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Catherine Hardwicke Fired!!!

Catherine Hardwicke Fired!!!

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has been fired and won’t be returning to helm the sequel, reports Deadline Hollywood.

Sources reveal the acclaimed Thirteen director, “was difficult and irrational during the making of Twilight.” The franchise, which has already accrued $160+ million, headlined Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

The film studio, Summit Entertainment, has started preparing the sequel New Moon and to contain costs, they are considering making third book Eclipse back to back.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the firing of Hardwicke? Will you still see New Moon?

UPDATE: The movie studio has released the following statement: “Summit Entertainment and director Catherine Hardwicke jointly announced today that the filmmaker will not be directing the next installment in the newly minted Twilight film franchise. Summit’s targeted end of 2009 or early 2010 release of the film, NEW MOON, does not work with Ms. Hardwicke‘s required prep time to bring her vision of the film to the big screen. Thus as has been done before with many successful film franchises, the studio will employ a new director for New Moon.

“I am sorry that due to timing I will not have the opportunity to direct New Moon,” said Hardwicke. “Directing Twilight has been one of the great experiences of my life, and I am grateful to the fans for their passionate support of the film. I wish everyone at Summit the best with the sequel– it is a great story.”

Catherine did an incredible job in helping us to launch the Twilight franchise and we thank her for all of her efforts and we very much hope to work with her on future Summit projects,” said Erik Feig, Summit’s President of Production. “We as a studio have a mandate to bring the next installment in the franchise to the big screen in a timely fashion so that fans can get more of Edward, Bella and all of the characters that Stephenie Meyer has created. We are able to pursue an aggressive time frame as we have the luxury of only adapting the novels into screenplays as opposed to having to create a storyline from scratch.”

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  • mary


  • Soo

    Who cares?

  • Gi

    She did a bad job in Twilight!
    I hope they get a better director now!

  • kelsey


    shoot thats not good.
    I mean she didnt seem like a good director for twilight anyways but how are they going to film new moon in march with no director………


  • Desiree

    I blame the directing on the first one which was why the first one sucked

  • Desiree

    I blame the directing on the first one which was why the first one sucked so I am very glad she was fired

  • KNW

    i loved twilight, but i guess that the director wasn’t that great of a director… :\
    oh well

  • V

    twilight was pretty good, but why does it matter??
    ~V from

  • natalie


    well nikki reed and kristen stewart will be pissed lol

    and hells no to making new moon and eclipse back to back

    i’m worried..

  • fan

    The only reason Twilight did well was because of the appeal of Rob pattinson. Summit owe him big time

  • Afua

    I mean… why???
    I’ll see the movie but it wont be the same, and Cath is a great director…

  • ruth

    I hope this news is true because Hardwicke was appalling. If it hadnt been for Rob Pattinson I’d never have seen this film.

  • Snow White

    Honestly, Twilight the movie sucked big time. But I dont think its all her fault, the story was pretty lame too…I havent read the book, so I dont know if its because the adaptation was badly made or because the story itself sucks, but if they want to make a sequel they better make one that everyone can enjoy, even people who haven’t read the books.
    That being said, Pattinson is probably the only thing worth watching the movie for.

  • emily

    Please be right about this. Hardwicke was dire. I adore Pattinson and he deserves better than Hardwicke. He’s awesome as Dali in Little Ashes where he has a good script and brilliant director. Hopefully he’ll have at least a decent director and script for New Moon. I’d ditch Rosenberg the script writer as well. I really hope they just use the bookas an aide memoire and build up Pattinson’s role in New Moon. 2 hours of Stewart’s emotionless face is too much for me.

  • chris

    i’m glad she got fired, i don’t think she captured the true essence of twilight. it was cheesy and badly directed. hopefully they will find a person who can balance sci-fi and romance really well, cuz the first movie definitely left alot to be desired.

  • Shred

    Thrilled to bits. Now they can give Pattinson some good scenes. New Moon is a poor book and the mid section is so boring and repeititve. Lets see Edward and the Cullens time away from Bella and Edward’s time in Italy. Summit are to reverential to Meyer.

  • Fay

    If that’s true, I don’t really think Kristen will be very happy…
    Catherine is so enthusiastic about it though, she’s a great director too.

  • ali

    YAY she’s awful. Rob Pattinson deserves a better director than her. Get the director of Little Ashes on board. He’s awesome.

  • Betsy

    Ditch Kristen Stewart at the same time. Terrible actress and bad role model. Get Emily Browning alongside Pattinson.

  • Fay

    Also, they should fire the screenwriter as well, then, because she is the one that really ruined the movie.
    with lines like ‘hold on, spider monkey’, how can you take it seriously?
    you can’t blame it all on catherine.

  • heymary

    thank goodness! i put the blame for the movie sucking hardcore on the casting director,director and screenplay writer and kristen stewart (did anyone actually watch her? not just r.patz?she was pretty terrible. she over acted and made bella into someone else.) hopefully they can bring someone much better in. to me it seemed like several different people were directing the film. there was no flow. there was a lot of contrast between each scene.

  • destiny

    good call! too many tight shots, talking heads (i know a lot of people enjoys looking at robert, kristen, etc) but come on, it was so redundant, i didn’t enjoy watching it.. it was boring

  • Jane

    Hopefully this means Summit will kick Meyer into touch and tear that book to shreds, More Cullens please. I want to see Edward with his family. Particularly Rob Pattinson and Peter F working together. If Pattinson wasnt such a gorgeous and charismatic actor this franchise woud be dead.

  • hahahagirl115

    she made twilight what is is now
    n yeah she was hard n stuff while filmin but is was worth it

    new moon is not goin 2 b the same without the magic of cath :(

  • Mared

    i’m glad. the movie sucked! the book was so much better and she could have done a better job.

  • Rachael

    as long as it doesn’t effect that the next movies turn out great
    cause this one was good
    i wonder who the new director will be…

  • destiny

    the movie did well on the box office because the book already had a lot of addicted readers who couldn’t afford to miss the movie version… only to be disappointed

  • Babs

    Pattinson is the one reason to see this franchise. I hope Summit realise that

  • whatever

    The books are pieces of trash unfit to even be considered literature, 95% of the actors in this movie are not capable of acting. Her directing probably did suck for this since her style is completely different than this movie would call for but she is hardly the main reason for this ridiculous garbage of a movie.

    Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed will be severely pissed as the director was the only reason they did this movie. They’ll probably have something to say about it.

    It doesn’t matter though no matter how dreadful it is, the the mindless masses who are disgraces to the female gender will continue to go see this franchise regardless for Pattinson.

  • judith

    Pattinson saved Summit’s bacon. He sold this film and he alone.

    Now Summit need to build in sme good scenes for him in New Moon. The middle part of that book is sleep inducing.

  • Lorna

    Thrilled by the news. Hardwicke was a terrible director. Maybe now Pattinson wont have to argue with the director. He must have known how bad she was after working with such good ones like Mike Newell and Paul Morrison.

  • nina

    Maybe now New Moon will be better, and not so suckish like Twilight.

  • d

    I think they (the film company) are probably spreading rumours. Hardwicke probably wanted more money to direct the second and third pics, and when she and the movie execs couldn’t come to an agreement, they fired her and started saying shit to discredit her.

  • Maria


    This kind of came out of nowhere! I mean,just this past week she was talking to MTV about everyone getting ready to start up work on the script and such so by March they could be filming again.

    Don’t know what to make of the news, I just hope that the new director is as close to the books as Catherine did.

    God,I would pay money to see Kristen and Nikki’s reaction to this news.I wonder if any of the girls would decide NOT to come back to their characters after this.Well I’m sure Kristen can’t because if Rob right off the bat signed for 3 movies I’m sure Kristen had to do the same.

  • Wendy

    Pattinson is the only reason this franchise is alive. Summit should be kissing his feet

  • StampingMOm

    Yes!! The direction was *the* worst thing about Twilight. I’m extremely happy to hear there will be a new director!!

  • shel

    Totally agree Summit owe Pattinson a lot. He worked tirelessly promoting this film. They had better beef up his role or I wont be watching.

  • Tia

    So pleased for Rob. I think he found Hardwicke frustrating. YAY get him a good british director.

  • Amanda arsenault

    it sucks… but, yes of course I will still see all the other movies<3 i love the books, and just as long as the movies are good and they reflect the amazing quality of the books.. im fine with that<3 and as long as Rob is gracing us with his presence.. hahaha ill definitely be there!!!<3

  • ruthie

    Such good news. Now give Rob Pattinson the quality director he deserves. To go from the wonderful Little ashes to the badly helmed Twilight must have been a nightmare.

  • alli

    Thirteen= incredible acting. twilight you couldn’t pay me to see, but from what ive heard and seen in the trailer, the acting sucks. That director can clearly do better than twilight. they were probably annoying her with their crap acting which is why she was “irrational”

  • Jessica

    i really hope this was right because i did not like her directing at all!

  • Di

    Paul Morrison would be a wonderful director for this film. he made Rob Pattinson’s Little Ashes film and was awesome. For £1.4 million he created a masterpeice. Summit need that level of imagination. He got a tremendous award winning performance from Rob Pattinson.

  • Maria


    By saying that they are thinking about filming New Moon and Eclipse back to back do they mean they’re going to be filming the two movies at the same time (like they did with Lord of the Rings), or do they mean they’re going to be mixing both books into ONE movie?

  • k.

    Woah Really?
    Oh well… There still better be a New Moon though! :)

  • prem

    i think its a good thing
    the movie was alright but i think it couldve been better
    it was choppy, i think a new director will hopefully make new moon way better

  • heather

    Agree Paul Morrison would be a brilliant choice. The work he did on Pattinson’s Little Ashes

  • bindz

    im glad that she isnt going to be making the second movie, hopefully they will get a really good female director.

  • jessica

    wooo hooo!! hope they find a BETTER one though…

  • sarah

    Pattinson really did save this franchise.

    Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart, Rosenberg and the editor all deserve to go.