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Jay Leno Secures NBC 10PM Slot

Jay Leno Secures NBC 10PM Slot

Jay Leno will be given his own show during the 10PM time period each weeknight after his last Tonight show on May 29th, NBC is expected to announced tomorrow.

On June 1, Conan O’Brien will become host of The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon is expected to take over Late Night. (Daily video blogs of Jimmy being Jimmy start tonight, hitting @ 12:30AM.

According to NYT, the new show is expected to be set in Leno’s longtime studio in Burbank, Calif. Conan will move the Tonight show to a new studio on the NBC Universal lot in Universal City, Calif.

WILL YOU WATCH Jay Leno’s new show on NBC?

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40 Responses to “Jay Leno Secures NBC 10PM Slot”

  1. 1
    lexi Says:

    i’m glad Jay still has a show. at least more people would tune in because it’s earlier at night. it might not be a godd NIGHT SHOW time slot, but it’s a good ratings time slot.

  2. 2
    lexi Says:

    *good and yay! i’m first (sorry never been first before)

  3. 3
    Carrie Says:

    I’m so glad that Jay Leno is not permanently leaving. I really like his show and think its the best one out of all of them. I like his sense of humour and his guests. I also like his interviews with his guests. ANd I really hate Conan and Kimmels shows because they act like such stupid idiots.

  4. 4
    Hal Says:

    I’m glad he isn’t completely abandoning stand-up. I’d be quite sad if he dropped off the face of the earth.

    I also plan on watching it; it’s even at a reasonable time for people to watch not just on weekends. Besides, I doubt I’ll ever tune into the Tonight Show with Conan… unless of course he has a good guest. Otherwise, no chance.

  5. 5
    mike Says:


  6. 6
    Liz Says:

    Jared, I think you mean announce, not announced.
    Yay, hopefully this means a continuation of headlines. Those are my favorite. He’s a hunk!

  7. 7
    OctoBer sky Says:

    Yes, I will watch Jay – but never Conan. Well, unless Gerry Butler is a guest.

  8. 8
    laura Says:

    I’ll cry of happiness if this is true!

  9. 9
    lots Says:

    what kind of show?

  10. 10
    Anna Says:

    I love Jay Leno! Kevin Eubanks better stay with him too!

  11. 11
    daisy Says:

    I like Leno. It’s not that I hate Letterman(which sometimes seems to be a requirement), but I just think he has better interaction with the guests. Oh and I really hate Letterman’s band leader. Ferguson is the better of the late late shows, but Conan isn’t bad.

  12. 12
    vicks Says:

    eeh i prefer Conan.

  13. 13
    guest Says:

    I’ve never really liked Conan but I really like Jimmy and Jay. That was a bad move on NBC’s part for Conan. They’ll regret that, Johnny Carson wouldn’t agree with this.

  14. 14
    guest Says:

    I watch Craig Fergerson I think that is his name he comes on after David Letterman, and he will make you laugh.

  15. 15
    Lainey Says:

    YESSSS! this is so ironic because i JUST commented today on NBC keeping Leno over Conan! I Love Leno!

  16. 16
    printable coupons Says:

    Jay Leno ROCKS! I was hoping he would stick around on tv in some form and my wish came true.

  17. 17
    guest Says:

    yay jay!!!

  18. 18
    Bhcolin Says:

    I’m not a fan of Leno, I just can’t handle how he always goes for the gay joke. I tried watching here or there – cause I do like Jaywalking and if a celeb I like is on but he just has to go for a gay joke and it’s offensive. I’m not saying he’s homophobic but I remember he was talking to Julianne Moore on time and she was talking about her son and she mentioned he liked watching her in her gowns and he made some cheap crack about oh that’s a shame.

    anyways- weird to think that all other shows now will be before 9pm ct on NBC now

  19. 19
    herewego Says:

    I will not be watching Conan. And I still don’t understand why NBC gave the job to Conan. May be Jay is staying as a standby in case Conan tanked and he can “step in”.

  20. 20
    Imaginaque Says:

    I don’t watch Leno now. I’m not about to start after May 29th.

  21. 21
    Stella ava Says:

    what’s wrong with you people? he’s retiring so of course conan and jimmy is gonna move up. jay is good at being fake. he can’t entertain a guest for more than a minute. conan is like colbert…just purely smart and hilarious! he’s not afraid to be himself.

  22. 22
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    JIM CARREY as jay leno is the best there is, folks!!

  23. 23
    JAC Says:

    Conan sucks, seriously. He has horrible hair and the beginning of the show, with those stupid squares, is enough to give me epilepsy! I LOVE JAY LENO! He cannot be replaced by Conan. I think Fallon should go in place of Conan, and just keep Leno altogether!


  24. 24
    Man Boobs Says:

    good for him

  25. 25
    Swedish Gal Says:

    Both Leno and Conan are good. Each in their own way. Conan is just better at playing the crowd.

  26. 26
    omg Says:

    so he’s not retiring? yay!!

  27. 27
    Trooper47 Says:

    Jay Leno has always done stand-up and plays to the audience. That is his bread and butter. I do hope Kevin stays with him as I think they have a good chemistry. I will continue to DVR the show and do as I do now – watch them back to back. Conan can stick it! Letterman sucks! Kimmel is pure stupidity as he was on “The Man Show”.

    Leno rules the roost and will continue to do so. Good move NBC!

  28. 28
    jrfan Says:

    I’m glad Leno is sticking around longer! Conan can be funny but I wonder if he will tone down the hyperactivity for the Tonight Show. Very different audience.

  29. 29
    kimily taylor Says:

    Yes…will definitely watch Leno…. but NOT Conan. I had actually decided I would no longer watch NBC late nights- guess I will at least be sticking around until Leno goes off….but they should really just give him back his show.

  30. 30
    kimily taylor Says:

    Yes…will definitely watch Leno…. but NOT Conan. I had actually decided I would no longer watch NBC late nights- guess I will at least be sticking around until Leno goes off….but they should really just give him back his show.

  31. 31
    Chlorissa Says:

    of course!!!
    jay leno is so funny!!
    i can’t believe NBC fired him and now they want him to have his own show at 10!! well, i least i don’t have to stay up and watch him!!

  32. 32
    VICTORIA Says:

    AGREE, NUMBER # 30….I will always watch Jay, but NOT Conan !!!….What a mistake this is !!!

  33. 33
    Hmmm Says:

    I like Leno, but I am so surprised that people don’t like Conan. Maybe because I’m still in college and am part of his target demographics, but Conan is witty, better at improv, hilarious, and intelligent. There are certain unique edges to both Letterman and Conan, but Leno just seems like an average, easy-to-relate-to dude (which works if that’s your cup of tea). I prefer the creativity and spontaneity of Conan (Ive been to a few shows and he’s even more hilarious off-camera…visit for a taste of what he’s normally like, since he has to censor himself for his show..I’ll miss him when he leaves NYC). Long live Conan!

  34. 34
    Hmmm Says:

    oh, but that is also to say, congrats to Leno and I will probably catch his show whenever possible :)

  35. 35
    suz Says:

    I love Jay and will keep on watching him only, long live headlines! =)

  36. 36
    Ella Says:

    I will watch the new Jay Leno show. He is so funny with his guests, he deserves it.

  37. 37
    cass Says:

    What is going to happen to the shows that currently air on NBC at 10pm? Namely, Law and Order and L & O SVU??????

  38. 38
    louis Says:

    Sounds to me like it worked out for everyone.

    Jay originally felt as if he was being kicked out of NBC, and thats why he began the rumors of starting a show with ABC [as he admits to having started the rumors in a recent press confrence].

    Now, Conan gets what he has been wanting so long for [which I dont know if I agree with the original decision of cutting Jays Tonight contract], and Jay gets his own self titled show.

    Even Jimmy is getting a benifit out of this, joining the ranks of the late elite.

    CBS better think of something to keep up with NBC; Does Ferguson cut it?

  39. 39
    Armando meza Says:

    I Never Liked Jay Leno and Never Will The Hell With NBC To They Screwed David Letterman In The Early 90′s When Johnny Carson The Legend Himself Promised The Tonight Show To Dave In The First Place! If I Had The Chance I’d Spit On Jay Leno!

  40. 40
    MDG Says:

    Well NBC, your program people have blown it again. Leno has turned out to be a great follow on from Carson. He is a lot better than Carson. Carson reminded me of the snotty nosed high school kid that always wanted to get a laugh out of cutting down he classmates. He was really rude to his guests and I did not like that !

    Now for Conan, watched a few minutes a few times and a big huge YUCK, he is much worse than Carson and Letterman put together. So make the decision to make your ratings even go much lower. Oh well just another BOZO move.

    This seems classical from Networks, when they wanted to kill a popular show they would change the time then sure enough people would always look for the show at the old time and sure enough the moved show would die, Well guys it’s time to KILL the JAY LENO SHOW and change the time. Watch the ratings drop and bingo Leno is GONE…

    I will watch Leno, then the news, then a nice movie from Netflix.



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