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Gerard Butler & Dante Spencer: Boys' Night Out

Gerard Butler & Dante Spencer: Boys' Night Out

300 star Gerard Butler gets in some guy-bonding time with model pal Dante Spencer at S Bar in Hollywood on Saturday night. (They are pictured here outside of Katsuya restaurant, which is next door to S Bar.)

Dante, 33, dated American Idol judge Paula Abdul, now 46, back in 2005. They had met salsa dancing in L.A. at a club called Mood on Hollywood Boulevard.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Dante Spencer‘s boys’ night out…

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gerard butler dante spencer 01
gerard butler dante spencer 02
gerard butler dante spencer 03
gerard butler dante spencer 04
gerard butler dante spencer 05
gerard butler dante spencer 06
gerard butler dante spencer 07
gerard butler dante spencer 08
gerard butler dante spencer 09
gerard butler dante spencer 10

Credit: Greg Tidwell; Photos: HOD/Fame Pictures, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Jennifer

    <3 <3 <3 Gerry

  • k.

    Gerry is gorgeous! I hope he has another hit movie soon.

  • discordia

    Has GB done any worthwhile movies since “The 300″?

  • Mr. d

    I’m sorry, but I find Gerry to be repulsive looking. He reminds me of a bloated gerbil. He is doughy and overrated in the looks department BIG TIME! He is far less attractive than Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Huge Jackman, Christian Bale, Mc Steamy/Mc Dreamy, Jude Law, the list goes on. YUCK!

  • Anita

    Gerry is looking good. I love his scruff but it’s also nice to see him clean shaven once in awhile.

    Thanks, Jared, for the pics. Keep them coming…I can never get enough of GB!

  • Crowwoman

    Does he want to be an actor or a celebrity? Because if he wants to be an actor he should do some acting, ya know. Hanging out in the nightclubs and having alleged romances is not enough.

  • shy girl

    It’s hard to believe that he made only ONE film this year. And what is happening with LAC? His IMDB film list is not looking good lately…he needs more projects (with the best directors in Hollywood)!!!

  • Miss.ironbox

    Dante is not all that! I would think that Gerry can pull better trade than this, especially with his connections in the modeling industry.

  • ralala

    I imagine they went home and oiled up to recreate the Queen Gorgo – Theron scene.


    Of course Paula Abdul had to get in this.. wow here she is judging
    American Idol when she is famous for being a back up dancer herself…

    He could probably go with out her name.. attached since she is attached to that restauranter..

  • sienna

    gerry is soooo hot!!

  • MArcia

    Gerard Butler is the hottest man in Hollywood.
    As far as his career goes, I think he is doing pretty darn well. Look at movies with Leo/Crowe – Flop and now Austraila – Flop. Gerry had a very good critically pleasing film in RocknRolla and seems to be getting some excellent buzz for the Ugly Truth. He makes films to entertain and that is exactly what he does. Love this man!

  • liya

    he’s a charming man but he hasn’t been looking hot in a while. most of the time he just looks bloated and drunk.

  • gay maybe?

    Gerry should not hang out with these fags.. People will say he’s gay too. Looks like gay nite out to me. I agree Gerry is a hottie, but in these pics, not too good.

  • gjc

    Old Fart.

  • ???

    who are these people? never heard of either of them.

  • jcz

    he looks sooooo good here. but why always w/ guys ??

  • Jules

    Sigh, to the people who keep making the “gay” comments. Get over it already. You’re gay for bringing it up every time. Who gives a crap if he is or isn’t! You’re never going to sleep with him.


    I bore his love child, we have a daughter together. She lives in our house he bought for me in L.A. I see him almost every day. He will never marry because he’s in love with me.

  • Liz

    First of all, Gerard Butler is hot…and the film is “300″…no article precedes it. Secondly, someone mentioned Pitt, Clooney, etc….they’re always together it seems…Guys occasionally like to be with other guys…Gerard is no different. Clooney has Pitt and his other male friends to his villa in Lake’s all guys.should we be concerned?
    And…a man’s charisma is more than just looks. It’s personality. For those of us who have seen Gerard on talk shows (Jay, Conan, Craig, Ellen, etc.) we see a witty, funny, adorable human being who can tell stories like Aesop! Clooney is not back on talk shows either, but Pitt? What a dullard!!!! Pitt’s only good thing is his recent ecological concerns…I saw Jackman recently, and he was such a non-entertainer in person…He told the same dull story on two different shows…Gerry can make even the most mundane subject become hilarious. Gerard is also brilliant…did Pitt graduate from college? No. Clooney? No. Gerard? Yes, he was magna cum laude from the University of Glasgow, and he received an HONORs degree from its law school. So, let’s see: handsome, funny, witty, brilliant. Gerard loves life..and so if he gets a little chubby in the face (due to gourmet meals or as reported, infected gums/teeth) what? He is still one gorgeous guy. Pitt, Clooney, and ugh(Damon) all have midwest accents..dull. (I have one, too, so I know.) Butler has a delightful raspy and sexy Scottish brogue. I love the Butler…and he is loved by many!
    Thanks, Jared, for these latest treasures!!!!! I hope you have some photospies in Philly when Gerard, actor and producter, Butler starts filming there in January.

    Jared…I come to you often just to see what Gerry’s dooing! Keep up the good work!!!

  • ewww

    Jared – please do not show gerry dooing.


    He wasn’t gay when he fathered my baby who is now in her teens

  • Anita

    Dante Spencer is straight. Gerard Butler is straight. What’s the deal with people thinking guys can’t hang out without the ‘gay’ thing being brought up. Has gayness overrun our society to that extent? Sad.

  • God’s Second In Command

    the audacity of the dirty gay ßastards flaunting it in public.

    I bet his AIDS ridden aršehole looks like Jackie Stallone’s mouth now. This is what happens when you stop going to church, you develop homosexualness and star in Guy Ritchie flops.

    A plague on all your Godless houses too. fuck

  • Missy

    Wow! he is hot. He sure did not want Jennifer Aniston’s nasty old a$$. The haters are her stupid loonies. Smart man for staying away from her ugly a$$.

  • santy claws

    Gerard Butler is a walking turd. All you stupid bitches that want to fuck him, I hope you like having an itchy crotch area. Because he will give up bugs up in your cunthole.

  • santy claws

    Anita, you’re gay.

  • Moses

    Anita – Paula was Dante’s beard. Gerard Butler wanted Aniston to be his Paula Abdul, but apparently she wasn’t that desperate yet.

    Also, you are gay.

  • nancy and paul

    GB IS BI

  • Peter, paul and juan

    Anita, Jesus called and said to lay off the haterade.

    He also said you might wanna lose a few pounds. Like 170.

  • 15 pounds of sausage

    Hey JJ what is up with the comment lines?

    Gerry Butler is such a loser! He should try to grow up, like Jon Hamm from Mad Men. Here is what Jon said in Instyle Magazine.

    Jon Hamm
    “I have a cool Rag & Bone jacket and this blue Armani jacket that is my go-to blazer,” says Hamm. “I’m an adult-size male, so I can’t wear super-fashiony stuff—I’d look like 15 pounds of sausage in a 10-pound bag.”

    That is exactly what Gerry Butler is-15 lbs of sausage in a 10 lb bag
    Grow up Gerry Fairy!

  • Carlotta the great

    LOL @ Dante standing behind like a submissive boyfriend.

  • Peter, paul and juan

    Hey Carlotta, he apparently does what he is paid for.

  • saffron

    So vicious…the lot of you.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    “ENTER GAY-PALACE”, folks!!

  • well…

    It’s not the guys hanging out with guys so much that screams gay, it’s the guys hanging out with very young guys that date loopy 46 yr old cougars with problems like Paula Abdul – sounds like a beard sitch, that’s all I’m sayin’.

  • Anon

    In which lifetime was Dante Spencer straight? They are looking SO busted. I have to laugh at all of you girls who rationalize and explain Gerard Butler’s life style. The guy has to be almost 40. He has never ever had a serious steady girlfriend in the past several years that I ever heard of. He is seen with these “fashion models” once in a while, then they disappear. He seems like a friendly fellow, but I think he needs to come out of the closet and be happy.

  • Anon

    My best friend’s sister is a professional dancer. No. She is not a stripper, she is a legitimate dancer and works with music videos and other stuff. Anyway she belonged to a dance troop and she said the girl dancers always hang out with the gay boys. So when you tell me this guy used to go out with Paula Abdul, I am SO not impressed.


    The gigs up Gerry! Whatcha gonna do, go make out with a hired
    hoo ker again?

  • pafan

    Who are you creeps who hang out on these sites and make smarmy comments? I picture creepy types who SVU profiles. Get a life. Gerry is the hottest thing on the planet and he is straight. Looks like he’s getting thin again. And, LAC starts filming in Philly next month. What are you doing with your lives?


    So what if he’s gay, or bi or tri who the hell cares?
    To me he looks pissed at being photographed. If he is dating a guy and doesn’t want it out, he wouldn’t go to places where it’s known there are paps.
    He may be many things but I’d like to think he’s smarter than that.



    Dante Spencer
    He has appeared in two Playboy films, “Wet & Wild: Slippery When Wet” and “Playmate Erotic Adventures

    On September 16, 2007 Dante ran onto the field at a Los Angeles Dodger game in a straightjacket

    Your Gerry sure hangs out with quality people. He is as ga y as a parade.

  • Spicylily THAILAND

    Gerard is hot
    No matter he is gay or not.
    I don’t think he is … anyway.

    It’s SO funny Jennifer Aniston’s fans and her PR try to link her
    with single Hollywood hunks but sorry……….

    After seeing her non stop whinning and pity parties, I don’t think any smart HW hunks will want to get close to Jen, except John Meyer

  • Swansong

    What a waste of free speech.

  • amuse me

    I knew he was gay

  • Swansong

    Yeah, it makes a lot of sense that if he’s trying to hide the fact that he’s gay, he hangs out with his guy at a club where the razzi can catch him.

  • Conere

    Hollywood Video has this on You Tube already and Gerry looks very unhappy. First he is seen talking to some female fans and giving a few hugs and then they walk with him to his valeted car. He gets in ALONE.

  • Colette

    Riveting viewing, that video.

    BTW How many leather jackets do you think this guy has? I’ve always wanted to ask him that. He always seems to be wearing a different leather jacket everytime he’s photographed wearing one. I like leather jackets. I have 2.

  • ???

    Of course he gets in his car alone with a dozen razzis in his face. Did you see how “casually” he and a woman standing at the sidewalk touched with their arms/hands when he walked to the car (after the openly hugged the fans in front of the door I mean)? He gave her a quick smile, they touched and he walked on alone. Maybe he picked her up at the club and didn’t want to be seen leaving with her with all the paps around. If so, he definitely fooled the paps, though for the price of having other rumors floating around again, LOL.

  • Colette

    #44, I concur.

    Would someone please post something intelligent on this board?

    I really like leather jackets.