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Katie Holmes: I Loved Notre Dame Academy!

Katie Holmes: I Loved Notre Dame Academy!

Katie Holmes heads to the Gerald Schoenfeld theater in New York City to perform in the Broadway play All My Sons. (Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly watched that performance. The night before, Katie wore a fun pair of lined stockings!)

The 29-year-old actress reminiscenced to NYT about attending Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio. She shared, “I went to an all girls academy, which I loved because we wore uniforms and really supported each other. We had a lunch table that was meant for six girls and we stuffed about 25 around the table. We all helped each other learn physics and calculus and all those subjects that frankly we didn’t think was necessary at the time. But we got each other through it while looking at YM magazine and Seventeen and making sure our priorities were in order.”

15+ pictures inside of Notre Dame Academy lover Katie Holmes

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Credit: Dario Alequin; Photos: INFdaily, Patricia Schlein/WENN
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  • the Bible says

    Dont ever judge others but fear God because his glory and own judgment will come. -Revelation 4:6-7

    God bless the Cruises….

  • FAN OF justjared

    plz stop showin katie homes and tom cruise
    And ther kid isnt that cute ok!!! alright thanks jared u rule!

  • FAN OF justjared

    im sorry i didnt mean that!! im sorryyyy

  • jacob

    love her long sexy legs

  • beltway

    True she looks like Jackie Kennedy and Katie is naturally pretty. I think she and Tom are great together.

  • Mr. Blonde

    All of you people are in serious need of a hug-and a life; we can’t forget that.

    She doesn’t even sing in the play, #38.

    She couldn’t help who she feel in love with and vice versa. The repercussions of that are not her fault.

  • jordan

    um, why is she trying to look like V Beckham? She’s too young for that look, it doesn’t suit her. Where’s Katie? I’m all for growing up, but that look’s a bit much.

  • :))))))))))))))

    Thanks Jared

  • twilight

    I know Katie before confessed she was major crushing on Tom,Clooney,Brad Pitt,Leonardo and the actor from karate kid. I forgot his name and now Leo watches her play. Awwww.
    Tobey Maguire introduced them together before.

  • meatloaf

    I soooo loooove Katie’s jacket!

  • terri

    Why the posts on Chris Klein and Ginnifer Goodwin?
    I like Katie’s black/grey outfit. Not so much the coat and jeans.

  • tom

    #61 wrote: “Why the posts on Chris Klein and Ginnifer Goodwin?”

    Because Katie used to date Chris. And he and Ginnifer just broke off – and some are saying Katie is the reason.

  • zoe

    i think the evening outfit is fine. those leggings are not flattering though. she doesnt have the nicest pair of legs….dark black wouldve been fine.

    the other outfit is not so fine. the jacket and hat actually goes together cutely. but jeans definitely ruin it. shouldve just kept it and wore heels. in general, this look obviously ages her but im kind of use to tht look. katie is old.

  • blues

    Cute in a classy way!

  • bass


  • Mousse

    oh my oh my..
    Mr Blonde aka Mr Orange is still very busy daily defending Katie or Tom or Suri.
    You must have a full time job with it Mr Blonde. Not accepting one opinion that dares to express A DIFFERENT opinion to adoring Katie and company.
    The weirdos family Cruise-Holmes needs so much attention that you can hardly talk of normal behaviour (we all have eyes and it is not so difficult to compare to how LESS other celebs are in the news). And Katie being a strong personality..?? Tel me another joke.
    Someone with anorexia who copies another celeb (Posh. uh where did I get that idea from?) and needs to USE her baby child to stay in the spotlights is not 100% healthy in her head and emotions. You do not have to be a schrink to notice such a things.

  • regina

    She thinks she is Victoria Beckham…poor thing….

  • aiden

    Very well put #34. Who knows if the real father knows? KH is such a liar that he may not know. If he finds out what is he to do Tom cruise will do amything from anyone taking a cash cow and PR child who rakes in the publicity. Suri is not his child TC should admit it but he won’t because then he will lose conrol/


    So this is the most interesting Katie gets in an interview?
    Talk about scratching the bottom of the barrel.
    Just more vacuous, boring self indulgent garbage

    And btw she omitted the ‘catholic’ element of her education because she is now a member of the cult of $cientology.
    And she wouldn’t want to give the catholics any free pr now would she!



    those black and white photos of katie are ugly

  • bejeebus

    hmmm….looks like someone finally ponied up for a stylist…..and she thought she could be a fashion designer?????? biatch can’t even dress her d@mn self!

  • dancer

    bejeebus @ 12/08/2008 at 10:03 am

    Well, I think the stylist needs to be fired. This look just doesn’t work for her. The coat is too high waisted on her body. She isn’t pulling the look off at all. The hat looks ridiculous on her. Part of the problem appears to be she doesn’t know what looks good on her and by experimenting and trying to be a fashion leader, she is failing miserably.
    Katie should look at the pictures JJ posted of Gisele Bundchen. Gisele, pulls this look off (although I think the bag is too small for the look) with style, grace, and presence. Gisele wears the clothes. The clothes wear Katie.
    I think Katie has the potential to have a dynamite look if she could just find her way in the world of fashion.
    However, she should leave designing to the professionals. Everything she has designed that we’ve seen: the blue dress, the white ugly jump suit, the orange monstrosities for her and Suri for Halloween, Tom’s shirt etc. have been truly awful.


    AGREE ” DANCER “….I have NEVER understood those ugly, horrific looking man-hat’s…………They do NOT look good on anyone….She must have raided Samantha Ronson’s closet…..The silly hat’s just sit there and do not even fit right…..
    Katie dressed well when she lived in L.A.,,,,,,BUT, somehow New York has done something to her fashion sense…….Last year when Katie was talking about her ” school days “, a former classmate wrote in on, and said that Katie was a ” straight A “, student, and voted ” most likely to succeed ” in her Senior year there….
    Whether or not this is true, I don’t know……Anyone could probably check through an old yearbook at a library in her hometown……..She also said, that Katie had a 4 year ” ride “, to college….Maybe someone else from her class will read this and write in to verify this information…

  • bejeebus

    dancer…she does look well dressed….for HER. she is just an awkward looking woman with horrible physical proportions. nothing would look truly “great” on her. the clothes themselves are very nice…she just doesn’t have what it takes to pull them off successfully. she doesn’t usually get even the clothes right…so this IS an improvement. that stylist did the best he/she could with what they had to work with!

  • lena


  • dancer

    bejeebus @ 12/08/2008 at 12:40 pm

    No, you are right – for her she does look well dressed, but is always awkward or something. However, I think Nicole Kidman looks kind of awkward also, but she always seems to pull off her looks. Can’t quite figure out why Katie looks so bad most of the time. I think it is the pieces she chooses and how she puts them together. They don’t gel. That coat is not good with jeans and it doesn’t look good on her. Guess I don’t understand why when she stands in front of a mirror she doesn’t see that she looks not put together. There have been a few outfits that I thought she was stunning in–that long orange dress she wore with the royal blue shoes for some premiere. Although I think the shoes could have looked better with a different style and color. The dress itself was great for her coloring and the style matched her body proportions. But those successes are few and far inbetween the mediocre.

  • oh hell no

    Katie = Homely, deliousional wanna be talent and fashion icon.

    Homely fans = brainless morons with horrid taste

  • http://google toni

    I love that winter coat.

  • tom who?

    Suri “Money Maker” Cruise!!!

    Fake-Daddy Tom has found a way to save his stash of planes and his new mansion.

    Since “Daddy” ain’t got no career anymore, little Suri is shaking her money-making finger right up her nose and making Daddy Tom and Ho Katie the money they need to shop on.

    Poor little money maker…she turns 3 years old and she’s already working the streets of New York City.

  • to #62

    tom @ 12/08/2008 at 1:41 am

    #61 wrote: “Why the posts on Chris Klein and Ginnifer Goodwin?”

    Because Katie used to date Chris. And he and Ginnifer just broke off – and some are saying Katie is the reason.

    I can assure you that they did not break up over Katie. He dumped her, why would he want her back? Believe me, Chris Klein is thankful that he did not marry Katie Holmes because he sees that she is basically a ho and cares only about PR and $$$. Chris probably kisses the floor each night before he goes to bed thanking Tom for taking her. She probably gave Chris herpes though cause she’s got mouth herpes. Disgusting. You know where it comes from??? Ick!

  • Mr. Blonde

    How could Holmes possible be the reason, #62?

    I don’t care if people dislike TomKat, #66.

    What are they doing that’s abnormal and attention seeking here or anywhere? They’re just living their lives.

    Holmes isn’t anorexic and she doesn’t need to use or even can’t use her kid for publicity. She’s famous enough.

    Or maybe there’s nothing to admit to and Cruise really is the father, #68.

    They’re just clothes, #72. Chill out,

    It’s long since been verified, #73. That college was Columbia by the way.

  • aiden

    How is Suri a money maker? I thought the pics they took of her were public pics that the Cruises’ do not sell public pics of Suri. I guess Tom Cruise will have to patent her before Joshua Jackson declares himself the father, if he ever does.

  • taylor

    Either there’s something really interesting on the concrete, or she’s being coached by Vicky B.

  • taylor

    On how to present to the paps

  • pjs

    Not only she dresses so well but she’s a role model to many girls and women.

  • Tomledo

    Katie did not have to spread her legs to get ahead, she was a great student at NDA. Maybe some of the other girls there had to, knowing who went there I wouldn’t be surprised. But as for Katie, she knows her stuff! If she did do those kinds of things the entire glass city would know about it.

  • Browniebites

    I knew her in the past and most of you are completely wrong about her. It amazes me how quickly you people believe what you read in the tabloids. I thought you were smarter?

    Katie is smart, funny, and a very kind and polite person. She came from a respectful family. She never needs makeup to look good. In person she looks very graceful and modelesque. She’s very considerate, and is married to a very famous man. You people are so critical because you’re bored and jealous. :) My two cents. For those of you who insult her clothes/outfits, I’d like to see your pictures? I can already guess you will have no room to talk.

  • twlightzone

    browniebites- lol

    don’t believe a word you said about knowing her. ugh!

    Katie is DUMB to have married Tom and for all the wrong reasons and now she is “paying for it”.

    Nope….no boredom or jealously here. If you think there are no problems with her fashion sense……ummmmm….can’t imagine what YOUR fashion sense is! yuck!

    Go back and study some more. LOL

  • marissa

    we all love you back here in Toledo!
    I go to Notre Dame Academy! Mrs. Souliere showed us one of your pieces of artwork you did in pottery in Art I. I hope you come to visit one day!!
    OMG and its so true about stuffing 25 girls around the table, we still do that til this day in alumnae hall and the dining hall.
    Congrats on all your success Katie!! Hope to see you in the halls of NDA visiting someday :)

    Love ya!!!

  • Jenna

    Actually, I am a sophomore at Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio. Which is the school Katie attended and NDA teaches us to be independent women. Being inferior to a man is the exact opposite of what we are taught.

  • Jenna

    I am a sophomore at Notre Dame Academy, the exact school Katie attended, and we are actually an academy as well as an All girls catholic school. But we are a college preporatory Academy.

  • Jenna

    For everyone who is bashing Notre Dame Academy. I want you to know that Notre Dame is an All girls catholic school as well as a college preporatory ACADEMY. And at NDA we are taught that no one is superior to anyone else. The thought of women being inferior to men is the complete opposite of what NDA teaches us. I am a sophomore at Notre Dame Academy, the same school Katie went to in Toledo Ohio and I am proud to call myself an Eagle! Know your facts before you accuse us of being inferior to men, thanks.

  • Alexandra


    I totally agree with you! I hope we will be able to see her at our school one day!! Anyways, I don’t follow any of this gossip news very much or any of the facts of these people, but I will say that NDA is a great school and its not the school that turns out the students but it is the students who take what they want from the school and then change any of thier opinions or values. Our school teaches a lot of great things and I will only say great things about NDA because it’s such a great school!!


    @nysro: Definitely not true! I go to that school and they teach us to be independent… the very opposite of what you claim!

  • Jim

    @savannah: The official name of the school is: “Notre Dame Academy”. Yes indeed an all girls private CATHOLIC school. One of the best around.