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Marilyn Manson Has a New Girlfriend?

Marilyn Manson Has a New Girlfriend?

Marilyn Manson steps out with his possibly-new girlfriend while out and about in Miami on Wednesday. At least we know the shock rocker has a type, right?

Just one month ago, Marilyn and Evan Rachel Wood called it quits. Evan recently said the split was because of work-related reasons: “Manson and I both decided to take some time apart so we could concentrate on work.”

Marilyn‘s marriage to burlesque queen Dita Von Teese dissolved at the end of 2006.

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  • b chick

    how can someone go out with this ugly freak (marilyn manson)?
    he scares the crap out of me!

  • Captain Obvious

    Clearly this guy is not over his ex-wife.

  • andrea

    he scares me :S

  • Stella

    Agree Captain Obvious! i wonder how bedtime is like…must be painful.

  • ace tomato

    She’s really pretty. I suspect she is either dumb as a rock or she knows exactly what she is doing and we will all know her name and everything about her within the month.

    Manson is still wholly unattractive.

  • Shit

    Goddamn it. I wanted to be next.

  • SHelby


  • Shannon

    Dita Von Tease #3!

  • Krissy Fantasy

    I wouldn’t expect some one who looks scary to find a girl:S
    but then again
    that’s rude.
    ALOT of people judge him for looks, just cuz he has tons of piercing and wears lipstick.
    But since he has a new GF
    it’s clear, she not only likes him for LOOKS
    but personality wise
    I heard they are a good band..
    dont’ know:S
    i don’t listen to them =/

    uhhh remember?
    ” not to judge a book by it’s cover”

    I’m sure he’s a great guy, minus how he dresses and looks
    besides, He’s A ROCKER
    he’s supposed to act and look that way.
    she’s really pretty:)

    I hope there happy.
    AND if he moved on..
    with some one else
    still having feelings for his wife
    kinda low
    don’t you think?
    honestly it doesn’t show.

    so i don’t know what you guys are talking about O.O

  • Tealeaf

    Why does all his girlfriends have to be loaded down in makeup..

  • lola

    looks a bit like megan fox

  • OMG

    This guy is so revolting. He does not scare me because I think he is full of himself.
    Agree with comment #2.

  • CR30.01

    Will these girls ever learn…!?

  • Anti

    “full of himself.”, “ugly freak”, “scary”: go look up some of his interviews or something rather than just talking out of your ass. I doubt anyone will but hey, that’s up to you if you don’t enjoy broadening your horizons and educating yourself on a new subject like Manson and most of his fans enjoy doing.

    Marilyn Manson is most certainly one of the most intelligent people in the music industry, and yes, he’s always had a “type”, no, his girlfriends aren’t copying Dita, and if you don’t care about him then this news clearly is not for you.

  • kimi

    I don’t have a problem with him, he is what he is – a SHOCK ROCKER
    and he is VERY famous for it and is also talented with what he does.

    I don’t want to get into WHY he does what he does, it makes him a living and that is his business.

    I DID have a HUGE problem with that SKANKY EVAN getting hooked up with him and totally losing herself and TRYING to copy Dita.

    But, this girl appears to be GOTH from the start.

    HE already lost the best thing he could have ever had – DITA
    and now who cares what he dredges up from the bottom?

  • ellen

    So glad Evan got away.

  • dialectic

    ok i can understand having a” type” i have a thing for blue eyes) but come on! do you need an identical copy of your exes? fucking weird cokeheads….

  • yikes

    I know a lot of his crap is just for show and to shock.. and I know he has a type, but this is ridiculous.

    His ex girlfriends are beginning to all look like the victims of the serial killer trapped in his mind in The Cell.. is he going to date a bopdy builder next?

    I jest.

    But seriously this crosses over into a menatl illness or instability.

    Rose was a starter goth girl,

    Dita was his painted pinup glamour goth.

    Evan his freaky way to young goth Lolita mini Dita wanna be..

    Now this chick?? Seriously?

    Before he will be seen with them is it mandatory they shop at Hot Topic and Little Shop of Horrors?

    This shtick isgetting old Manson.

  • hayley

    im a huge manson fan, but it pisses me off how his girlfriends seem to be more important to ppl than his music and his talent. i really liked him with evan cuz everytime she talked about him she sounded very in love and stuff, but cmon. it’s non of our business who the dude dates! that said, can’t wait for his new album :)

  • chris
  • Get Your Ex Back

    he likes girls?

  • boogie

    now that is plain creepy!

    who is their right mind would go out or commit themselves to this creepy character?

  • rebecca

    i don’t know who im more scared of
    michael jackson, terrorists, or THAT

  • summer sky

    i think they are just fabulous. he is a true rock star in every way. just too bad they do not make them like him anymore. she has a true beauty—- glamor mixed with class.

  • shelly

    who in their right mind would be with him? he creeps me the fuck out! he looks beyond disgusting. just thinking about being the same bed with him gives me the goosebumps :(

  • Raul

    Way to go Manson, all these people are bitter because they’ll never be able to get the attractive girls like you do. They don’t believe in that there is more to a relationship than just looks. They don’t understand the difference between stage persona and the real Marilyn Manson. Hell, they don’t even listen to your music let-alone read your lyrics and understand how amazing, talented, creative, and smart you really are. So all these superficial, shallow, people in the end are nothing. Because you succeeded at what you did and are richer than all of them combined. Besides most are probably fat, old, decaying, women that don’t see past your labels. I’m sorry we have to live in such a world, Mr. Manson. In such a world where people talk so much about something they know so little about. In a world where no one can understand that love isn’t just about what a person looks like. In a world where the stupid, uneducated, people can post their opinions and their two-sense on things they know nothing about. I’m sorry. Oh, and to all the smart-asses that will say “you know, Manson won’t read this.” I know he won’t. It was more so you buttholes read it, not him. He doesn’t need to read you idiot’s opinion. Rot in hell, Sunday Christians.

  • Raul

    The censored word was R O T in H E L L

  • Bebe

    So I checked her MySpace page and her name is Isan and she’s 24. How old is Manson? 40??

  • sheryl

    You know, I always like Manson when he speaks because he seems pretty intelligent. The way he is with girls though is really making me not like him. I’m so glad Evan isn’t with him anymore. She’s way too talented to be sucked into his lifestyle.

  • Brenda

    I hate this fu@king fruity bastard.

  • Paulina

    im obessed with her PANTS !

  • rex

    brenda why don’t you tell us how you really feel. you seem about as smart as my neighbors iguana.

    my roommates good friend went out with this girl isan for a while. he approached her on myspace and asked to paint her portrait. creepy yes, but hate the game, not the goth player.

  • gjc

    Now he’s ugly, wierd and OLD too.

  • http://GOOGLE HAHA

    First of all spell her name right .. it’s ISANI ! You guys are too funny and have no idea what the hell your even saying when you say that she is goth or unattractive, because she is actually very trendy, elegant, & high-fashion with her attire. She’s is VERY beautiful and has more talents than any of you know. YOU GO ISANI N’ MANSON! Im behind you guys..You look GREAT together! ;) And yes she knows what shes doing, not at all dumb as a rock, you guys don’t no a thing about the beauty! Have fun with your nonsensible gossip! But, for all those who had nice commentary about the 2, then carry on with the lovely comments!

    P.S. If you think Mansons such a freak why the f*** are u on this site anyway?

  • michelle

    Wow…she’s an Evan Rachel Wood wannabe.

  • rex

    lol isani! oh you know so much you twink, too bad you don’t have a bf

  • taeri

    Gothic Love!!!

  • laaauuuren

    who is she? is she a model or something? ive never heard of her.

  • Sam

    Oh my goodness #26. LOL

  • andrea

    All his girls and even his ex wife seem to kinda resemble rose so its like maybe hes like still in love with her so always goes for a look alike regardless if he was with Dita longer Rose was first before her… and imo all the girls resembler her in the paleness dark hair and red lipstick. Hmmmmmmmm

  • palvasha

    i thought he was gay, wow nowdays so hard to tel whos is gay or not….. the world is going maddddddddddddd

  • nevermind

    They look so great together!!! im happy for manson and Isani is soo beautiful just like dita…so what if he has a type,goth girls rock! hes hot too and dosent give a fuck on your stupit gossip! hes NOT ugly or gay!!! fuckin’ haters 8-|

  • iannis

    The girl make everithing for the money

  • paige

    i love him, i think that he is soooooo cute, and adorable, and sweet.

  • paige

    i love him, i think that he is soooooo cute, and adorable, and sweet.

  • joe

    I had hoped that Evan and MM would resume their romance. Oh well. Evan’s delicate beauty perfectly complimented MM’s ultra bad-boy brashness. MM was an anti-hero that Evan could worship; Evan a vulnerable young lassie MM could protect and nurture. If Evan and MM are just not to be then I wish MM and Isani all the best.

  • Sugar Carin

    well, what can i say, he had only 2 normal girls.. it’s Rose & Rachel, this one looks like a slut, 100% slutty girl, hope they’ll brake up soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniella

    I actually listened to his music and thought it was beautiful so decided to look him up on the internet. He is actually pretty smart and i like the way he looks, its something different for once. I think people should stop being so quick to judge people they don’t know. His quotes are inspiring too.

  • m

    i love him!
    he’s so hot!

  • Courtney

    I am a huge fan of MM’s work. I love him and he inspires me greatly. I was kind of shocked at how fast he moved on from the brake up, but as long as hes happy with her, then that’s all I have to say on this matter. He doesn’t knead what his ex wife put him though again.