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Who is Barbara Walters's Most Fascinating?

Who is Barbara Walters's Most Fascinating?

Barbara Walters has released more names from her TV special, “Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008″.

10 — Will Smith
9 — Tom Cruise
8 — Tina Fey
7 — Rush Limbaugh
6 — Miley Cyrus
5 — Michael Phelps
4 — Sarah Palin
3 — Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon)
2 — Thomas Beatie (Pregnant Man)

The #1 Most Fascinating Person will be announced on the program, which airs this Thursday, December 4 @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC.

Last year, Babs chose Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

WHO DO YOU THINK is Barbara Walters’s most fascinasting person???

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  • megan

    I say Tom Cruise might be in the top ten MOST OVERRATED people, but most fascinating? No way. I wonder how much he had to pay to buy this publicity, or did he have some kind of blackmail he is holding over Barbara Walters? I mean seriously, the only thing he has done in the past year is fame-whore his daughter out every day. Yuck, he makes my stomach turn…and I am the same age as him and remember when he *was* fascinating.

  • Vanessa

    Britney or

  • groovacious

    What about Obama? Stephenie Meyer?

  • celia

    @ElledaJean Irwin:

    You’re freaking hilarious!!! Outsell Harry Potter…yeah right! That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. JK Rowling sold more of ONE book than Stephenie Meyer sold of her WHOLE series.

    I think the most fascinating person is definitely Barack Obama…I mean who else?!

  • celia

    Stephenie Meyer is only fascinating to 12 year old girls…the rest of us could care less.

    It’s DEFINITELY Obama!!

  • gabrielle

    Stephenie Meyer is only fascinating to 12 year old girls…Puh-lease!!

  • Sarah


  • damon girl

    definitely barrack obama.if 60 minutes could get an interview with him then barbara walters would.


    miley cyrus does not deserve to make that list.

  • aimee

    OK, Why is Tom Cruise on this list. He is not interesting, just annoying and grating.. Tom and his robo-shopping wife are just pathetic. They throw their daughter to the paps for PR . And now Tom is using the older kids, too. Shame on Tom for being a bad example. Shame on Katie for using Nicole and Tom’s kids for her own attention issues. Go shopping again Katie, you have the time and the money. That is all your really good at.

  • merren

    Once again Tom’s money has bought him an undeserving place on Barbara Walters list. Tom is so fake and phony. So transparent every time he does anything, it’s for PR. The same goes for his fashionless tasteless, excuse for a wife Katie. She is the worst. Katie is in love with Tom’s fat wallet. He deserves her.They need to go away for a very long time and take their child with them. Leave the older kids with their Mom, Nicole. She won’t pimp them out to the paps everyday for PR.


    NUMBER 1



  • yep

    To all of you who said it’s Britney? GET A FU.CK.IN LIFE ALREADY!

  • Me

    Its me …. Like tonight I cleaned Offices for not much $

  • Lillie

    I have to agree with Elle I keep thinking Stephanie Myer or the cast of Twilight has a giant possibility. People have been fascinated all year by this movie and books.

  • Lillie

    I have to agree with Elle I keep thinking Stephanie Myer or the cast of Twilight has a giant possibility. People have been fascinated all year by this movie and books.

  • Davi

    Nicole Kidman

  • anony

    definitely OBAMA. Will Smith should’ve been in the top 5!

  • suzy

    I think it is her because she is so full of herself. Dated and out of touch

  • kingsbeliever

    Sarah Palin is much more fascinating than her impersonator Tina Fey. Babs is losing her perspective more and more each year.

  • JLF

    How about Jennifer Hudson?

  • sherilynn

    President-Elect Obama

  • Helen

    Why is it that Barbara had a personal interview with all except Sara Palin. Is it because she has bad mouthed her so bad she was embarrased. What a coward Barbara has become. I have lost all respect for her. At one time I admired her. And last night she bad mouthed her again. And what was Joy doing on the show. What poor taste. She really is a big mouth know it all. I wish they woould get her off the view. And by the way if I was Sara Palin I would want nothing to do with Barbara Walters. She needs to retire.