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Nicole Kidman is Georges Gorgeous

Nicole Kidman is Georges Gorgeous

Nicole Kidman is prim and proper as she arrives at the Georges V Hotel in Paris on Monday.

The 41-year-old Aussie actress said during a quick Paris media conference, “The rhythm of my life has certainly changed. In my teens and my 20s I wanted to change the world. Now I want to keep telling some beautiful stories … but a lot of me is about just getting to my family. Wherever your loved ones are is your home. I consider myself to be a citizen of the world.”

Nic will soon hit the red carpet for the Paris premiere for the Baz Luhrmann epic Australia. Stay tuned for red carpet pics!

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Marii

    First!! hahaha
    Nic looks gorgeous, love her *-*

  • Rebecca

    I like her so much better in jewel tone colors. When she wears pastels they just seem to not provide enough color for her.

    She looks so pretty in these pics!

  • null

    She looks great…Although, she seemed to have aged so much.

  • cricket

    She looks like an old ugly hag as usual. At least her face isn’t dragging on the ground like yesterday when she got off her plane. I can’t believe this woman is only 41 she looks closer to 60

  • Emma

    WOW! Nicole is SOOO beautiful, classy and feminine! She made a WONDERFUL performance in Australia. See the movie if you liked Titanic! It will make you cry and feel emotional like so few movies can do!

  • Ghost

    Fake, Pasty faced, Botoxed idiot.

  • Jessica

    Nicole looks absolutely GORGEOUS. The ugly b**ches writing here should show us their own fugly pics instead of writing crap aboutNicole. That would be a laugh. Ugly, fat brownies hating on a goddess.

  • kprocks89

    gorgeous indeed~

  • lynn

    Very Pretty and elegant! Nicole has so much style. She has the grace and femininity of Grace Kelly. Truly unique today in a world full of mediocrity and vulgarity.

    No wonder ordinary and not so beautiful people sometimes hate her. Envy does that to people, makes them malicious. Nicole is a person who brings out the worst in bad people — and the best in good people.

  • Beth

    love nicole!

  • Taco

    “I consider myself to be a citizen of the world.”

    How does one do this when one has a child to take care of?

  • Ghost

    No lynn. people say these things because they don’t want normal young ladies to emulate this fake bit-h.

  • Beth

    Nicole is a person who brings out the worst in bad people — and the best in good people.

  • lynn

    I don’t particularly care about your opinion, Ghost. You are just another hateful and envious individual who wants what you cannot have (Keith).

    Let’s be positive and honest!

    Very Pretty and elegant! Nicole has so much style. She has the grace and femininity of Grace Kelly. Truly unique today in a world full of mediocrity and vulgarity.

    No wonder ordinary and not so beautiful people sometimes hate her. Envy does that to people, makes them malicious. Nicole is a person who brings out the worst in bad people — and the best in good people.

  • Benny

    she looks really elegant! Nicole has a perfect posture!

  • anonymous.

    I like her as an actress, she’s great. I do wish though she would stop messing with her face, her lips especially are horrible. I find it funny that the actresses that try desperately to slow the hands of aging like Nicole, end up actually looking older than their true age in the end. She looks mid-40s, not any younger. I still like her, but I used to think she was more lovely in looks years ago, before she played with her face.

  • Lauren

    You’re so right JJ, gorgeous! i’m loving her fashion choices to promote Australia!

  • Taco

    Envy of what lynn?

    Gray hair?
    Going bald?
    Bad side effects from doing too many procedures to her face?
    Deformed nose and lips?
    The ugliest hands I have ever seen on a woman?
    Lack of social skills?
    The body of a boy?
    No boobs?
    Speaking of, showing her nipples off in public more than once?
    Speaking of showing nude parts, how about that see-through dress at the ARIAs?
    Being taller than most men in a room?
    Having bigger feet than most men in a room?

    Yea, that’s elegance, style and grace.

    PLEASE don’t compare this famewhore to Grace Kelly!

  • Lim

    Classic lady!
    what an amazing performce she gives in Australia! she does the best when she works with Baz
    loved Australia!

  • salma

    stunning and classy as always

  • Lauren


    i’m so sorry for you Taco, you’re really envy about Nicole…poor guy you are!

  • Lauren

    LIM, did you see already the movie?i loved it too! it’s areally a masterpiece! Nicole and the little boy are definetly the stars! i will see it again!

  • Mandy

    She is really tall! Gosh!
    she looks good and i agree, sometimes she looks so much as Grace Kelly!

  • gigi

    She is elegant and classy.

    HOWEVER, it’s a shame that she feels compelled to alter her appearance so much. She’s hardly recognizable as the same girl who stared in Days of Thunder or Far and Away.

    I wish these women would just age gracefully.

  • andamentothat

    Go Nic.. She is looking good here..

  • Ginger

    You’re gorgeous Nic! Go ahead!

  • Lara

    Thanks JJ for the photos! looking good!

  • Louise

    I will never get tired of her face, she is incredible!

  • dani

    Taco @ 12/01/2008 at 3:43 pm

    You are obviously horribly envious of this woman since you went to the trouble to analyze her piece by piece.

    Do you hate Jennifer Aniston too? Most of your comments apply to her botoxed bod. And Jennifer Lopez. Meg Ryan. Most of the over 35 actresses. They are trying to remain competitive in a young person’s field. You are so fool of hatred and crap that you lack the intelligence and compassion to see this. Most of the younger actresses can’t act. Gee, how shallow are you to pick looks over talent!

  • kensington

    I think she looks great for her age, come one she has 42 years old, she is not a teenager anymore! of course she is different, and i don’t believe at all in that story of botox, for me it’s an excuse used my envy people!

  • cheninator

    @ lynn

    1 – gray hair is natural, it happens to everyone.
    2 – going bald, she is hardly going bald.
    3 – wow she had a bit of work done and it may not be for the best.
    4 – how the hell is her nose and lips deformed.
    5 – wow she doesnt have pretty hands, its hardly the best looking feature on ANYONE.
    6 – so she doesnt go out and get drunk and high like most f*cked up “celebs” these days, and because she likes to keep her PRIVATE life PRIVATE!
    7 – so she is slim and tall doesnt make any difference.
    8 – boobs arent everything, least she isnt stuffing inplants in her boobs, to look like some playboy slut.
    9 – when has she shown on nipples in public?
    10 – wow her dress was see through, who cares least she wore a dress, unlike again most “celebs” these days.
    11 – considering most women would die to be as tall as nicole, i dont see that is a bad thing.
    12 – she has “big” feet, looking at pics of her feet they are hardly big, plus that is normal, she is tall and taller people mostly get larger feet. her feets arent as big as paris hiltons. nicole is about 5ft 10/11, and has size 10 (us) feet, paris is about 5ft 8 and has size 12 (us) feet, so nicoles feet arent that big.

    considering most women would die to be like nicole and be as happy as she is now, i dont see anything wrong with her. she is beautiful, successful, classy and doesnt act like a complete sk*nk.

  • cricket

    You’re right Taco. What is there to be envious of besides all of Tom Cruise’s money.?She looks like a bad drag Queen. She sounds like a moron when she tries to speak without a script in front of her, Did you see her on David Letterman? What an idiot.. The over use of botox must be turning her brain to mush.

  • really sick of the trolls

    Haha..the obsessive trolls come her saying how awful Nicole is, thinking that their twisted opinons somehow matter. Get a clue, trolls! Obsessing over someone you cannot stand is SICK. Get a life and get over that she married Keith, or just go away and write on your regular troll boards.

  • matt

    very pretty!

  • kim

    Nicole is stunning

  • MARY

    Nicole looks lovely as always

  • helena

    she looks so beautiful

  • Taco

    dani – did any of the women you mentioned up above claim to be “all natural”?

  • cricket is not normal

    cricket is a regular and VERY active poster on several anti-nicole boards on the internet. she posts EVERY DAY. she follows nicole’s every move and she hates her most passionately. she is also an avid fan of Keith Urban, and her hatred of Nicole is due to the fact that she married him

    she has written more than once that she wishes Nicole dead, mostly in jokes, but with the same underlying scary message. she is a sick person that needs help.

  • naiome

    she is great! so beautiful

  • cricket is not normal

    Taco = cricket

  • samanta

    So elegant! great!

  • Taco

    #33 – Obsessing over someone you wish you were is just as bad, for example, Paula Abdul’s stalker!

  • dhfhl

    she looks beautiful and so elegant.

  • really

    My folks went to see the movie. My dad is a WWII vet and wanted to see it for that reason. My mom said he was snoring before the first hour of the movie was over. He said it was too predictable, long and boring. My mom said it was okay, by no means an epic.

  • Jessica

    My parents also saw the movie. They both said they loved it, and that it was absolutely wonderful. My mom hasn’t cried so much in years..she was that emotional about itl. My dad was also moved but he didn’t cry.

    I think only empty and cold people will be unmoved by this film. It sounds very strange. Luckily not everyone lacks feelings.

  • cricket

    That’s a bunch of crap #39 I never said I wished she was dead. I joked around about her looking like The Corpse Bride because she’s so skinny and pale.But I never said I wished she was dead. You just need to face the fact that not everyone is in love with her like you are. A lot of people don’t like her. Live with it.

  • cricket is not normal

    don’t lie! i know you did, and more than once, and so do those who recognize your nickname and your style, you sick, ugly, nasty, malicious C*NT.

  • poy

    This woman is perfection.

    I can’t stand people affected by tall poppy syndrome

  • LUIS

    how many kidman haters!