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Isani Griffith + Marilyn Manson = New Couple!

Isani Griffith + Marilyn Manson = New Couple!

Marilyn Manson keeps close to his new girlfriend, LA model Isani Griffith, at the vernissage of his inaugural U.S. exhibition “Marilyn Manson: Trismegistus” during Art Basel Miami 2008 on Thursday.

“That’s my special lady friend,” Marilyn said of Isani at the event, which included his own watercolor paintings (pictured below) at new French-electro club Louis Bar-Lounge at Gansevoort South in Miami’s Design District.

Marilyn, 39, and Isani, 24, have been dating ever since his split last month with Evan Rachel Wood, 21.

Before Isani‘s MySpace profile was privatized, she listed her music interests (none of them included her current boyfriend). Here’s who Isani listed: “muse, sneaker pimps, sublime, bjork, nick drake, incubus, sigur ros, the faint, portishead, the doors, goldfrapp, guns n roses, massive attack, the killers, depeche mode, air, tricky, peaches, prince, radiohead, al green, beethoven, marvin gaye, tupac, outkast, daft punk, no doubt, bob marley, etta james, queen, i am x, duran duran, fischerspooner, pink floyd, !!!, the rapture, the libertines, of montreal, rolling stones, led zeppelin, devendra banhart.”

10+ pictures inside of new couple Isani Griffith and Marilyn Manson

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  • boogie


    she actually kisses that ?

  • adrianna


  • bella

    there is no appeal, talent or attractiviness to this man whatsoever. He is almost 40 and she is 24. I am sorry he seems like a bit of a predator. His girlfriends all look the same and are MUCH younger than him. He just grosses me out.

  • the real jc.

    That said he actually has a talent for painting. I’m surprised. Certainly not something I would hang but they’re good.

  • vanessa

    I think that worst than the fact that they┬┤re dating it is that someone actually went to see his vernissage… that is disturbing

  • LolaSvelt

    She is beautiful. She could so, so much better. Just like Evan and Dita could’ve.

  • Tealeaf

    She looks trannish, She looked better from the side

    He looks weird as ever

  • MiMi

    she loooks like a pretty girl. See how long she uses him to get famous before she dumps him. ARGHLEEUUUCHHHU! EW EW EW!

  • Sam


  • bonnie

    So she doesn’t list him as music she’s into then….

  • lollipop

    Manson is such a scarry man. I do not understand his appeal at all. :-(

  • Mousse

    That girl is still young and stupid enough to want to be with him and apparently she must be very myopic too.

  • ew

    ewwwwwwwwww …..yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me

    I love MM!
    He could and can out smart all of you posters here!

  • Tate

    Its amazing how these girls completely change their look for him.

    Check out some of her modelling portfolio – I assume pre-MM

  • just me

    too much makeup on both of them

  • caring

    Which one is Marilyn? Wow

  • busybee

    Didn’t evan meet him because he did a painting of her?

  • Stella ava

    that girl is just a carbon copy! MM is intelligent and knows he’s just gonna carry out his ‘lady friend’ copies till he’s over Dita.

  • manda

    Not only Evan and Dita could of done better than him, Rose McGowan could of done better as well. She was engaged to him for quite a while before!

  • Karlie

    Yeah idk why everyone says Dita was the first one… wasn’t Rose ???

  • Leo

    yeah so what? He is having a good time and Isani is obviously happy as well….wait another few years and he’ll move on to another goth type model….maybe even a suicide girl…its inevitable. get over it.

    i just dont want him dating actresses ..we dont want anymore high maintenance actresses dressing up gothic …its overrated in high school …thanks

  • lucy

    marilyn manson is terrible

  • Eleventh

    I love Marilyn, but I agree with Stella ava, he’s still not over Dita.
    I have never heard of this girl in my life, gotta Google her. Like everyone else.

  • ben

    THIS is not beautiful:

    she definitely looks a bit like a tranny. Ew.

  • mary

    This new girl’s long face and look give Marilyn’s secret away. Marilyn is dating himself. A serially monogamous narcissist if you will.

  • kay

    I’m sorry to say this but this girl has a really ugly mouth.

  • dianel

    She’s a pretty girl but to young for him

  • ILoveVelvetGoldmine

    He IS Cool for his ideas. They look well suited. Glad he keeps coming back with more ….HA HA HA LOL

  • jordan

    lol… lipstick on lipstick. he’s a talented painter, but bit seems like a bit of a narcissistic a-hole, especially for an almost-40 yr old. i wonder how long he plans to keep up his gothic schtick. come on man, gotta grow up a little.

  • lala

    gosh, that man is ugly!!!!

  • Yar

    He’s till in love with his ex wife. Dita must be laughing her ass off!

  • Sam

    Good. Better than Evan Rachel. At least they can both be creepy together and have creepy little babies together too.

  • Sam

    Good. Better than Evan Rachel. At least they can both be creepy together and have creepy little babies together too.

  • ellen

    He changes all his girlfriends so much… I don’t get it.

  • guest

    Is the last picture of his friend Angelina Jolie?

  • jaye

    The fact that this joker can even get women is amazing. I’ll have to find a picture of him without makeup. I can’t imagine that he looks much better.

  • R

    HE should date angelina they are both freaks and need to disappear!

  • rebecca

    to all of you detractors out there, can any of you say that you have achieved anthing even approaching the level of sucess that marilyn manson has enjoyed???


    Is Marilyn Manson related to Michael Jackson in any way ?……They look alot alike…It is almost scarey !!!!…..In fact, they ARE both scarey !!

  • trixy

    ewwwwwwwww he’s sooooooooo disgusting

  • spooky

    I wonder if he “STIFFED” her yet?? LOLz…………………

  • zach quinto’s wife

    “special lady friend”?
    sounds like as if he is saying that this is his prostitue or something
    ugh. i don’t want to wake up in the morning first seeing his face or the last thing i see when i go to sleep.

  • veee

    lol at predator comment , agreeed!


    His Art pieces are all pictures of him as a women.


    His Art pieces are all pictures of him as a women.

  • Sylvia

    Ewww, how can she kiss that ??? That’s gross.

  • Jen

    she’s pretty…. but Manson? yuck!



  • whitney

    o come on people! who’s to say who he dates and why? i mean come on stay out of his love life. and i don’t see why people think he’s soooo scary he’s just a talented guy making his mark on the world. if a man in make up scares you then your sad especially with what goes on in this world now. o and Jordan goth has no age limit, the man is basicaly keeping it alive and in public because goth now has gone so far underground that there is no light at the end of the tunnle anymore. if it wasn’t for this man and this band i would be 6 feet under right now, no kidding. most likely hundreds of people would be dead if it wern’t for him. he also made me want to strive for understanding and education and it anger’s me see people speak badly about something they have no clue about. so why don’t you just let the man be and you can all go rott in hell.