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Cameron Mathison Wears A Thong?

Cameron Mathison Wears A Thong?

All My Children star Cameron Mathison, aka Ryan Laverly, appears to be wearing a thong in soap opera episode that aired on Wednesday.

This is what hunky soap opera stars wear underneath their jeans???

Watch the clip below! You can also check out The Soup‘s take on the clip here.

UPDATE: Cameron has responded to the rumors, telling OK!, “I am finding this hysterical. I gotta be honest, it looks exactly like a thong. But I hate to disappoint, it’s only my t-shirt stuck in my underwear. After the hoopla, I am thinking of starting a new line of thongs.”

Cameron Mathison Wears A Thong?
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# 1
bananababy27 @ 12/08/2008 at 12:22 am

he’s totally wearing a thong…

# 3

it could just be a shirt underneath that came out from under the other one?

# 4

He’s wearing a tee shirt… underneath his sweater.

# 6


# 7


what a huge douche bag.

# 8

Don’t know about everyone one else but men wearing thongs…um, not my cup of tea.

# 9

He’s surely wearing a thong but why is he wearing one on the show…that’s strange….lol

jennifer wong @ 12/08/2008 at 12:48 am

i think it’s a tshirt under the sweater and just crack…

Not a thong.. It is just his shirt sticking out from under his jersey!


He’s wearing a shirt under the sweater and the center of the shirt got caught in his pants. So, when he got up the shirt pulled up, while the center was still stuck in his pants. : )

omg when Joel McHale saw this on the Soup his face was SOOO funny i absolutely died.

It’s totally a thong!

Where/how does a shirt get stuck to a pair of pants?

loll yes i think it’s his shirt. that’s quite funny!

Let me see that thong

omg hahahahahaha

it’s NOT shirt!

its his t-shirt underneath his sweater

here’s to hoping thats an undershirt caught up in his buttcrack.

LMAO!!!!!!! I hate to say this but it has to be a thong. Hey maybe Cameron has a thing for thongs?!

omg I thought I was going CRAZY. I saw that and I had to do a retake like, did I really just see that?! Nooo….is it?!

I dont know but it sure looks like a thong!

If you watch the video you can clearly see it’s a thong. rotflmao

i think it’s the shirt under that’s holding his mic on..


its actually a black shirt underneath his sweater. pause the video at :59 seconds and you can clearly see that the black is above his pants, not connected at the bottom.

LOL-i vote shirt (although it really does look like a thong!!)

na, it looks like a thong but its a shadow, because of the lighting they use and the way he’s bending

That is such a thong, and a high waisted one too. It definitely ain’t a shirt. His butt must have some pretty strong suctioning capabilities for his shirt to get stuck in there like that.

yeap, he’s wearing a thong!!! i’m wondering what’s else is he into… hahahahaha

Thong, dude. I called it Wednesday, watched it twice on HD, lol. I think it’s Cameron fulfilling his promise from DWTS. He was eliminated before he could wow us with his thong-dance, if any of us recall that solemn oath…. :)

cheninator @ 12/08/2008 at 4:05 am

obviously some people havent watched the video, its not a shirt and its not lighting, if it was a shirt under his sweater, howwould it get stuck? and surely when he walks it would have sorted its self. it cant be lighting because you can see the THONG while he is walking.

It looks like it could be a thong.


I vote THONG! If this was a shirt, why was it cut that way? UGH GROSS! SO GAY!

T-shirt – definitely

proof here (screen cap) >>>

Guys don’t always believe what you think you’ve seen !
I’m not a fan, i’ve never seen that guys’ face… or back… before today, but I was intrigued by the thong story, and it got me 3 minutes to sort it out… with proof !

Think before you write, because some comments here, are way more gross than the fact a man could have been wearing a thong !!!!

Big deal, so he wears a thong. Why is it that when a women wears one it’s sexy and when a man wears one it’s gross?

So he wears a thong, big deal. Why is it when a women wears a thong it’s considered sexy, but when a men wears one it’s gross?

You’d have to be an idiot to think it’s a shirt or a shadow. A t-shirt can’t get stuck in your ass crack and a shadow wouldn’t follow you through the entire motion even when there’s hardly any skin left showing between the shirt and jeans. It stayed a triangle the entire time even when he was across the room.

It’s a thong. The people who keep claiming it’s a shirt because it “disappears” don’t really know what thongs do because it’s obviously going down his ass crack…which is what they’re supposed to do.

Score one for the pink team. I wonder if his wife knows.

It’s a shirt. You can pause the video where the shirt was separate from his pants.

That’s gotta be a thong!

it’s his shirt looool

but it was nice to imagine it was a thong loool

either it’s a thong or this guy doesn’t wear underwear

A thong is a thong is a thong……………………….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Brian Frons wet dream has come true.

runs off to get some eye bleach…………………eweeee

No, he’s not wearing a thong.
It’s just a black shirt we can see.

miss_sandy @ 12/08/2008 at 10:27 am

he is wearing t-shirt it is obvious and not a thong

LOL! I saw that episode last week (Fri ?) and did not catch that!

It looks like a t-shirt because he has one of those “scratchy” type sweaters on and you have to wear a shirt underneath.

Its 100% NOT a thong!!! Blow up the screencap, you can see plenty of skin between his black tee and the jeans!!!

AGREE ” BECK ” NUMBER # 28…..It IS definitely an undershirt….BUT, is WAS exciting and disgusting to THINK it was a Victoria Secret Thong !!!!!…..

he’s not wearing a thong. its a shadow thats created from the sweater he’s wearing. you can see skin between the “black shadow” and his pants…a thong wouldn’t allow that.

omg:D thats hard :D:D:D:D

tennantfan @ 12/08/2008 at 1:23 pm

no he;s seriously wearing one..
it’s on his wikipedia that he’s a fan of wearing mens thongs..

odd i’d say..

Def NOt a thong, you can totally see that the black shirt under doesnt connect the whole way down. pLus who wears a thong that high and on a show? give me a break, anyone who says its a thong is blind. Seriously.

This is so silly & a little lame….the dude’s obviously wearing a T-shirt under his sweater.

if you look at the begining of the 38 second mark you see there is a huge gap between his pants and the shirt, it was clearly a shirt that got stuck…its for sure not a thong

SORRY, but that’s really, accidentally kind of very hot. That’s exactly how you should discover a hot man wearing a thong. It’s a turn on, now I’m imagining what he looks like only wearing it…It’s naughty and it’s nice…way to go!

jakeinlove @ 12/08/2008 at 4:36 pm

Uh, who cares. It’s his ass not yours….

Alexandra @ 12/08/2008 at 5:27 pm

Cameron Matheson wears a spanx body suit…

whatever, it’s totally a thong.
they way they portrayed it on The Soup was funny-as.

lmao i know its not a thong but that pic is hilarious

who cares about the thong? get a look at that hideous sweater. ewwww.

SteveDenver @ 12/08/2008 at 11:35 pm

It’s probably one of those silly man-thong undershirts, so it doesn’t come untucked… unless you’re jeans are saggin’. Might want to invest in a belt.

It does not matter to everyone. It is no limit! Men can do wear any kinds of underwear their lifestyle they want… Even feeling sexy like girl or boy wear jock-strip in daily basic to work at their jobs. Evenmore nothing is wrong or right about it as in different choice of life at the people way they want! I think He (Ryan Laverly) is so sexy and need to feel good about himself, not you! Grow up – people! Leave him alone & he is wonderful actor!

omg ppl that one post gave proof that it wasn’t a thong ok!!!!!!!!!!!!! there’s a massive gap for everyone to see, so no, it is not a thong. goodnes……….

I can’t believe “thong” was the first assumption. XD Bad luck there Cameron…

This is a guy who used to model for “International Male.” That’s a thong!

Who ever heard of a Tshirt getting stuck in underwear? The guy’s wearing a thong.

He admitted on SOD his undershirt got caught in his undies…Like I give a damn the man has a hot ass ! I suggest it becomes mandatory.

jenna-bo-benna @ 12/13/2008 at 12:01 am

Thong. No doubt.
When he bends over @ :38, his pants are hanging really low on his butt. This guy is just trying to…cover his ass.

Go Navy beat Army!!!

hey i swear that the bit they did on this on the View stole that image from your post.

You guys are bloody idiots!! It’s a black T-shirt under his sweater. All of this talk about his crack and the pants aren’t even that low. Please put some CNN and newspaper reading into your lives before this country goes further down the depths of hell.

ChristiaNYC @ 02/02/2009 at 10:41 pm

Some guys are just way too stupid.

That is a THONG he is wearing. How retarded are some of you? That is NOT a shirt getting caught on his pants.

But who cares if it is a Thong? The man was a Model

Explain this to me….how does your shirt get caught in the crack of your a** to the point where it looks like you’re wearing a thong? Unless it was in fact a thong.

even if cameron wore a thong he definitely would not show what is the big deal any way whether cameron wears a thong or not people dont need to look down others pants any way rude he has other features on him that are much more interesting to look at like them big beautiful gorgeous blue eyes and those sweet sexy hard core abs on that hard core stomach of his once his stomach is touched feeling those abs it makes you want to feel them all the time that would do it for me screw his wife being jealous

The first time you watch the video moving at normal speed, it does appear to be a thong. But if it was, there is no way a thong fit for a man goes that high up the waist. And you can see if you look at the picture above the video that it is a shirt going up the rest of his back. Not a thong going down to well, you know where.

His T shirt was stuck in WHAT underwear?

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