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Who is Barbara Walters's Most Fascinating?

Who is Barbara Walters's Most Fascinating?

Barbara Walters has released more names from her TV special, “Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008″.

10 — Will Smith
9 — Tom Cruise
8 — Tina Fey
7 — Rush Limbaugh
6 — Miley Cyrus
5 — Michael Phelps
4 — Sarah Palin
3 — Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon)
2 — Thomas Beatie (Pregnant Man)

The #1 Most Fascinating Person will be announced on the program, which airs this Thursday, December 4 @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC.

Last year, Babs chose Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

WHO DO YOU THINK is Barbara Walters’s most fascinasting person???

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  • Lisa

    Just an idea of some of the longshots?? Hugh Jackman, Madonna , David Beckam, Jonas Brothers, Beyonce, Anderson Cooper, Heidi Klum, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, Tiger Woods (is facinating to me), and even Tyra Banks had a pretty good year too.

    Then there all the people we lost such this year, Heath Ledger, Michael Crichton, Charlton Heston, Tim Russert, and Paul Newman just to name a few.

  • a total fan


  • shea

    I don’t care for barbara’s list….she definitely doesn’t impress me, but I think her #1 is Obama

  • cari

    Judging by that ridiculously asssssinine list ….it must be bozo the clown.

  • SWE3T23

    wOw Miley Cyrus……..she has done a lot this year……….

    f.u.c.k YOU haters

  • cari

    PROOF POSITIVE that Barbara has crossed the dementia line.

  • What

    TAYLOR SWIFT!! thats what i say!

  • s


  • usa

    I will puke if its Obama Ben Ladin……promising change when he has the same ole crooks of Clinton….

  • leggs

    I don’t know why Angelina Jolie didn’t make the list….she’s a humanitarian, wonderful mother and actress and also UN Ambassador. Why is Tom ” has been” Cruise on the list? All he does is preach his scientology and buy ugly clothes for Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise who have the same mentality.

  • no.1


    Our U.S. troops should be no.1

  • Rosie

    WTF!! This list is a joke! What did the psycho midget (TC) do that was so facinating this year?! Babs got an interview with him about his Nazi movie and she decides to include him? She’s gone senile. It’s obvious that Mr. and/or Mrs. Obama will be #1 and she’ll just show more clips from her interview last week.

  • Andy

    i would say obama was the obvious choice too if she didn’t just do an interview with him so i’d half to say britney spears

  • benny

    I can’t believe someone would actually think Suri Cruise should be on the list. Medication time.

  • mora

    what a crappy list. rush limbaugh? i’m not sure being a bigot qualifies you as fascinating. tom cruise? he hasn’t been interesting since he got done jumping on oprah’s couch. will smith? yeah um i like him, but he’s hardly fascinating. sarah palin? being an idiot that got picked as a token candidate doesn’t make you fascinating, the only interesting thing about her is the fact that people aren’t completely outraged that she came as close as she did to getting elected to national office. the “pregnant man?” aside from the fact that having female parts and getting pregnant isn’t amazing, he’s just become a media whore.
    barbara walters becomes more irrelevant every day and this list is just further proof. who should be number one? i’d go with michelle obama i guess, her husband is too obvious a choice & she seems like the more interesting of the pair. stephen colbert would be a good choice too, his brief presidential campaign was pretty fascinating.

  • sofia

    Barack Obama’s my guess, too.

  • Allison

    obama, clearly

  • jamie

    Okay. Will Smith & Tom Cruise are just lame. I think the list should be… 10. sara palin 9. tina fay 8. taylor swift 7. miley cyrus. 6. hugh hefner 5. ? 4. ? 3.patrick demsey 2. britney spears 1. nicole richie

  • Tony

    This is Barbara Walters. If you watch “The View,” which I do, it’s most likely going to be Barack Obama.

  • pewee


  • asia

    George Clooney or Angelina

  • cougar4shia

    WTF Miley Cyrus..please lord let her extended 15 minutes of fame be over soon. She is as annoying as TC. I think Babs got confused and this list is the worlds most annoying people of 2008.

    Tom must have paid bought Walters a house or something to get on the list.. cut him and put in Robert Downey JR. Keep Tina, Micheal and Will and then add Stephanie Meyer, Brad and Angelina (joint interview..they count as one Brangelina), Don Cheadle, Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin(if you must), and then whatever number one she wants…Obama

  • jenn


    Maybe he will get it and explain to everyone what a terrorist he really is.

  • Hey Blonde, over here!

    TOM CRUISE?!? Why? What exactly has he done in the last year that’s interesting? I’m not a fan of Miley, but she is way more interesting. I think britney should be on the list- she has had a hell of a year and comeback.

  • we won!

    Sour grapes, jenn # 73? Get over it, already.

  • amy

    obama or britney spears

  • ashley

    Barack Obama, there is really no other possibility. The “PREGNANT MAN” gets on my nerves, I do not want to see HIM/HER/IT!! HE was a WOMAN. Otherwise pretty stupid list. I’d go with Tina Fey, maybe. The rest of them, forget it. “Fascinating?” Tom Cruise? Miley Cyrus? I don’t think so.

  • boogie

    Obama and his wife, Michelle perhaps?

    forget Britney Spears! I don’t think Barbara will dare have her on the program. Too risky to have a unstable person on.

  • casey

    it had better be Robert Downey jr

  • Saige

    Obama Or Britney

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    … go tom.

    #1 – obama.

  • haters are going crazy jealous

    Obama is a loser

    TC is a winner

  • gina

    President Bush should be no.1 also Bill O’Riley…

  • y

    I agree with Smith,Cruise,Rush and Palin. The rest are a joke.
    Rather see the Queen of England than Obama.

  • k

    My first thought was Britney, but then I realized they will want an in depth ( not conservitorshop controlled ) interview from her that will get ratings on it’s own, so yeah, my obvious choice is definitely Obama!

  • Jan

    I don’t think a president elect will sit down with her at this time. That is why Obama would not work.
    Oprah, Sarah Palin, or Angelina Jolie.

  • gina

    I’m going with Barack Obama.

  • MDD

    Barack Obama Duh!

  • grace


    or obama

  • don’t like bab’s list

    Aside from Will Smith, Babs is so out of touch with this list. Has been weirdo Tom Cruise for God sake? What has he down for this year that’s been fascinating?

  • me

    come on….it’s so obvious that of course it would have to be Obama whether or not you voted for him or not. He’s our future President for goodness sakes and made history this election so of course it’s Obama. No contest. That being said…that rest of that list is comical. Most of the actors on that list haven’t had any work to qualify them as most fascinating this year. The only people other than Obama that I agree with being on that list would be Sarah Palin, Tina Fey, Michael Phelps, and possibly Miley Cyrus (even though I don’t like her at all she’s a huge tween star and really took off this year).

  • me

    oh and to add i think that even though he passed away i think that heath ledger should be on that list. his portroyal of the joker in the dark knight was the only performance so far this year by an actor worthy of being considered fascinating

  • CR30.01

    # 9 marisa720 @ 12/01/2008 at 7:26 pm
    The pregnant man was born a woman. So why is that fascinating? Most of her list is a very shallow list. Barbara Walters is more of a celebrity journalist than anything else. I’m not impressed.


    Totally agree.

  • steve

    Rosie ODonald?

  • Jess

    It’s obviously has to be President-Elect Barack Obama

  • Jaded

    If the pregnant man is nr 2. then I think she will find her “talking” dog the most fascinating this year. Or Speidi.

  • taeri

    it’s OBAMA of course!!! no suprise there!!!!

  • Jade
  • John

    I second all the objections to Tom Snooze, but even more than that: Frank Langella? Seriously? A 70-year-old actor (granted, a very good one) recreating a role he did on stage two or three years ago for relentlessly bland Ron Howard in a film that is getting, at best, very mixed reviews? Naaah, there can’t be any corporate synergy happening there.

  • Rawad

    Angelina Jolie :D