

    Love to see me some Jayonce…I can’t wait to see the movie this weekend. Jay Z is driving me crazy with the new do. They have killer chemistry though. God bless them…

  • shenanyginz

    ugh… she looks gorgeous. love the dress and the hair. She’s definitely entitled to have her big ego

  • shenanyginz

    @ #17
    Cyn, I really don’t understand why people hate so much… She’s beautiful and talented… Not a huge fan but I definitely have no reason to hate on the girl cus I’m constantly singing her songs…

  • mimi

    sarah @ 12/01/2008 at 11:07 pm

    wow she is really ugly!

    Sarah what are you looking at? B is ugly ? You must be looking at your own reflection. Gush! jelousy is such an ugly thing. It is usually women who always say these gorgeous women are ugly. I don’t know what pictures you are looking at honey, you certainly need to have your eyes tested. There is something definitely wrong with them.

  • D

    Pretty dress (she has a great figure with lovely curves)
    Hair could be better. Could have picked a better quality weave.
    Make-up is flawless. Very nice and light

    Mama Tina looks fab and I think she looked better than B on the red carpet. That is not a bad thing. She gets it from her momma.

    Jay-Z has a nice suit on but the disheveled hair and glasses look silly. I know he is going for the nerdy, disheveled look but that is not you Jay.

  • katie n

    She is one of the most gorgeous women in the show biz (acting or singing). Cannot believe the hatred and stupidity of people who are calling her fat and ugly. It just shows incredible anger and their own insecurities. If you want to pick on her focus on attacking her talents or ego or something else. Because her beauty is so obvious to anyone who is not blinded by hatred.

  • mimi

    I don’t know why a lot of you go on these sites when you apparently don’t have anything nice to say about anyone. You leave ugly comments because your live sucks. You have miserable lives and you’re all beneat contempt, you lash out on people you don’t know.because they are living a richer and more fulfilling lives than you. You will all age and die early because misery and depression shortens one’s live expectancy and you all wallow in it..

  • go

    i don’t like B but really know saying that she is ugly i don’t know where you guys get that from you must be white or blind one of the two she is a beautiful woman and this pics just shows how much of a beauty she is

  • Nurse Jen Doll

    Got to love Beyonce’s songs. -And no, she is definitely not ugly so I disagree to some of the comments.

    -Nurse Jen Doll
    Your Daily Reality Nursing

  • Tealeaf

    I like her dress, but her hair is too much

  • Pop

    Sexy Mama

  • LO

    She is talented and beautiful..

    I can see your Halo…

  • mi

    Hott Dress on a Hott Woman.

    Who is this dress by? it is to die for ;-)

  • http://justjared Zhanique

    How in what way is Beyonce fat? She looks pretty average to me and many girls would kill to have her curves cause not much men like there girlfriends pin thin!

  • Beyoncefan (L)

    OMG she is so pretty :D :D and beautiful!!!
    i love beyonce so much !
    and all for the haters she isn’t fat ! and don’t be jelous !
    and her mom is gorgeous to;)


    Thank goodness Beyonce showed up and not SASHA FIERCE!

  • sweet

    she is amazing and very beautiful
    plus, she made 80 million last year. i think that proves how many fans she has out there

  • mo

    what a fat ass!

  • DC Glam Examiner

    Thank you Jared! I hope the movie does well. I love Beyonce and Jay Z!!!

  • pinky

    Rihanna’s stams are just jealous cause Beyonce is a true beauty.

  • Ants

    For all the haters..this is from

    With 10 Grammys, three solo albums, four movies and a pret-a-porter line under her belt, it’s no surprise Beyonce Knowles blows away the rest of the list, raking in $80 million–almost double the $44 million runner-up Justin Timberlake pulled in this fiscal year. The former Destiny’s Child lead released her latest album I am Sasha Fierce Nov. 19, which sold nearly half a million copies in its first week.

  • fan

    Beyonce looks amazing as always.
    I don’t understand people that say she is fat.
    Beyonce was number 1 on the 100 list of in 2007.
    That goes to show you that guys like women with curves. I don’t think guys would honestly put her at the number one spot if she wasn’t gorgeous inside and out.

    Secondly I don’t think Sport illustrated puts fat people in bikini’s on their cover page. So why Beyonce?!

    All you people that hate on her have nothing better to do. Maybe if you applied yourselves and worked hard the way she did you might have a chance at getting a portion of what she makes.

    Go ahead and keep hating. The more you talk the more she is in the limelight.

  • lalalove

    Now, that’s the old Beyonce!
    This is the best I’ve seen her since her new records!
    She looks so elegant!

  • lalalove

    LOL @ #33 comment!

  • bibo

    this is a dress designed by zuhair murad (a lebanese designer)!!!

  • .

    haha #42 they just said it on e news :)

  • Sebastian

    armpit hair!

  • **FAN**

    With 10 Grammy’s, three solo albums, four movies and a pret-a-porter line under her belt, it’s no surprise Beyonce Knowles blows away the rest of the list, raking in $80 million–almost double the $44 million runner-up Justin Timberlake pulled in this fiscal year. The former Destiny’s Child lead released her latest album I am Sasha Fierce Nov. 19, which sold nearly half a million copies in its first week.
    That is from Forbes.

    By the way would they put a fat person on the cover of Sports illustrated. No!
    Beyonce was on the cover and she looked amazing.

    Beyonce was voted # 1 on in 2007 an online poll that allows only one vote per IP address. If guys like their women “Fat” all you rail thin paper wafers better get some meat on you. Men like having something to hold. Say what you want but it was the men that voted.

    Beyonce Has writing credits and awards since her days back with Destinys Child. She has nothing to prove to you jealous people but since I’m here.

    Beyonce won ASCAP Songwriter of the Year in 2004 for her work in Destiny’s Child. She was the second woman to win this award. She also has written for many other artists but unlike those other artists. She Refuses to run around saying who she has written for. Now that is class and Talent and writing ability.

    You hate and you degrade just to make yourselves feel better when really you just wish you made $80 Million in 2008.

    Look at all these jealous people wishing they made as much money as her.
    That is the way society is now. Rather than congratulate someone for working hard everyday. People try to find things to tear them down.

    Good luck haters. Her Album is number # 1 on the billboard charts and Single Ladies is number #1 on the R&B Billboard Charts!

    She is amazing and she looks amazing in this dress.

  • love

    lil’kids go to sleep leave the adults deal this cause none of these kids who comment on these sites don’t know sh*t !! Calling Beyonce fat !!
    You either must be stick as a pencil(literally) or just mentally ill.

    Beyonce looks beautiful and i really wanna see her film can’t wait !!!

  • funny…

    jay-z is an ogre!

    if Shrek was made into a real life film he’d definitely play him. :)

    a-ha! beyonce can play princess fiona. there we have it. our real life shrek and Princess fiona!

  • ana

    SHE IS THE BEST !!!!!!

    SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!

  • real talk

    That fat comment is just ridiculous – she made the cover of SI and what did you make? She been on the cover of Shape and her figure made women go and gain weight to get curves. You know your’e just jealous. LMAO.

    Her armpits are fine she has a lil fuzz, but not like Julia Roberts! She looks gorgeous.

    #47 – Compared to who? Mike Phelps, Lil Wayne Kanye – heck 90% of athletes and musicians are hard on the eyes. The only reason why people say it about him is because he’s with her. But trust – he can take anyone’s girl, wife or sister and every brother, father and man wants to be him. Jay is cute and sexy in my opinion compared to the ones above and other I’m picturing.

  • Bella Diva™