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Suri Cruise is Ruby Red

Suri Cruise is Ruby Red

Suri Cruise clicks her ruby red Mary Janes as she’s carried into her waiting car by dad Tom Cruise outside their NYC apartment on Wednesday afternoon.

Suri is a fan of the Disney Princesses, just like Sadie! She drank from a sippy cup featuring Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty), Belle (from Beauty & the Beast) and Ariel (from The Little Mermaid).

Tom is one of the subjects of Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008, which airs tomorrow, December 4 @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC. Check out 9 out of the Top Ten from the list. #1 will be announced on the program.

“This was almost the easiest year that we’ve ever had, because we had so many naturals,” says Babs, summing up the selection process for her Top 10. “Some of the people you just know you have to do.”

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  • Alice

    She’s a cute kid. Too bad she doesn’t have a prayer with parents like those.

  • oh my

    Yeah, that will be one messed up kid, and she probably is already. Why is she swaddled and carried like an infant?

  • Nessa

    I think this kid is like too perfect. She’s so adorable.

  • oh my

    I don’t know why she is constantly stalked by paparazzi. Her parents better not change her in public, cause her poopy cooch will be photod and published for all to see.


    Well at least she is wearing leggings..but what is with the short sleeves.. Why not put away the summer dresses and bring out
    fall dresses that she likes to wear.. since she is a girlie girl..

  • Ging

    Oh, look at Tom holding his little PR toy. What a SICKO!!!!

  • Ging

    i bet Tom dressed up in his sister’s clothes when he was growing up!!

  • to #4

    You’re too late #4. Her privates were photo’d already. Her warped mother changed her diaper a couple of months ago in central park with the cameras all around.

    Guess Suri can look forward to seeing her private parts on the internet the rest of her life. Sad…what a pitiful “mother” she has.

  • Jill

    42 degrees out and they still can’t put a coat on that kid. Somebody needs to call CPS.

  • Jill

    And still drinking out of a sippy cup… isn’t she going on three?

  • dancer

    You must not have kids. I’m not a fan of the pimps, but most children drink out of sippy cups. Especially when you are giving them liquids outside of a meal. Far less mess. And an easy way to always make sure their liquid intake is adequate.

  • lena

    dude it was like 40 degrees in Ny today.
    i was wearing a jacket and i was freezing/
    and look at her?
    tom and katie is messin her up

  • cece

    have a life wonnabe child experts

  • lola

    she is so adorable

  • Valerie

    Some kids are just not cold! My hubby still carries a 4 years old to the car sometimes… it’s definitely faster that way sometimes. Drinking from sippy cup is not an issue, some kids even drink milk from the bottle up to 5 years old. Then again, I know a boy who doesn’t let go of his pacifier until he was 7. These kids grew up to be fun and smart. So you all should stop judging what parents dress their kids in and sippy/bottle…etc… we all are obsessed with celebrities and what’s wrong with Tom Cruise or any other celebs taking their kids out for walks or parks? All of a sudden a loving parent’s action will be called “PR”. I don’t like TomCat AT ALL! But we shouldn’t judge a little 2 years old as “spoiled brat” or “messed up” kid. That’s too much hatred don’t you think?

  • anonymous

    Hot dad and precious

  • dolly

    Valerie dont waste your time preaching to jealous trolls who have no lives….but they give their time to this family a whole lot and give JJ’s site lots of hits

  • usana



  • peta

    Lovely pics of a lovely happy family!

  • Valerie

    I didn’t see the pics where Katie changed Suri’s diaper in public… but keep this in mind you fools… when a kid needs to be changed, he/she needs to be changed. What if it’s an emergency and she had to do it? Again, I didn’t see the pics so I don’t know if she had spent any efforts covering Suri up… but sometimes accidents happen and kids need to be changed to prevent diaper rashes..etc…

  • first


  • poorkid

    oh my gosh. I can’t understand why they can’t put a coat on her. This is getting to be borderline Michael Jackson crazy…with them wrapping her in blankets all the time. I also think they carry her around all the time to make her seem younger than she really is. All you have to do to see what a normal celebrity child looks like is go a few pages back and see photos of Matilda Ledger. She looks happy, is walking on her own two feet, and is wearing a warm jacket and a HAT! I know not everyone raises their child the same way, but these people are nuts and I’m starting to believe the child has some kind of condition because even if she doesn’t want to wear a coat outside, once she gets outside, she shoud be screaming and crying for her coat. It cold outside.

  • chessa

    Yay Suri sports Disney like my kids. She is so blessed to have such a loving family.

  • %

    Beautiful family inside and outside.

    Thanks Jared.

  • firedept

    Congrats to Tom for being Fascinating. He will always be one. Many love him and even those that hate him are obsess with him and cant stop looking,talking and thinking about him and his family.

  • observer

    Tom is hot and looks
    really young for his old age.

  • irene


  • gamer

    The real family man. He is the best man and his wife and kids are adorable.

  • save the planet

    Poor haters miserable even on Christmas time. Looking forward to his TV appearances on ABC,Jimmer Kimmerl,Jay Leno etc

  • mermaids

    You rock JJ! Suri will be a beauty like her dad and mom when she grows up <3<3

  • hush

    I just smile but also fear for twits who attack this baby and family. The way they demean this family only reverses blessings to the Cruise family. I can just imagine how God will judge them harder the way they do on innocent people.

  • xoxoxoxo!!!!!

    OMG, new pics:)) Thanks, JJ!

    Wow, Tom is so hot and that baby, I’m running out of words to describe her cuteness:) No wonder the world is obsessed with her.

    Most… beautiful…child…ever…


  • stonyeye

    Put that giant kid down and let her walk on her own two feet! She’s almost as flippin’ big as Tom. Take away that wretched BABY blanket while you’re at it and shove her arms in a coat. If she refuses to wear it simply don’t let her leave the house OR take her out without a coat or blanket and I bet after a few minutes of freezing her butt off, next time she has the option, she’ll wear the coat. Yeah, I’m not I parent so it’s easy for me to preach. Just my opinion. It’s great for a kid to feel important to their famiy and that their wants and needs are listened to but I think it’s really unhealthy for them to feel as though the entire world revolvesa round them. It will likely not always be that way and the parents are setting her up for a world of hurt and bewilderment as she grows up and is no longer an adorable toddler. She’ll go through an awkward time as we all do and the first time she doesn’t get her own way or when she is no longer doted on or admired for her looks, she’s going to have a really tough time.

  • hitler movie tickets for sale

    everybody please buy tickets to that nazi movie, I am so tired from all the advertising my mom and tt make me do.
    thank you, even if it’s a horrible movie, I would still appreciate your buying a ticket. just buy it then you don’t have to actually see it.
    going to take a nap now, Suri.

  • OMG

    OMG she has a sippy cup!!!

  • stonyeye

    You maggot. I’m not being hateful at all. She’s a darling girl. Sweet family. I’m just saying. Give her a chance to survive in the real world.

  • tired of pimping

    All the other kids are kept away from the photographers but my mom and tt put me right in front of the lens. I don’t like it but what can I do.
    Just buy a god damned ticket so they will leave me alone. Thank you.

  • stonyeye

    I’m too stupid to mask my hatred by my contrived “concern” for Suri.
    Just sayin’

  • Monique

    she’s in a summer short sleeved dress. wtf?
    it’s freezing in NYC

  • Adoring Fan

    I need to get my ass off the computer. I spend to much time at work making posts defending Tom Cruise and Jen Garner.

  • xoxoxoxo

    People should leave the little girl alone. She doesn’t understand yet.


    AGREE, ” DANCER “, AND ” VALERIE “…..WHAT is the problem with a frigging sippy cup…..We have the exact one that Suri has, for our 2 year old granddaughter, and the same red shoes. ( ours came from Walmart, but identical )….Even our just turned 4 year old granddaughter still uses a hard spout sippy when we are in the car, or at restaurants……..As ” DANCER “, SAID, ” it prevents spills, and is much easier.”…
    If Tom is carring her to a car from the Hotel, what is the big deal with that?…….Wrapping her up in a blanket is fine…..Obviously, she does NOT get cold…….I have changed our 2 year old’s diaper out in public before, ( my husband put a blanket around her ), when we were at a large park, and the bathroom’s were locked…. The car was a good 15 minute walk, and she needed changing badly from diarrhea….Why would I leave that on her?……She was complaining about it, and kept pulling at her diaper………..She wanted it off…..A rash can blister from that stuff, in no time…..It took less than 5 minutes, and no-one cared……….
    I have seen other moms do the same thing, even in the mall on a bench….Sometimes you do what you need to do……..I don’t think Suri will be ” scared for life “, over it……Now, everyone is really nit-picking if that is what their main concern is………….
    What would people complain about, if she had on a coat and hat and gloves and tights and shoes or boots….if she had no sippy or bottle OR blanket OR doll OR stuffed animal, and was NOT being carried, and was laughing and waving at the paparazzi?….It will ALWAYS be something……..

  • kerri

    So Cute!!~


    If one chooses to wear elevated sneakers, one must also remember to wear ones jeans with the longer inseam to accommodate the extra height.

  • ANA

    good victoria, I also have changed my son’s diaper ( 2 ) in a park, and in the mall. He does not get cold either, and our daily fights over his jacket are over-whelming at times. If we are walking somewhere real fast, my husband or i will carry him, as it is easier, and he loves it. i can assure you, someone will find the smallest increment to pluck apart that child and her mom. i don’t know how some of these vile people have any friends at all, with their comments about a stranger and a child. i hope that most of the haters do not have children of their own. if they can pick apart another’s child like that, what do they tell their own kid, if they are displeased.

  • 911

    Im excited to watch Tom’s film but likely Americans wont care for it just like they ignored Australia and watched Vince Vaugh’s movie instead.

  • yuck

    This crazy psycho needs to stop pimping out his poor spoiled kid for papz pics and media attention. He needs some meds. Oh wait scratch that, Scientologists don’t believe in medication. He just needs to be put away in a straight jacket.

  • Lisa

    Did anyone else notice the cute little white dog in the first picture? Too bad Tom didn’t have a coat on her and they could have walked over to pet the little dog. I am sure she would have loved going to a little walk with her Daddy. It’s such a shame she can’t do things that regular little girls can do. Maybe if Tom would have ignored the paps, and not hold her out for the paps to take their picture, Suri would have seen the dog over his shoulder?

  • bag

    Is he wearing his high-heeled sneakers?

    And one word regarding the endless coverage of “Cruise/Holmes/Beckhams” do New York: Overkill!

  • zk


    No coat again, in freezing cold winter in NYC.

    Oh right, the cult of Scientology doesn’t believe in imposing rules on kids. Even if it makes them irresponsible parents.