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Madonna's Louis Vuitton Ads -- FIRST LOOK

Madonna's Louis Vuitton Ads -- FIRST LOOK

Check out the new Louis Vuitton ads featuring Madonna in a smoky French bistro setting, as photographed by Steven Meisel.

After attending one of the Queen of Pop’s concerts in Paris, inspiration struck LV’s creative director Marc Jacobs for the label’s next fashion advertising campaign.

“I just blurted out, ‘I think we should do Madonna,’” Jacobs told WWD. “I was totally just blown away by it, and moved by her performance, by what she had to say, and her energy.”

And the rumor about Madonna raking in $10 million for the campaign? “It’s very far away from that,” he assured.

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97 Responses to “Madonna's Louis Vuitton Ads -- FIRST LOOK”

  1. 1
    ugh Says:

    why did they use her? why cant they just use unknown people. shes not gonna make more people buy louis vuitton, plus, she makes it ugly. idk why i just ugh hate the way she looks and the way stuff looks ON her. bleh ohh well.. sorry if thats mean

  2. 2
    yeah Says:

    yeah they should have used someone else. i dont like madonna

  3. 3
    Fierce Says:

    She looks fierce ! But expect the usual no life commenters to say the contrary …:/

  4. 4
    Kelly Says:

    lol the “no life” not that i really care but how the hell would you know who has a life or not, its the internet. weirdo

  5. 5
    Fierce Says:

    …see….exactly what have just said…they are so predictable it’s not even funny anymore….Maybe they can’t gulp the fact they never in their lifetime they’ll

    1/ be asked to pose for Vuitton ( not even target)
    2/ Be able to afford an original and genuine Vuitton bag.

  6. 6
    sofia Says:

    Beautiful! Very well done.

    I love the bags. If I had the money, I’d buy them.

  7. 7
    Eva_was_better Says:

    while i do love madonna and Meisel is amaaazing, these ads are SUCH crap compared to the BRILLIANT ones from last season with the indescribably gorgeous supermodel icon Eva Herzigova.

  8. 8
    Lulu Says:

    i don’t like it
    does the woman ever close her legs
    wear real clothes, maybe pants

  9. 9
    Tammy Says:

    the ads looks horrible. makes me not want to buy LV and I love my Louis!

  10. 10
    iVANA Says:

    Eva is the ultimate LV beauty….sorry Madonna

  11. 11
    MADONNA Says:

    Awesome !

  12. 12
    Kimi Says:

    I agree with the other people, Eva is a much better MODEL, oh wait, she is a model. I liked LV’s campaign ad last season.

  13. 13
    Ruth Says:

    Sorry, she may look good selling herself but selling luxurious handbags – yuck!

  14. 14
    JONNY Says:

    @ TAMMY-


  15. 15
    Fafi Says:

    Wow ! those pic are hot!!
    She looks great!

  16. 16
    LV Says:


    ____UGH__#1__________You could not be more wrong honey!
    one year Madonna carried a LV and no store could keep it in stock, They even started calling it “The Madonna bag”!
    She was “selling” for LV even before the campaign!!
    YOU may not like her (and you don’t matter)
    but she is a HUGE influence on fashion and music in more ways than you will EVER know……

  17. 17
    kiki Says:

    I love the ads!!
    Now I want a louis!!! LOL

  18. 18
    LOLLyPOP Says:


  19. 19
    Shoehag Says:

    Those shoes are FIERCE!! I must have them!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!

  20. 20
    wtf Says:

    I agree with #1.

    And @5, some of us have more money than you’ll make in a lifetime. That’s the beauty of internet, you don’t know who you’re talking to.

    I think the pictures look lovely, but Madonna is just…dull. They should have used someone fresh like Siri Tollerod.

  21. 21
    GG Says:

    Haters keep on slagging Madonna but there seems to be of no effect. She continues to rise to stratospheric heights. Her tour is slated to be the biggest grossing tour for a solo artist ever. And she accomplished this with only 58 shows over 4 months. Then here she is lending her name and face to another fashion giant like LV. What other 50 year old celebrity can do this. She is a global icon no matter what her detractors say. Action is stronger than words and you only have to look at her recent accomplishments to recognize this. So haters, say what you want. When the scores are added up, you lose, Madonna wins.

  22. 22
    Meepo Says:

    #21, very good point. I just think they could have used someone younger and more attractive (:

  23. 23
    GG Says:

    #22, Sure they could have used someone younger & more attractive but none of them will have the global impact like Madonna has. These pictures will be in every blog, magazine, newspaper all around the world even before the campaign actually comes out in fashion magazines in February. LV would have months of free advertising from these pictures simply because it’s Madonna. And every fashion conscious woman knows that Madonna is a fashion icon. She is idolized by all fashion designers and fashion houses such as Gaultier, Versace, Lagerfeld, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoix, Stella McCartney, Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga, etc. Their collections have one time or another been influenced and inspired by reincarnations of Madonna. Except for Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn, it is hard to find anyone who has influenced fashion as much as Madonna. And her influence is not limited to one look. Her influence varies from all her different reinventions through the years.

  24. 24
    towa Says:


  25. 25
    junior Says:


    <3 Oh Madge, how can you be so perfect?! (LLLLLLLLL)

  26. 26
    Dirty Says:

    #5 GET A LIFE!

  27. 27
    madonna Says:

    Madge you are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!:x:x:x…..I LOVE YOU QUEEN OF POP…….,you’re really so sexy and hot…..and YOUNG!!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU~!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28
    madonna Says:


  29. 29
    chad white Says:

    She`s absolutely fabolous!
    Louis Vuitton will hit the market next year!

  30. 30
    mif Says:

    That’s an ad for a handbag? Oh, yes, I see there is a handbag in the photo on the far left…..

    BTW GG #21: She’s not “lending her name and face”, she selling it, like she sells everything else, being the fame and moneywhore she is.

  31. 31
    lkjh Says:


    madonna rocks

  32. 32
    OMG Says:

    Is this an ad for Botox???

  33. 33
    nikki Says:

    she looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!
    gooooooo madonna!

  34. 34
    rene Says:

    really love dis advertise..totally diffrerent frm the rest…it show d whole package the bag,the person n d whole enviroment…..madonna is stunning….

  35. 35
    Anthony Says:

    LOL at the ugly, bitter women on here writing crap about Madonna. Women are so catty and jealous of each other. It’s sad and pathetic. The woman is gorgeous.

    LV uses celebrities who could/would sell their products. Why would they use a unknown women?

    p.s. Tammy, I seriously doubt you could afford a LV Bag. Get off your fat @ss and head to the gym.

  36. 36
    WOW Says:



  37. 37
    Jade Says:

    Madonna looks good here. More like Madonna of the Evita days instead of the Botox Queen of late.

  38. 38
    Liliana Says:

    good choise!!she’s fantastic!!!LOVE MADONNA!!!

  39. 39
    bemine Says:

    love love love madonna and lv.she is so fierce.she looks awesome.she is the queen.thats her energy that make her looks sexy and young.on stage she is the best damn thing.a lots of friends of mine started to be her fan cause they went with me to her concert in lisbon.she is the best.great to see u so well

  40. 40
    billy Says:

    she is so damn u madge

  41. 41
    ganymede30324 Says:

    Meisel must have blown more money on filters than the ads could possibly bring in. Run, Guy, run!

  42. 42
    bow wow Says:

    i want to be ur love baby.a-rod is a lucky man

  43. 43
    ladybug Says:

    eh, good pictures for madonna, but she’s still an awful person. still think she looks best with darker hair and softer tissue. still think she’s a pop star… and entertainer and not a guru.

  44. 44
    clau Says:

    guy see what u lost.she is gorgeous.and amazing in has the soul and energy that is missing on shitney

  45. 45
    Moo Says:

    Look! It’s very man’s dream – a 50 year old hooker.

  46. 46
    clau Says:

    she is too sweat

  47. 47
    change we can believe in Says:

    This woman does not ever close her legs. She is just as vulgar at 50 as she has been all her life.

    I feel for the children who have to endure a sl*tty mother like this. A woman who disrespected her own marriage and disrespected another woman marriage, as she moved in on a married man.

  48. 48
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    CHEATING-GAMES require money, folks!!

  49. 49
    Madonna 50 yr old homewrecker Says:

    Guy finally got his smile back. Thats the good thing.

    This woman will reap what she sows by how she has disrespected Guy and her children, and Cynthia Rodriguez.

  50. 50
    so n so Says:

    I thinks she must be mentally ill or something. She really comes off as being not right in the head. I guess this is why Sean Penn was so relieved to get rid of her.

  51. 51
    so n so Says:

    PS..and why Guy is so relieved to get rid of her.

  52. 52
    Lisette Says:


    Why would a 50 year old mother with 500 million dollars spread her legs for a handbag commercial?

  53. 53
    Geoff Says:

    That photo is soooooo retouched, I am pretty sure the budged for retouching was larger than what they paid Madonna to do the ads. I used to be a Madonna fan, now not so much. She looked classy when she did the ads for Versace years ago. Now she looks like a Parisian 50 year old hooker having breakfast at a bistro after a long night of work.

  54. 54
    Gon cur right now Says:

    Madonna is looking good.

  55. 55
    Denisse Says:

    so she asked more money or less than 10 millions??

  56. 56
    Shauna Says:

    It looks like she was up all night hooking in the streets and popped into a cafe to reapply her make-up.

    Bad move for LV.

  57. 57
    postwatcher Says:

    I guess Liza Minelli wasn’t available.

  58. 58
    not a fan Says:

    i don’t know what caused madonna to be the way she is, maybe the business she is in, which i can kinda understand, she does do a lot of good things, adopting, giving to campaign for Obama,and god knows what else, props to her for all her good works and successful career, but the way she treats innocent human being, money is not everything, with that being said, if i had her personality, i might want to kill myself.

  59. 59
    LOL Says:

    tacky old hag

  60. 60
    Sticky and sweet Says:


  61. 61
    trixy Says:

    she look’s AWSOME! i’ll defenitly will buy one of those bags i {heart} Madonna

  62. 62
    Katie Says:

    I love, love, love Madonna. Now that is the epitome of a superstar. Marc Jacobs knows what will sell bags. She looks gorgeous here, as well. Mwah, Maddy!

  63. 63
    RonALD Says:

    Madonna is fab! As usual, Steven Meisel did a good job once again. Glam it up!!!! Madonna is the best!

  64. 64
    benny Says:

    Setting: Old skinny chicken at the Bunny Ranch
    Decor: Bistro Brothel ala Louis Vitton
    Body: Grissel ala Guy Ritchie

  65. 65
    e Says:

    Horrible!…Louis Vuitton uses a **** as spoke-person? What are they think? Use Condi Rice instead, al teast she knows how to play a paino.

  66. 66
    Louis vuitton Says:

    I Like everything except for the makeup.i think this ads campaign must be a successful one cause i can see the poster anywhere ,the marketing group did a lot of jobs in promoting the brand.

  67. 67
    Debbie Says:

    I think this ad is tasteful. Madonna is never really one to carry a bag with her. I saw in some recent pictures that she carried an oversized red one and it was one of the most ugliest bags I have ever seen. The one here on the table is pretty but who here has the money to hand out for a bag like that?

    I like leather like bags, no animals are harmed, I like to switch bags often so the amount I pay for my bags let me do this.

    I dont think it matters who sits in that chair dressed like that, if someone wants to sell something the models usually arent the focus of the ad, the product is and I would not care who is selling it. If I wanted something and it was affordable to me I would buy it. If not, I go someplace else. These bags and closed are so marked up anyhow, whoever buys them are getting ripped off. IT does not cost them nearly what they charge to make a handbag or shoes, what ever they are selling. They want us to pay for the name and to me thats laughable.


  68. 68
    NativeNYker Says:

    I’m sure it’s not that far from that at all! Sides, she has to make up for all those years paying out with the Brit pound!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  69. 69
    ps Says:

    for the ladies out there… you should just give madonna the credit , a 50yo breaking barriers and demonstrates that at that age you still have a choice to do whatever you want. you are all going to get old, no exemption to that. some of you may probably believe that staying home and knit would be appropriate at that age. well madonna has shown you have other choices, life wont stopped at 50. most of you here at that age will be fat & unattractive and will be stuck with smelly pot-bellied husbands but not madonna. in the end, madonna have all the fun and of course the money… okay now don’t be so envious :p

  70. 70
    Xander Says:

    Everyone can say all the negative things about Madonna that they want.
    That’s freedom of speech.
    However, with that, comes responsibility and accuracy of one’s statements.
    Madonna’s last birthday was her 50th.
    She looks better than she did at 25.
    Her music sells MILLIONS world-wide.
    Her concerts sell out world-wide.
    She has tons and tons of top ten, if not number ONE, hits under her belt.
    She’s one of the FEW celebrities to use her status to bring world awareness to what’s going wrong with the world.
    And, on top of all this, she’s handling three kids and a divorce.
    She, to me, represents the true power lady.
    Say ALL the nasty things you want.
    Madonna doesn’t need to defend herself, as the past twenty years speak for themselves.
    So, stop the hate. Stop being jealous. Stop with the insults.
    It doesn’t make any of you look any better than the light you try to put her in.

    Best regards,
    Xander from Amsterdam

  71. 71
    ZANDALEE Says:


  72. 72
    HANDBAGS Says:

    I really like the new designer handbags that madonna is promoting but i think she is just being used for publicity. lol i think louis vuitton and thier designer handbags line should use a better looking model!

  73. 73 Says:

    She looks stunningly gorgeous!

  74. 74
    lovelouisvuitton Says:

    wow~~amazing photo shoot

  75. 75
    joseph Says:

    she look’s fab …love it…love it …love it……no one sells like madge

  76. 76
    fernando Says:

    All these hatin’ ******* should just stop. They are all mad because at age 50 she looks amazing whereas these people are probably half her age and are fat and/or talentless. Sad, but when you can do a quarter of what she has done, then open up your mouths and judge. Until then, eat this haters!

  77. 77
    Lela Says:

    I think she looks fabulous. Marc Jacobs made a good pick. It’s about time she’s involved in ad campaigns, its the right move for fashion houses these days. She always around controversy, she’s beautiful, fashionable, smart, weird….the perfect package for any marketing subject.

  78. 78
    Rose Says:

    It is just an ad! Madonna looks great at 50 (surgery or not!). Some people are just too serious and negative. At age 50 will you be as muscular and physically fit as Madonna? I highly doubt it.

  79. 79
    Rose Says:

    Madonna looks great!

  80. 80
    bruce Says:

    Madonna looks damme fabulous fer 50…and fer over 12 million…you go girl..spread…shes gotta pay her ex sum…madonna has timeless beauty…those with negative comments..are most likely jealous…she got more than most of us but she gives back…and she started with nothing…..give her props where there due…yaa look great madge…think ill get bag fer a friend…

  81. 81

    She need to give it a rest, Im sure she is thanking all her fans for helping her pay for her divorce and Guys settlement. If she gets any mor airbrushed she is going to dissapear from the page, Im sure there is and old bag joke somewhere in these ads.

  82. 82
    Bert Says:

    You people are so stupid. Stop comparing this ad campaign with any previous ones or previous models. It’s different, as it should be. Madonna looks amazing and the ads are beautiful, and like the majority of the masses….Most of you have hideous taste, and have no right to comment. I would love to see you look this amazing at 50….f-ing losers.

  83. 83
    naboo Says:

    Madonna is a horrible choice for Louis Vuitton. She has taken a classy namebrand and turned it into trash. A has-been over the hill singer with her legs spread is only going to cheapen the brand. The marketing staff at LV seems to be idiots.

  84. 84
    Augustine Francis goldberg Says:

    She is an “******* so arrogant and with a HUGE ego. She tell us that she is doing the kabala and spiritual search “whatever” and then her divorce happened and to make herself look “COOL” and “IN CONTROL” her people and of course Alex Rodrfiguez ( they both share same management company) spread the rumor that they are dating and are an item. I will think that after all the years in the spotlight and her doing the kabala or whatever she will be dealing with her divorce in a private manner and focusing more in her family and her tour that just ended but instead she decides to give us the impresion that she is “cool” and she is already having a ball with Alex.
    I love her so much but she turned me off when she and her team go for cheap ” P.R. COVER UPS” just to make her look that she is in controy and happier than ever.
    Madonna I find you very inmature and as a fan of yours I feel so disappointed on the ways you choose to deal with bumps that come in our life, we are all humans and “****” happens, you dont have to give us the impression that you must always be perfect.
    She is not right for the LV campaign.

  85. 85
    codywarlock Says:

    I think she looks disgusting. Does she always have to present herself as so trashy? She always looks like she probably smells bad. She cheapens the LV brand.

  86. 86
    rachel Says:

    Madonna is gorgeous…Anyone who thinks differently is jealous…She is the most famous person in the world…I bet you all are ugly mother fuckers and you just wish you were as talented and rich as Madonna…*******!

  87. 87
    JMEF Says:

    the pictures are good.. madona rocks.. the only thing I dont like in this pictures are Madonnas legs.. lets face it.. theyre not least they dont look nice in this pics.. other thatn that the attitude is right, and the one with the leg up its freacking awesome.!!!

  88. 88
    Vintageswank Says:

    Welli like madonna but im not biased and i frikin loooooove the ads they are so just hot and vintage and just fierce!! lol

    and uhmm it seems like the people who dont like em seem to be saying because they dont like madonna..which is a very biased and stupid

  89. 89
    Dolly Says:

    I am currently studying Madonna’s latest ad campaign for LV for a project at Uni…. I need to gain responses of peoples thought towards the latest campaign and write a 2,000 report. your views have been very helpful towards my work, anybody with any thoughts please post as this would be very useful…

    Personally myself, I am not a Madonna fan, however i think the ad campaigns are, lets say ‘quirky’ to be featuring a 50 year old icon!

  90. 90
    Laur Says:

    the bag looks like a cute chinese dumpling or a fortune cookie

  91. 91
    Antonio Says:


  92. 92
    jANE Says:

    I’m not really a Madonna fan, to say the least, but I really like the trampy/vaudeville look of the outfits. The orange feather skirt (and green feather dress in another one of the pictures) is seriously cool.

  93. 93
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  95. 95
    Vicki Says:

    The ads looks horrible. Makes me not want to buy LV and I love my Louis!

  96. 96
    blood pressure control Says:

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  97. 97
    Ellen Says:

    Whats the name of the bag? i cant find it online.

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