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Lindsay Lohan: Facebook Sucks!!!

Lindsay Lohan: Facebook Sucks!!!

Lindsay Lohan has taken to her MySpace Celebrity page to complain about another social network — Facebook!

In an entry titled “Upset with Facebook”, Lindsay writes, “Okay, so I love MySpace, because it is secure, and the people at MySpace don’t disable your account because they think that you are a fake you… Facebook allows a lot of posers, I thought maybe they would figure out that the posers of me, (and I am sure others on Facebook) were in fact posers by looking into their accounts, or sending emails to the people that they believed to be ‘posers’ which ask questions. What those questions may be.. I don’t know. Which is why I don’t run an interactive web site. On that note, this is what happened to me earlier today… I signed onto Facebook with my new password because someone keeps hacking into my account, and when I typed my password and ‘log in’ name in, a red sentence came up saying..

Account Disabled. Your account has been disabled by an administrator. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.

“Wow! I was in shock. I clicked on the link that they told me to click on and then to another link that said: my account may of been disabled by mistake. once I got to that it gave a note saying why it was disabled which stated the note saying that it was disabled because they believe that I was a fake of myself. Genius. Here I am loving Facebook (as well as myspace-hehe) but going on Facebook to talk to some of my friends and they are thinking that I AM THE ‘FAKE’ OF MYSELF!!! Hahahahahaha.. at first I laughed, and then I got angry. Angry because, with ALL the people that PRETEND to be me on facebook, they decide to say I AM THE FAKE- of myself. All I can think is, WHO is running this site? and how can they just “disable” my account without first, sending me a warning notice, or AT LEAST asking me some account verification questions. here they are re-designing the look on the site when they should be setting up a more secure way of allowing people to set up an account. I wasn’t even under my name, I had a fake name on my account because, obviously I didn’t want everyone on Facebook to know it was me.

Maybe I am just venting, but I am also writing this blog in hopes that the people at Facebook will un-disable my account and allow me to sign in the EXACT same way it was, same friends, same emails, same ‘pets’ and so on.

Phew! I’m glad I got that off my chest, I needed to let it out somewhere, and MySpace has always been the best place for me to do it, especially if I hope for something to change….

love love love ,
Lindsay Dee ;)

Oy vey! rumors.. Just to clear this up.. Because I have been getting a lot of emails asking me this one question. Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan (me) are NOT breaking up. :) xxLL

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  • sarah

    She’s stupid and sux

  • sarah

    She’s stupid and sux!

  • A pap

    as always with Lindsay it’s all about money, appearances, photo set ups, etc…
    question is how much did she earn bashing Facebook ?

  • K

    Guess she doesn’t have much going on in her life if Facebook upsets her.

  • tom

    She needs some help.

  • Twifanatic Amanda


  • Paulo

    Ummm….so she says that she is not a fake and then says that she used a fake name??? GENIUS!!! That is why they disabled your account, you were not using your real name..hahahaha, what a dork.

  • djl

    Maybe it was disabled because, as you just admitted LiLo, you signed up with a FAKE name. Somebody probably reported her for that reason – one of her ‘friends’. Maybe Sam?

  • jean


  • stella

    lol ohh Lindsay

  • ilsa

    No.. Read what she says carefully. Her account was disabled because they thought she was a fake of herself, which usually means someone posting under the name ‘Lindsay Lohan’. Since she was using a fake name, she couldn’t possibly be a fake of HERSELF, which is precisely why they shouldn’t have deleted her account.

  • charlie

    She can´t even have a fuck!ng fake account. Geez…

  • tina

    Lindsay you have way to much time on your hands always posting a blog on myspace. Stop talking about nonsense things why don’t you work for a change? I know it’s hard for you to get work but shit used your time wisely girl lol

  • gina

    That first post made me laugh. The hehe’s were too much.

  • maddyboy

    A “fake of herself”…that just sounds stupid.

    She was great in Mean Girls and that was it.

  • Mandy

    just because shes having couple problems with mark rohans’ sister, (forgot her name) she doesn’t need to ruin everyone else’s perspective of her by bashing something about 75% of america and britain have! and whats the point of bashing it on myspace anyway? like anyone’s gonna listen to the girl whos slept around so much, she probably has the clap

  • Stella

    Can’t Lindsay just be GRATEFUL or is she always oblivious? And how do we know that her myspace blog is real or fake? Does she ever wonder that while she’s clubbing till dawn, shopping till death…others are struggling, violence is erupting, and people are starving and she complains about Facebook not letting her log in to blog about her other complaints?!

  • lene

    Hmm, i don’t get it. If she signed up with a FAKE NAME, why did they delete her? because she thought she was a LL poser? how, when she used a fake name?

  • jonhar

    haha..i must agree with Lindsay, Facebook sure do sometimes sux! :)

  • jonhar

    haha..i must agree with Lindsay, Facebook sure do sometimes sux! :)

  • LUH

    she’s so futile and sure has much free time
    get a life lilo

  • idril

    Some people really have incredible problem!!! Poor girl… I hope she’ll get over it!

  • CR30.01

    Ironic. Or disturbingly sarcastic.

  • wTF??

    Lindsay’s post makes TOTAL sense to anybody who’s ever seen an imposter account on facebook. Lilo’s account was under a pseudonym and the geniuses who run the site froze it, while all the fake Lindsay Lohans are still up there. And gee, she used a pseudonym so she could, ya know, keep her personal communications private.

    That “Oy vey” post is frigging adorable. Lindsay’s got a sense of humor… JJ posters, not so much.

  • Kristinaa

    Sometimes is facebook really stupid..i must agree with Lindsay..

  • Nikky

    I adore you, Lindsay! ever since you got together with Samantha…
    you’ve been like my fave star ever! you go girl!

  • Amy

    Wow, dumb bitch… contact customer support instead of hoping that their service reps are hovering over your blog waiting for you to say something relevant to their lives!

  • Keagan

    Well, let’s get this straight…

    Her account was deleted because it was a “fake account”, correct?

    “I wasn’t even under my name, I had a fake name on my account because, obviously I didn’t want everyone on Facebook to know it was me.”

    WHOA!! So wait, let me get this straight…

    She made a FAKE account, and it was deleted for being a FAKE account.


    Honestly, she should have thought this one through before she posted it to the world. It sounds like she wants to live a normal life. Well, she can’t. She is a celebrity. Sorry Lindsay! My suggestion? Stop crying about it. Accounts get deleted everyday.

    Do something important. Get pregnant and fall down a flight of stairs or something. Make some real news, retard.

  • katie

    oh well lindsey you think facebook sucks and i think your career sucks..seriously wtf has she done lately? NOTHING!? Last movie was I know who killed me??! CRAP!!! The only time you hear about her is when she is bashing something, she is drunk, in rehab or her relationship with Sam! Loved Lindsey back in The Parent Trap and Mean Girls:) now she is just disappointing.

  • notforme

    lindsay2.. haha. always so straight forward haha. what does “oy vey” mean anyway??

  • Spears of death

    Sure she belongs on Myspace…it’s has been just like her :)

  • iddqd

    “my account may of been disabled ” – learn how to write in your free time instead of spending hours on myspace and facebook ;)

  • bonnie

    She can’t spell worth a fuck!

  • bonnie

    She can’t spell worth a fuck!

  • booth

    Facebook is complete s***!
    Who wants to know what other people are doing every 5 mins.. ‘John is wiping his backside…’
    Waste of time and I agree with lindsey, full of posers wanting as many ‘friends’ as poss just for sum pointless online status. what a joke. End facebook. it sucks.

  • marissa

    Ok, I had her facebook with the fake name on my friends list. She actually used the name in her blog, read it again…. ;) And she had a group called Paris Pees Herself and it was reallllly funny. But that’s really what she did on there, bash paris. Supposedly paris peed on herself a lot n lindsey had pics up 2 prove it. Love LL!

  • LOL

    Did she say Myspace is secure? LOL!

  • mary

    of course they won’t be breaking up…who else is going to pay Lindsay’s bills? Since she is pretty much a dead actress in Hollywood, she has no real income source. At least Sam gets paid well.

  • Lindsay my love

    You bashers are just jealous of Lindsay because she has finally found true love. something and someone to believe in. to fight for.

  • Lindsay my love

    mary, please dont be jealous of lindsay. it’s not about money. playboy offered her top $$ but she refused. lindsay has integrity.

  • Tate

    “…….I wasn’t even under my name, I had a fake name on my account because, obviously I didn’t want everyone on Facebook to know it was me……”

    URMMMMM……. So you WERE infact a FAKE ACCOUNT.



    We agree with Lindsay — they shut us down too and will not turn us back on!

    What is that?

    Greg Fischer for NYS Senate
    P.O. Box 285
    Calverton, NY 11933-0285

  • Snow WHITE

    She’s a stupid slut, fucking shallow brat with no brain.

  • Dancer

    She is a poster child for the words Spoiled Rotten Brat and for Dumber than Dumb.

  • Lindsay the brat

    Lindsay my love @ 12/02/2008 at 11:11 am

    If you truly believe we are jealous of Lindsay because she found true love, you are as dumb as she is.

    This is a woman who is spoiled and expects the entire world to revolve around her. She is one of the few younger actresses that truly has acting talent. And she has wasted that talent. Instead of honing the skills that God or Fate gave her, she is a drug taking, self-indulgent, whining celubutard. She could have been on tract to win an Oscar, to have had the professional admiration of her peers. Now, no one wants to work with the little diva.
    You know, some day she is going to run out of money, her looks are already fading. And what will she have? Do you think the hangers on will still be there? Hell no, they’ll go on to the next sucker.

  • vanessa

    this proves that lindsay is a dumbass.. un-disable?!
    it’s “enable” you moron..

  • Zac

    Shes an idiot!

  • Tarah

    Myspace has a LOT of posers! I don’t know what the help she’s talking about!

  • Lindsay my love

    Lindsay the brat

    Lindsay is ALMOST like Marilyn Monroe. Unbeatable.

  • Lindsay my love


    Lindsay probably picked up “oy vey” from her girlfriend, as it’s a jewish expression meaning “oh my god!”.