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Robert Pattinson & Camilla Belle: Bakery Buddies!

Robert Pattinson & Camilla Belle: Bakery Buddies!

Twilight star Robert Pattinson hangs out with 10,000 B.C. hottie Camilla Belle on Sunday in Venice, Calif.

Robert and Camilla (both 22) lunched together at Three Square Bakery on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Rpattz was seen being the perfect gentleman — opening and closing Camilla‘s car door.

Back in October, Robert and Camilla seemed chummy together, hitting the red carpet at the Hollywood Film Festival.

It was reported last month that Camilla has been dating Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

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  • mia

    i wonder who she’s dating. i mean she could just be friends with either guy, but i am curious.

  • qwerty

    I’m sorry… but I cannot stand her. It’s like… “So who’s she gonna be with next week?” She’s just a little, well… playerish.

  • A

    Is he wearing some of the new clothes he got at wastelad the other day? He’s wearing new clothes to go out with her? (he usually wears any old crap) Its not the first time theyve been out together.

  • juliet

    they seem to have fun together. camilla’s a lucky girl

  • layla

    before all the rumors start spreading… robert and camilla have been friends for a few years. until recently, she was dating his best friend tom sturridge. i dont know if the whole camilla/joe jonas rumor is true. but rob and camilla are just friends : )

  • jen

    They are just friends. She dated his best friend Tom Sturridge and they’ve known each other years.

  • jen

    She does seem to be a player though. Loves to hang out with guys in thepublic eye as she has zero talent

  • Lee

    They better just be FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • go to junior space

    Why aren’t these entries put into Just Jared Junior???

  • Liz

    I doubt that they are dating. She dated his best friend a while ago, so it’s unlikely that they are going out!

  • edward you are our dream

    woo hoo! new pix!

    at least she gets his sense of humour!!

    i wish them well if indeed they are a couple. certainly looks like they’re having fun.


  • Caz

    I cant get enough Rob Pattinson but that Belle woman gets on my t*ts. She clings like a limpet to any guy in the public eye. Get a life.

  • heather

    They are best friends. Thats all.

  • alison

    Just friends so relax fan girls.

  • ali

    If anything he’s lonely and needs to get back to the UK and get a british girlfriend. He loves London and wont move to the US so it makes sense to get a british girlfriend. London suits him LA doesnt. Too high maintenance. Rob can breathe in London.

  • edward you are our dream

    so let him breathe wherever he wants ali!

    he’s a big boy. he can handle being away from the UK.

  • paige

    she goes out in public with him but not joe
    i think its ONLY the jobros that have a problem w people knowing who they are dating dang thats gotta be crappy

  • Sara

    It seems kind of weird that they were seen together as it has been said that she is now dating Joe Jonas, oh well that might not have been true, but I still do believe that she is dating Joe and just hanging out with Robert, because they seem to act as friends :D

  • kourtney

    it’s gotta be hard on her not being allowed to be seen out with joe..

    but atleast these two can be seen out together as friends.

    he looks so happy! thats all I care about :)

  • fanny

    Camilla Bell another beautiful Brazilian girl

  • Nomnom

    why is joe hanging out with them?
    is he aware of their drug and party lifestyle? I bet he does….Hmmmm Joe’s becoming less disney…and I love it!

  • sossy

    camille is a pretty girl many guys admire pathetic is joe thats wat he gets 4 breaking up with taylor..hahah!! loser!!!

  • Gracie

    I’m pretty sure their friends. It would be pretty shady of Rob if he started dating his best friend’s ex…

  • blushingsiren

    i don’t like camilla and i absolutely hate jobros but hey, i hope she would break joe’s heart… hahaha… serves him right after what happened to taylor….

    but please! stay away from my ROB!!! LOL:D

  • vanessa

    he’s sooo AMAZING,

  • secrecy

    so what if she dated his best friend? it’s as if that rule ever stopped clebrities hahahahaha what a slut she better not be his next girlfriend!

  • Fernanda

    Well, if he likes brazilian chicks, here I am!!!

    He´s gourgeous, OMG!!!

  • taeri

    i’ve lost total respect for her!!!!!

  • megan

    I’d like him to hook up with someone who doesn’t have Jonas stank on her, but eh, it’s still nice to see him smiling. He’s seemed kind of miserable and lonely lately.

  • Get Your Ex Back


  • Lil

    I don’t really care who Rob dates, though I am a little bit happy if he’s with Camilla as somehow it made me think, “Owh, Rob took away Camilla from Joe.” which would be so damned awesome after what Joe did to Taylor Swift!!! Lol!

  • Cici

    i think they’re friends.
    i looks so lonely in recent pics. If Rob and Camilla are dating, i’m happy that he has someone to share. They seem to have a great friendship.
    But i wish that girl were Kristen lol

  • mi

    Looks like they’re having a great time. =) I guess Joe has some competition, eh? =)

  • heaze

    i just don’t like her being with Rob. I don’t really like her. i don’t like the type of girl that she is. i won’t like Rob any longer if they are really an item…

  • Annabel

    Cute :)

    You know, it IS possible for people to have friends of the opposite sex. And so what if he held doors open for her? My guy friends to do that for me too, but it doesn’t mean we’re dating. Calm down fan girls, it really isn’t a big deal.

  • JJ


  • TW

    I rather see him with Kristen but she has a boyfriend DAMN !!!


  • lower

    Rpattz > Joe Jonas

  • woah

    he’s hot she’s fug.

  • http://-nil- Naysha45

    umm. is it me or i see JOE girlfriend with another guy?! omg. i bet when he see it, he will freak out and broke her up over 25 second -___-
    he really should enter “THE WORLD SHORTEST BREAKUP” in the guiness world record book. HAHA

  • lB

    Luv Camilla Belle!!!


    she just wants to get attention

    either by dating joe jonad from the jb
    robert pattison because of twilight


  • Maria

    Don’t really know if they’re really dating or not….but I don’t really think these pictures say anything.I mean yeah…he went out to lunch with her…so what?…he took Nikki Reed out to dinner with his parents…I would find that a little more suspicious!hahahahahahahahaha!

    And for those of you saying he CAN’T possibly be dating her because she was his best friends’ girlfriend I’d just like to point out that Rob has mentioned that all the girls he’s ever truely liked are the ones he knew he couldn’t be with.So yeah…I think that says it all right there,hahahahahahaha!

  • tAY

    I’m sure they are just friends. A guy and a girl can be just friends and my guy friends also hold the door open for me, open the car door,etc.
    It’s cute!
    But, he looks like he had a good time just hanging out with a friend. I mean I have mostly guy friends and we always hang out nothing wrong with be just friends. :)

    AND by the way Rob looks very HOT! lol

  • twilightbebe

    Personally I rather not see him with Kristen she seems to have a bit of a dependency issue going on and RP as far as I can tell isn’t doing that. He’s 22 and bound to hang with many woman for awhile if he has known this woman for a long time good for him and they do look comfortable together as if they are friends or have known each other for a long time. Happy, smiling and content maybe something to base a relationship on in later years it does happen. But, I don’t think Robert is looking for a long term anything right now be it he will have to start filming New Moon soon.

  • sofia

    She’s one of the most beautiful young actresses. Very striking face. Not cookie-cutter like the others. I’m not surprised that many guys want to go out with her. Not a bad actress, either. Imaging doing a movie with Daniel Day-Lewis?

  • ice

    So I guess nowadays Maria Sharapova doesnt need her. Whenever the bitchy “I’m a diva” Sharapova needs a companion, it’s always only Camille Belle. Seems like she’s her only friend

  • maggie

    Her eyebrows kill me!!

  • julie

    she’s really cute, and robert OMG!
    But they’re just old friends. :D

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    He’s taking Edward tips it seems :) Opening car doors, man she’s lucky and I wish I were her