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Prop 8: The Musical -- Happy Days For The Gays

Prop 8: The Musical -- Happy Days For The Gays

Marc Shaiman and Adam Shankman, director of the hit Hollywood musical Hairspray, have teamed together again to create Prop 8: The Musical.

Starring Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Andy Richter, Maya Rudolph, Craig Robinson and more, this hilarious new Funny or Die video deals with this important issue in a funny (and, as the title suggests, musical) way.

Watch the hilarious video below!!!!! Proposition 8 is a ballot measure that bans same-sex marriage in California.

Prop 8: The Musical — It’s A Happy Day For Gays
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  • karissa


  • ember heart

    Marc Shaiman is really talented
    I met him a looong time ago he was very sweet

  • sigh

    Dumb. This is very ignorant. Funny, but ignorant.

  • Yvette

    Horrible, it was not just Christians that opposed prop. 8 the ‘Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America’ were also one of the biggest doners to Yes on 8. why isn’t that ever mentioned?

  • me

    I would hardly consider that a star studded cast. They all look like losers to me!

  • Shannon

    Thay was amazing and done brilliantly well by the cast! my question s what it to ppl if others are gay and want to love someone i;ll personally take love over hate anyday no matter which shpare form or person it comes in!

  • Blue

    GENIUS!!! Go gays ! lol

  • Larry gwaltney

    There are few things more ghastly than stupid people who think themselves to be smart.

    They ought to acquaint themselves with at least the bare minimum of Christian theology before they ridicule it. These pathetic people wouldn’t be able to read half the books in my library.

  • Frida

    How on earth can you call this stupid or ignorant?! It’s true and it’s hilarious! Way to go!

  • sarah


  • s


  • jm

    This is ridiculous. Californians voiced their opinion on Prop 8 and now they’re being bullied by actors. Also, not everyone who voted “yes” on Prop 8 is a Christian. This isn’t a religious issue, it’s a moral issue. Religion and morality are not synonymous.

  • ed

    jm, so you think we should legislate morality? You and are your kind are the scariest kind of Americans and human beings.

  • Prop8

    I believe these two directors are gay.

  • mike

    why do people have to be so nasty all the time… i.e. Numbers 10 and 12….Number 10 just shut up if you dnt like something just dnt fucking watch it….

  • Gina

    this was so DUMB

  • Gina

    this was so DUMB

  • gisele

    horrrrrrible! ewh

  • alli

    Thats great!!!!! :)

  • alli

    Thats great!!!!! :)

  • paulina

    what does sacramento have to do with anything??
    i live in sacramento

  • T

    Separation of church and state, if your reasons for being for prop 8 are based on religion you should instantly know it has no place in law. We live in a country with people of many religions and many non religious people and the law should treat them and their opinions of marriage the same way. It doesn’t mean agreeing with gay marriage it means people should be able to live their lives as they see fit. The people who want to be married are already together, spending their lives together who cares if they have a piece of paper saying so or not. There was a time when the majority was in favor of slavery and thought black people were immoral. There was also a time the majority thought the world was flat, sadly many are still no more advanced than they were then. It’s unfortunate people are blinded by their own bigotry.

  • Dione

    this was very fascinating. i, myself, respect and approve the gays and lesbians. let’s try no to bring in religious issues. its not about what ‘holy books’ say. after all, no one can prove that any of the events even took place. i just wanted to point out that, religious or not, your opinion is what matters. it’s your perspective on the gays and how you really think of them not some exaggerated belief or other people’s thoughts and opinions. THIS IS MY OPINION AND I BELIEVE RELIGION SHOULD BE KEPT OUT OF THIS ISSUE AND GAYS AND LESBIANS SHOULD BE ABLE TO LEGALLY UNITE AND BE TREATED EQUALLY AMONG THE AMERICAN SOCIETY, better yet, THE WORLD.

  • Kiki


    And they got the bible stuff all wrong, oh well.

  • laurel

    noo they got the bible stuf RIGHT tards

  • volleyballgrl


  • volleyballgrl


  • jm

    Voicing my opinion is considered “scary”? I wasn’t being nasty. I’m assuming now that it’s ok for people supporting gay marriage to voice their opinion, and it’s not ok for people against gay marriage to voice their opinion. Interesting that people supporting gay marriage are all about tolerance, yet they can’t tolerate it when people disagree with their opinions.

  • mike

    volleyball girl: people continue to talk about the “sanctity of marriage”. May I remind you that at one time it was considered that marriage between a white and black was outlawed and considered to break the sanctity of marriage….and the same people who talk about sanctity of marriage….blah blah blah are the same that divorce and cheat etc… not for or against it im just saying i wish people would look at it from both sides and realize that no matter what…..straight people are still going to be able to marry…..if you disagree you disagree but that doesnt give you the right to take someone else’s right away….

  • qboy

    I just love it !!!!

    it’s soo great … ! now dont take the form to seriously but just the meaning and the main idea…. iam so sad that they said yes on prop8 i really didnt excpect that from californians …

    EVERYBODY has to go and see Milk in theatre in march 2009 !!!

    great movie from the super brillant Gus Van Sant !

    i just feel sad for these ppl who are basicly bigots … instead of spreading bigotry you should spread love and respect !

    I personnaly dont think gay ppl should act like straight ppl ! i mean we are gay we are diffrent we are from a diffrent community and i dont want to act like straight ppl …. i share my difference. i dont want the same wed than straight ppl … but on the name of all the gay that want the same straight wedding i had to vote yes on prop 8 ….. now i know iam not like them so i wont fight to look like them ….

    then being gay is or isnot just all about sexual orientation ( not chosen obvio )

    now bigots, you dont even know you are bigots and you even think you have the best opinion about everythg and you are proud of your opinions … you have a lot of to learn ….

    concerning me i have love to give and dreams to live !!

  • ja

    The Muslims hate gays and yet Hollywood never makes fun of the Muslims. Guess Hollywood is scared of getting bombed.

  • Tha

    yay! loved it! so much fun.. so to be taken into consideration.
    I’d so wanna be a gay man so NPH would love me. And I would need gay marriage to be alowed then so we could live happily ever after. He’s my fave actor in the world! XD

  • qboy

    muslims ( iam gay and iam muslim ) dont like homosexuality in itself … they dong give a bck about gay in themself …. but they dont tolerate homosexuality like no religion else

    lucky there are to be born straight !

  • Tha

    volleyballgirl: b**ch, stfu. Sanctity of marriage? Please.. there aint no sanctity in it whether the couple is straight of gay. open your eyes!

  • danny

    u forgot to mention Margaret Cho’s in the video! Love her!

  • JF

    I love it… :D
    and Neil Patric Harris is great,

  • JF

    Volleyballgirl, can you tell how futur generation would suffer from gay marriage please? because i don’t see how.

  • Tha

    exactly JF! exactly!!!!

  • jrfan

    I thought it was funny and clever. Abomination/ObamaNation. lol Loved the ending, too. That should be the slogan for opponents of Prop 8 – gay marriage will save the economy!

  • karissa

    It’s ok to make fun of Jesus, huh? Would they make fun of Buddah or Allah? I think not. It’s not cool, clever or cute.

  • a

    everyone shoves the “your religion should have no place in government.” in my face. but how can i ignore that part of my identity when making such a difficult and important decision for my state?
    and to those who say that what the video said about the bible is true- you are ignorant, once again. all the things that they state are in the OLD testament, mostly in the law books.. which are the laws that christians believe had been turned when Christ came.

  • Kelly

    people Prop 8 passed………………..GET OVER IT!

  • Jonny T

    @Jim, you’re absolutely right about one thing. Religion and morality are most certainly not synonymous. Thank you for acknowledging that much.

  • DR

    I would like to know how they would feel if someone made a mockery of them. It’s a shame people who are so actively looking for someone to respect them and their beliefs, feel they can disrespect others and their beliefs.

  • raisin 60

    The wonderful thing about America is that we have the option to vote on an issue. When an issue is defeated, obviously the majority has spoken. I don’t understand the protest. When the issue comes up again, the option to vote is again on the table. It’s called a republic and we’re all in on it.

  • NIck

    I love all the people angry at this video. Aww, are the Christian bigots getting frustrated because they realize that they’re never going to win their theological battle?

  • NIck

    oh, and volleyball, how exactly are future generations going to “suffer” if i’m allowed to marry my boyfriend? even the musical points out that gay marriage could significantly boost the economy…if only for the next few years. Goodness knows the next few years in this country are going to be rough as we attempt to rebuild our economy, we could use the financial boost.

    but i suppose we can continue watching our country’s finances deteriorate if you can’t stand the idea of two men kissing in public…

    ignorance…no group of people breed it to the extent Christians do…sorry, but prop 8 only proves how unevolved you people are.

  • NIck

    and kelly, no, I won’t get over it. Prop 8 is a hateful prejudice bill that was founded on religious beliefs. Separation of church and state makes this bill null. It never should have made it to the table in the first place. We will fight it until it is destroyed, because it has no place in our society in the first place.

  • ~m~

    haha that was hilarious (and nicely harmonized lol)

    I am proud to live in a country (Canada) where same-sex marriage is legal and religion isn’t brought into every single issue, and I hope that people will continue to fight hateful things like prop 8 in the hopes of one day achieving equal rights, we can do it!

    ps: was that Margaret Cho in there too?

  • andrea

    when gay people are finally “allowed” to get married, someone invite me to their wedding! lol I was raised in a Catholic household and even married in a Catholic church and I think gay people should marry if they want to. It has nothing to do with my religion or my God. I see them as equals and should love how they wish. Them being gay or getting married has no effect on my personal life what-so-ever!