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Katie Holmes: All Dolled Up!

Katie Holmes: All Dolled Up!

Katie Holmes has her hands completely full, carrying daughter Suri, 2, and all of her stuffed animals and dolls while leaving their New York City apartment on a freezing Friday night. One of the dolls appears to be a Suri lookalike with the blue eyes, dark hair and bangs!

Below is Katie‘s “Screen Test” with the New York Times. She recalls, “The first movie I remember seeing is E.T. at a drive-in with my mom and my cousin. We sat on top of the car with our popcorn buckets and Care Bear matching sweatpants outfits. I was so excited!”

Katie Holmes – “New York Times” Screen Test
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katie holmes dolls 01
katie holmes dolls 02
katie holmes dolls 03
katie holmes dolls 04
katie holmes dolls 05

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  • Kris


  • Sellina

    KH looks cozy than before and Suri, i want to see your lovely face.

  • bella

    Wow Suri sure does not travel light.

  • rayray83

    She’s even starting to talk like Tom.. with her mannerisms and verbal characteristics. So sorry Katie… you’re graceful and beautiful, but its obvious you’ve been stripped of who you naturally were.

  • cruise control

    wow….katie really speaks like tom….especially in the first few minutes of the clip.

    the tone, the facial expressions, the pauses, the lilts in the voice….it’s all tom.

    just goes to show couples really do morph into eachother

  • whatever

    WOW! she is a total wierdo now. That “screen test” was her totally acting the whole time. My god her intire life is just one big act.

  • Lulu

    EXCUSE ME? “I would have love to do more stunts as Batman girlfriend”… Is she trying to get me an HEARTATTACK?? The woman alone destroyed what could have been one of the best movies of 2005 and now she saying she wanted to do.. “more stunts”?! Honey, you couldn’t even handle some facial expression with your pseudo assistant D.A-ish characther, so for the love of God, go find something else to whine about. Please.

  • irene

    wanting to look pretty the whole time and true, they do speak and act the same (K & T)
    Weird and weirder

  • Justin

    I gotta say, the two of them are a little too desperate or people’s approval. are they for real? we’ll never know.

  • benny

    That vaseline plastered hair and ugly ears look horrible. You can’t help but look at the hair and ears, since what’s coming out of her mouth makes no sense at all.

  • Mr. Blonde

    You analyze their ticks and idiosyncrasies like that #6 and #7? Are you two THAT crazy?

    GET. A. LIFE.

    Acting, #8? What the hell does that even mean?

    If they were desperate for people’s approval, they wouldn’t keep acting like they don’t know or care about any of that tabloid crap going around, #11.

    What exactly did they do here to sound desperate?

  • tessla

    Gosh, she has aged. She looks so old and thin. She doesn’t look at all like herself from even 3 years ago. Her quest for all of TC’s money and the need for material things came with a price.


    Katie looks extremely tired…….She has big circles under her eyes, and is very pale……..Suri LOVES to take her little dolls and animals with her, just our granddaughter’s…….My car is full of them……I wish the paparazzi would leave this child alone……….
    NUMBER # 8…AS MR.BLONDE SAID, ..What is Katie doing that seems as though she ” is acting “…..Acting out WHAT ????…..AND TO ‘ JUSTIN “, …..How do they seem to need ” everyone’s approval “?…………I just read other sites where other celebrities walk around town and go to restaurants, and take their children places, CARRYING THEM, ( LIKE AFFLECK AND PITT AND STEFANI )….So why is Katie any different than them?……..She is doing the same thing, and the paparazzi follows the others as well as Katie………and I don’t see any of those using back doors and garages.

  • lola

    get a life haters. lol
    they are rich and u r not….





    BLA! BLA! BLA!

  • nicole

    Acting means pretending to be someone you are not. So does that answer your question Mr. Blonde about Katie Holmes’ persona and #8′s comments.


    TO GOOD VICTORIA! I rarely read or post on Jared, but if you read other threads on Jared, Kingston Rossdale, also has his hands over his face, and the photo lens is right next to his face. He also has a pink pacifer in his mouth. If Suri Cruise had a pink pacifer in her mouth, the world would come to a complete stop. Also, he is being carried. WOW, how about that ! Another child being carried, and not one hateful remark. Suri gets hundred’s being carried.

    I agree that Katie is no different than other celebrity mothers. Jennifer takes Violet to the market, the zoo, shopping, and playground. But, not one person says she is pimping out her child. Angie and Brad take the kids everywhere, and not one person will say they still need others approval or that they are also pimping out their 6 children. Sometimes Pax and Maddox have even been barefooted in New Orleans coming out from the local market and walking to their home.

    The paparazzi has made Kingston scream and cry. ( it is on video on another site according to a poster from that thread ). The paparazzi will always be outside these popular folks Hotel and home. There is no tipping them off before hand. They are smart enough to know where to be and how to follow and how to get information out of workers and by-standers. It is their job and they do it well, without Tom calling them. Katie Cruise is just picked on the worse, because of her husband Tom and his Scientology beliefs and his antics during interviews. Suri, of course, is in the middle of this hell, so she also gets the hate from almost everyone.

    Maybe when they get back to L.A., everyone will leave them alone, and this site will get boring again. Check out and Other sites have better pictures and video’s.

  • nicole

    She is rich and I am not. She is souless and old before her time and I am not. She lives a lie and is selfish, I am not. She is tired and unhappy and I am not. So, I guess after all, I don’t care if she is rich and I am not because riches to me doesn’t mean having more money, it means loving God and being true to yourself and others.

  • boogie

    if you look closely…(without the sound)…..her mouth and lips move very much like Sara Palin! Ha!


  • ivy

    all the makeup and lighting of the ny times and she loloks mediocre. at least learn the lesson of growing your hair out! the hats ain’t enough

  • boogie

    forgot to mention…..its interesting how much she moves her eyes all over. This shows how insecure she really is.

    not the brightest bulb either.

  • Katie lives a fantasy life…

    If you are a student of NLP programming, moving your eyes up and to the right means you are constructing imagery and visual fantasy, i.e. making things up or lying. Sometimes it means nothing. BUT that said, it was interesting where they went upwards to the right!

    Personally both these jokers seem terribly fake to me. They have such limited vocabularies and now they seem to have morphed into each other. I think for what ever reason, they rehearse what they are going to say…i.e., word of the month–amazing or wonderful or magical.

    Just can’t stand this fake duo. Own personal opinion. And I’m just really tired of opening up jared every day and seeing this no talent, Suri pimping, wimp of a woman!

  • Mr Orange

    she looks like victor from victor victoria

  • David jones
  • dancer

    She lets a body guard carry her bag so she can keep her hands free–and now she feels compelled to carry Suri and all her toys? Haha. Sorry–as Perez Hilton calls Suri–the publicity pet????

    Do love her hat though!

  • ruby


  • haters are losers

    dancer karma will come to Angie and Brad the way you attack this family. With Perez Hilton as your role model and source? lowest of the low esp that man attacks not only celebs but disabled ppl and our troops

  • manette

    Love Katie and Suri
    God bless them all

  • aiden

    In the video she seems as though she is verbalizing the fantasy thoughts that are construed in her mind. Its like she really wants you to believe what she is saying, but she’s really having a hard time believing it herself.

  • surfer

    Very animated and happy interview by Katie. Pics are adorable but leave this family alone. Really.

  • andie

    They are both dolls!

  • thanks jj

    :) :) :)

  • kit

    suri is the precious baby ever in Hollywood (haters cry) Katie looks so beautiful also Tom on their screenshots especially what stands out are the lovely penetrating eyes of Katie.

  • new moon

    Absolutely adorable….

  • anonymous

    The unhappy bitter lowlives here are really perfect victims of Al-Queda membership. Full of hate and wanting the downfall on everyone.

    God bless their souls.

  • iron chef

    Mom and child look so cute and congrats to Katie for her possible best actress nomination for the Tony Awards for All My Sons along with hottie talented Patrick Wilson. Thanks JJ and enjoy your weekend.

  • peace

    Their pics are heartwarming always making me smile.

  • tom

    Katie is one strange person. Her eyes keep looking away, up, side ways, everywhere except directly straight. She looks so nervous and insecure. I also notice one side of her mouth moves more than the other side, like one side is numb or something.

    She is one strange zombie.


    I did not find anything wrong in the video provided by ” DAVID JONES “….I had already seen most of it, and Katie just looks nervous, to me, that’s all…….If I was being vidoetaped like that, I would be extremely nervous and anxious also, looking around to avoid staring into the camera………How can someone tell from that, that she is playing ” out a fantasy “.?………A fantasy of what ?
    HEY DANCER…I’m dropping the first name of my screen name, and going back to just ” Victoria “…..I love Katie’s hat also !!!….How are the nana-babies ?????…have a good week-end DANCER !!!

  • winter

    One of the best interviews she had.IMHO.

  • lol

    Tom is indeed Most Fascinating and Katie is too. Many people love her and even some that hate her cant get enough of her and is part of their lives. Their eyes,thoughts,hands and internet and time are for Katie Holmes. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    What a fruitful way to spend on earth with people you loathe.

    God ask what you did on earth when you die:

    trolls respond Im on JJ’s site everyday bashing Tom,Katie and Suri.

  • vi

    Adorable baby and mother

    Enjoyed the interview a lot

    hats off to T’s site and now to JJ

  • cupcakes

    Much love to this family! xoxo

  • peaches

    To # 43 by lol————–

    huh? wht are you trying to say? Need to polish up your bad English. and by the way, leave your “God” out of the equation. This is the 21st century not the caveman days.

    smart people see tom and katie as the fakes they are.

  • …….

    Katie is close to having it all. I say that because no one can have it all in this world. But she has had to be thankful for especially her family,career,marriage etc I admire her that she is not shallow or a try hard actress always showing her sex appeal in her interviews or spreads. Look at other actresses who are sex overkill and they are new moms so they bare all or act sexy to show they are still hot or sexy. Sad and pathetic. I pray Katie wont do this too.

  • to #46

    This is American the land of the free and I can discuss my God.

  • sopranos


  • regina

    Looooove Suri and Katie’s hat. When will they go back to L.A.?

  • peaches


    u are incorrect. You mean- this is America, land of the free.

    and no, religion is personal and you should keep it that way. don’t impose your religious beliefs on others.

    probably one of those empty headed bible thumpers or maybe you are a scientologist?

  • Mr. Blonde

    How is she pretending to be someone else, #18? She’s done nothing wrong.

    You’re exactly right, #19.

    Are you crazy, #23? Who scrutinizes and spins every single little tick about someone?

    What possible PR stunt could you be thinking she’s trying to pull off, #27?

    You’re way off the deep end, #31…

    Smart people, #46? Yeah right…