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Jennifer Garner: Huge Belly Alert!

Jennifer Garner: Huge Belly Alert!

Healthy mom-to-be Jennifer Garner picks up some groceries with a gal pal at the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Wednesday.

It must be an exciting time for the family as Jen‘s winter due date approaches.

On the other side of town, her 3-year-old daughter Violet Affleck was seen drinking from a sippy cup as dad Ben Affleck dropped her off at nursery school.

Just two days ago, Violet celebrated her third birthday. She’s growing up so fast!

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  • Janie

    She’s so adorable! Their family is so down to earth! I wish them all of the best! God Bless the Afflecks! :)

  • :)

    Love them!

  • angeliya

    huge belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bella

    Oh poor Jen!
    She looks like she is ready to pop.
    Agree with comment #1 :)

  • Triple x

    At least the first five comments are not full of undeserved hate for this lovely family.

    Go suck on lemons haters!

  • palvasha

    awww she has the most adorable face and smile out of all the gay celebs here. she is real and relax and always smiling. i would cover up a little if i was her though!!!! the outter belly button is scary


    I think she is having a boy!!! Ben should be so happy .. It is so cute of
    Ben taking her to Ballet class.. and seeing her hair in two buns…

    The first small photo looks like the baby is moving.. and kicking..


  • Kristen

    This is my favorite celebrity family! I love all 3 of them..Violet is absolutely adorable and I’m positive the 2nd baby will be just as adorable! :)

  • Violette

    This pregnany seems to have flown by!! gorgeous family, can’t wait to see the new addition! :)

  • Answer Guru

    She’s just so great when she’s pregnant! perfect mommyyyy!

  • ely

    Wow, she must be very close to her due date!! Hope she’s a little girl and as cute as violet!

  • http://justjared tan

    sure its not twins?

  • Frida

    Aw, I love this family!

  • nysro

    Since she doesnt do any work of note anymore.. can we STOP posting her when her third claim to fame is born?? (1 being Ben, 2 being her other annoying child)… (there all annoying)..

    She is such a waste of time to cover.. she hasnt worked in 5 years on anything anyone has seen.

  • nysro

    Since she doesnt do any work of note anymore.. can we STOP posting her when her third claim to fame is born?? (1 being Ben, 2 being her other annoying child)… (there all annoying)..

    She is such a waste of time to cover.. she hasnt worked in 5 years on anything anyone has seen.

  • tadow

    nysro, you need to get laid

  • jim

    She looks gross and ugly, violet looks cute though.

  • Izolda

    OMG, she’s more beautiful then ever! Nice belly.

    They seem to live such a normal life!

    nysro, it’s good that she spent the crucial years with Violet! How can you hate her for doing what a mommy is supposed to do??

    jim, I hope your GF or wife reads this before she gets pregnant from you!




    HE IS DONE..

  • Jackie


    it’s clear you hate her but ‘hassn’t worked in 5 years”? or ”anything people have seen ”it?


    and she is not worthy of having post about her made
    but is of having you wasting your time commenting on news about her?


  • Marie

    You can tell she’s only at the markets for a photo op because she’s not buying very much. Her housekeeper does the grocery shopping for her and she only goes to have her picture taken, her publicist tips off the paparazzi as to when she’ll be there.

    Jennifer Garner is without doubt the fugliest pregnant celebrity I have ever seen.

  • office fan

    Marie (#21)
    You know, today I went to the store just to pick up a box of cereal and some apples….I guess I was just at the store for a photo op as well.
    Oh, and it must be pretty cool to have someone “on the inside” to tell you that Jen’s publicist tips off the paparazzi whenever she is going to the market.

  • lona

    I feel for Jen. That last month is the worst. Most women gain around 20lbs in just water weight in the last few weeks. It is crazy. She looks good and she’ll drop the lbs. as soon as she delivers. I wish her the best delivery experience.

  • Anon

    Yeah, this is all about the photo op. Maybe she was trying to distract them from photoing Violet going to school, but she has a cook and a nanny, so she’s not that hands-on. She’s also huge and fugly, but she can’t be having the baby that soon because she flew, you can’t fly within2-3 weeks of your do date.

    She is fugly! NOt movie star material AT ALL.

  • conley

    Marie, are you really that dim? Anyone with a camera phone these days can take a pic and sell the picture to the tabloids or any online agency interested. It takes a lot of energy just to go to the supermarket when you are that pregnant let alone call the paps. She is not ugly in any way. I’d like to see what you look like. Bet you’re not a 10.

  • Gene

    She has boobs for once, but that gut pretty much ruins the look.

  • Adoring Fan

    Such an adorable family. Can’t wait for baby #2. Love Love Love them!


    RIGHT, ” OFFICE FAN “, AND ” CONLEY “…..What is her problem with Violet ……She is an adorable child…..How in the world did she ” annoy ” Marie?….Do you live with them, or have contact with her ?…..
    ANY celebrity going out in public, gets hated on lately….Why would they ” alert the paparazzi “…..Most of the time, they are already outside their gated mansion, ready to follow them……They don’t need to get a phone call from anyone……..Jennifer can buy whatever she wants to….whether it is ONE apple, or a dozen ears of corn….She probably gets bored at home, and likes to do shopping for herself…….
    She looks cute !!!…..Just like any other non-celebrity mother, about to pop…..Jennifer is down-to-earth and is a wonderful, hands-on mother……Mrs. Victoria Beckham needs to take a lesson from her….That you can go to a farmer’s market WITHOUT Louboutins and Chanel……
    ‘GENE ” NUMBER # 26…………..That ” gut “, ruins NOTHING !!!!!…she is carrying a tiny being inside of her….What in hell do you expect her belly to do?………Good Lord, I hope you don’t a wife or girlfriend that is pregnant……I would feel sorry for them…….You lack of compassion ” ruins your name ” for me.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Right, #22

  • boogie

    Gene- #26…..”that gut” is a pregnant belly…don’t you know that??

    Inside is a tiny human being about to join the world.

    Having that kind of attitude—–ah…I hope you don’t have a wife or girlfriend!


    wow….looks like Jennifer is about to pop! Could it be a boy and wonder when she is due- Dec??

  • Marie

    Jennifer Garner has some of the dumbest fans…like office fan, your not a celebrity moron that’s why no on takes pictures of you at the grocery store, and the other moron who said those pictures were taken by a camera phone the two of you need to be locked up with burky.

  • Mousse

    Jennifer is so much more beautiful while pregnant and having more weight. Her face is soft and relaxed. I like her family, they don’t play the celebs like many others do.

  • sabrina

    She looks awful, huge but awful. Somebody please tell Jennifer Garner that just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you have to look like sh!t. C’mon Ben start spending time with your beautiful pregnant wife or is it that you find her as unattractive as I do, that’s why your rarely with her.

  • bea

    Jenn is big now, a bit time for know if is a boy or a girl for them.They are a normal family and I love them, and Violet is always smiling, is cute.

    For more about this family come to my forum :

  • office fan

    I am not the moron….you are. You totally missed my point. People stop by the store all the time for a one or two things. Just because Jen’s a celebrity, why does that mean she’s not allowed to go to the market for a couple of items without being accused of doing it just to have her pic taken?

  • Ha!

    Office fan, Marie didn’t miss your point. She’ s just an idiot. Anyone who thinks that Jen Garner tipped off the paps to get photographed looking like this has to be mentally challenged.

  • change we can believe in

    I love the Afflecks.

  • change we can believe in

    #’s 21, 22 and 24. You guys are a big dumb huh?

    The paparazzi ARE NOT the only ones who take pictures of celebrities.

    Everyday people on the streets with cameras take pictures of celebrities and sell them.

    Don’t you guys know that OTHER PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY, BESIDES THE PAPARAZZI HAVE CAMERAS TOO? Do you guys realize this?

    I guess you guys are what is described as the dumbing of America.

  • change we can believe in

    My girl Jen is huge. I wonder if she is carrying twins.

  • bored

    wow her stomach just popped out of nowhere
    i swear it wasnt that big a week ago

  • uglytaylor

    The Affleck family is the ugliest in H-wood. Ben is the best looking one of the bunch.

  • My voice

    A woman who is extremely pregnant DOES NOT HAVE A GUT!!!!

    You are rude and crude and ignorant.

    A woman who is that pregnant IS NOT FAT. She is not ugly. She is not fugly. She is beautiful. She is giving up her body to the creation of another human life. She should be revered, not subject to your stupid comments!!

    Good luck Jennifer, and I would bet money that it’s a boy this time around!

  • bnhjfg

    ummm,…is she having sextuplets?

  • Clare

    She’s having a boy, just one boy. With boys you get very big and round. She was smaller when she was pregnant with Violet.

  • conley

    #31 marie – She is at a freakin’ farmers market w/o makeup on just getting some food and you are accusing her of a crazy publicity stunt. Yeah, I’m sure she’s just lovin’ these pictures of her swollen with her shirt barely covering her belly and all. I’m sure she also asked her promo people to make sure these *awesome* pictures of her be put on the cover of Vogue. Whatever. I love the pictures because they are so raw and natural. Shows she is like the rest of us late in pregnancy. By the way, people sell pictures to the tabloids all the time and camera phone take nice pics. Either way, I doubt she called the media because she didn’t get ready for the photo shoot.

  • ivelisse30

    Isn’t it a coincidence , that just when the rumors were swirling about a separation , she gets pregnant again? Just like she got pregnant with Violet . And isn’t it a coincidence that she gets pregnant right afto JLO had her twins? It’s all Publicity!!