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Brad Pitt World Premieres Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt World Premieres Benjamin Button

A dapper-looking Brad Pitt suits up in a three-piece Tom Ford tuxedo at the world premiere of Paramount’s The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button held at Mann’s Village Theatre on Monday, Decemeber 8, in Westwood, Calif.

On his arm the entire night was his picture perfect partner Angelina Jolie in a strapless Versace floor-grazing gown. The 33-year-old mother-of-six finished off her outfit with matching black peep-toes and drop earrings from the Ralph Lauren Vintage Collection.

Who else came out to support the Brad’s film? His proud parents! Bill and Jane Pitt were spotted lending their support to their son.

15+ pictures inside of BP & AJ world premiering TCCOBB

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brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 01
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 02
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 03
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 04
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 05
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 06
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 07
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 08
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 09
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 10
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 11
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 12
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 13
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 14
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 15
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 16
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 17
brad pitt benjamin button world premiere 18

Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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  • Alexanderina


  • mike

    I cannot wait to see this movie!!! :)

  • Alexanderina

    new thread

  • lena

    aww how cute
    2nd bitches

  • marina

    Great bight! Congratulations and best luck!!!
    waiting for january 16th in my country!!!!

  • marina

    hahaha not “great bight” but “night” sorry!

  • love them

    Thank-you JJ- that was quick! great job and great pictures!!!!! You’re the best!

  • Alexanderina

    Gorgeous. Angie is stunning and Brad is so handsome. They are simply gorgeous

    Thanks Jared

  • groundcontrol

    Gorgeous and happy.

  • anustin

    gorgeous to the max!

  • jude


  • Rayan

    They look so good!!!!!!!! Beautiful pics!


    Angie is just stunning.

    It is amazing how beautiful she is, am speechless!!!!

  • Alexanderina

    I absolutely love Angie’s dress and her hair. I have never seen a woman more stunning and beautiful than Angie

  • Ashley Banks

    heheh looks like they only took pix of Angie with the pix JJ posted.


  • Lady G

    One word to describe Angie —- STUNNING!

    Thanks Jared.

  • Alexanderina

    Once again Jared you are the BEST. Thanks so much for this new thread and beautiful pictures

  • http://deleted aeon

    Thanks Jared. You are the man. I love the first comment “don’t steal jared’s pixs people go get your own.” LMBAO….Good for you Jared.

    Both Brad and Angie looked beautiful classy, elegant and regal.

    No pix of the Jane and Bill Pitt. They were showing Angie some love.


    Stunning!! lololol I know..Brad’s premirere…and the photos are all up in aj’s grill…it’s like …outta the way Brad…hahaha….Angie given PURE beautiful FACE, y’all. Whooohooo!!

  • passing Through
  • jjoy

    thanks jj….mucho gracias

    BEAUTIFUL….FABULOUS….my chickie babe and her babies Daddy….

    love love their looks….elegant and discreet….parents are there…no pitt p^rn… :lol:

    wowee….saw the elder Pitts…….did i hear screamin??? :lol:

  • Andrómeda

    She was so elegant!!. Her face is perfect.
    Brad was hot
    Thanks JJ

  • bmw

    Whose premiere is this? Poor Brad, getting outshined.

  • sharon

    They are sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful. yayyyyyy, Brad’s parents are there.

  • farrakorshin

    I am so sick of Angelina Jolie that I can honestly say that I HATE her and Brat Pitt. She is looking for attention from the public by saying that she is donating all her money. Well, she is the highest paid actress now and let us see what she does with her money. Will she donate it all? Hahaahhahaha, if you guys believe that, You’re funny!!

  • http://deleted aeon

    Man that dress that she is wearing who is the designer. That dress is stunning on Angie. She is wearing that dress and I love her hairstyle and earrings. It was perfect.

  • bdj

    Wow that face. AJ is definitely one of the most beautiful women in the world. Simply beautiful and elegant. Love the dress and hair. Papa Pitt is mighty fine and can hold his own. Glad to see the Senior Pitts supporting Brad Pitt on his big night. I am looking forward to seeing Benjamin Button. All hail the beautiful Jolie.

  • best

    JJ, please use the pics where they are facing each other and laughing as your top picture. Thanks.

  • Tooty

    “Wow” !!!!!!

    Hot !!!

  • lurking

    OMG!!! They both fucking gorgeous!!! Love Angie hair in a bun in a black strapless gown!!! She looks perfect from head to toe!! She managed to look beautiful so effortlessly. Brad is not bad either, the man can rock the suit like none other. Brad’s parents are there too, it’s a family affair!!!!

  • http://firefox gena

    I watch the live stream from Hollywood premiere and was like being there. It was wonderful. Brad’s parents stayed with Angie while Brad was doing his interviews. Think some of his other family members were there also. They hung out around Angie as she made her rounds of interviews. Sure this is a special night for the entire family. Love how Brad’s parents stayed with Angie. Angie looked beautiful and her skin was flawless. Brad’s movie Jesse James is on HBO. Guess they showed it because of the premiere. Brad looked really good. EXTRA’s raw transmission of the premiere was not as good as the Hollywood one.

  • best

    That dress she’s wearing is a killer!

  • piper, with a low

    Thank you, Brad and Angelina.

    Thank you for easing the trauma of seeing Pam Anderson and Rachel Zoe’s latest pics.

    I can sleep nightmare-free.

  • anustin

    did u ladies noticed..j.lost milk wer drippin!

  • ….

    Jane and Bill Pitt also came to support the film…on the live feed they hung out out with Angelina as Brad talked to the press. It was pretty cute watching the three together…pictures will surely surface soon.

  • Jill

    Angie looks so elegant. I like her hair in an updo like that.

  • SERA

    Jared you are the best. Thank you . What a great night for them and Brad’s parents.

  • Alexanderina

    # 20 passing Through @ 12/08/2008 at 10:44 pm
    A picture worth a thousand words…
    I agree PT and I am bowing down to Angie, damn she is so freaking gorgeous :)

  • the real lou

    Thank you Jared for posting pictures before I go to bed.Angelina looks breathtalking!The woman is gorgeous,Brad looks very handsome.Classy premierThank to everyone who gave links to the live feed.

  • diane

    Beautiful couple!!!!! Love them!!!

  • nk

    Omg… This came just in perfect timing after reading the awful bs interview by Jen Aniston on USA weekly complaining about her fans “get a fucking life, I am the messenger, an actress”.
    Thank you thank you Angie, you totally made my night!! I would be a bitter troll if I were Jen too – ha ha.
    Now I have B Button screening to look forward to tomorrow night!!!!

  • groundcontrol

    Please don’t tell me I have to register now at jjb just to go look. Is this something new?

    Angie is beautiful. I’d have preferred her with bright red lipstick though. Everything else is perfect. The simplicity is elegant. I never understood these stars who thing they look good adding every tacky piece of bling they can beg borrow or steal.

    Funny how the ex had her press conference with the dog today in Santa Monica. No Owen, just the dog. Well, make that two dogs.

  • Alexanderina

    # 39 the real lou @ 12/08/2008 at 10:50 pm

    TRL, I agree, it was a very classy premiere

  • drew

    Love them! Heard that Courtney Cox was there at the premiere too!

  • !

    I love her dress.
    I love her hair.
    I love her makeup.
    Please don’t yell at me… I don’t love her tatoos.

  • danielle-rj

    Thanks Jared. :)

    Angie looks sooo beautiful and elegant!

  • passing Through

    # 26 farrakorshin @ 12/08/2008 at 10:46 pm

    Yeah…you hate ‘em so much you spent 10 minutes coming to this site, clinking on their thread link…and posting an asinine comment. Loser is as loser does and you are the epitome of loserdom.

  • Leo

    What can one say about THE JOLIE………Absofcukinglutely STUNNING.
    Her bone structure is to die for. Take that b*tches. It’s not even her premiere but people are tripping over themselves to interview her. frigging highlarious. Loves it.

  • ariel

    Hello fellow fans! Great to see them all smile at the premiere! Brad’s parents are there too to support. Jlo was there from what I heard from the other site.

    Time to enjoy the pictures, guys. Be back later.

  • groundcontrol

    Of course Brad’s parents were there. It’s the first Davd Fincher family movie ever made. LOL!