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Suri Cruise: Rockefeller Center Sweetness!

Suri Cruise: Rockefeller Center Sweetness!

Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri, 2, to visit the giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City on Friday night. Afterward, the mother-daughter duo grabbed a few sweet treats — including some cookies! — from the nearby Dean & Deluca.

Katie recently told T: NYT Style Mag, “I did grow up quite a bit in the public eye because I started at 17. The level of attention has definitely increased in the last couple of years. So early on, my attention wasn’t really on that. Movies were such a highlight in Ohio. There’s not a great deal to do and sports is pretty much what you do there.”

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise‘s Rockefeller Center Sweetness…

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suri cruise rockefeller center 01
suri cruise rockefeller center 02
suri cruise rockefeller center 03
suri cruise rockefeller center 04
suri cruise rockefeller center 05
suri cruise rockefeller center 06
suri cruise rockefeller center 07
suri cruise rockefeller center 08
suri cruise rockefeller center 09
suri cruise rockefeller center 10

Credit: Ahmad Elatab/SaleemElatab, Mario Magnani; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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    i love suri cruise! she is too adorable!!!!!

  • Haha

    Well, golly, both of them look really thrilled to be there. Their expressions are so amazing, magical, and wondrous.

  • mimi

    I think it’s great that Katie is always out and about doing fun things with her daughter. They make such a cute pair. Too bad the paps have to hound them so much, but I hope they had a good time.

  • Rattlesnake

    Jared should rename this site …… it gets boring , don’t other celebs have children ?


    if u don’t like it, don’t comment. how hard? it’s not ur blog anyway.

  • Haha

    JUST JARED @ 12/06/2008 at 2:26 am

    somehow fake Just Jared, I don’t think it is your blog either. Most of us wouldn’t bother to comment day in and day out–but JJ keeps shoving this vapid woman and her child (and sometimes Tommy girl) down our throats day in and day out and day in and day out. I think most of us post because “it is there.” It is like Lainy always harping on Granny Freeze or Taupe. Or Perez on his hate of the day. Or Ted Casablanca on Kidman and Jolie. Or those sites that constantly feature Spears or Aniston. It gets tiring. JJ is the best entertainment site around so forgive those of us who read him addictively and are really tired of these fame idiots.

  • claire

    gag….barf….quit it on this couple. SICK of them all!

  • mimi

    Well, I like the Cruises but I have to agree that the posts are excessive I mean Jared just posted photos of katie and Suri leaving their apartment. Is it really necessary to post another set of pics of them just strolling around on the same night?
    Well, I guess Jared knows that any Suri post will get tons of hits no matter how ‘boring’ it is.

  • zoe

    suri is so adorable. love all her expressions. sad tht they do get hounded by paps…but i have to admit i like browsing photos of them. katie’s hat is ugly.

  • Jamie

    Hate this woman.

    The child is always miserable ans lives in a constant glare of flashbulbs,

    It wouldn’t be hard to take a car around town, lose the paps, and THEN take the child to see a tree or Santa with privacy…..but nooooooooooooooooooo…….

    Also, WHO brings 3 huge toys out for a stroll?

    Katie is a freak.

  • Spicylily THAILAND

    What the …………………!

    Dear Jared ……………………………..
    Do u gonna keep posting Katie and Suri ‘s outing every single day
    or every hour ?

    Suri is cute then what ?????????????????????????????????

    What does they do to get such attention ?
    Ok. Tom’s movie is coming out soon but he couldn’t get
    enough promotion or something.

  • beta

    love both of them

  • hilarious

    morons if you hate them dont read,post or even look at them
    your whining makes you all like idiots

  • luv tomkat


  • yoyo

    Thanks JJ…..they’re my favorite mom baby duo.
    Hope to see Tom very soon.

  • 90210


  • observer

    I adore this family. Truly beautiful and a family with substance and
    old school values.

  • iconic

    Good for Katie she’s a busy actress wowing people every night at Broadway but on her free time its all about her family.

    I do wish her the best and hopefully she receives the tony award.

  • movies


  • bet

    Team Cruise all the way <3

  • just lurking

    So freakin precious making me do the happy dance.

  • box office

    Im not box office mojo and as much as I like Cruise his movie along with Pitt and other quality films even Oscar contenders will not take the B.O. trophy. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s movies will be on top. It will be interesting to see who wins either Will Smith vs Jim Carrey’s comedy. Family movies rule but many Americans also like garbage. Proof of that Hugh Jackman and Kidman losing badly to the comedy of Vince Vaughn.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    This is suri’s scientology haircut, folks?

  • ddlebg27

    is Suri wearing jeans, or am i seeing things?

  • To gerald Vandenberg #23

    No. It’s called ‘the chanel’ in honour of Coco Chanel, who wore it constantly. Actually, Anna Wintour, the all powerful editor in chief of the US Vogue magazine, is a fiercely loyal Chanel adept. Maybe you would like to address your question to her. More than a little two year old girl, Wintour may be able to enlighten you about the chanel, and tell you whether it is a Scientology do or not.

    If Scientology is a bad thing – which I’m not sure about, but could be (and then it’s a serious issue) -, this kind of stupid, pointless remark doesn’t help. It says nothing and makes its critics look like a bunch of idiotic people.

    Leave the kid alone.

  • regina

    Why can´t this girl WALK??
    ALL humans do…..

  • Jenn Close

    I love Suri she is so cute.. .. :)

  • http://carrot carrot

    can we have 29 more katie suri threads? about katie taking a crap maybe or suri walking somewhere? it is so interesting!

  • dido

    ı love cruises, perfect family, all cutie pies and ı miss tom too

  • ljh

    I have to agree that I am tired of seeing Katie and Suri every single day, in the same pictures.
    Where are Zac & Vanessa???

  • OctoBer sky

    JJ – your daily – hourly pictures of this beautiful child is bordering on a sick obsession – stop now or is it already beyond your control. Seek help.

  • HUGhes

    Hate this fug media whoress

  • just wondering….

    observer @ 12/06/2008 at 3:33 am

    Traditional family values?

    You mean when Tom came home and told Nicole he wanted a divorce and then shacked up with co-star Penelope Cruz?

    You mean when Tom and Katie moved in together right after meeting one another?

    You mean when Tom and Katie had a baby before they got married?

    You mean when Tom and Katie waited until above baby was several months old to get married with Katie in a traditional wedding gown.

    That must be it. She got married in a traditional wedding gown which must equal traditional family values.

  • rosebud

    Why are there so many pics of just the two of them??? Doesn’t this little girls father ever take her anywhere??? Does he even live with them?? Can Suri walk? If I were Katie I would be getting it on with the bodyguard, she sees more of him than her so called husband. These pics of the mom and daughter thing are really getting old—same ol same ol.

  • Lisa

    poor celeb kids have photogs in their faces 24/7 i mean look at her face as the flashing lights blind her?? I think their should be some sort of law set in place to protect the children, they should not be allowed to follow these kids. I know its the parents fame, but come on, you know the pops are calling out little suri’s name as the mom and daughter pair walk by. That goes for all celeb kids…

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared, keep suri coming. not because i like to see her… but because i love to see these trolly-loons go crazy! hahahaha

  • Freya

    Jeans! Little Suri has a coat and jeans on! It’s a happy day!

  • nathalie

    Here is that fugly child again! Yawn! She is grimacing, obviously miserable.

  • jen

    W A R N I N G : New Yorkers should stay away from Dean & Deluca! Serious shoppers may be suddenly interrupted when the store is taken over by Kate the Media Whore if she wants to buy a cupcake or cookies.

  • doc

    more dragging of suri’s toys on the ground. nothing like ny germs. at least she didn’t have suri stand on the food counter like tom does. nasty family.

  • addy

    Are there bodyguards or scientology guards when Katie and Suri go out especially at night? Are they kind of in the background? I would think Tom would want them protected. Like one day when Isabella and Connor were out walking-do they have bodyguards following them? I do think Suri is cute. Katie and Suri are cute.

  • addy

    I clicked on one picture and see a guy in a tie holding one of Suri’s toys. Must be the bodyguard.

  • Sassy

    Katie looks exhausted. She has dark circles under her eyes. Suri is a little too young for any real memories of Holiday trips like this—why not stay home and make cookies? We don’t see much of Katie’s family either, her Mom & Dad and her siblings. Also what happened to the Scientologist who was “assigned” to Katie when she & Tom first met, the dark-haired girl who was always right at Katie’s side?

  • looneykat

    Katie has a slight smug look on her face. These paps following her obviously make her think she is a big deal and she enjoys it more than she lets on. She should stop feeding Suri so much sugar. Cupcakes, ice cream, M&M Store etc., etc. That’s why Tom got so fat. Suri will get fat and develope bad skin if Katie doesn’t watch it.

  • Imaginaque

    Suri is wearing jeans – no wonder she looks so happy.

    BTW, #33: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, you got it right!

  • Shawna

    Katie looks SOOOO sad….poor “stepford” Katie!

  • hmm?

    why is katie ALWAYS chomping on gum? ske looks like a slob.

  • miss ohio

    is it me or at some point doesn’t so much sugar become a drug?

  • dia from mirza

    SURI SURI !!! THANKS A LOT JUST JARED !!! What a beautiful child!! But please , give me some news on AISHWARYA RAI !! Is there any news about the new PINK PANTHER 2 ? A new trailer ? Or a new Poster !! THANKS YOU VERY MUCH !!! KEEPS GOING !!! PLEASE ANSWER ME !!!

  • tom

    So she has bodyguards plus NYC officers with her. Do they pay NYC for all their services????? And how ridiculous it looks to have her bodyguards carry Suri’s stuffed animals. If you can’t carry it for Suri, don’t bring them along, Katie.