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Gwyneth Paltrow is a Gotham Girl

Gwyneth Paltrow is a Gotham Girl

Gwyneth Paltrow and her trainer pal Tracy Anderson are featured in the latest issue of Gotham Magazine. Here are some of Gwyn‘s interview highlights:

Is there a character you’d love to play but haven’t? I’d love to do [Chekhov's] The Three Sisters; I look forward to doing Blanche DuBois [in A Streetcar Named Desire] on stage someday. I’d really like to do a musical. And I’d like to do SNL again. I liked doing that.

Do you think you’d collaborate with your husband, maybe do a duet? No, no, no, no.

How about Madonna? I don’t think so. I don’t think the acting/recording thing really works. Maybe if you’re an urban act, but I’m not sure it works if you’re an actor.

What were your favorite things about growing up in New York? Underage smoking on stoops of brownstones, going to museums, the seasons, and how great a school Spence (a private girls’ school) was—how well they prepared me for life.

Read the full article at Check out the full-sized cover, it’s gorgeous!

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Photos: Eric Cahan
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  • coco

    “Maybe if you’re an urban act, but I’m not sure it works if you’re an actor.”

    She is such an ass.

  • vids

    JJ, how much they pay you to post about this chick?

  • marissa

    They both look like drag queens.

  • love gp!

    ah …. the HATERS are out in full force. jealous crazy haters.

    Gwyneth is a talented, dynamic, gifted artist who happens to also be beautiful, happily married to a bonafide rockstar and in the midst of a fabulous career. No wonder they can’t handle it! ;-)

    Go Gwyn, go get ‘em. We love you.

  • Vanessa

    She’s no longer a movie star?

    Sorry, Gwyn, you never were a movie star.

  • Kassie

    Much better. I think Gwyneth’s been going through some sort of early midlife crisis and dressing like a skank.

  • Liz

    # 4 – that’s your opinion, not fact. Like assholes, everyone has one. Just because someone doesn’t share your opinion, doesn’t mean they hate someone. Imho, Gwyneth Paltrow is a passably attractive woman. Semi-decent actress but not a great talent like Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett. Married to an average looking guy who always seems to be on tour. Not something I’d desire but good luck to her.

  • sofia

    Ouch. Picture’s not very flattering. Her legs – which are very nice – look huge. In this case, though, I blame the photographer and whoever chose the pic.

  • Juice

    Thank God this bitch is not flashing her lady bits. It’s easily googable but she seems to love to let it all hang out lately.

  • whisper

    at first i thought it said Gwyneth was a Goth Chick, which I was going to agree with…they really slathered on the makeup for this shoot.

  • ny

    Read the full article. I wonder why Gwyneth thinks she was a movie star. It’s not like she brought in the box office like Julia Roberts.

  • caligirl

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t Tracy Anderson been sued by some of her former clients?

  • b

    Paltrow looks like a giant version of Anderson.

  • N2


  • N2


  • Twilight

    The dresses are nice but she really needs to tone down the color of her hair.

  • Lucky

    Paltrow seems to wear the worst looking shoes.

  • alma

    nice legs. i hate the hair and dress.

  • chibaby

    Too much makeup on both ladies.


    Oh, “urban act,” Fishyth?? Hmmm…why isn’t that special, Gwyn’s word for black rappers. Is that her way of saying only black rappers can do it? Hahahaha. She’s such a delusional snob. …and excuse me, what’s this bullshit — ‘I haven’t starred in a movie since my kids were born??’ OMG..does lying just come naturally to this twit? She really needs to stop that, imdb is just a click away idiot: Proof, Running w/ Scissors, Iron Man, Two Lovers, that movie where she played Peggy Lee, that movie were she played Sylvia Plath, she’s shooting a film now – some other Shakespeare horror. I guess since she got caught lying about wearing fox, mink, and alligator shoes – she’s just going for broke now, and being all bold with it. Hahaha.


    Sorry make that black performers period, is what she’s talking about — since she’s friends with beyonce (or make that, her husband is pals with Jay-z), I guess she’s referring to her…wonder how that sits with bey, since she’s an “Urban act-American.” LOL

  • izzie

    I think Gwynnie’s addicted to working out.

  • Jamie

    It is just me or does G.P. look pretty much the same since she started training with Anderson? It’s not like she ever had a weight problem. Only difference seems to be that she wears way less clothing these days.

  • Amy

    Nice to see Gwyneth looking (sorta) classy again!

  • tom c.

    I’ve never gotten this one’s appeal. Check out her mother, Blythe Danner, if you’re looking for real talent and beauty. Gwyn is a bargain basement version of her mom.

  • hmm

    She is so pretentious!

  • May

    I don’t know if it’s the photoshop or make-up, but they look like clowns dressed in evening gowns. Odd.

  • heather

    Wow! Gwyn and her trainer could be sisters!

  • rien

    Gwyneth is not a very attractive woman. But she has a great wardrobe, trainer and makeup guy to transform her.

  • LT

    Is Tracy Anderson really a rip-off artist? That’s quite a plug for her new studio. The stylist even managed to make her look hot!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    with other words: A PROFESSIONAL AMERICAN CHEATER, folks?

  • wtf

    Boy, that one huge leg and cankle of Paltry’s sticking out from that dress, would make me NEVER hire Tracy Anderson ever. LOL

  • Dirty

    he’s not a rockstar in the first place,their music is more pop,or some kind of boring soft rock in the attempt….
    whatever….anyway,she’s getting too much press and what is this thing now with her personal trainer?who cares…..
    like they invented hot water or wheel or something,,,,,
    it’s not that important

  • QQQQ

    On working less now that she has kids: “I haven’t starred in a film since my kids were born, and I don’t think I will. I’ll never get these days back-they’re so delicious, and precious, and hilarious, I don’t want to miss them.”


    Frigging LYER! Just because u are not getting the roles u used to get, now u are pretending u don’t want to work as much because of your kids. Apple was born in 2003. Since then u have been the main character in at least 3 movies; including Two Lovers which opens some time next yr. Plus worked on others including Iron Man.


    Movies she’s ‘STARRED’ in SINCE her kid(s) have been born:

    Iron Man 2 (2010) (pre-production) (rumored) …. Pepper Potts
    King Lear (2010) (pre-production) …. Regan

    Two Lovers (2008) …. Michelle Rausch
    Iron Man (2008) …. Pepper Potts
    … aka Ironman (International: English title: alternative spelling) (USA: poster title)
    The Good Night (2007) …. Dora Shaller
    Running with Scissors (2006) …. Hope Finch
    Love and Other Disasters (2006) …. Hollywood Jacks
    … aka Love (and Other Disasters) (Australia: DVD box title)
    … aka Love (et ses petits dĂ©sastres) (France)
    Infamous (2006) …. Kitty Dean
    Proof (2005) …. Catherine
    … aka {proof} (International: English title: poster title)


    LOL She’s such a liar.

  • Milli

    Good Lord, she always gets on my nerves. ‘How well they prepared me for life’ my ass you spoilt snubby brat.

  • nancy and paul

    Is Chris Martin bored with this pretentious b**** already?


  • nancy and paul

    The Spence School is beyond elitist.
    I cannot believe Paltrow keeps flipping from
    I am so down to earth to
    I am so famous, gorgeous and intellectual.
    Give me a break.
    NYC girls’ schools are awful and breed snobs and
    nasty little girls. I have lived with them and they are disgusting.
    They all smoke and screw just like anyone else, except they have these stupid skirts on.
    It’s a joke.
    She really makes me sick to my stomach.
    Love Chris Martin. Hope he can get away from her eventually.

  • junior

    Love Gwyneth cause she’s Madonna’s BFF and cause she works out (I hate fat people)!

  • Ann

    Maybe Tracy Anderson would like to come back here to Fishers, IN now that she is all famous and return the thousands of $$$$ she scamed from her pilates clients when she closed up shop and ran out of town with their money. Yes, she is being sued!!! Google her name and Fishers, Indiana and you can read the whole ugly story on her.

  • Who cares

    Urban Act? You mean that if you are “urban,” you can’t be an actor?


  • anon

    this is the part i hate, whenever some one’s career is over and they have lost their appeal, the people have moved on, but forgot to tell the subject, so their still hanging out there thinking they are relevant, until of course they get this Hugh wake up call, how embarrassing for every body, but they refuse to go away, choosing instead to make a complete azz out of themselves grasping at anything to hang on to. just go away quietly for once, your time has past.

  • Fashion slave

    “I don’t think the acting/recording thing works.”

    Gee, you’re real supportive of your recent co-star, Joaquin Phoenix, aren’t you Gwyneth? You really need to THINK before you speak.

  • GP Fan

    I think Gwyneth looks great! I agree #4, the HATERS are out full-force! Aren’t they always ** rolling my eyes**

    Gwyneth’s legs are definitely more shaped now than pre-Tracy Anderson. She looks great considering she’s 36 and has had two kids, and dealt with the stress of her father’s sudden death. She had a tragic decade she has now surpassed and has found happiness with a real husband and children. She has a really great lifestyle and a wonderful family. Why people cannot appreciate that is beyond me.

    Thank you JJ for giving us more GP!!!!

  • April

    I think the photoshopper and makeup artist both went a tad wild here. Agree, they made Paltrow and Anderson look like clowns.

    Did Anderson ever repay all that money she stole from her former clients?