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Matilda Ledger is Pita Pretty

Matilda Ledger is Pita Pretty

Michelle Williams holds hands with her skipping 2-year-old daughter Matilda Rose as they head back to their Brooklyn home after having coffee at a local cafe on Monday morning (December 2).

Matilda was seen munching on a little piece of pita bread as her 28-year-old actress mom sipped on her coffee.

Earlier this morning, the nominees for the Spirit Awards were announced. Michelle‘s down-on-her-luck drama, Wendy and Lucy, was amongst the best-picture nominees. Congrats, Michelle!

15+ pictures inside of pita pretty Matilda Ledger

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matilda ledger pita bread 01
matilda ledger pita bread 02
matilda ledger pita bread 03
matilda ledger pita bread 04
matilda ledger pita bread 05
matilda ledger pita bread 06
matilda ledger pita bread 07
matilda ledger pita bread 08
matilda ledger pita bread 09
matilda ledger pita bread 10
matilda ledger pita bread 11
matilda ledger pita bread 12
matilda ledger pita bread 13
matilda ledger pita bread 14
matilda ledger pita bread 15

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  • Alexandra

    Its lovely to see a child be a child. Well done Michelle.

  • Lucy

    She looks older than two or maybe michelle is just short?

    LOL :)

  • Rita

    She’s a big kid! Probably my second favourite celebtot after Violet.

  • Alexandra

    Thats cos she is was 3 on October 28th, and yes she is tall like her Father was.

  • palvasha

    this is so shit, first posting the pics then peopel talking about it. whats the point. now i hate myself for posting this comment.

    who cares whos baby is cute and what babies do and whats their parents are doing.

  • aaawwww

    It’s heartbreaking to see pictures of Matilda, she looks so much like Heath. I wish the paps would leave her & Michelle alone.

  • Bre

    I love the little kitty scarf that she’s flaunting! So adorable XD

  • Nicole

    Matilda turned 3 in October, she’s not 2 – but she is very tall her for age.

  • manda

    it’s almost scaryyyyyyyyyyyy. she is the most cutest, most precious little girl. god bless her <3

  • manda

    SHES 3 YRS OLD :)

  • LolaSvelt

    Congratulations to the incredibly talented Michelle! Here’s hoping that she becomes a surprise contender for the Oscars!

  • me

    Matilda is 3. Congrats to Michelle for the nominations.
    Thanks for the pics.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …i would unleash my venom, but god has already dealt this child a bad hand.

    *where’s suri?*

  • Kel

    Wow. Matilda is gonna be extremely tall since she’s already half the size of Michelle at the age of 2.

  • kc

    Michelle is probably freaking that the paps are taking their pic (judging ffrom recent interviews)

  • jade

    Congrats to Michelle. Matilda is so adorable. I like the way she is dressed too.


    How cute little matilda is she better than suri. And Is she wearing Uggs they are my favorite>

  • Matt

    I know there’s sentiment about Heath’s day because Heath was a great talent….and I know Matilda is the spitting image of Heath…but, sorry, she’s a really ugly little kid.

  • Tara

    I think Michelle’s coat is from Rag & Bone or John Varvatos for Converse- does anyone know? Its so cute!

    Gilt Groupe is having a sale right now and it looks like one of the coats they have on their website, you need an invite to see it-

  • Lemon

    I love that when Matilda wears skirts and dresses, she doesn’t look like she was plucked out of a doll case like Suri does. She looks like a normal toddler.

  • tyu

    When Matilda is older she is going to be one proud little girl. To see how many people valued her daddy.

  • Jamie

    She is 3! matilda is so cute!!

  • tyu

    Matt, you are one little attention seeking c.unt.

  • manda

    LOL i agree #23

  • Something to think about

    Funny. Matilda is wearing nail polish. If it were Suri, there would be a line of people here very eager to bash the girl’s mother for letting her daughter wear nail polish at all.

    And I honestly believe that both mothers did nothing wrong. There is nail polish made for children, you know. Atoxic and harmless.

    Beautiful mother and daughter duo. They are always cute together.

  • jenna

    she’s so CUTE
    she’s CUTER than suri

  • http://carrot carrot

    michelle is looking really beautiful….as is of course matilda rose. :)

    and yes she is 3 years old.

    “wendy and lucy” got 2 nominations. best picture and lead actress category. independent awards are very important ones to get to know who could be a contender at the oscars. so congrats!

    matt- what a man you are calling a child ugly? i hope you never get to be a father. or if you are…sad little ones.

  • Mousse

    Matilda is a kid with stars in her eyes and lots of humor and expression. She looks always happy. Michelle is doing so well as a mother. Congratulations Michelle.

  • Lillianne

    She’s a little dumpling. She seems to have some of her daddy’s happy-go-lucky spirit.

  • Congratulations Michelle

    Michelle is a real actress and a great mother.

  • Ingrid

    Adorable, but I do feel guilty looking at these pictures. Michelle has already expressed her feeling saying that she’ll threaten to quit acting if it means having a quiet life without the paparazzi.

    I hope not! I can’t wait to see Wendy and Lucy!

  • Regina

    Jared – Michelle also got a nomination!


    What she said was that she is buying a farm in upstate New York …
    so that she can get away from the paparazzi… Matilda doesn’t look like
    her dad she has asian eyes..

    Why is it that all the celebrity tots seem to know the paparazzi photographer..they all point at him and smile…

  • Dawn

    this girl is the cutest! always well (and weather appropriately – yes, sarcastically referring to suri) dressed :)

    can matilda be more the mirror image of her daddy ??? she’s is just darling :)

    michelle has done everything right by her daughter. matilda is lucky to have such a great mom, who seems like is giving her baby as much of a normal life (minus the constant hounding from the paps) as possible.

    …and what a brilliant actress – she’s just amazing :)

  • What’s all the fuss

    I do’nt understand why everyone thinks michelle is so pretty – she looks like a frumpy boring old mid-west house frau

  • http://carrot carrot

    post 36- go back to suri and katie threads! now!

    but i just have to say it- michelle looks as though she as not aged at all…unlike certain katie holmes. no insult here- it is just obvious and kinda sad from katies prospective.

    but didn`t michelle ask paps to back off? and there we go, first day back home and the hounding continues….sad.

  • lavett

    love them. congrats to michelle.

  • ana

    How many times can everyone say ” Matilda is 3 years old “. Please read all the comments BEFORE you post. It is ridiculous to repeat the same thing over and over. It dosen’t make the comment any more interesting or jaw-dropping.

  • Adoring Fan

    Love these two and how I miss seeing Heath so much (especially for Matilda’s sake). God bless them. Matilda is a doll.

  • y

    witch mom

  • Helen

    cute baby

    lousy actress whose films are flops
    she sues her fans now that is so cruel

  • lala


  • maggie

    good thing the baby looks like the dad since Williams is a duckface

  • Sarah

    Matilda Ledger is too precious for words. I love how down to earth she looks compared to the likes of Suri. Michelle seems to be doing a great job as a mother :))

  • Rose

    haha its obvious y lala helen and maggie are the same low life, michelle is beautiful, has a succesful career (didnt u read the post retard)
    And also matilda is a absolute doll, imo the cutest celeb baby

  • cutekid

    All you have to do is take one look at Matilda to know that Katie Holmes is a TERRIBLE mother. Look how bundled up Matilda is and how happy she looks. I bet Suri was outside today in a short sleeved dress.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Why would you say that about a little girl, #18?

    Suri Cruise wears skirts and dresses all the time and you complain and complain about how she’s dressed like a doll and not treated like a normal kid simply because she doesn’t wear pants and T-shirts, #20. Make up your mind!

    Right, #25. Such a double standard when it comes to TomKat.

    All babies are cute so there’s no point in comparing, #26.

    Looks down to earth, #43? They both look the same in any given day.

    Don’t compare parents and don’t call call people you don’t know terrible at raising their kids, #46. Not TomKat or anyone. Especially when you’re still pulling that alme and very outdated clothing excuse.

  • Bridget

    shes the cutest thing ever!

  • yah

    Matilda is a doll. She’s such a cute kid and seems to have a great disposition. Moreover, she’s always happy and smiley. Michelle seems like a great mother and appropriately dresses her child.

    That evil brat, and her simpleton of a mother and has been father can disappear!

  • ****

    What an unsightly little girl. I see she got her mommy’s squirrel face and her dead father’s potato nose.