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Beyonce Spends Christmas at Rockerfeller Center

Beyonce Spends Christmas at Rockerfeller Center

Beyonce (in Donna Karan) performs for the 2008 Christmas in Rockefeller Center, which will air on NBC TONIGHT, December 3rd @ 8PM ET/PT.

Joining the 27-year-old triple threat to light the world’s most famous Christmas Tree in New York City is her sister Solange Knowles, Miley Cyrus, Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, legend Tony Bennett and David Cook.

Even Britney Spears filmed a segment for the TV special last night. Tune in tonight to watch!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s sparkly dress — HOT or NOT?

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Photos: Virginia Sherwood/NBC
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  • sdaghw


  • sdaghw

    hate herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ugly dress. bähhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • liz

    I think the dress is is a lil much! is it me or does Beyonce look different, she is looking rather old, not in a bad way but for some reason she doesn’t look as fresh and young as she did last year. having said that she still looks good and is an awesome performer.

  • liz

    I think the dress is is a lil much! is it me or does Beyonce look different, she is looking rather old, not in a bad way but for some reason she doesn’t look as fresh and young as she did last year. having said that she still looks good and is an awesome performer.

  • sweet


  • sweet

    ok, 5th lol.
    OMG she looks AMAZING!
    and single ladies will be number one next week on the billboard hot 100! yay!

  • Cameron

    That dress has house of mommy designed it and that ain’t good.

  • http://aol Susan

    I think she is gorgeous. I love her style, but man is her sister ugly. Clearly, Beyonce got ALL the looks and the figure as well.

  • Yawn

    If she’s not the most exposed celebrity of 2009 I don’t know who is. Dam! She was just on the Today show the other day plus that stupid award show plus, this, plus that…Her, Miley Cyrus, britney, Xtina etc… all those “music” people need to SIT DOWN. Oh don’t forget tonight’s Grammy Awards nominations will have “performances” by the same tired roster of “musicians”.

  • Yawn

    I meant 2008

  • Noelle

    Wow she looks just beautiful. And that dress is to die for….work it Beyonce! Work it.

  • Tashee

    Simply gorgeous!

  • enoughalready

    She looks great as usual, people dont know what to do about a talented artist.

    The dress is appropriate for what she is doing and the theme of things..

    At least she did’nt chicken out like Britney did and taped a lip syncing segment

    !Go Beyonce!

  • dianel

    Beyonce is a beautiful lady and I think her dress is hot

  • Emily

    Her hair looks like a hot mess

  • Ants

    I love beyonce. She is an amazing performer and a wonderful artist.

  • ****

    Her album is number 1 in the US!
    Go Beyonce.
    Haters will talk but the truth can’t be denied. Beyonce is a star.

  • awesome

    With 10 Grammy’s, three solo albums, four movies and a pret-a-porter line under her belt, it’s no surprise Beyonce Knowles blows away the rest of the list, raking in $80 million–almost double the $44 million runner-up Justin Timberlake pulled in this fiscal year. The former Destiny’s Child lead released her latest album I am Sasha Fierce Nov. 19, which sold nearly half a million copies in its first week.
    That is from Forbes.

    By the way would they put a fat person on the cover of Sports illustrated. No!
    Beyonce was on the cover and she looked amazing.

    Beyonce was voted # 1 on in 2007 an online poll that allows only one vote per IP address. If guys like their women “Fat” all you rail thin paper wafers better get some meat on you. Men like having something to hold. Say what you want but it was the men that voted.

    Beyonce Has writing credits and awards since her days back with Destinys Child. She has nothing to prove to you jealous people but since I’m here.

    Beyonce won ASCAP Songwriter of the Year in 2004 for her work in Destiny’s Child. She was the second woman to win this award. She also has written for many other artists but unlike those other artists. She Refuses to run around saying who she has written for. Now that is class and Talent and writing ability.

    You hate and you degrade just to make yourselves feel better when really you just wish you made $80 Million in 2008.

    Look at all these jealous people wishing they made as much money as her.
    That is the way society is now. Rather than congratulate someone for working hard everyday. People try to find things to tear them down.

    Good luck haters. Her Album is number # 1 on the billboard charts and Single Ladies is number #1 on the R&B Billboard Charts!

    She is amazing and she looks amazing in this dress

  • crazy right now

    I gotta give up to the girl. She really knows how to work a business.

  • U-G-L-Y



  • fan

    She is my idol. Gorgeous!

  • shawna123

    well b you did it one more time…..let your haters talk cause with out them you just wouldn’t be you…..well yes you would im shawna from chester pa and if who ever dont like what i just said can kiss my black a** ….. oh yeah i think you look the boom no homo……

  • FAN****

    to U-G-L-Y

    It’s easy to talk negative when you are anonymous and really ugly to say negative things. Ugly doesn’t get you on the cover of Sports illustrated. Beyonce was on the cover…Why are you not?!

  • glow

    So Ellegant!!! She caries hersef like a lady.

  • hello

    I liked the interview She did on the Tyra Banks show.
    She showed how real and how humble she is.
    When asked who was her favorite American Idol and said Jennifer Hudson without a doubt.

    Ellen Degeneres also know what’s up. She said she loves Beyonce!

    Oprah said people are talking about Beyonce saying she is the woman that has everything. Beyonce replied “I am very blessed in my life but at the same time I worked very hard to get to where I am.”

    Beyonce is a true artist and a legendary Icon. Who the hell can argue with Tyra, Ellen and Oprah!

  • in love

    uh….she is so beautiful.

  • SL

    She looks great. She definitely can sing.
    I like her song “Halo” off her new album.

  • angel

    #27 I like that song too….
    Baby I can see your Halo!

  • hiro

    People must really love talking about Beyonce. There are always so many comments whenever the topic is about her.Whether it’s good or bad it’s still talked about.
    My opnion is she is an artist here to stay.

  • star

    Love this woman.

  • classic

    Stunning and sexy.

  • mickey

    She looks kind of mannish.

  • cynthia

    omg she is so goregeous :D!!!!!!!!!!! love her <3(L)


    HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pinky

    See Rihanna stams, this is what a true star looks like!

  • Rebecca

    She reminds me of a female version of Liberace… Just a little too much!

  • what?!

    Haters just wish they had $80 Million in their bank accounts.
    Haters should try spending more time making their lives better and stop living in negativity putting others down to feel good about themselves.

  • sexy ladies

    She represents the real woman.

    An independent and acknowledged woman. She fought against media and backlash and worked hard to get to where she is today. All Whilst still being true to herself.

    She gives tribute to those artists before her showing respect for those who paved the way for artists of now and the future. Giving entertaining performances which include signature styles and moves from past icons.

    She represents a woman of curves and sex appeal. She is classy and fierce at the same time as she is cute and vulnerable.

    She represents the empowered woman. She is an excellenct business woman and in charge of her own career path.

    These things cannot be denied. She is true artist and a true icon.



  • hotness

    Love those thighs! sexy.
    I hate bone thin wafers girls.

  • Bey

    I care. She is amazing.

  • wha wha

    Vuluptuous and sexy

  • I DO

    I CARE!!!! Obviously you do to because you bothered to comment here.

  • fashionista

    Looking so freaking flawless, these haters don’t know what to do with themselves. Keep being fabulous, Ms. Bey!!!

  • lalalove

    She’s soooooooooooooooooo glamorous!

  • sapphireblu9894

    all yal haterz need 2 fall back. cuz i can see the jealously in your comments. Bee…u doin a good job and keep doin yo thang!!!!






  • rini

    love her…hate that dress, maybe it looks good on camera…

  • ana

    LOVE HER!!!


  • miss ego

    Some of ya’ll are straight haters. Talkin all that ignorance but u probably ain’t got a quarter of the money she has. Hate on that!