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Reese Witherspoon's Big Box Office

Reese Witherspoon's Big Box Office

Reese Witherspoon smiles for the cameras as she arrives at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday.

Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon‘s holiday comedy Four Christmases took in $31.1 million, to open as the top weekend movie. Four Christmases beat out Bolt, Twilight, and Quantum of Solace at the box office.

The 32-year-old actress spent Thanksgiving with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal and actress pal Gwyneth Paltrow, while ex-husband Ryan Phillippe spent Thanksgiving with their children.

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  • slapparr

    I love reese, she is so glam and lovely :D

  • Dirty

    she’s so bloody annoying!
    you can tell she’s been hanging out with paltrow-poultry!

  • Get My Ex Back

    This was a funny movie…

  • Kristen

    I am loving her new interviews.

  • zoe

    she looks happy which is always good. i dont like her baggy cardigan

  • Anonymous

    THE ONLY REASON THIS DID WELL IS BECAUSE IT HAS CHRISTMAS IS THE TITLE…….. ……if this was released mid year it would have bombed, Vaughn is an awful actor who faked a relationship with Aniston to sell a movie

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    so ugly.

    so fake.

  • Steve

    sorry but the movie was ultra crap

  • Luvjensenackles

    I have always like Reese. She is a great actress but I hate how she dresses, like an old NUN. The movie wad HILARIOUS!!!! Its a must see, non stop laughing……..

  • allie

    I love Reese but I was very disappointed with Four Christmases. It was really bad.

  • Joanie

    The movie got the worse reviews here and in the UK-don’t know why people would go see a movie that sucks. But, bet that word of mouth about how bad it is will kill it now. Besides, the $31million is a drop in the bucket. That movie needs to make another$100million before it’s actually ahead. And she is so frigging phony.

  • Mary

    Oh you people are so jealous because it did do well. Quit hating Reese is talented and she is here to stay.

  • Anoano

    That move is awful, once word of mouth gets around, it will slide down quickly in numbers.

    Anybody here know where the heck Vince Vaugh is???? How come he is not promoting this movie at all? Is in he detox or something? It’s odd. Anybody hear any scoop on VV?

  • dianel

    I’m so glad this movie did so well it was really funny.It sure beat the crap out of that old cowboy movie australia

  • anonymous

    Four Christmases had a 80 million dollar budget!!! Sorry ….but TBU with VV and Jennifer made 39.1 million in 3 days….this only made 31.1 million in 3 days and 46 million in 5 days!!!I This movie was horrible…let’s see how it ends up.

  • Four Christmases sucks

    The movie is awful.

  • Phony Reese


    No pictures of Reese and her fake boyfriend ?


  • Reese sucks too




  • Ivana

    @ Phony Reese

    You have tones of J&R pictures…. and you still don’t believe… LOL…

    My list Fake couples.
    1. Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck
    2.Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards
    3. Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Rolson

  • Ivana

    Still we have
    Drew Barrymore & Tom Green
    Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake…
    i never see any chemistry between this people..
    They were faked and bored…. :)))

  • Hollywood PR

    “You have tones of J&R pictures…. and you still don’t believe”

    Believe what?

    Reese and Jake never look like a real couple – there’s no chemistry at all.

    Not to mention all those times when it was clear THEY called paparazzi.


  • Kristen

    Hollywood PR –

    And you got all these facts from who? Reese? Jake?


    They are pathetic – that’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Ivana

    How can you know for chemistry between them???
    Did you meet them… i guess NO.

    Probably THEY called paparazzi.. but that doesn’t prove anything…
    Maybe Reese on that way promote her new film..
    Every actor and movie star do that… :)))

  • Ivana

    Hi Kiki…. Nice to hear again :)))

  • se

    The bad taste of american comedies must be made only for american mental debts.
    Nobody in the world can laught with their idiots films!

  • blah

    Can’t stand this smug b!tch

  • Anon

    Well blah it takes one to know one, right.

  • Kristen

    Ivana ~

    Right back at you…

    Did you ever see the movie Practical Magic with Goran in it. It’s a girlie movie – but damn is he hot in it!

  • Kristen

    SE –

    The only thing I’m laughing at is your ridiculous ramblings…

    Seriously – DEPAKOTE! You need it.

    And what perfect country are you from?

    And you can prove that we Americans are idiots by showing me that no one from your country saw the film. I’m thinkking – YOU CAN”T.

    You know it was really nice not hearing your ridiculous comments lately – but now all my friends have something to laugh at tomorrow. Thanks for that – we all sit around our desk and try to diagnose you. We have come up with several mental illnesses…. but keep writing because we haven’t made a definitive decision.

  • jasper

    She’s a sell out Julia Roberts wanna be. All she has is ambition because after her last movie flopped she just was dying to get crowned the top actress in hollywood. I actually think she’s a talented actress which is why it disappoints me that she will sell herself short in these dumb, forgettable comedies just to get some status. Makes you appreciate actresses like Cate Blanchett more who atleast challenge themselves in their work.

    Can’t believe this is the crap Americans pay to see. No wonder actresses have trouble getting quality parts in hollywood because actresses like Reese sell out by continuing to make these horrible comedies just to have a good opening weekend on their track record. Have no respect for that.

  • X

    JARED, give me a break! I am tired to see pics Reese.

    Please, put yours guys around Pinewood area.

  • yep

    frump frump frump another day in the life of frump reese.

  • Amanda

    LOVE HER. hahah i was crying from laughing so hard during 4 Xmases, hilarious movie. I don’t know how some of you don’t think it was funny? I actually went in to it thinking it wasn’t going to be that good, I thought that they used most of the funny moments during the preview/trailer for it and was simply wanting to see it because Reese is sooo talented of an actress but I was pleasantly surprised at the hilarity that ensued lol but seriously go see it if you haven’t already, don’t listen to the people who didn’t like it. Heck, go see it again if you already have seen it!! haha im definitely going to see it again in theaters probably!! The humor is very raunchy and I’m not usually a big fan of Vince Vaugnn but he was greatt in this movie!! :))

  • Amanda

    absolutely perfect comic relief during days when all the horribly depressing oscar-contending movies start to hit theaters and get “oscar buzz” and people all rush to see those, but this is a perfect movie to go see. Also, what with all the bad news these days and the war going on and our economy in the low position that it is, SEE THIS MOVIE!!! You will be happyyyy and won’t regret the choice for one mili -second!!

  • Amanda

    lol sorry to comment again but to let ppl who havent seen the movie know: its kinda like a cross between Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers and Raising Arizona. The plot is a bit like Meet the Parents/Fockers and the whole white-trash stuff in it is like in Raising Arizona, actually I guess you would have had to already seen 4 xmases and the other movies i am talking about to understand, so this doesnt really help but whatever lol

  • Amanda

    sooo glad it beat out f-ing Twilight I mean who cares about vampire romances haha well I havent even read the books so I shouldnt be talking but still I think that movie has gotten wayyyyy too much attention lately and looks pretty bad awful.

  • Ivana

    X Love you !!!!!
    Agree with you. More Jake pics… :)))
    Reese is OK, but all this start to be little boring..

    Kiki i watched that movie…. Nicole Kidman played too, yap Goran was handsome… like always.

  • Carrie

    I saw this movie and thought it was TERRIBLE!!! It just goes to show you that Reese is a terrible actress who makes terrible movies. I think people only went to see this movie because it is a comedy and it is the holidays and everyone wanted to get into the spirit of it. I highly doubt that it would have got these ratings if it had come out any other time of the year. And I hate the outfit she has on in these photos. She is a lousy dresser who looks like a hag most of the time. I also saw all of her lousy interviews on TV recently promoting this movie, and she is the same as always. Smug and phony as all hell.

  • Ivana

    So much negativity…. I will lose interest for watching…:)))
    Reese is one of rarest movie stars who have lucky in business… she makes money.. maybe this movie sucks but people will watch, manly because of her or Vince…

  • reggie

    If she makes a lot of money from this movie she needs to use some of it to bail out Jakeypoo’s parents who are broke. I can’t imagine Reese caring for Jake and not taking care of his parents’ financial problems. I mean does she really care about them and him or not???? I still am a bit suspicious about Jakey’s getting close to Reese. Didn’t he begin to cozy up to her just as his parents began to have money problems?

  • se


    Nobody outside USA can laught of american comedies.
    The american live isolate of world and they have only lillusions what they are! They haven’t background…It is because their jokes aren’t inteligent too!
    In future when our civilization will be die the people will not find nothing good about americans etc…Perhaps a country whose imitated the phenician civilization with their slaves,sacriface and death of children and their love for money and their Gold Calves!
    A country whose their Banks and Government fool and robber the people several times in the world!

  • Kristen

    SA –

    Yeah were the only country with problems, right?

    I know your from Germany – so you have no crime, no drugs, no murders,, no death, no drugs … is your country perfect like you?

    Guess what – I’m German and I an disgusted that we have the both native land. Your country should be ashamed of you.

    Don’t you ever get sick of of saying the same things over and over again?

    Have you ever been to America? If not, then stop judging all Americans inside your peanut size brain. I think my dogs I.Q. is higher than yours.

    But serous – did you check on the Depakote? I heard it works really well.

    I just have your best interst at heart (oh sorry I just threw up in mouth a little) but I totally meant every word.

  • se

    We aren’t of the same country because Iam not German and you aren’t German and you don’t know what means to be german too!
    Germany is a country whose survived lot of catastrophes and rebuild again and again…
    Nowadays Germany is a country with excelent diplomats relation. In the past they had war against Russia. Nowaday Russia is economic partner of Germany …the same was the relation with France. Nowadays both countries are economic partners….
    We can watch television in Germany and we have lot of opitions
    and there aren’t all the garbage like american television etc..

    I was in USA several times. My father worked architect of american firm called General Electric for several years . My grand father was logistic General of Arrmy and he worked with americans in 2° World War too.
    I know more americans that you imagine and lot of them had very good education.
    But would’t talk about the americans in the past. Nowadays to be american means to be robber, or assassine or fool the people around the world!

    Stop to speak with your dogs!

  • Ivana

    I hate when this happen..
    Site who actually served for fun and nothing more turned to be a politic debate…. Se you really tried to destroy good fun.. WHAT WRONG WITH YOU…. You hate so much and this is not good…

    As much i admire your life (you are not ordinary person) i must say that you start worried me… you forcing me to quit… although i enjoy in this stuff, especially after work when my stress level is pretty high…

  • Kristen

    Ivana ~

    I do apologize to YOU for part in this. But I am simply not one to listen to the atrocities that come from that woman. I am one to stand up and say what I think.

    Anyway – do you know of any other good Goran movies? I know he was in another one – but I cannot remember the name.

  • Kristen

    SE –

    Sorrry but I did read an earlier post from you saying you were from Germany. And sorry honey – but my family is from Germany. You know – there is just no reasoning with you.

    I do applaud anyone who has served in the military. My father is a WWII veteran as well. I do admire your grandfather for his service to his country.

    I just don’t know why you have to put your political, moral, and religious views here? I am not saying that you can’t – but why here?

    This is a site for celebrity gossip – don’t you ever just want to talk about that?

    There are a million posts we could send back and forth to put each other down – but quite honestly I agree with Ivana and it’s just not worth it. You make statements and won’t answer any questions. Do you understand how your posts are taken in by people? That was dumb question – you don’t care and that’s fine.

    Let’s just call a truce and agree to disagree!

  • se

    I don’t began to speak about politic but you…
    I reconized that you aren’t german because you haven’t mentality of them. The cultural tradition of germany is very difficult . Every cultural german ativities demand lot of discipline and you must think lot of to have a decision of everything….In germany you can resolve a problem with a simple person in every funtion the people are . If they are director or a simple employee because everybody think and try to be effficient!

    I speak about politic and religion and moral here in this site because
    all these actors and actress are doll of government of USA and Mafias….
    The government of USA would like build slaves sistem again in society .
    It is necessary for this politics have success that the families would be destroyed.
    Unemployement, divorce, economical crisis are the weapons for this politic….
    The decadent and promiscuous society of Hollywood and their immoral films are ideal for give bad examples for society….and for disorganize the family!!!

    Lot of people in government work for children and drug prostituition Mafia and Hollywood is ideal for give bad exemples and make propaganda for these dirty trade! The are several directors whose are practing pedophily like Wood Allen, Victor Salva, Roman Polansk and only Victor Salva was in prison.

    Reese Witherspoon and others actress give bad examples and they become good place in films when they practice prostitution!
    Reese Witherspoon practice prostitution in Golden Globes and Hollywood parties.
    Jake Gyllenhaal and several actors practice nepothism and are mediocre and work for weapons mafia, homosexual Mafia, videi games mafia…

    He and Reese Witherspoon are one of biggest prostitutes of Hollywood. And every year there are worse things in this film industry….

    This industry is against every religion of world! The once religion that these people in Hollywood have is money!

    Nowadays everybody hate the actors and actresses of Hollywood and it the motive because they don’t go to the cinema more!

  • Ivana

    Kiki you don’t have to apologies…:)))
    I get used to it… :))

    Goran movies…. I don’t know.. i think he play Spartacus.
    He play so many movies in Croatia… war movies, comedies…

    C’mon girls find some compromise…… if you can. :))))

  • Kristen

    Ivana ~

    I know there was one more in America – I have nothing to do this weekend and thought I would look at a little dreamy. LOL

    Sorry about se – but I tried to throw a life line and now I’m done.

  • Kristen

    Se ~

    I tried to reason with you to be the bigger person and call a truce. But once again – it was time wasted.

    But if that is really how you feel – why don’t you start a cause! It would put so much good into your community! I don’t know what because I can’t really tell who or what you hate most – but you can use that for something good.

    Good luck and May God Be With You :)