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Britney Spears is Rockerfeller Plaza Pretty

Britney Spears is Rockerfeller Plaza Pretty

Britney Spears looks fabulous in a black winter coat with a ruffled collar as tapes her appearance at Rockefeller Center for the New York City Tree Lighting Ceremony on Tuesday night.

According to OK!, the 27-year-old pop princess was scheduled to perform but instead will just be giving a taped message.

“She was originally supposed to perform live and then she wanted to pre-tape her performance instead,” a source tells the mag. “Then she didn’t want to do that. She keeps changing her mind and now she’s not performing at all but she is still supposed to pre-tape at 7 p.m.”

Later in the evening, Brit will celebrate her birthday at Tenjune.

There’s also this cool Britney contest where you can upload their photos into a Britney Spears album cover. You can win lots of Brit prizes–enter at!

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  • go sox

    Wow, she looks fabulous!!! Seriously.

  • Daniella

    I’m so happy for her! She’s really getting back on track. Love you Brittany!

  • Ali

    She was very awkward on this morning’s GMA – stiff and terrified looking at times. May just be stage fright performing live, but it looked like she needed months more of practice before performing live. Maybe she realized she just isn’t ready yet. Hope it is nothing more serious than that.

  • lovebrit!

    looks amazing! i dont even think the haters can deny that.

  • woah

    well she ever go away

    she’s so tired.

  • katy


  • Larod


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …what`a pathetic non-dancing, lip-syncing hick. wasn’t embarrassing herself on abc this morning enough? LOL

    this morning she didn’t even try to pretend that she was singing. LOL and the way she was wobbling & stumbling around while the dancers ~danced~ ‘around her’.

  • T

    She’s performed so many times this week I wouldn’t blame her if she changed her mind. I love the new albumm

  • mee

    i love britney! definitely better than ever! shes so amazingggg!! love the album and happy 27th birthday to her!


    Britney looks confident and very sure of herself now…..I hope she continues to do well……she has her father to thank for most of her success….( mentally and physically )……He said in a magazine interview a few months ago, that he stayed with her continuously, and watched ” her every move “, whether she ” knew or not “……AND monitered her calls and visitors…..then he cooked for her, and allowed NO alcohol in the house…..( no junk food, just healthy things, he said )…
    The only bad vice he has trouble with ( with britney ), is her smoking, and ” he is working on that “…..After her new album is out, ( now ), she has promised to stop, with the help of a ” food guru “, and ” a patch “…..I hope she succeeds !!


    Britney looks confident and very sure of herself now…..I hope she continues to do well……she has her father to thank for most of her success….( mentally and physically )……He said in a magazine interview a few months ago, that he stayed with her continuously, and watched ” her every move “, whether she ” knew or not “……AND monitered her calls and visitors…..then he cooked for her, and allowed NO alcohol in the house…..( no junk food, just healthy things, he said )…
    The only bad vice he has trouble with ( with britney ), is her smoking, and ” he is working on that “…..After her new album is out, ( now ), she has promised to stop, with the help of a ” food guru “, and ” a patch “…..I hope she succeeds !!

  • itstrue

    OK, first she’s appearing and performing, then she’s appearing and not performing, then she’s doing neither but sending a pre-taped message. This is a sign of things to come. If any fan actually thinks she’s going to go on tour and actually complete it is dreaming. She has absolutely no interest.

  • Thaís




  • claire

    what a beautiful transformation she has had. but if you look closely, in her interviews, pictures etc…she still seems overwhelmingly haunted…you know, like shes on auto pilot. I’m not a big fan, but i wish her continued sucess.

  • woah

    people actually like this retarded chick?
    whats the difference between a stripper and beyonce and or britney?
    they sell their ass.

  • Tibs

    I am sick and tired of seeing this smelly HAG. Why doesn’t the media stop promoting. this hag and pushing her down our throats. How long can the pity brigade go on. She hgas NO talent. SAhe is ugly as sin. She looks 45 and she has 2 nasty kids from her nasty vagina. Let’s not forget she’s CRAZY.

  • hmm

    I have a bad feeling that it is not going to end well. She is already showing signs of stress and it’s a shame that neither her fans nor her management care enough about her to allow her to get her mental health back.

  • whatever

    She looks great?! Are you people blind, she looks like total sh**!
    I always thought she looked like a first rate hooker even when she started out. She seems totally uncomfortable, her body language shows disconnect…like she would rather be somewhere else. She just needs to “retire” and get the fu** on with her life! Oh, and the most improtant thing…HER MUSIC is S H I T!!!!!!

  • Susan

    Anyone know who makes that coat?? I love it

  • bart

    wow smelly? she looks amazing and younger!!! i think its funny when people still try to down her by saying ignorant things. oh well

  • nvv

    she looks so FAT and uglyy….
    she is so fakee..
    her album is a flop in ituness

  • hippie

    I’m not sure how I got here but this is very interesting. Does anyone here value their life? How can you guys talk about this stuff when there is so much suffering in the world? It is not healthy to live our lives in a dream. It’s a life wasted to spend it or even most of it worrying or engaging in such topics. Britney Spears is a human being, period. What she does for a living has no importance what so ever. She has not improved anyone’s life. She has done no good. Why can’t we get that back? Why can’t we get back the appreciation of talent, of pride, of respect, of life. Is it not more important to spend our time on something real.

    Is it not important to feel? To live? Is it just me over here that thinks it is more important to be alive than to just survive? All we are now are survival mechanisms with denial being our engine. We deny the fact that we are not free and we deny the fact that our lives are being manipulated and controlled every single day. Our lives are run by institutions and organizations whose mere motive is to have all the money in the world and all the power in the world.

    1% of the world’s population has 40% of the worlds money.

    Please. For my sake. For your sake. For the sake of the human race and its well being. Think about that for a minute today. A minute tomorrow. Any hopefully someday you will see things with new eyes, and you will realize that our race is very premature and uncivilized.

    The well being of every single living organism on this planet is diminishing and dying, and there isn’t a single article in decades to contradict that. We, the human race, are dying.

    Our lives have value.

    Rather than money, rather than fame, rather than anything, give me truth.

    Demand the truth, and the truth will set you free.

  • amy

    wow fat and ugly?
    what r u guys thinkin? no wonder young women are anorexic. i hope she does well just because of that!!!

  • Laura

    She looks amazing!!!!! There are sooo many jealous haters out there. Everytime I read their posts I laugh because they get so worked up over Britney. LOL.

  • vmars111

    Ooohhh, I was guessing who that special performance was going to be in NBC’s promo.

    I thought it would’ve been Mariah Carey since she tends to be late, but Britney makes much more sense. :)

    Oh, happy 27th Britney!

  • Tropolis

    Funny how you can take a fat, pimply, scarred up cow…..then starve her and feed her diet pills and then people say she looks hot.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but this girl is all make-up and hair dye etc. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

  • Saradoctor

    so exactly HOW MANY chins does Britney have anyway???

  • Sassy

    As a Mom, I watched the major struggle she went through and I’m so proud of her, she’s come full circle and then so much more. Her boys are adorable—I can’t believe she is approaching 30 already. I’m sure her career will remain strong, and I hope she will find the perfect balance between being a great Mom and performer as time goes by.

  • HAHA

    I LOVE U XTINAAAA….wait… is this Xtina.. oh noo it’s britney.. the world will end with this untalanted bitch still around for couple of months.. she can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t act… wat can her fans expect.. i don’t understand.. n i don’t care bout how her album sales.. cause easy come easy goo.. THAT”S for SUREE… she is just a TOY that her fans r expect to be…

  • ace tomato

    It may be mostly a physical and surface thing – but Britney Spears has really come a long way. I think she looks terrific. She looks like the pop star she used to be – a little more mileage on her, but really, she looks like Britney Spears.

    I hope she is making as much progress on her internal issues. She’s got a long road to go on getting herself mentally and psychologically healthy. Good luck to her. The woman has two children who will need a healthy, stable mother. Whether or not you like Britney Spears, it’s pretty cold to not hope she come out of everything alright, at least for the sake of her kids.

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Not a huge fan of her album but she looks gorgeous!

  • Carly

    Yes, something is just not right yet with this girl. She seems terribly unhappy despite all the smiles. She looks like she just wants to run away from it all but is afraid to let everyone down. I don’t think performing is as exciting as it once was for her. I wish she could find the courage inside herself to tell everyone what she wants to really do, whatever that may be. I hope she will be ok because you can see how uneasy she is to be back in the spotlight. Her fans, friends and family need to tell her that it’s ok to not want to be Britney Spears the performer. I’m not a fan but I just feel very sad for this lovely young lady.

  • Megan fox rocks

    She looks insanely beautiful

  • becca

    she looks GREAT!

  • Andy

    Looks sooooo good!

  • sasha

    Very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erin

    She’s a has-been. She was great when she was younger but there’s no coming back from the mess she made. Come-back? Hah!

    The media may have contributed to her downard spiral but ultimately she’s the one who shaved her head, dropped her kids and let them play with cigarettes and beer bottles, spontaneously married 2 dodgy dudes, ran into things with her car and went nuts with an umbrella. there aint no coming back from that.

    Fair enough if she was talented, but it’s limited. She sings the best of well-known songwriter’s songs which are amplified by catchy tones and worked up in the studio. She can’t even sing live for godakes.

    As for the “poor brits, don’t you feel sorry for her” crap. She brought it on herself and there’s a thousands of people a lot worse off out there and a lot more deserving of a first chance rather than a second (but this is more like her tenth)

  • go


  • laura

    wowww,she looks fantastic!!!
    love the outfit,and the hair,and the smile,and…everything!!

  • adam

    You haters are so funy: “her album is a flop” correction: she has the two versions of the album (standard and deluxe) in the top of iTunes (#1 and #2 respectively) And she is undenniebly sexy and beautiful in that pictures (i can’t say that she always look good, but in this opportunity she does)

  • Sarah

    im glad shes finnaly taking controll and telling people what SHE wants to do

  • Jule

    Love her coat. Could somebody tell me where to buy it?

  • enoughalready

    Britney looks nice but the fact still remains, this girl along with Rihanna or taking the music industry down.

    When was lip syncing the new live performing art? Rihanna has done enough for the Music Industry with her no talent self and low and behold here comes Britney with the same lame stuff.

    When Britney performs it is not live she is lip syncing!!! Enough with all this stupid stuff.

    I’m truly glad she is getting on the right track but lets be real; she SUCKS!!!

    Studio Artist (Brit & Rihanna) should stay in the studio and stop doing so called live performances.

  • Kathy

    Oh my god she looks so young in these pictures like back in the 90`s when she was 17 ;P

  • Noelle

    Look Britney looks made up but clearly you can tell she is medicated HEAVILY.

  • Jbo

    OY VEY! She’s a stupid ho! She can’t perform “LIVE” anyway – it’s lipsynching. If she actually sang live, the howling dogs in the neighborhood would be loud enough to hear across the country. She sounds like someone’s strangling a cat when she sings….

  • sasha

    SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    She looks amazing!

  • it’s going down niggah

    she looks weird, she doesnt even look like herself, 2 much makeup
    altho she does look cute even if it’s not really her look