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Victoria Beckham Covers Harper's Bazaar

Victoria Beckham Covers Harper's Bazaar

Victoria Beckham graces the January 2009 cover of Harper’s Bazaar, which hits newsstand on December 16th. Here are some great interview highlights:

On always being in high heels: “Oh, c’mon, they’re not that hard to walk in…They’re not uncomfortable! You have to go to a sex shop to get this spray to polish them.”

On whether she personally went to the sex shop to buy the polish: “Oh. No…”

On her success in the fashion world: “I really had to prove myself, though…But now I feel like I am competing in an arena where I belong.”

On occasionally letting herself go: “I run around the house in a tracksuit sometimes!…If I go to the supermarket looking like s—, that affects my work. I am selling an image. Plus, I have fun with it.”

On her image: “I have started smiling…I’ve mastered this smirk; it’s a smile that isn’t a smile.”

On her previous performance anxiety: “I used to get so nervous, and when I got on the red carpet, I’d freeze up. I’ve had so many things said about me over the years, like a public bullying.”

On not being nervous anymore: “The older you get, the more comfortable you become with yourself, and you accept what you have physically. Also, the fact that my business is doing very well…makes me feel a little more confident, too.”

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Photos: Peter Lindbergh for Harpers Bazaar
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  • Pff

    There’s a whole lotta of talking right there, whilst not actually saying anything.

  • http://justjared tan

    Finally someone who doesnt complain about the paps. Romeo is so cute. But four miles a day? she’s nuts.

  • rem


  • mike

    i think thats actually a very nice picture

  • bella

    I respect the fact that she is honest and realizes that the paps are part of her life. She is selling an image and she realizes it, but I would love to see her dressed normally for once.

  • lee

    she looks like a man in women’s clothing.
    cannot believe america is buying that she is this high class posh person.
    she tried it in britian and failed.
    the only reason she can afford to ‘look’ classy is due to her husband’s money.
    and she is not a designer, she said it her self that if what she tries on she likes she put it in her collection. correct me if i m wrong but that called stealing, other peoples ideas.

  • Nicole


    She looks stunning, and truly can rock any outfit, any look.Every shot has a different pose, really wonderful.

    The cover is AMAZING, she looks beautiful there in a soft sweet way.

    Can’t wait to buy this issue, Bazaar has finally put someone worthy on their cover, who has style and courage and isn’t a product of stylist’s.

    Thanks for posting Jared, i love VB and always appreciate posts with her updates. :)

  • Cecilia

    #6 Lee you are right. I totally agree with you. Victoria got no personality.

  • office fan

    On her image: “I have started smiling…I’ve mastered this smirk; it’s a smile that isn’t a smile.”

    LOL, she’s started smiling? She’s mastered a smirk? How sad if she is so caught up in her “image” that she has to think about smiling or work on smirking, rather than just be who she is.

  • Answer Guru

    You cannot go pass the fact that those dresses fit her body sooo nicely! But it’s something in her face that it’s changed in this pictorial.

  • boogie

    I can’t believe this woman. So pathetic and phony.

  • Somebody

    LOL to #6 Lee…she failed? Not posh? And she has no money?? First…she has millions POUNDS on her owns BEFORE she married David, and while David’s money is of course more than her, her latest personal money/property alone worth over 40 million pounds (of Spice Girls, her solo, designing jeans, perfume etc, etc) out of about 130 pounds of the Beckhams property. So, if David leaves her, she certainly can live. Second..if she is not posh..why do you think the PUBLIC and the MEDIA called her that, in fact, gave her the nickname in the first place? Third..her latest lines of dresses has sold out in just TWO DAYS during/after launching despite you called her as having no class and produced non-class dresses with expensive prices. And you called that as failed? In fact..there are long waiting list for her dresses as we speak!

  • Poshness

    Well said Nicole, I’m a huge fan, she is looks immaculate, and carries herself with such class and panache.

  • the truth

    LOL..some of you truly CANNOT read between lines! She’s saying she cannot smile and all..or practicing her smirk and everything…that is her being sarcastic towards the media and the public who’s bullying her constantly. I guess you guys are just one of those fact, the OBVIOUS ones.And she’s definitely the smarter one, a lot, than all of you coz you all took what is being written and saying LITERALLY without even thinking! And guess what..she’s got the last laugh. Haha.. ;p

  • Ugh!

    Has there EVER been a more pointless/worthless/hollow/empty in body & spirit human to EVER grace this fine earth?

    She epitomizes narcissism to it’s fullest extent~!

    She’s VILE!

  • pippa

    to #13
    its morons like u who make talenless people like her millions.Btw totally agree with lee.If her clothes are so in demand how come they are selling in discount shops. In britian the posh title is gives to people who stick up their nose to everything normal.
    Who makes up a smile, its supposed to be a natural thing.
    FYI she was fading away , until beckham married her, so if that had not happened,she would have become a z lister with hardly anything.


    This woman is so self obsessed, self centred, ugly inside andout. She has been away from her children for over one week, her husband has been away from her children for over one week, does this couple think of nothing but making money??? In this day when thousands are losing their jobs, homes, etc. all she can talk about is herslef. USELESS PIECE OF HORSE DUNG.

  • LuLuatfakenessblog

    That’s so funny that her son calls her Victoria while playing paparazzi.

    People can say what they want, but I think she and David are good parents, very loving.

  • nk

    Know what? This interview makes her more human compared to other celebrities in my eye. The fact that she is being so candid and matter of fact about how she became the limelight by using the pazz. Hey, don’t most celebs whine and cry about it!?!

  • LolaSvelt

    I find it so funny how she always looks stuck up in paparazzi pictures, but when she’s interviewed, she’s completely the opposite. Very down to earth and honest.

  • mimi

    wow…i just got completely bored reading that crap.

  • Mousse

    quote: On her image: “I have started smiling…I’ve mastered this smirk; it’s a smile that isn’t a smile”…

    How many hours did she have to exercise for that. The never smiling lady.
    It’s a good pic, but scary at the same time. And if she plans to keep that “smile” for the coming 10 years, it will become creepy.

  • Sassy

    BORING! Her hair looks terrible, she looks like a little boy. She is pretty and has a good figure but 99% of the shots of her are with a sourpuss look. As if she has anything to be unhappy about. She talks about “selling an image”. Of what and to whom? I ain’t buyin’ it. And OH the horror, “I run around the house in a tracksuit”. Get over yourself. I wouldn’t read that boring article for any reason.

  • reviewer

    Hahahaha! The girl’s a stitch. Runs “four miles a day”, works those high heels to “prove herself” to the “fashion world” all so … she can ACCEPT HERSELF MORE!!!!! There’s a fortune in therapy there for some lucky shrink.

  • kaylee

    Know what? This interview makes her more human compared to other celebrities in my eye. The fact that she is being so candid and matter of fact about how she became the limelight by using the pazz. Hey, don’t most celebs whine and cry about it!?!

    agreed! love her

  • jessica alba’s cleavage

    i love that dress, so cute
    i hate the cover, she looks kinda manish

  • Ann

    omg you guys, you don’t understand her humor. VB is hilarious!! She has a really British sense of humor. If you have seen her in interviews and such you would know!!

  • tumes

    #6 lee, #8 Cecilia and other bullies:
    You are the ones that are pathetic, sick ,deceiving, and fake.

    #25 Sassy, you are the one that need to get over yourself. You LOVE to read about VB, and then criticize her. Your life must be very boring.

  • dianel

    Beautiful photo of Victoria on Harper Bazaar cover

  • Duyen

    i love victoria and her sense of humor!!
    and that cover is amazing

  • Sam

    I would never be able to live the life she lives lol. So i give her kuddos for that i guess. haha


    I love the pics of her that are simple… These are by far some of her best… She really does have a natural beauty that she needs to show off more often. LESS IS MORE.

  • more-than-me

    I love her! I love the picture on the cover…can’t wait to grab a copy…:D


    she looks beautiful
    she’s not boring at all
    she have very intersting life
    i love u more vb


    she looks beautiful

  • …….

    #21: Of course she will NEVER complain about the paps. if not for them she would be yesterday’s news as she ought to be!

    Everything for her “image”- Never mind the “damage” it may be causing to her 3-sons whom she professes to “love” more than life itself- a “GOOD MOTHER” would shield her children from this circus-style existence- but oh no not the beckhams’- they after all have to keep up their “image”.

    I cannot profess in words how much I HATE this woman- selfish, greedy, materialistic, narcissistic, conceited, all about me,me, me, me c***!

  • fuglyfuglyfuglyfugly

    She is disgustingly fugly
    really there are no words to describe her fugness


    RIGHT, ” UGH ” AND ” CATHY ” AND ” REVIEWER “……..LMAO !!!!!….You can go online and find Ms.Posh’s clothes without any problem at all…….Where I work, we also give our snotty and uppity clients the ” POSH ” title…..She is so full of herself, that I’m surprised she does not pop…..
    It amazes me that she thinks her clothing line is ” affordable for everyone “…..EVERYONE ?…..I don’t think so…..In today’s economy, not alot of people can afford those ridiculousy priced clothes….But, she can…..( with a big smile, behind our backs ).

  • Desert

    #16 – I can think of a few actually.

    I think Posh is hilarious. She has the dry, self-deprecating humour that is very typical of the Brits. I don’t think its always easily understood by Americans and a lot of the time, the tones used will be lost in print anyway.

  • ice

    Of course she doesnt complain about the paps. She LIVES for them

  • hannah

    she is funny. dry humour.

  • zoe

    i love reading and watching her interviews. she’s honest and funny. bugs me how she’s always cold in candids but its soemthing i love looking at sometimes. her ‘routine’ made me laugh too.

  • shilar

    LOL at Americans, Im sorry but you kids have no sense of humour, or should I say dont understand humour of those from a country other than America. Seriously, my friend is from the US and doesnt understand sarcasm at all. Victoria really is hilarious and she is joking about the smile/smirk thing……….

  • http://deleted aeon

    Too funny VB now that is an interview. do you hear that X.

  • sophie

    wow, she actually looks prettier when she smiles!