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Suri Cruise is Happy to Be Home

Suri Cruise is Happy to Be Home

Suri Cruise flashes photographers a cute smile as mom Katie Holmes carries her securely through the door of their Manhattan apartment on Thursday night.

Like mom Katie, Suri was dressed for her busy day in all neutrals like a true New Yorker–charcoal velvet dress, black leggings and a pair of grey Mary Janes.

However, the 2-year-old fashionista-in-the-making added some extra color to her ensemble, painting her nails with glittery light blue polish.

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  • My voice

    Wow! This is one of the few pictures I have seen of Suri smiling! Yay! She looks adorable. Good for her.

    Let me just go ahead and make some comments I know are coming to save all the haters time:

    Katie looks exhausted.
    Why is a little girl wearing fingernail polish? It’s toxic!
    What? No socks?

    Thanks for the cute pix Jared.

  • My voice

    Wow! This is one of the few pictures I have seen of Suri smiling! Yay! She looks adorable. Good for her.

    Let me just go ahead and make some comments I know are coming to save all the haters time:

    Katie looks exhausted.
    Why is a little girl wearing fingernail polish? It’s toxic!
    What? No socks?

    Thanks for the cute pix Jared.

  • My voice

    Oops, sorry for the double post.

  • mike

    love her!!!

  • xoxoxoxo

    Did Tom instruct Katie to hold her toward the cameras?

    That film is just around the corner.

  • katy

    what a cutie

  • pr person

    Oh for effs sake… WHO carries their child like this?! Awkward!!! Set her on the seat, get out of the car, turn and then pick her up! How hard is it?! That way she isn’t face forward to the paps and being carried like….. that! Pathetic!

    Poor Suri!

  • Mr. Blonde

    Only critics would actually make something out of the way a kid is carried, #5 and #7

  • Mya

    Are they holding her like this now to get better photos?! It seems awkward. I guess Tom has to sell his movie somehow.

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    yes, everybody NOTICE tt, it’s almost time to see that nazi film, wonderful holiday film for the whole family to enjoy, yes, get your hitler tickets, everybody NOTICE tt. CULT tickets for sale, hurry , hurry, mark your calendars for the big day!

  • pr person

    “Only critics would actually make something out of the way a kid is carried”…… So? How does the saying go… ‘If the shoe fits…”


    AGREE, NUMBER # 8…..I carry my 3 and a half year old granddaughter sometimes when she gets tired….also our 21 month old…..The youngest LOVES to be carried facing out, and squirms around, until she gets there…..My arms become her ” seat “….Why does it matter HOW she is carried ?………..How is holding her like that a quest for ” better photo’s or a P.R. moment ?
    If she were walking, there would still be awful comments…….LIKE, ” they are dragging her “, OR ” can’t Katie see her daughter is struggling to keep up with her “, OR, ” dosen’t katie and Tom care if the paparazzi is in her face”?, ” why can’t they pick her up and protect her “?…..” she is begging to be held and loved , but they are shuning her to have better photo’s of themselves without Suri hanging on to them “……
    It will never end !!!!!!!……That poor child is damned if she does and damned if she dosen’t !!!!

  • cece

    the haters pathetic to the core as always

  • brrrr

    I love them but leave them alone in peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • doc

    cute mom
    and baby

  • swing


  • jbzn

    holy hell, is that a coat i see?

  • peaks

    Beautiful family. Beautiful on the inside and Suri is so blessed
    for amazing parents like Katie and Tom.

  • america

    trolls = pinheads
    Katie and Suri = patriots

  • kiterunner

    Adorable photos of mom and baby. Get some rest,Katie.

  • Greentea

    Cute Suri, nice nail color.

  • Mr. Blonde

    There are less obvious ways to get photos, #9. No one could be that stupid,

    Never in the history of marketing have I ever heard of showing pictures of doing nothing with their kids would make a product sell.

    So…you sound ridiculous, #11! You find conspiracies wherever you go!

    If you hate them so much, then leave.

  • katie n

    What a cutie!!

  • baby

    Take the haters breath away :)

  • 911

    God bless them always!!!!!

  • Dancer

    She is probably carrying her facing out, because the child wasn’t in a car seat.

  • regina

    Suri will be Holmes Sweet Holmes.

  • cjean

    Mr. Blonde,
    That comment makes no sense. In the history of marketing, there is plenty of advertising showing people doing nothing with children to sell products. Your comment is contradictory to your past comments as well. You constantly say that TC older son and daughter are not photographed because they aren’t as marketable. That comment acknowledges that Suri is marketable. Follow that through. Suri is marketable, therefore people “look”. People look, therefore, the name TC and KH is on their lips. Film or show is out with TC and KH; we need to choose what we’ll see, why not see that one. That’s how advertising works, since you’ve asked so many times. Same reason you see cars running all over town with advertisements on them. It makes the name visible, on the top of people’s minds when a need becomes apparent. I’d recommend Marketing or Advertising 101 when you finish High School.

  • Tomkat

    Leave that child at home!!

  • Kayla

    so cute

  • Kayla

    suri’s eyes are just stunning

  • ivy

    what’s wrong with kate’s hands? sshe’s ALWAYS uses her wrists to carry suri

  • Kitty Kat


    The child is actually wearing a winter coat out in the cold!

    As Katie would say, “It’s Amazing!!!”

  • cjean

    Further, this IS criticism. I don’t know how you get a child that age and that size out of a car in that position to carry them. Experience is that a child that age will reach to be taken out, which means that are facing you. Seldom do they back out of a car towards you. Ohhhhhh, yeah. She appears to be sitting in the car on her mothers lap, already in that position for Mom to get out of the car.

    Not only is that dangerous for the child, but it is illegal to travel in a car that way. Sorry, that alone deserves criticism. She can raise her child any way she wants to, but she deserves to be criticized when she endangers a child that way. And secondary, if it were a “normal” parent cited traveling that way, or Britney Spears even, we’d be acknowledging how very dangerous it is.

  • pr person

    “So…you sound ridiculous, #11! You find conspiracies wherever you go! If you hate them so much, then leave.”

    First of all you loon, I didn’t say anything about a conspiracy. What I said was it looked extremely “awkward”. For both mother and child. Secondly, I stated that why not turn Suri around, so that way the child isn’t the one facing the paps. Where is the conspiricy in that?!

    If you hate them so much, then leave? Who said anything about “hate”? Tsk, tsk, tsk, Gossip site. Remember? To gossip, state opinions… good or bad…. thoughts… good/bad…. Not YOUR personal love fest site, there are plenty of those if you can’t take what is being said here.

  • debra77

    Jared,.. Maybe you should start a Suri website. We see the coming and going of this two year old all the time.. Why is this news.
    Katie goes shopping
    Katie and Suri go shopping
    Katie and Suri walking down the street
    Katie and Suri at the park
    Suri dressed in an over the top outfit
    Katie in jeans
    Katie in wide legged jeans
    Katie in skin tight jeans
    Katie in cuff jeans
    Suri in a dress
    Suri in a red dress
    Suri in a plaid dress
    Suri without Tom

    This is ridiculous. Why is this news. Who cares. We see this child everyday doing the same thing over and over , and over.. Not her fault.. It is just a testament to how boring Tom and Katie are.. That their two year child is more news worthy then they are. My answer is I don’t care… Won’t post about this kind of topic again.

    See ya…

  • benny

    Her eyes and nose look like Joshua Jackson’s, her dad. katie Holmes looks so tired she has dark shadows under her eyes. This poor woman she works hard for that TC money.

  • benny

    #36 don’t take it so seriously, its fun to look at the Cruises’ and make fun of them you can vent all your frustrations at these clowns.

  • Dancer

    debra77 @ 12/04/2008 at 10:45 pm

    You forgot Katie gets starbucks

  • http://MANISTON boo(real)

    this suri crap should be on JustJaredJr.

  • Janey

    At last, Suri got a coat! And she’s smiling because she’s not freezing!

  • boogie

    no “fur” coat here!

  • Glambabybumps

    Suri is adorable! Poor Katie she looks exhausted!

  • texrose

    Heartwarming pix

  • Shawna

    #40 – Speak for yourself, obviously a lot of people LIKE to look at the pictures, myself included. I have a little girl almost her age (my daughter is 3 months older) and I like seeing another little cutie like her.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Of course, #26… That was exactly it.

    I only bring up the fact that Suri Cruise is seen more than Cruise’s other kids (besides their being teens) because of their lack of markability when everyone tries to back up their silly paparazzi tip-off arguments or explain why his older kids were ‘protected’ by Kidman when they were younger.

    I’m not in high school anymore and I know that people aren’t turning to magazines with TomKat on the over in the hopes that they’ll find pictures of their daughter doing nothing. People certainly aren’t shelling out money to see Holmes’ play simply because she has a kid (especially with tons of solo pics of Holmes). And people aren’t going to see Valkyrie because Suri Cruise either.

    What kind of weirdo notices things like that, #32?

    It hasn’t exactly been the first time, #33…

    You need to get a life, #34. Imagine if more people spent more time trying to find an alternative fuel source rather than overanalyzing pics on the way a little kid is being carried.

    No. No one one would have analyzed these pictures with such scrutiny if it had been anyone else but TomKat. You have no idea how that kid may have been seated in that car so don’t pretend to.

    I know this is a gossip site, #35. But you spend all your time on threads hating a couple. I don’t care of people dislike TomKat. But I will call you out when the same critic is going on and on.

    It looks like she’s trying to fidget free and the kid doesn’t seem to care anyway and her face would still be facing the cameras.

    Obviously people care which explains all the comments therefor explaining all the threads, #36.

    You are a very sad man, #38.

    Or maybe she’s smiling because she’s just happy, #41.

  • change we can believe in

    No socks again. Somebody needs to tell Katie about socks for little children. She needs sock to keep her feet warm.

  • take parenting classes katie

    That baby should have on socks and she should not out at night like
    that. She should be at home tucked in bed.

  • %

    I heart Katie and Suri is really the spitting imgage of her beautiful parents. Thanks Jared.

  • ryan