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Britney Spears Buys Toys For Tots

Britney Spears Buys Toys For Tots

Britney Spears sports a French Connection “Davie Weave” coat as she takes her two little boys — Sean Preston and Jayden James — to FAO Schwarz for a little toy shopping in NYC on Wednesday. (Britney and Jayden wore matching French Connection coats! She wore the FC Grey Melange “Davie Weave Swing Coat” while Jayden sported the leather “Miller Jacket.”)

Jamie and Lynne Spears, Britney‘s parents, also came along to shop and watch the kids.

“Each of the boys had one of those soldier guys (employees) to walk around with, and they each had a huge metal trolley cart to fill up,” says a witness told OK!. “They picked out hundreds of dollars worth of Mack Trucks, cement mixers and RC cars.”

Sean really fell in love with a car transporter, which he had taken out of the box so he could hold it everywhere he went. Jayden was most excited about a little blue plane, and cried when someone tried to take it away.”

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  • Blondie

    um… isn’t Christmas soon? Way to teach your kids about earning things.

  • Cecile

    Number 1 your name indicates how idiotic you are.

  • dialectic

    yeah maybe if you buy them enough toys they will forget that you held them hostage in your bathroom while you went crazy and the cops had to take you away to the looney bin!

  • Elena

    I think she hasn’t extension here…

  • sunshine

    her kids are soo freakin cute and shes so pretty

    & maybe the toys are for xmas or part of their xmas present, shes probably treating them instead of herself for her bday

    i think shes a good mommy no matter what anyone else says

  • Marie

    #1,2 & 3: stupid fugly losers, You’re so jealous i feel sorry 4 u!
    #3 i can see u dont have money to buy toys right? buuu too bad jealous bitch!

  • jaimie

    Is she wearing any pants???? It has to be cold in NYC!

  • Anoano

    Her kids are cute, but the little one always looks lost and looks kind of “slow”, hate to be mean, but poor little guy doesn’t look 100%, like the damage pre and after his birth has been done.

  • adam

    #2 It’s acceptable that you talk bad about Britney, but about two little kids? You’re sick man, go to a mental institution

  • sasha

    CUTEST KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Molly

    From the headline of the post I thought maybe she was having her kids pick out toys to donate to Toys for Tots, then when I read the article, it didn’t say anything about donating the toys. Too bad, that would have been great PR for her if she was having her kids help her buy toys for charity.

  • stella

    can those boys be any cuter!!! they are lucky to have Britney as their mom…she is doing so much better I am so happy for her! And her new CD is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

  • mary

    It’s too funny how all of a sudden one negative remark about Britney draws a full scale attack by people on JJ…

    I find the jealous argument the most amusing of all…yes, we are all indeed jealous…jealous that we can’t all lip synch our way to fame, have other people write our songs, have a quickie wedding only to annul 24 hours later, marry a loser, pop out 2 babies by that loser, followed by a mental breakdown and shaving our head…

    Yes indeed, we’re just so jealous we missed out on those opportunities!!

    So my question is- jealous of what? Because she has money? Obviously that hasn’t helped her much in the happiness department. Jealous that she’s famous for being completely and utterly non-talented? Overall, I don’t think the jealous argument holds up…

    The only well wishes I throw out there is towards her 2 children who are the victims of this entire mess…Britney is, was and will always be non talented…her fame (like many others in the industry) just proves how tone-deaf people are and lacking in judgment of good music…

    So yes, I guess if we all wish our lives were a total mess, we’d be very jealous of Britney right now!!

  • die bitch!

    can’t someone just burn her alive… on a stake!!!

  • Denisse

    Mary = jealous jealous jealous! You’re a pathetic loser!
    I bet you’re ugly, untalented and of course someone as loser as you can’t get a job, so probably you’re poor too.

  • Suzie

    #11…I kinda agree. Poor Jayden always looks so sad or out of it. I think it may have to do with the fact that during his first year, his life was so chaotic and Britney didn’t bond with him as she did with Sean early in his life. I just remember that Britney was constantly with Sean early on (unlike his father) and that wasn’t the same for Jayden.

  • mary

    Denisse @ 12/04/2008 at 1:15 pm Mary = jealous jealous jealous! You’re a pathetic loser!
    I bet you’re ugly, untalented and of course someone as loser as you can’t get a job, so probably you’re poor too.
    Is name calling all you could come up with to address what I wrote? And I truly love how you resorted to immature insults while completely avoiding answering my comment. But then again, maybe you exerted all your brain energy with that one response. Take care :-)

  • stella

    haha Denisse I love your comment!!! And what is up with all the “these boys have down syndrome because their eyes are droopy”. FIRST OF ALL, britneys eyes are like that, SECOND OF ALL, Kevins eyes are like that. THIRD OF ALL, millions of peoples eyes do that, and they dont have down syndrome.

    You guys are all pathetic, if you dont like Britney, dont post about her.

  • edie

    Jeez … I have the same coat.
    It’s the ‘Davie’ coat from french connection.
    I don’t know what to think.

  • Lillianne

    Can’t buy your kids’ love with toys, toys, toys Britney. When little guy is upset who does he want? DADDY!

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    Its good she always spending time with her kids at possible times. She’s a good mom!

  • liz

    Dam*! You guys really got her this time! How clever of you to make fun of her kids and her parenting skills on a blog that she’ll NEVER read. Way to stick it to her! All of you are so witty and so original! I have never heard anyone say she’s a bad mother! Did you guys think of those jokes all on your own? If so you should copyright them, cause it would really be terrible if someone else were to go around calling other people’s kids “slow” and “downsyndrome looking” before you. As a matter of fact you should all go to your nearest pre-school and just start making fun of every child who looks like they could be “slow” or have downsyndrome! Fun times for everyone!

  • liz

    Dam*! You really got her! So clever of you to go on a blog and write comments she’ll NEVER read. You really stuck it to her this time! Those jokes about her parenting and her kids being “slow” are so original! You sould copywrite those because someone else might take them. After that you can go to your nearest pre-school and start making fun of all the children under 3 who look “slow” or like they could have Downsyndrome! Cause making fun of toddlers is so classy!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    they look “sad” because thery’re special-ed. both of them.

    look at their faces.

  • bored

    she looks kinda disgusting here, dont like her face at all

  • … xp

    i’m glad everything is going good for britney .. love her (: and her boys are cute ( :


  • Sebastian

    you all jelous wishing to spends hundreds of dollars.

  • LOL

    Wow, what a bunch of jealous haters.

    Britney and her boys look great.

  • Mandy

    infamous you’re the special one, always making fun of every person and every kid in every post!!
    You’re life must be really pathetic since you have to insult people to feel goo about yourself.
    get a life loser

  • jackie

    The people writing these negative comments are such losers, I hope Britney nor her family read any of these.

  • http://UNEEJAH@AOL.COM Z

    hate to say karma but she talked about shar’s kids and now it came back to her and have you seen shars son… fine as heck that boy looks better than kevin and shar… Britney is just pitiful!

  • coop

    shes amazing! shes probably treating them instead of herself for her bday … and they all look so cute, they look so much like her and not f*Uck!nG federline

  • mel

    When is somebody going to admit that Jayden has some degree of retardation? It’s pretty obvious.

  • D

    I’m sorry but the first thing I thought of when I read this was… she’s buying her kids love by buying them tons of toys. Because honestly those boys are ALWAYS crying when there with her. You don’t see them crying when there with K-fed. I love Britney and I’m so happy to see her doing well, but idk…

  • Chris

    Jayden “cried” ???? Really ???? That’s ALL he does ! It’s too bad he has autism.