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Madonna's Louis Vuitton Ads -- FIRST LOOK

Madonna's Louis Vuitton Ads -- FIRST LOOK

Check out the new Louis Vuitton ads featuring Madonna in a smoky French bistro setting, as photographed by Steven Meisel.

After attending one of the Queen of Pop’s concerts in Paris, inspiration struck LV’s creative director Marc Jacobs for the label’s next fashion advertising campaign.

“I just blurted out, ‘I think we should do Madonna,’” Jacobs told WWD. “I was totally just blown away by it, and moved by her performance, by what she had to say, and her energy.”

And the rumor about Madonna raking in $10 million for the campaign? “It’s very far away from that,” he assured.

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97 Responses to “Madonna's Louis Vuitton Ads -- FIRST LOOK”

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  1. 51
    so n so Says:

    PS..and why Guy is so relieved to get rid of her.

  2. 52
    Lisette Says:


    Why would a 50 year old mother with 500 million dollars spread her legs for a handbag commercial?

  3. 53
    Geoff Says:

    That photo is soooooo retouched, I am pretty sure the budged for retouching was larger than what they paid Madonna to do the ads. I used to be a Madonna fan, now not so much. She looked classy when she did the ads for Versace years ago. Now she looks like a Parisian 50 year old hooker having breakfast at a bistro after a long night of work.

  4. 54
    Gon cur right now Says:

    Madonna is looking good.

  5. 55
    Denisse Says:

    so she asked more money or less than 10 millions??

  6. 56
    Shauna Says:

    It looks like she was up all night hooking in the streets and popped into a cafe to reapply her make-up.

    Bad move for LV.

  7. 57
    postwatcher Says:

    I guess Liza Minelli wasn’t available.

  8. 58
    not a fan Says:

    i don’t know what caused madonna to be the way she is, maybe the business she is in, which i can kinda understand, she does do a lot of good things, adopting, giving to campaign for Obama,and god knows what else, props to her for all her good works and successful career, but the way she treats innocent human being, money is not everything, with that being said, if i had her personality, i might want to kill myself.

  9. 59
    LOL Says:

    tacky old hag

  10. 60
    Sticky and sweet Says:


  11. 61
    trixy Says:

    she look’s AWSOME! i’ll defenitly will buy one of those bags i {heart} Madonna

  12. 62
    Katie Says:

    I love, love, love Madonna. Now that is the epitome of a superstar. Marc Jacobs knows what will sell bags. She looks gorgeous here, as well. Mwah, Maddy!

  13. 63
    RonALD Says:

    Madonna is fab! As usual, Steven Meisel did a good job once again. Glam it up!!!! Madonna is the best!

  14. 64
    benny Says:

    Setting: Old skinny chicken at the Bunny Ranch
    Decor: Bistro Brothel ala Louis Vitton
    Body: Grissel ala Guy Ritchie

  15. 65
    e Says:

    Horrible!…Louis Vuitton uses a **** as spoke-person? What are they think? Use Condi Rice instead, al teast she knows how to play a paino.

  16. 66
    Louis vuitton Says:

    I Like everything except for the makeup.i think this ads campaign must be a successful one cause i can see the poster anywhere ,the marketing group did a lot of jobs in promoting the brand.

  17. 67
    Debbie Says:

    I think this ad is tasteful. Madonna is never really one to carry a bag with her. I saw in some recent pictures that she carried an oversized red one and it was one of the most ugliest bags I have ever seen. The one here on the table is pretty but who here has the money to hand out for a bag like that?

    I like leather like bags, no animals are harmed, I like to switch bags often so the amount I pay for my bags let me do this.

    I dont think it matters who sits in that chair dressed like that, if someone wants to sell something the models usually arent the focus of the ad, the product is and I would not care who is selling it. If I wanted something and it was affordable to me I would buy it. If not, I go someplace else. These bags and closed are so marked up anyhow, whoever buys them are getting ripped off. IT does not cost them nearly what they charge to make a handbag or shoes, what ever they are selling. They want us to pay for the name and to me thats laughable.


  18. 68
    NativeNYker Says:

    I’m sure it’s not that far from that at all! Sides, she has to make up for all those years paying out with the Brit pound!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  19. 69
    ps Says:

    for the ladies out there… you should just give madonna the credit , a 50yo breaking barriers and demonstrates that at that age you still have a choice to do whatever you want. you are all going to get old, no exemption to that. some of you may probably believe that staying home and knit would be appropriate at that age. well madonna has shown you have other choices, life wont stopped at 50. most of you here at that age will be fat & unattractive and will be stuck with smelly pot-bellied husbands but not madonna. in the end, madonna have all the fun and of course the money… okay now don’t be so envious :p

  20. 70
    Xander Says:

    Everyone can say all the negative things about Madonna that they want.
    That’s freedom of speech.
    However, with that, comes responsibility and accuracy of one’s statements.
    Madonna’s last birthday was her 50th.
    She looks better than she did at 25.
    Her music sells MILLIONS world-wide.
    Her concerts sell out world-wide.
    She has tons and tons of top ten, if not number ONE, hits under her belt.
    She’s one of the FEW celebrities to use her status to bring world awareness to what’s going wrong with the world.
    And, on top of all this, she’s handling three kids and a divorce.
    She, to me, represents the true power lady.
    Say ALL the nasty things you want.
    Madonna doesn’t need to defend herself, as the past twenty years speak for themselves.
    So, stop the hate. Stop being jealous. Stop with the insults.
    It doesn’t make any of you look any better than the light you try to put her in.

    Best regards,
    Xander from Amsterdam

  21. 71
    ZANDALEE Says:


  22. 72
    HANDBAGS Says:

    I really like the new designer handbags that madonna is promoting but i think she is just being used for publicity. lol i think louis vuitton and thier designer handbags line should use a better looking model!

  23. 73 Says:

    She looks stunningly gorgeous!

  24. 74
    lovelouisvuitton Says:

    wow~~amazing photo shoot

  25. 75
    joseph Says:

    she look’s fab …love it…love it …love it……no one sells like madge

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