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Rachel Zoe is Rib Cage Ready

Rachel Zoe is Rib Cage Ready

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe shows a bit of protruding rib cage at The Cracked Xmas Fundraiser held at The Wiltern

Her assistant Brad Goreski accompanied her to the Not-So-Silent-Night. The event raised funds for The Trevor Project 24/7 suicide & crisis prevention helpline for gay and questioning youth.

Thankfully, The Rachel Zoe Project was picked up for season two. Instead of saying BANANAS all the time, maybe we’ll see her eating some!

DO YOU THINK Rachel Zoe dresses for her body type — YAY or NAY?

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rachel zoe rib cage 05
rachel zoe rib cage 06
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rachel zoe rib cage 10

Photos: Alexandra Wyman/WireImage, Fayes Vision/WENN
Posted to: Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe

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  • hannah

    dude eat a pie or four

  • brie2009

    Even though I don’t watch her show. I can tell you for sure she is more skinnier now than in her TV previews for her show. But for crying out loud someone give this girl a 6 Dollar Burger from Carl’s Jr.!!!!!!

  • jasmine

    noe, I hope you are joking. A woman needs nutrition specially at her age, she is starting to lose calcium at fast rates, and she for sure will get osteoporosis and what not . It is not just a question of looking good for the camera.
    Doctors say that when the bones in your shoulders (on the end of the clavicle) protude, then you are too skinny, and that also means no muscle like this woman. One thing is slim and toned and other one is this poor anorexic woman who surely thinks of herself as if she were perfection walking.

  • marina

    part 2

    The 44 yr. old actor and father of Maddox, Zahara, Pax Thien, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne, testifies that raising his little ones has made him reflect about the future of the US, the global warming, war and poverty.
    “Growing with my children has made me more vulnerable. Just as I work in films and grow as a father, I become more aware of what happens in the world.I get moved easier, I am more sensitive and with more definition. Before, I used to read the news on the newspaper and get a bit frustrated, like with certain politic protests and violence, but then, I turned the page and that was it”

  • lingling

    ew.omg.sumone please give her a mirror. this is rlly distrubing

  • Sagogo

    Wow, that isn’t attractive at all. I will be fat and happy.

  • lizel

    With all the money she makes styling, you would think that she could afford a descent meal. EAT SOMETHING RACHEL. In Hollywood thin is in, but a rib cage is not a sense of style, ya heard!!!!!

  • mari

    i’m scared o_o

  • Jaye

    OMG! Get this woman some help.

  • tom

    She must be anorexic. No doubt about it. She looks ghastly.

  • whatever, yo

    According to Wiki, she’s 37 years old, but she looks close to 60…. Tsk tsk tsk…

    If she were a stylist she’d know that she doesn’t have enough boobs, because she doesn’t eat enough to fill out that dress!!!!!

    Girl needs a nutritionist!

  • ~LULU

    her face looks dry,that’s what happened when ppl dont eat well. even though she could “wear” those skinny dresses,but she doesnt look pretty.

  • ugggggg

    Totally disgusting. There is no reason someone should look like a concentration camp victim. This is freakin’ America. Eat something. It is not pretty, cute, chic, stylish, and definately not healthy. Then there are her boobs. Just nasty. If they are nice and firm you can go w/o a bra. Your boobs look like the ones on the National Geographic channel. Nasty.

  • cain

    so she calls herself a stylist.

  • Desert

    Ick – I have that song stuck in my head now…

    I agree with everyone that she’s way too thin. Actually, beyond thin – I think skeletal would be a more apt description?

  • Tiffany

    one word : ANOREXIA

  • gjc

    Yikes! Is she stressed out and ‘rexing? I hope she’s okay.

  • ivermom

    The dress looks so much better with the jacket. I would hate to say mean things about her but I really have to wonder if she knows how bad she really looks. That is sad, I hope she will get some help. She would be gorgeous if she put on about 20 lbs.

  • breakdown

    Yes, this is the lady who “transformed” Nicole Richie. Nicole’s style was gorgeous after Rachel’s makeover, but she also nearly died of starvation doing it, and the beautiful clothes ended hanging off her body like it was a wire hanger.This lady is a danger to herself and others and perpetuates the Hollywood “it’s pretty to be skinny” myth.

  • lozzenator

    She has obviously had some botox ever since Nicole Richie made the “raisin face” comment. But she still looks 100 years old.
    Yuck. What exactly does her normal looking husband Rodger see in her anyway? A meal ticket?

  • Miapocca

    she has a eating disorder or a drug problem..and Nicole RIchie was right to run in the other direction, the minute she ditched this woman she started looking very very healthy…

  • mimi

    wow,is she mentally ill?a child from a third world country is probalbly healthier than her.oh yea, she can spend thousands of dollars on her jewelry,clothes & makeup but i didn’t think three square meals a day was a luxury!Atleast cover up for the sake of other people!what vanity!

  • Suzanne

    Wow, this is shocking. Watch her say she is naturally thin. She is absolutely doing something wrong with her body.

  • meursault

    how old is this hag again!

  • Hurf

    I think she looks good. Skinny ladies are the hottest.

    The only ones who disagree are fatties who bash her while secretly wishing they could have her body.

  • jc

    OMG… she is so skinny,,,, is she sick????

  • yoyo

    Hello anorexia! You can call me Nervosa!!

  • SUPER SIZE ME please!!!!

    I don’t think women like this should be allowed down the red carpet or in the public eye! And who cares if banning them from public events is discriminatory??! This woman quite flippantly couldn’t give a damn how awful and unhealthy she looks and if anything, always appears quite proud of her thin status.

    Get over yourself woman! Go get a cheeseburger and a double thick shake and spare us the nausea of seeing your boney ass on the tv and in the mags!

  • alice

    it’s part of the fashion world people.
    if your fat you wont make it; it’s not just for models.

  • ryan

    she doesn’t eat, and if she does it is extremely minimal. She lives on Coffee, Diet Coke, Red bull and laxative pills.

    So thats why she looks like a haggard 70 year old with saggy chin skin and grandma cleavage

  • robo

    yeah, im so envious of someone who is so insecure about themself…

    she can’t even eat food and she is over 30 yrs old

    she looks like a dying tribal man… no breasts … no butt… just an insect thin frame…

    yeah, im into girls who look like skeletons bro… uh, yeah, she’s so pretty … maybe in the eyes of a cemetary employee.

  • Suzie

    Gorgeoussss….more sweetie…show us more…. <3

  • murerstillads

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  • zabka

    She is absolutely repulsive, ugly and that dress does jack-shit for her. I don’t understand what the hell all the fuss about her as a stylist is anyway? If starving constitutes style-making, then the next fashionistas are coming out of refugee camps….

  • Maike

    men, oh please… tell me if there’s someone of you who really thinks that this is sexy and beautiful

  • fefe

    i love rachel zoe- i think she doesn’t look bad, she is definitely too skinny but i would never go as far as to call her disgusting
    some of these pictures are also very unflattering making it 10x worse