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Michael Phelps is SI's Sportsman of the Year

Michael Phelps is SI's Sportsman of the Year

Not surprisingly, swimming champ Michael Phelps has been named “Sportsman of the Year” by Sports Illustrated.

In the mag’s article, unfortunately, there’s no mention of his girlfriend Caroline Pal. But here’s how the piece closes:

“By championing the cause of water safety Phelps could save many lives, and the trajectory of others will be changed merely by his inspirational example. In 2012, when we are deep into another presidential election and facing challenges that have yet to reveal themselves, Phelps will once again unite a nation. He does not swim alone. He swims for all of us.”

Read the full article at Check out a video of the cover shoot at

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Photos: Heinz Kluetmeier/SI
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  • yoyo

    Dude looks like he rides the shortbus and belongs in the special olympics from the neck up.

  • Fergie ferg

    I still love the thorpedo ! Ian thorpe


    LOL, NUMBER # 1….His 15 seconds of fame are over.

  • claire

    As much as I admire his accomplishments, I wonder about this boy. I think fame will work to his disadvantage, and what I see in his future is very little….Sad.

  • ashley

    WOW that is the most unfortunate picture I have ever seen. That man is hot from the neck down but that is it. He looks like a caveman in that picture.

  • Luca Bella

    No amount of darkness can hide what he looks like if you actually have to have sex with him. Good lord I am sick of seeing him on every magazine, he needs to go away.

  • christina

    15 Min of fame? He deserves all the attention he’s getting! He has been beyond incredible in the past 2 Olympics.

    I’m loving the wet suit they did but I gotta say, that is just a terrible pic of Michael.

  • eww

    he has a fug face.

  • bella

    sad to say but I agree with comment #4

  • cutiepie32

    Man is this guy butt ugly.

  • go sox

    OMG…….you people are PATHETIC. This sweet guy, accomplished something none of you will EVER do……he has worked his butt off since he was a child for his dream. Do ANY of you know what it means to work that hard for anything?????????

    And all you have to say is that he’s ugly. OMG. You people are just sick, superficial, and low.

  • don’t get it

    I am sure he is a nice guy and is obviously an accomplished swimmer, but why does everyone think he is so hot? I do not find him even remotely attractive.

  • Yar

    He has a face that only a mother can love. They should have put him in a speedo. The idiots covered up the hot part.

  • Courrrrrrt

    yeah i agree wil all of you…his body is the only thing that is sexy in this guy!..i mean not even all that photoshop can help his face look ZAC EFRON’s face was in that hot wet suit, man it would be amazing!

  • abby

    Good lord what happened to his face.

    But he did great things so that balances it out.

    but yeesh

  • luisaonline

    this is bad picture! i think they must have better pictures for a cover!

  • hmmm

    since the news of him dating the skag stripper *cough* cocktail waitress broke..I see him as a big dope. He’s not as shiny like a penny …he’s a bit common.

  • L

    his moment in fame is over

    he may have a hot body

    but his face is SOOOO not

    he looks like a rectangle with a HOT swimmer’s body

  • [marie]

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but that’s a face only a mother could love…

  • g

    #1 your comment is sooo funny. I couldn’t help it but to crack up lol

  • Amanda

    NEVER have and NEVER will understand why/how some people find him to be hot, i mean i guess his body is kinda but not his face haha he sure is a great swimmer though haha and i bet he is a nice guy but come on,this is the best that they could do with the cover? he looks pretty bad haha im not gonna liee

  • JEP

    Too bad his parents couldn’t or didn’t afford to get his snaggle teeth fixed when he was younger. I guess his parents dumped all that money to his swimming training. It paid off, but he is one ugly person. I agree, Sports illustrated should be ashamed of this pic. It’s awful! I wonder why Mike approved it?

  • miss dannielle

    damn he looks really really bad lol i mean no angle can help with the fugliness, what the deuce? I’d be like can you do a lilttle photo shop like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. Hell lets just make me a new head from scratch haha. ANd #1 your comment is golden! LOL

  • wdfwf

    If this was a girl everyone would be saying, “oooh she’s so gorgeous”. Look at Angelina Jolie if you want ugly


    Jesus, Joseph and Mary – have the Sports Illustrated graphic design team gone on Christmas holiday early?? That cover is horrible! There is no denying he is ridiculously talented, however trying to market him as this sexy bachelor is not going to happen unless extreme makeover are doing an Olympic Special and his girlfriend becomes a nun. I was at Beijing watching several of the big swimming races. I first saw him in the U.S relay final, and said to my cousin “damn…he’s nice!”, then the cap and goggles came off and it was like “ohhh…ok, didn’t he swim well though!” LOL
    Just get back in the water Phelps! Neck-down photo shoots only thank you! lol

  • agreed

    sheesh, dumb photo–it’s insulting to phelps the olympian. and SI should have realized they’ll sell more copies if the was shirtless. i’d hate to see out-takes if this is the best of the bunch…

  • Sassy

    The amount of mean people in this world will never cease to amaze me. How rotten of people to make such nasty comments. He just SMASHED Olympic records and won THE MOST gold medals of anyone, ever. And we were all fortunate enough to have seen history being made, LIVE. And people comment mostly on his looks. What a bunch of jerks. Karma is a wonderful thing!!! (I hope Michael’s Mom doesn’t read this site)

  • Smarten Up

    Ugly bob, why are you are so hideously ugly?
    How can you say such a thing?
    Because your god damn ugly!

  • Leah


  • http://1girl 1girl

    that is one ugly man!

  • http://jenperfect perfect girl jen

    He looks like Angelina Jolie.

  • ****

    See kids, even inbreds can land magazine covers.

  • alpha

    perfect girl jen @ 12/03/2008 at 2:23 am

    It’s not even an Angelna thread but it seems you never forget to mention her in every thread. That’s the power of Angelian .
    Angelina Jolie owe you ! bitxh.

  • WentsWorthit

    The cover was shot underwater…He’s not a model people he’s an athlete…look in the mirror.

  • Sorry, NOT hot

    Unfortunately this kid’s face isn’t photogenic but if they’re trying to sell him as ‘hot guy’ (as in ‘sexy’) they sure need to pump up their photoshopping efforts. Yes, he’s a great athlete but ‘hot ?’ Puh-lease!

  • tim

    Swimmers have BY FAR the hottest bodies. It was my motivation for getting in shape. I encourage all guys to get pictures of guys like Phelps and stick them up as your own motivation.

    I used a program ( which helped me to focus. I’m sure there are other programs out there too, you just need to think about what it is you really want to achieve, and think how much work you are willing to put in.

    I wish all men had swimmers bodies like this!