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Suri Cruise: FAO Schwarz Shopping Spree

Suri Cruise: FAO Schwarz Shopping Spree

Suri Cruise goes on a mini-shopping spree at Manhattan toy emporium FAO Schwarz on Sunday in New York City.

Mom Katie Holmes and Suri were given a special uniformed “guard” to accompany them throughout the store. Suri took a liking to a set of building blocks, gummy coke bottles and a giant Hello Kitty Pez dispenser.

Tom Cruise and Katie were also seen leaving their apartment with Suri.

15+ pictures inside of Suri‘s FAO shopping spree…

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suri cruise fao schwarz 01
suri cruise fao schwarz 02
suri cruise fao schwarz 03
suri cruise fao schwarz 04
suri cruise fao schwarz 05
suri cruise fao schwarz 06
suri cruise fao schwarz 07
suri cruise fao schwarz 08
suri cruise fao schwarz 09
suri cruise fao schwarz 10
suri cruise fao schwarz 11
suri cruise fao schwarz 12
suri cruise fao schwarz 13
suri cruise fao schwarz 14
suri cruise fao schwarz 15
suri cruise fao schwarz 16
suri cruise fao schwarz 17
suri cruise fao schwarz 18

Credit: Dario Alequin; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Lisa


  • Jacky O

    Why does Katie keep putting Suri in this ill fitting dress? The hem is uneven and falling apart. Not to mention that the waistband is very poorly stitched.

    Katie continues to not look like me. It’s hard to even look at her.

  • katy

    what a cutie

  • Sick of Katie & Suri

    Honest to God, I am getting so sick of constantly seeing stuff about Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise. I absolutely believe that this site needs to be called Just or Just, instead of Just……. Please, enough with these two already!!!!!!!

  • iLOveSuri

    Suri looks cute but katie look like somebody who has just gone for Chemo.

  • kara

    JustJared, please, why don’t you read us when we tell you that we are tired of seeing Suri everyday on your site… Suri going on shopping, Suri eating an ice-cream, Suri with a black dress, Suri with a pink dress, Suri holding a baby doll… PLEASE !!!

  • Sick of Katie & Suri

    I TOTALLY agree with #6….. well said!!

  • Cammie

    Indulgence, indulgence, indulgence plus….a child who appears not to have a “normal” childhood schedule. Katie Holmes is turning out to be just as robotic and plastic as her chosen bff, Victoria Beckham.

  • Tealeaf

    They use that kid for PR..Let’s dress you up like a doll and parade you out for the public…

  • Kate The Phony


    Where did these pictures come from???

    When Kate went to FAO in the past, it was IMPOSSIBLE for the paps to get indoor shots that weren’t very close to entrance. Now there are endless high quality shopping spree shots. So odd…hmm…

    …could it be a planned photo op?

  • bejeebus

    okay…red shoes….suri is dorothy, tommy girl is oz, johhny travolta is glenda the good witch….and katie is….the tin man? the scarecrow? or the cowardly lion? or could this “talented actress”
    (hahaha) be playing all three roles????
    …and who is playing the wicked witch of the west?

  • Tara

    Suri’s clothes are adorable! Who makes this dress?

    In other news, for anyone that is interested there is a ZAC POSEN sale starting today at noon on the Gilt Groupe website. YOu need to be a member to join- its free but you need an invite.

    Here is an invite for anyone that is a Zac Posen fan like me-

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • boogie

    Hey folks….if you don’t like to read about Katie, Tommy boy or Suri…
    just don’t click on to read the posts. Simple.

    I don’t care/respect Katie or Tom….but, for entertainment (LOL) I read it.

    It’s too bad with the money Tom has, Katie can’t seem to find better looking clothes for Suri! She can’t even find the right clothes for herself!.. That goes to say…..its very possible she does not have “fashion style/taste”…and should leave it to a personal shopper or assistant. Some folks just don’t have fashion taste- like my husband..he has no clue to what goes with what!


  • ivermom

    Sweet. Katie really adores her little Suri. Why be upset about seeing pics of them? Just scroll past and find what you are more interested in.

  • Jen1

    Adorable as always. Suri and Katie are such a pair.

    Thanks, Jared.

  • jen

    #5 that’s a horrible thing to say but i must admit that i thought the same thing!

  • Molly

    I think JustJared’s 2009 New Year’s Resolution should be to make one post a month regarding the Cruise/Holmes clan. Or, better yet, create a new site devoted just to the Cruise/Holmes clan. That way we can all avoid it. I am so sick of seeing these people and the PR stunt of a child.

  • just adorable

    honestly pics of Suri just about save some blogs. She’s fresh as a daisy and looks adorable.

  • mike


  • fifi

    i agree, suri’s dress is off.

  • suiteSTL

    I really want a Giant Hello Kitty Pex Dispenser for myself…LOL

  • ITA

    just adorable @ 12/08/2008 at 11:12 am

    ITA. some blogs are so HARDEND like stone that it’s quite refreshing to see some sweet pics. I would rather see sweet pics of a little girl being a little girl than some over the hill 40 year old cracked out Pam Anderson any day.


    check out this interview that kate gave to her hometown paper:

    i love the part where she says she worked so hard all summer on her voice! lmao! i guess she didn’t read the reviews. her voice was the WORST part of the show.

  • anon

    Not the cutest dress I’ve been seeing but the pics are still nice. Who took these pictures inside of a store? that’s a no no.

  • jen

    i doubt that a pap was hiding inside a huge teddy bear.

  • Queenoftrashin

    EEEEEeeeeeeewwwwwwwww…..what a NASTY, NASTY way to present the candy. ICH! How many kids have touched that lid like that and then reached their grubby little hands into the jar?

  • d.kay


  • xoxoxoxo

    Another photo op in prepraration for Tom’s new movie flop.

  • LolaSvelt

    Katie is doing her Victoria Beckham act again.

  • http://yahoo krissy219

    Thanks Jared, I never get tired of seeing hollywood baby pictures everyday they are so blessed and lovable.

  • NorthPole

    Wow jealousy is an ugly thing! If you don’t like reading about Suri or the Cruises scroll past and read about one of your Hollywood losers which is why you visit this site. Have you not heard of free press? Not everything on here will be to your liking which is why there is variety to please different people. Just because Suri is well dressed, very cute with famous, rich parents doesn’t mean you have to hate a child you don’t even know!

  • Love suri..too cute!!!

    Let’s see MORE of Suri…she is the cutest thing! I’d rather see tons of photos of that adorable child than the train wrecks of Hollywood with their plastic body parts!

  • Shawna

    #6 – Because there are MANY people who LIKE seeing the pictures, so why does your opinion reign supreme???

  • drew

    Enough of these two already! It’s not like Kate is even famous anymore! I’m so bored with these two. I don’t even think Suri is very cute.

  • Sick of Katie & Suri

    I don’t understand why some people get angry when they read bad comments about Katie or Suri. As far as I know, nobody has said that they hate either of them, just tired of seeing them everyday… There are alot of other celebs out there… enough with these two….. that is all we’re saying.
    Also I thought this was a place to write comments, bad or good… EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion!!!!!!

  • Julie

    Isn’t Christmas just around the corner? Let’s hope they are shopping for the less-fortunate or relatives.

    Also, it looks like Tom wants to Katie to be Victoria again.

  • dianel

    #33 you are right Suri looks like she is having fun shopping with mommy she is so cute

  • faith

    Suri is Tom’s mini-me!

  • nancyw

    Suri is so cute! But, she looks like a minature woman!!

  • b

    adorable mom and baby

  • ering

    most beautiful family and real family that is in Hollywood!

  • manette

    Tom is sooo handsome…thanks jj.

  • 911

    Katie is really like Jackie O. I love her look and Suri is precious as always. God bless them.

  • nancyw

    I also think Suri’s shoes are too big for her.

  • comeuppance

    The Angelina and Brad Pitt fans trolls all celeb forums and its sad and scary because they are so jealous and threatened esp of TomKat and Suri. Trolling only has tragic repercussions. You better stop because it will only affect your own family or even the Pitts.

  • &

    FAMILY :)

  • tom

    Short sleeve dress AGAIN !! While mom and dad Cruise are wearing winter coats, scarves, etc. Nice mom!

  • rona

    Good luck to Tom and movie on winning some awards for Valkyrie also would love for Katie to get the nod at the Tony’s.

  • iron chef

    cuteness overload this TWO