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Katie Holmes: All My Saturdays...

Katie Holmes: All My Saturdays...

A solo Katie Holmes heads off to do another performance of her Broadway play All MY Sons on Saturday afternoon in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress just told T: NYT Style Mag that she wasn’t very comfortable on stage at first: “All My Sons, I’m not going to lie. When we started at the [Gerald] Schoefeld theater, I was very, very nervous. I had a hard time the first week even looking out into the audience just because, well, I just didn’t want everyone to judge. (laughs)”

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katie holmes all my saturdays 02
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Credit: Isabella; Photos: INFDaily
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  • wtf

    She looks so tired

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Indeed she does.


    She uses Tom’s hair palm cream that is why he went without it yesterday.. Is that a Hermes bag she is carrying with her…

  • kit


  • cupcakes

    chic and class…she looks tired and I dont know how she does with this busy schedule of hers. I know I cant do it.

  • yay


  • anonymous

    Digging her outfit! She looks like Jackie O!

  • just wondering….

    BECKY SMITH @ 12/06/2008 at 3:53 pm

    Yes it is a Hermes bag. For some reason on her arm it looks like it was from Wal-Mart.

    ‘Gee my Saturday is complete seeing this vapid fashion challenged woman go off to work.

  • twilight

    I miss Tom but always good to see
    pretty Katie

  • :]

    lol trolls….jealous much?

  • t

    Natural beauty,great actress,great mom and wife
    and most of all so beautiful on the inside

  • katy

    she is so sweet. love her

  • irene

    awwww she looks tired but still lovely

  • fifi

    “All My Boring Outfits”

  • So What!

    She works less than 40/week and has ENDLESS help!

    She shouldn’t be that tired.

  • Jacky O

    I would never wear that. Stop saying she looks like me!

  • dia from mirza

    Yes she looks very tired !!! She s so busy !! “Please Jared , don’t forget me ! More news from Aishwarya Rai!!

  • LolaSvelt

    Seriously, how does the paparazzi not get bored of her? She always looks the same, walks in the same, goes to same place…the more pictures they take of her, the less interest people will have in her (which has happened a lot).

  • Mousse

    Sorry but this lady is much too thin to be healthy and her body language never tells good things. For her being an actress, you have to wonder what she wants to tell the public with it, she almost never looked healthy anymore the past year.

  • Hahahaha

    :] @ 12/06/2008 at 3:57 pm

    You are kidding aren’t you? Jealous of her? What for? The only thing she has that I would like is a bit more $$$$ to do more traveling. I wouldn’t want Tom Cruise for all the money in the world. I wouldn’t support that cult scientology for all the money in the world. I have no desire to be an actress and I dress much much better than she does on far less money. My kids are much better mannered than Suri. I have a great home, etc. Not to mention a great job! So why would I be jealous of this amazingly idiotic woman. A woman who married money and power which in turn got her a role on Broadway. Which in turn got her fashion gigs. Which in turn allows her to design her own clothes that shouldn’t be seen out in public. Sorry, it would have been a far better success story if she had gotten everything on talent and skill rather than because she is married to Tommy.

  • abby

    Katie is looking more and more old looking to only be in her twenties

  • xoxoxoxo

    I am sooooo jealous that she sold her soul to Scientology!!!!

    Who wouldn’t want to live in a freak cult? I don’t know a single person that wouldn’t trade their integrity for such a life.

  • Janie

    Will you people just leave this girl alone? Why do you spend so much time cutting her down? I love Katie! She’s a very happy person. She is comfortable with who she is unlike all these other people in Hollywood. You say she’s miserable? Why don’t you try listening to her rather than what the press says about her. She comes off great to me! I saw her play and she was just incredible! The play is great, and she did a wonderful job! :)

  • pity

    xoxoxxoxo your hate only sold your soul to SATAN

  • usana



  • gina

    The real fashion icon and her outfits brings hot sales
    to various designers and trends.

  • Jen1

    She’s so cool. I love, love her style. Go Katie!

  • spelling and grammar

    Preach it Janie!

    And no.16 who is Jacky O????????????


  • surfer

    Go TomKat! Thanks Jared *_*

  • weddings

    I love Katie,Suri,Tom and the entire family. She looks chic,classy,simple and absolutely natural, soooo sweet looking.
    I like her warmth and how down to earth she is.

  • iron chef

    The family that plays together stays together. KH is the real deal.

    Go away haters and find some solace and happiness because your
    misery and envy shows.

  • smoking is bad

    she looks tired as usual
    her outfit is ok, not as bad as most times

  • Big Mama

    Jeez, what’s next … Katie eats! Katie sleeps! Katie goes to the bathroom!

  • Jill

    I’m expecting every day to find Jared posting a thread about Katie taking a dump.

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    “I have no desire to be an actress and I dress much much better than she does on far less money. My kids are much better mannered than Suri. I have a great home, etc. Not to mention a great job! So why would I be jealous of this amazingly idiotic woman”.

    (Hahahaha @ 12/06/2008 at 4:44 pm)

    Ouch, Hahahaha! It must hurt, musn’t it?

    As you are a nobody, we have nothing but your word to believe that much is true. Unlike Holmes, you are not in the public eye. Unfair, don’t you think? But one thing is sure: despite your great job, your spetacularly well mannered children, your elegance and wonderful sense of style, YOU IN FACT are spending your Saturday here, posting your rantings and attacking a woman who doesn’t even know you exist. Pathetic doesn’t even start to describe it.

    Good nickname, yours. You’re a joke.

  • swing

    It will be cool if she wins the Tonys because Broadway is really among her big dreams as a little girl. Marrying Tom also fulfilled her other dream.

  • tom for President

    hello Jackie Kennedy

  • !!!

    Tom is so showered with blessings with his family and now add Katie,Suri,Bella and Connor. JJ thanks for all this.

  • baby

    Happy Anniversary TomKat (kinda late)
    I know Katie is turning 30 around the corner.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Whoa re you to tell her how tired she should be, #15?

    She’s not whining about how stressful her life is to the public so you have no right ti judge her on anything.

    You have to trying to read her body language and she seem pretty healthy to me, #19. Worry about yourself.

    Who are you to say how mannered Suri Cruise is, #20? She got that role fair and square and if she didn’t, you wouldn’t ever know for sure.

    She seems to have a pretty happy and fulfilling life, #22.

    Great post, #35.

  • dianel

    Busy busy Katie slow down just a bit

  • couldn’t agree nore

    LolaSvelt @ 12/06/2008 at 4:38 pm Seriously, how does the paparazzi not get bored of her? She always looks the same, walks in the same, goes to same placeā€¦the more pictures they take of her, the less interest people will have in her (which has happened a lot).

    i was about to say the same thing. the more they ()celebrity blog) post about this boring actress with her boring routine makes her even more uninteresting.

  • coolie

    Seriously, is it a death match Katie and Posh to see who gets the most pictures of them walking posted on here each day?


    The reason she looks tired is because she is not wearing any make up..Why doesn’t Katie and Tom and their own website
    it would be fun TomKat Inc.. website.. and every day they can
    put new pix of themselves up..

    And talk about their next projects… Like Tom’s next movie who
    happens to come out the same day and Brad and Jen’s movies.!!

  • Cate

    Nice boots. Aside from that, she looks terrible.


    The only competition between Katie and Posh is that Posh has to walk 2 feet behind Katie Tom and Suri…After seeing the Thankgiving photos
    they can not be photographed with the Beckhams.. And it is sad…

    Life is seeing Katie walking to her car or walking up a sidewalk…!!

    She married Tommy because she knew that she wouldn’t have to work any more.. and even though she said she had a crush on him
    as a teenager..Now we see the same thing that Jennifer Garner did
    Doing a play in New York at Christmas time..And handling a child too.
    Thanks Just Jared for the photos.

  • katie holmes=loser

    Katie is almost 30 and Britney is 27.

    Katie looks like she could be Britney’s mother. Almost 3 years difference between the two yet Katie could pass for 50 years old instead of 30.

    Tom needs to find her a plastic surgeon before she ends up looking like his mother. (She’s got bad genes- Her mom is only early 60s but she looks about 80).


    Try walking up a sidewalk… or getting into a car for Posh and Katie

  • jasmine

    I love JJ. Oh, man I cant wait for the nwo when the celebs will finally split into the superelites and the nobodies like the posters here. All people who arent celebs are nobodies @35. At least in the real world. Real celebs arent even just rich powerful or famous. They are all of the above and more. Hell in the new world they will be also brilliant scientists. I hope more people join scientology before 2013 hits!

  • aiden

    I’d look tired too if I lived a sham life…overseeing and raising a spoiled brat, practicing scientology when your parents are strict Catholics, trying to be a successful actress when people find you in fact mediocre, living a lie with a man that wants to show the world he has a perfect life, is a perfect husband, including having a perfect family, when in fact he spends all his time with Anne Archer’s son. But, I guess for the money, and what it buys, she will look tired all her life…..sick and tired.