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Caroline Pal Fawns Over Phelps

Caroline Pal Fawns Over Phelps

Check out this new photo of Michael Phelps‘s girlfriend via Life & Style. He may soon set another record: most hookups in the shortest amount of time by an Olympic champion!

But his latest dalliance – with Caroline “Caz” Pal, a cocktail waitress at the Palms Casino Resort’s Moon nightclub in Las Vegas – seems to be serious.

“He took her to meet his mother on Thanksgiving,” says a friend of Caz‘s. “Before she left, Caz said, ‘I’m nervous!’”

Michael, 23, and Caz, 26, have been seeing each other for about two months, says the friend.

“He was by the pool at the Palms and saw her working there. He asked someone to introduce them, and they hit it off. He calls her ‘Boo.’ He texts her and says, ‘Hey, Boo, I miss you.’”

(Click inside to read about Phelps‘s hookups…)


The sexy athlete: Michael was linked to swimmer and model Amanda Beard although they both denied a romance.

The tanning-salon cutie: At Sunset Tan, Michael got some color – and some time with Amber Peterson.

The Las Vegas looker: Michael met another gal, Doree Walker, in Vegas earlier this year.

The Australian swimmer: Michael reportedly got cozy with Stephanie Rice.

The beauty queen: Miss California USA runner-up Nicole Johnson got Michael’s vote!

The Australian stunner: Two days after his trip to Vegas in early September, Michael flirted with Nicole Bray at Paris Hilton’s table at Chateau Marmount in LA.

The other Palms woman: In late November, according to reports, Michael was spotted in Vegas with a brunette who, like Caz, works at the palms.

The cocktail waitress: Michael was spotted with Caz at Bowlmor Lanes in NYC on Oct. 7, shortly after they met.

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  • wtf

    She’s a gold digger.

  • helen

    no idea what anyone see’s in him

  • karissa

    No idea? Try seeing $$$$$.


    He is so great, I love him. He is such a great guy


    b*tch stay away from my man you wh*re

  • starlight

    no one cares about him anymore.
    stop posting about him. thanks :]

  • Rebecca

    Anytime you have a generic “Boo” nickname… most likely he is mass texting alot of “Boos”. Easy not to mess up the name that way.

  • http://nia nia

    ugly. fug face. way too flat face.

  • marie

    Except he wasn’t home for Thanksgiving. He was off in Atlantic City playing poker. There are pictures to prove it. Sorry famewhore.

  • nancyh

    shes okay from certain angles…this one in particular is not okay.

  • Karen

    @marie #9

    Baltimore is only about 150 miles from Atlantic City, a 2-21/2 hr. drive. It is very likely that Michael and Caz spent part of Thanksgiving in Baltimore, then went to Atlantic City.

  • Kate

    haha Rebecca #7, SO TRUE!

  • Ha!

    Sorry, I don’t believe any of this list. I love how anyone famous talking to a person of the opposite sex is automatically hooking up or dating them.

  • it’s going down niggah

    lol, i wish u luck micheal, she really screams media whore or gold digger or maybe both
    i dont like his taste in women either, only that stephanie rice is cute

  • bella

    Only one question . . .how????

  • Lilly

    Can we be, like, in denial? Let’s pretend this never happened and respect MP for all he’s done for swimming and for USA? I mean, we did exactly that in 2004 after his DUI so we may try it one more time. Reality hurts, I guess. I need our Olympic hero to be something more than ADHD sex-crazed pervert.

  • Mr. d

    If Michael Phelps wasn’t an Olympic champion and recently thrust in to the spotlight, I don’t think many women would give him the time of day. His allure is his newfound fame and the lucre that is sure to follow. Hopefully he enjoys the perquisites of his fame, because someday they will dry up.

  • TK

    She’s ugly, but then again so is he if we’re being honest. He has a nice body though.

  • aussie_Rose

    Urgh! Stephanie Rice with him was a complete waste of time. She can do so much better., no offence to him…

    If Phelps is happy with Pal, then good for him.

  • eh

    lol he use his new found fame to hook up with the ladies!!

  • brie2009

    lol #20

  • AmIhighyet

    Eww…Clap carrier.

  • brian

    What if she’s not a gold digger or a media w—-? What if she’s just some cocktail waitress who has always had to get by on her looks, and who guys are only interested in for a one night stand while they’re boozing it up during a bachelor party in vegas. Suddenly, one night, “the greatest Olympian of all time” is at her table and asks her out. Then keeps taking her out and even invites her home to meet his mom. Instead of treating her like most guys, I think it shows Phelps is actually still a sweet kid, and maybe she actually does like him because he doesn’t treat her like a piece of meat. Has anyone else thought this whole thing might be kind of sweet?

  • brian

    Its funny because women eat this kind of crap up like crazy on TV and in movies, but the idea in real life


    AGREE ” MR. D”, AND OTHERS….She really looks like a cheap hooker and a gold digger..( literally )….WATCH THOSE MEDAL’S MICHAEL !!!!…GOLD IS AT A PREMIUM NOW.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    With all those ” hook-ups ” and dating, it sounds like Michael needs a turnstile added to his bedroom door……Can we say ” penicillin “?………….His fame will dry up very fast, so he needs to watch every move……Lately though, his image has been ” scared ” a little by his numerous flings and dating this trashy hooker………Even my 13 year old nephew said, ” EWWWWWW, MICHAEL “

  • keha

    shes a ho.

  • marie

    Seriously, does she post on this board or what? At least her one defender, Brian, can spell and write. Sounds familiar though….

  • Steven A

    Give her a yes vote, Caroline is hella hot –

  • Muus

    Oh come on.. golddigger BIG TIME… he can do sooo much better (like.. choosing me for example)… I have enough money myself.. no need for his gold.. :o)

    And… I am 10000% sure, I can show him some moves he hasn’t even imagined in his wildest dreams….

    Golddigger… go home.. and let the real ladies play!!!


    America, we from Europe, now clearly get the message you love your Phelpsie fling no more.

    So. Can we fastforward that Douchebaggery and the Seven Vega-asses whatsoever episode? Please? That Caz Pal plot is sooo pointless! And these lines where bloggers always, always, ALWAYS end up making silly lines about the hero’s teeth? Jeeeeeeeeezzz!

    COME! ON! You’re being followed by millions on the planet! And we are suffocating from your hatred! We want Beijing season 3 when semi-resurrecting Phelps comes to Rome next summer and you all fall back into his arms! NOW! And if, somehow, you decide you gonna stop producing that program because you can no longer relate to the genius AND absolute beauty of this guy, send him over herel! We would gladly like to have him, FOREvER.

  • h2olover

    i agree with #25. im 13 yrs.old and the first thing i saw the “phelps has a lady ” in yahoo news… i looke at his gf …and i thought…. EWWWWW….OMG MICHAEL !!! Y DID YOU PICK THIS LOUSY GIRL?!? I THOUGHT YOU WILL PICK A SWIMMER WHO HAS HIGHER MORALS… his 8 gold medals to me are nothing now…. cuz he picked a lousy pretty sure that if he keeps goin with Miss.Pal, hes goin to fall in his swimming carrer or affect it…. might not be able to get more gold or even go to 2012 olympics….i wish michael will be wiser with his choices….i used to be his fan …. but now…….. im going to cheer for Ryan Lochte!!!!! at least ryan lochte is not that bad….XD

  • Jack

    Phelps is going to pop the question to Caz Pal, sooner rather than later, None of the other gals have made it to mom yet. Watch and see!


    Check out interesting stories and stuff about their relationship and never before seen pics at

  • Joey

    Poor judgement. Immature. I hope that he will come around though.

  • manda

    agrees with brian#24

    People, give her a break. You guys dont know her. Maybe she IS nice. I have friends who look slutty, but in actual fact, they’re much sweeter and kinder than other girls out there , with nerdy looks

  • Tina

    Brian,shut up, you gayass. Did you see the whore?