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Who is Barbara Walters's Most Fascinating?

Who is Barbara Walters's Most Fascinating?

Barbara Walters has released more names from her TV special, “Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008”.

10 — Will Smith
9 — Tom Cruise
8 — Tina Fey
7 — Rush Limbaugh
6 — Miley Cyrus
5 — Michael Phelps
4 — Sarah Palin
3 — Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon)
2 — Thomas Beatie (Pregnant Man)

The #1 Most Fascinating Person will be announced on the program, which airs this Thursday, December 4 @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC.

Last year, Babs chose Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

WHO DO YOU THINK is Barbara Walters’s most fascinasting person???

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124 Responses to “Who is Barbara Walters's Most Fascinating?”

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  1. 26
    jet' aime a:) Says:

    the milerz?
    you got to be shitting me -.-

  2. 27
    bella Says:

    Something tells me it will not be Rosie :)

  3. 28
    sharon Says:

    Barbara Walters drives me insane. I usually put her and larry king in the worst interviewer catagory. She always seems so oldskool, and way behind the times….I really just can not stand to watch her…plase retire.

  4. 29
    ElledaJean Irwin Says:

    Probably someone Twilight related. Stephanie Meyer? Her books did outsell Harry Potter.

  5. 30
    Shar Says:

    LOL @ bella, you got that right!

  6. 31
    [marie] Says:

    I agree w/ 25 Tom Cruise is was interesting 20 years ago, not now…

  7. 32
    aeon Says:

    Obama or Sarah Palin maybe? But I don’t think it is Angie or Brad or Meyer or Spears.

    I agree with most of you with WTF is Will, Cruise, Miley and Beatie doing on the list. For what?

    Meyer Outselling Harry in what universe do you live in? please..

  8. 33
    john Says:

    its OBAMA. i found out last week. what a shocker?

  9. 34
    clau Says:


  10. 35
    Lisa Says:

    If it isn’t Obama, it will be Angelina then.

  11. 36
    Tom Says:

    Please stop with the pregnant woman. It is so uninteresting. Woman have been getting pregnant since the beginning of primate life.

  12. 37
    dang Says:

    Ewww…her list seriously wants to make me gag/vomit….just because some of these people were in the news lately does NOT make them fascinating…i won’t even go into detail cause it’s a waste of my time seriously

    ugghh…one more look at those names and i WILL seriously gag/vomit

  13. 38
    X Says:

    what the hell? Miley?? why??????

    gosh, no you did not! SARAH PALIN? why’s that crazy woman fascinating? total BS BULL OF SH*T !!!!!!!!!

  14. 39
    adam Says:

    There’s two possible names: Obama or Spears. If she wants to do it in the obvious and conservative way she will choose Obama, but if she wants to make some buzz around she will choose Britney… But, why is not Beyoncé in that list? she can be instead of the pregnat man, what is fascinated thing about him?

  15. 40
    leggs Says:

    Obama and if he had lost Hilary Clinton.

  16. 41
    kate Says:

    Based on the other 9, who cares about #1?

  17. 42
    Lori Says:

    Who ever picks these lists needs to realize these are the same people she interviews every year. What about the Jonas Brothers, the cast of High School Musical, the cast of Twilight. I can think of alot of people who had a huge year. The only person I would keep on this list is Michael Phelps. Babs you are so old!

  18. 43
    alypeezyybaby Says:

    maybe stephenie meyer? haha nah most likely britney, I would think

  19. 44
    pr person Says:

    “Based on the other 9, who cares about #1?”

    How true… how true!!

  20. 45
    dani Says:

    stephanie meyer or robbert pattinson(hot)

  21. 46
    Jerry Says:


  22. 47
    Melanie Says:

    barack or britney

  23. 48
    Riley Says:


    Is she serious? Maybe if it was 10 most messed up kids of 2008 then Miley would definitely be #1.

  24. 49
    ANNOYING Says:





  25. 50
    Yeahhhhh Says:

    Miley desrves to be on there she has done A LOT this year and she has gone through a lot of crap and is STILL disney’s # 1. You can hate her all you want but don’t lie to yourself. Anw what I don’t understand is the pregnant man, no offense but “he” still has a ******! Also I think #1 is gonnna be Obama NOT Britney I mean what has she done this year? She didn’t even make a proper comeback, sorry but lipsynching on a show that is supposed to be live does not count as a comeback!

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