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Michelle Williams: It's A Spike Night!

Michelle Williams: It's A Spike Night!

Actress Michelle Williams and director Spike Jonze make another public appearance together, enjoying an evening out and about in New York City on Tuesday night.

Earlier this year, the low-key couple was snapped spending time together in Brooklyn and L.A.

Director Spike, 38, is currently at work directing the movie adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, which is now in its post-production stages. Michelle, 27, has several films awaiting release, including Wendy and Lucy, scheduled to open December 10th, for which her performance has already earned rave reviews from critics.

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  • lala

    First! Love her shoes. RIP Heath.

  • Steph

    I really admire Michelle. She seems like a genuine person, a selfless mother and she deserves to be happy. She is also quite beautiful.

  • Janie

    I agree 100% Steph! I love her! :)

  • si231

    She looks so tired…but still beautiful… but… i just dont see the chemistry between her and spike…maybe its just me..i dont know…

  • Clara

    I think she looks beautiful and I hope she’s happy!

  • ggg

    RIP ,dear Heath,but show must go on….And life goes on=))

  • Bridget

    i agree with steph!

    what a lovely, beautiful woman! :)

  • rosalie

    old looking and mean

  • brandon

    Easy woman and she loved Ledger alright when she forgot him tooooo quickly.That’s love in hollywood like changing underwear.

  • Mousse

    @Brandon: I do not believe what you say.
    She has the right to move on, but it doesn’t mean she’s over him. She’ll never show her grief when she can prevent it.
    And btw I was a single mom too at that age and believe me, you want to go on for your child, no matter how difficult the situation is in the mean time.

  • regina

    She looks beautiful, and deserves to be happy!!

  • http://carrot carrot

    isn`t that the gotham awards announcement party or something? she won best ensemble with “synecdoche new york”.

    does anybody know can somebody be nominated with 2 films at the oscars? has that happaned before? michelle could get female lead for “wendy and lucy” and supporting for “synecdoche new york”.

    she still looks uncomfortable with media. but at the same time beautiful.

  • Joanne

    Michelle has always had on the set relataionships. I wasn’t at all surprised that her and Heath didn’t last. Spike is another on the set relationship. She seems to use guys from the film industry to further her career. She used Morgan J Freeman (who directred some episodes of Dawson’s Creek), Bobby Cannavale who she met in The Station Agent, Michael Showalter who wrote and directed The Baxter and who she cheated on with Heath Ledger, and Heath Ledger who she met in Brokeback Mountain and who she very quickly got pregnant from to no doubt, as rumor goes, deliberately and without his consent to ensure she would always have media attention via Heath’s baby, even if he did dump her, which he duly did as soon as was decently possible. Heath was happily dating Gemma Ward and Michelle was already with Spike Jonze, who she met when he cast her for Where The Wild Things Are back in 2006. I wouldn’t be surprised if she already got involved with him back then because what a coincidence that Spike Jonze was a producter for Synedoche New York and lo and behold Michelle Williams got cast in that film. She uses men in the film industry to further her career, and her tears for Heath are just crocodile tears. I wouldn’t call that kind of woman a ‘good mother’. What a schemer!

  • havana club

    “does anybody know can somebody be nominated with 2 films at the oscars? has that happaned before? michelle could get female lead for “wendy and lucy” and supporting for “synecdoche new york”.”

    yes you can, as long as it isn’t in the same category. you can’t have two best leading actress nominations, but you can have best lead and best supporting. julliane moore was nominated in both categories in 2003.

  • me

    Joanne, you mean she got involved with Spike while she was with Heath? In 2006 she was still dating Heath. Why did she drop out later from Where The Wild Things Are?

    Her and Spike: Well, life goes on.

  • carrot

    joanne- get a life.

  • Steph

    It really does not matter if she intentionally got pregnant by Heath or not That doesn’t change the fact that they have a daughter-a daughter now without a father and Michelle is doing an awesome job of trying to keep a “normal” life for herself and Matilda. She has never been one to court the celebrity life and I think she is doing a fantastic job of trying to juggle life with the paps and shielding her daughter at the same time.

  • rosebud

    If she loved Heath so much and still mourns him, why did she leave him in the first place?????

  • Hello

    “why did she leave him in the first place?????”

    I think no one knows exactly why they broke up.

  • Padma

    Oh please! Leave her alone (@ all the haters)! She deserves to be happy – with whoever she wants to be. At least she’s not a poser like many of her colleagues and one of the few people I believe when she says she hates being stalked by the paparazzi!

  • lavett

    love michelle. but i wish she and ryan gosling are dating they look better together. hehe

  • olga

    her unhappiness stemmed from ruining Ledger and Naomi

  • L

    ^ Why would she be unhappy about ruining Naomi and Heath, if she did? Besides, judging by what has transpired in recent months, she did Naomi a favor, who seems to have recovered just fine.

  • carine

    sometimes i really dont’ understand this actress. How could she talked about heath and be in tears and be with another guy now.
    that’s weird.

  • lily

    Michelle is fake and manipulate everybody.
    god bless matilda and heath’s familly

  • monica

    in Newsweek, she talked about heath and blah blah blah. she want to show everybody that she still grieve but when I see her with spike, I think really that she manipulate and she’s really a bitch.

    at GQ Men of the Year Awards the father of actor Heath Ledger, Kim Ledger, reduced Sydney’s usually stoic social set to tears at last night’s GQ Men of the Year Awards as he accepted the best actor prize for his late son. The Perth-based businessman told of his pride in his “beautiful boy”, accepting the award on behalf of “his little one, Matilda, and our family”.
    michelle is not mentionned in his speech. so that’s mean that she is not apart of his familly.
    michelle use heath and her daughter to be famous.

  • vanish


  • http://carrot carrot

    to monica- get your fact straight. kim has always said michelle is part of their family. what a c…nt you are.

  • Kaylee

    yay Michelle
    she WAS sad but life must go on…
    plus Heath and her split way before he died…
    so why can’t she have a new BF?
    people are so biased against men and women…
    if a man’s wife died and he got a new Girl, people will say “he’s moving on with his life, good for him”
    but if a widow gets a new BF, people will call her ” b i t c h”…
    I hate it when people say these s h i t!

  • Eden

    Joanne, where on Earth are you getting your info from! Michael Showalter and Michelle broke up before The Baxter was even in post production, and before Brokeback Mountain started filming – that’s not enough time to cheat on him with someone she hasn’t met yet!

  • little info

    Eden, Michelle met Heath when they casted her as Alma, way before BBM shooting begun…

  • sandy

    she seems to be an angel but she is the EVIL

  • alma

    God bless Heath’s familly and RIP HEATH
    but Michelle GO TO THE HELL

  • Tom

    The people who are attacking Michelle please get a life. She can do what she wants its her life. As for Heath, he was still in love with her. All those stories about him dating someone else were just that. Most were heresay to begin with. And it was Michelle who called off the relationship, due to Heath’s addiction problem.

  • serena

    why she didn’t help him when he had a problem???
    she is responsable too of his death, she will live with that for the rest of her life.

  • ali

    spike seems to be happy now that he ‘s famous because of her or because she is the ex of Heath ledger

  • anonymous1204

    Michelle Williams a selfless person? Don’t think so. She seems to have had little respect for Heath Ledger. Heath had stated in an interview, before he met her, that he liked to party. I think it’s fair to assume that he wasn’t ready to settle down. Did she ever take that into consideration? Or, how about the fact that she was calling him her husband in interviews, yet he had stated repeatedly that he was not a big proponent of marriage? Was she listening?

    As for Naomi, at least she had more respect and consideration for him. She too talked about having a family with Heath, but his career was just getting started. Not only did she respect that, but she also encouraged it. She played a key role in convincing him to take on Brokeback Mountain, he said so himself. She pushed him to follow his dreams, and had his best interest at heart. She wasn’t selfish about it. And, no, Heath did not leave Naomi for Michelle, they split before he started doing BBM. They were going to be apart for a good while, while she filmed King Kong in New Zealand, and he did Brokeback Mountain in Calgary. They also remained good friends until his death, she said so herself in an interview.

  • Tom

    People, people people. SHE is not selfish at all. She left the relationship to protect her daughter. Good God people you must take children out of the way to deal with addiction. Heath felt he could do it alone. He was sober for 2 years. He just replace is addiction with his medicine. Heath also was home before his death, and his parents couldn’t see it either. He hid it well so the MEDIA wouldn’t pick up on it. The sad part is some knew and did nothing, like his agent sand managers. He should not have been prescribed those pain killers to begin with.

    Noami still loved Heath. She actually gave 2 awakenings in Heath’s name in LA. So, I feel she still had strong feelings for him.

  • kylie

    I prefer Naomi than Michelle

  • univgirl

    Steph- YES it most certainly does matter if a woman gets intentionally pregnant (and I am a woman) without the man’s consent. The child will affect his life just as much as hers and he has EVERY right to be a part of that decision. It would be a selfish, disrespectful move on a woman’s part to do that to a man, especially one that you love. Any woman with just a little common sense would realize that if you have to go to the extremes of getting pregnant on the sly, then it probably won’t last, hence the desperation. Wake up people, just because you have a man’s child, that doesn’t mean it’s going to last forever. And, if you’re thinking in the best interest of a child, then you’d realize that a child deserves for both parents to be there and ready 100%. Sorry, rant over. I just can’t believe somebody would say something so foolish.

  • Cheryl

    Oh you people need to leave Michelle alone! I normally don’t comment on the ridiculous remarks made on these sites, but I just read an article on another, about the anger over Michelle potentially accepting a globe award on Heath’s behalf, and I am just sick of all of this! What a judgmental world we all live in, throwing stones at each other, when we ALL live in glass houses!
    For those who presume to know how Michelle “operates” with the men in her life, I say shut up already! It’s a shame the hateful remarks you have to make for your own benefit have to fall out of your mouth for all of us to read, because most of the rest of us do not care to delve into her private life – nor do we wish to watch you do it. people like me read about her, simply to learn of which projects she’s working on, as a TALENTED actress, and to ADMIRE her strength and humility.
    As far as our rights to judge her in any way… none of us have any! So I say this simply. Heath loved her. He spent 3 years of his life with her. His family loves her. There is no doubt about that, other than the one people like you try to create… and those doubts have no weight. It’s high time someone tells all of you to get your own life and stop finding fault in others!

  • Cheryl

    anonymous1204… it doesn’t suprise me that someone with such stupid remarks chose to post them “anonymously”…

    JoAnne. Find a hobby. Go to school and get an education. Learn something useful in your life, to occupy your time and make you a better person. You only get one shot at this life, and your shot seems to have been wasted…

  • Leah Meghann

    I agree with cheryl..Heath himself when asked about his and michelles conception stated that “Their bodies made that decision for them….that Michelle rescued him as much as he rescued her.” Cant u ppl see that Michelle is NOT A MEDIA WHORE, She moved to upstate New York just to escape the constant papparazzi. She is Lovely She ADORED Heath. Heath adored her. If Heath would of not met a untimely death they probably would have gotten back together eventually. He said over and over how much he LOVED HIS girls…REST IN PEACE HEATHY

  • opinionated

    I think many don’t understand the realities of dealing with an addicted person. Often addiction requires tough in “get it together or get out.” Tough love is not a measure of true love. They obviously had something. There is so much we all don’t know , I think it is just a matter of your opinion of women that makes you love her or hate her. Bottom line; she has a child and she has a life to lead. THere are many women who move on and still have feelings for old loves. There is nothing weird about loving someone with whom it is over (for whatever reason) and getting out there to find something that has staying power. I think she is decent and doing her best.. I you have such an issue with her than stop looking her up and save yourself the grief!

  • Aussiegirl

    I know it as a fact that Heath was very happy with Gemma Ward and very happy and thankful to have found love again in his life with such a sweetnatured girl. Heath and Michelle were never going to last because he kind of used her to get over Naomi Watts. Michelle fell deeply for him and in desperation, before he was due to start filming his new film with Abbie Cornish, she suddenly got pregnant. What was Heath to do people? He knew he was going to have to have a very busy few months promoting Brokeback Mountain and his nomination and sure he was fond of Michelle, but I will never believe he was sincerely inlove with her. In many ways, he got together with Aussie Gemma to recapture what he had with Naomi Watts. I will also never ever believe that Michelle left Heath, I believe that the relationship had deteriorated to such an extent that there was no other option but to split, and that was instigated by Heath because he had felt so unhappy with Michelle. He wanted a girlfriend, not a wife and that’s why he didn’t marry Naomi, because although he truly loved her, he was aware that he was just too young and he did not want to repeat the same mistake his father had done with his mother, which was end up betraying her with the result that Heath’s parents split up when he was 9. Heath thought he was doing the best thing for Naomi….but along came Michelle who after 7 months thought that was enough time to get pregnant by a guy who didn’t see that coming at all. Heath Ledger RIP. Michelle Williams Rot In Hell Selfish Cow.

  • Diane

    aussiegirl with no disrespect but I have a question. You are making extremely bold statements in your above post, almost as if you knew him or some of the people involved. Can I ask are you just sumising or did you actually know him because I find it hard to believe someone who writes such a long post, full of what seem like you believe to be facts unless you actually knew any of the above mentioned people?

  • Anon1204

    What’s the matter Cheryl, you can’t stand the fact that Heath loved other women besides Michelle? Make no mistake, he DID love Naomi Watts, and very much so. He wasn’t ready to make a full commitment, and that’s exactly why he let Naomi go. That’s exactly what he meant when he said he wouldn’t get married to Naomi because “I still have so much to do, it would be unfair to commit to marriage.” Even Ang Lee said that he felt that Heath jumped into his relationship with Michelle as a way to get passed his break up with Naomi. Naomi Watts was a good, supportive, respectful girlfriend to him. That’s not an opinion, it’s fact. You can see that based on her actions. Sorry that you can’t handle that.

  • Anon1204

    Oh yes, I”m Anonymous 1204, the same person who made the “stupid” comments above. They’re only stupid to the people who can’t handle the truth. BTW, Aussiegirl, are you saying that Heath’s dad was unfaithful to his mother???

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  • Jake should be dead not Heath

    @Anon1204: i think its true ,kim seems like a pervert and a player.aussiegirl knows the ledgers personally belated 3yrdeath anniversary =(