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Suri Cruise: FAO Schwarz Shopping Spree

Suri Cruise: FAO Schwarz Shopping Spree

Suri Cruise goes on a mini-shopping spree at Manhattan toy emporium FAO Schwarz on Sunday in New York City.

Mom Katie Holmes and Suri were given a special uniformed “guard” to accompany them throughout the store. Suri took a liking to a set of building blocks, gummy coke bottles and a giant Hello Kitty Pez dispenser.

Tom Cruise and Katie were also seen leaving their apartment with Suri.

15+ pictures inside of Suri‘s FAO shopping spree…

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suri cruise fao schwarz 01
suri cruise fao schwarz 02
suri cruise fao schwarz 03
suri cruise fao schwarz 04
suri cruise fao schwarz 05
suri cruise fao schwarz 06
suri cruise fao schwarz 07
suri cruise fao schwarz 08
suri cruise fao schwarz 09
suri cruise fao schwarz 10
suri cruise fao schwarz 11
suri cruise fao schwarz 12
suri cruise fao schwarz 13
suri cruise fao schwarz 14
suri cruise fao schwarz 15
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147 Responses to “Suri Cruise: FAO Schwarz Shopping Spree”

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  1. 51
    love Says:

    Reports say the employees were all swooning over Katie and Suri. The paps are too much I would say. This family needs privacy and deserves the fun and peace when they do their thing,quality bonding and errands.

  2. 52
    Jacky O Says:

    #44, don’t speak ill of the dead. katie is nothing like me. i don’t appreciate the insult.

  3. 53
    elaine Says:

    Tenho vergonha de ser voce

  4. 54
    mbtree Says:

    Suri CAN walk!!!

  5. 55
    eric Says:

    Tom is a very lucky man.


  6. 56
    usana Says:

    As much as I love Tom I think his amazing movie along with Brad Pitt might lose out the moviegoers to Bedtime Stories,Spirit and Marley and Me.

  7. 57
    defap Says:

    suri’s neck must be an inch longer after the spree. :D

  8. 58
    /// Says:

    suri’s adorable but too much of her is sickening. she used to be one interesting little girl but the constant exposure of her makes her boring.

  9. 59
    economy Says:

    I really wonna see All My Sons for Katie,Christian and Patrick but I need the plane ticket and play ticket which I cant afford.

    I have to buy gifts for families and family parties first.

  10. 60
    zk Says:

    Coatless in NYC during winter again I see…..

    Let’s hope those gifts are for charity…..given the recession we’re in, would be nice for that family to show support for someone other than themselves.

  11. 61
    boogie Says:

    ughhhh…Katie does NOT look anything like Jackie O! That is a big insult. The ONLY thing that “resembles” Jackie O is the big sunglasses Jackie O used to wear and that is it! Jackie O had taste, style, class, etc,,,

    Sadly, Katie has none of the above.

    and #46….you need to see a shrink FAST!

  12. 62
    Lorianne Says:

    In most pictures of Suri (that I’ve seen), it’s almost as though she is being told to NOT smile or laugh like a normal/happy child.

    Or maybe it depends on how much tension is put on the little string in her back. Pull lightly for smirk, pull a little harder for a semi-toothed grin, etc.

    Katie looks like she’s 53 years old these days.

  13. 63
    thanks jared Says:

    darling pix

  14. 64
    kit Says:

    Awww this is for charity Stockings for Care! see people

  15. 65
    who? Says:

    That dress is ugly Suri has own. Who makes those old lady clothes Suri wears, Katie?

  16. 66
    Glambabybumps Says:

    There are plenty of other celebrities with children that are much more interesting than these two!

  17. 67
    kara Says:

    I personally don’t dislike SURI, she is beautiful. I’m just tired of seeing her everywhere — why is she famous ? Why don’t JJ post pictures of other celebrity babies… because he is obsessed with her. Before, it was all for Brangelina, now it’s Suri time. I wonder what will happen tomorrow… maybe a new dress… how interesting… leave this child alone and live for once a normal life! I wonder how she will grow up… maybe a future ***** in need of attention

  18. 68

    Just love it when Suri tugs on Katie’s coat to get her attention!!!

    Too bad Suri wasn’t wearing a tartan green and red plaid dress with
    a red ribbon sash.. to go with her shoes.. What is sad is that the store
    isn’t even in the festive mood of christmas .. where are all the decorations.. The point is that Katie likes to promote stores and what
    they have there… The coke gummys the toys and what Suri wants to
    get Katie’s attention she just has to tug on her coat..

  19. 69
    dancer Says:

    Kate The Phony @ 12/08/2008 at 11:08 am

    You know–I thought the same thing about the paps. I’ve been in at that store and if Suri is standing where I think she is standing, then the pap is inside the store. Gee, I thought FAO Schwartz had a do not photograph policy.

  20. 70
    up yours.... Says:

    comeuppance @ 12/08/2008 at 12:34 pm

    Obsessed with Brad and Angelina? Afraid because they have nudged TomKat out of first place in the power couple category? And Angie is now the top actress?

    You know it is possible to like Brad and Angie and TomKat. And it is possible to like Brad and Angie and not like TomKat. I’ve never liked Tom Cruise. Never. Has nothing to do with Brad and Angie. I’ve always loved Nicole. Never could stand Katie. So why would I, or others who feel the same, suddenly decide to like TomKat because the two media/publicity hunting actors decided to get married? Just because you say so?

    If anything, since you believe bad karma is going to come back on us and whoever we do like–you are the one bad karma is going to go after. Since you are not doing unto others as you would have others do unto you.

  21. 71
    Michelle Says:

    Some people are this board are weird. Really, if you don’t like to read this post, simply DO NOT click it. There are many other posts you might be interested. If you can’t find it, then this site isn’t for you. Why would you bother to click on the post you don’t like and actually spent time to type how tire you were when you saw those Katie and Suri’s pictures? I’m for one would like to see them more and more. What a cutie, Suri!

  22. 72
    Elizabeth Says:

    Katie made the dress.

    She made all the bad ones, actually.

  23. 73
    Kayla Says:

    suri is really cute.

  24. 74
    Shawna Says:

    #48 & #60 – they are INSIDE a building! Why does she need to wear a coat inside the store? Look at picture #9 and #13 – see the jacket when they are OUTSIDE? Are you blind or just ignorant?

  25. 75
    my Chuck OH my Chuck Says:

    CUTE :D

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