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Bar Refaeli's Day at the Beach

Bar Refaeli's Day at the Beach

Bar Refaeli arrives on the red carpet at the Corona Beach Tour launch party held at Circus Space in London’s Hoxton Square on Tuesday night.

At the party, the Israeli beauty will walk the catwalk in Custo Barcelona fashions as Australian musician (and eco-activist) Xavier Rudd plays live music. This will all take place in a beautiful beach setting, complete with white sand, tikki bars, palm trees and swimsuit-clad servers.

Earlier in the day, Bar attended the photocall for this global initiative to raise awareness for the beach preservation movement. She wore Hurley fashions while posing with a surfboard in front of a beachy backdrop.

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  • jennifer

    Bar is really gorgeous!

  • who am i?

    Whoa, talk about a terrible dress! She looks awful!

  • jennifer

    seems that she change her hair color, it’s more darker now.

  • who am i?

    “arrives on the RED carpet”, Jared? Looks more like a BLUE carpet to me! LOL!

  • laura

    I just saw them interview her on the E Daily Top Ten and she sounded terrible. She talked like she was just rattling off a few rehersed lines about why she was there and trying to raise awareness for the cause. She sounded like she didn’t give two sh!ts about it.

  • me

    I saw that interview laura and you’re right – she sounded like an idiot. You could tell she did not care one bit about the charity. All this girl cares about is herself.

  • who am i?

    I saw the same interview laura and me and she didn’t seem that she had a clue, really. She seemed to be bored to death being there and like she couldn’t wait to get out of there.

  • jennifer

    who I am, I respec that you don’t like her and you don’t have to like, but I really don’t understand call this girl ugly, because I can’t look at her and don’t see a beautiful girl. In my opinion Bar’s really stunning.

  • ihb

    I don`t say she is ugly but I wouldn`t call her stunning especially in that dress. She is just boring and does not look like a model.

  • who am i?

    Read my comment again jennifer, where did i say UGLY? I said she looks awful in that dress, as in it doesn’t flatter her figure.

  • rOSE

    Love the shoes!!! I admit that she doesn’t come across as the brightest bulb in interviews, but with a face and body like that, she gets away with it

  • Jaredsucks

    Bar is a total bimbo who always sounds like an idiot. In every interview I’ve seen with Bar she hasn’t a clue about anything. She’s a self-centered stuck-up stupid tramp.

    I’m glad that no one here believes that Bar is pregnant. It makes me feel better. Kat; I didn’t read that Bar was pregnant anywhere it was just my observation. She would get pregnant on purpose even if it meant ruining her career to trap Leo. Bar is an idiot! I also want to know what website Jennifer is talking about.

    Kat; The story about Leo and the brunette was in the December 8th issue of the National Enquirer. It was a small blurb but the heading was something like “Bye Bar.” I wish!

    I have to admit that the nightclub sightings are not really believable. I’ve never heard of the “Pop Republic” site before but I thought they were legit. Maybe it was a girl who resembled Bar. Another site said Leo was in a club with friends on the same night but didn’t mention Bar. Villa was also mentioned but the paps are always outside especially on Saturday nights and it seems strange that no one got a picture of Leo’s car arriving and leaving.

    Who am I; Thanks for the link of Bar pictured acting like a total biotch but we all know that’s what she is. Bar probably didn’t like the British media asking her questions about Leo and maybe they asked her about his little rendevous with the “four leggy beauties” whom he met at a club last month and invited over to his hotel room. The American media kisses Bar’s ass so I’m glad if that’s not the case with the British media.

    Kate; Great link! That lady already resembles Bar. LOL!

    French; Ignore the idiot. You’re great and your English is fine. Nikki is the stupid one. Any fan of Bar is mentally deficient. The girl is a stupid, spoiled tramp. Just ask anyone in Israel. They all hate here there because Bar thinks she’s too good to live there or serve in the army. The funny thing is that there are tons of prettier Israeli girls than Bar but they’re not having sex with a world-wide famous Hollywood actor. Bar is an immoral evil biotch just like her fans,

  • lalalove

    She gorg!
    Nice legs! A bit thick, but nice!

  • Lance

    Wow the Israelite beauty is super. Hope to see her in a movie

  • whatever

    You people who do not think she is a very pretty woman are totally blind! She looks like a mix between Jen Aniston And Gisele Bundunchen (?) excepty way more pretty! ANd I love that dress and the fact she is not a stick tin model, she actually has a womans body. Good for her.

  • Mike

    well, well, well….. don’t we have here the same old bunch of pathetic losers (coming under different names) also Gisele Bundchen adorators who spent energy and time bashing the same beautiful successful model who is still dating Gisele’s ex-on-and-off man!! How degrading!

    Thanks JustJared for these splendid pictures of a healthy, happy woman promoting something very worthy! I LOVE BAR REFAELI!

  • whatever

    Oh and there are light skined, light eyed, ligth haired women in Israel….that are 100% of Israelite heritage????

  • whatever

    Oh and there are light skin, light eye, light haired women that are from Israel…that are of 100% true Israelite herritage????

  • steph

    i love her!

  • just a girl

    who is this girl and why do we care? you think she’s the only one Leo is with? what has she done? not even a big fashion campaign…just another pretty face…who really cares?

  • french

    #12 : im agree with you

  • french

    she is not a star , why talk you about her? we dont care

  • fans in wonderland

    I think she is pretty, not stunning though, especially not if she keeps choosing awful dresses that don’t flatter her at all. She looks more like white trash to be honest… rich white trash that is

  • Jaredsucks

    Oh here’s Mike again whose probably related to Bar because only her relatives like her. I don’t care about Leo or Gisele I just can’t stand a phony biotch like Bar. The only losers here are idiot twits like Mike who worship a stupid, tramp like Bar.

    I’m in college and have a good job and don’t need to spread my legs to get jobs like Bar does. If it weren’t for Leo Bar wouldn’t get any attention and even she knows it.

  • Jaredsucks

    Whatever; Another idiot! There are many blonde, blue-eyed women from Israeli who are 100% Jewish. Please get out of your basement and see the world you ignorant fool!

  • TALI

    I love bar refaeli she is gorgeous and a healthy women.
    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

  • Liza

    So pretty.

  • j crew

    I dont think Bar will be a model for very long if she keeps eating that ‘candy’ …she can always model for the big clothing line though.

  • french

    #28 : bar was never a model, everybody believes that it is because she makes some pics for brand not very known but several models make many more pics and for famous brand , for me it is just a (little) pretty girl who plays her diva because she believes that when she was Leo Dicaprio’s girlfriend she is a very good model, this girl is pathetic , In some months, one are no more going to speak about her (Magazines never have really to speak about her has by when she was with Leo)

  • llk

    plain Jane

  • me

    To me, there are a lot of other girls out there much more deserving of our attention and respect….shame Jared won’t post on them because their not sleeping with Leonardo Dicaprio.

  • who am i?

    whatever: you are so ignorant I can’t believe it! Have you ever been to Israel or met any Israelis?? Of course there are blonde haired/blue eyed Isreaelis! JaredSucks said it right, get out of your basement and educate yourself!!!

    Me, you are totally right – the only reason that anyone pays any attention to this fame whore is because she is riding Leo’s rocket. There are so many more beautiful Israeli girls that get no attention outside of Israel, but are much more deserving than her. Too bad they didn’t manage to catch some famous american’s eye to advance their careers!!!

  • move the crowd like moses

    i think for once she looks good, i usually think she has an ugly face but ehh she looks pretty nice here

  • blah

    i didn’t hear any rumors about them breaking up.

  • blah

    where did you guys hear about the break up?

  • blah

    Bar and Leo were seen recently. They were browsing flat- screen TVs.

  • kate

    #36 : where is pics? it is strange There are never pics of them

  • bar rafaeli

    Oh and there are light skined, light eyed, ligth haired women in Israel….that are 100% of Israelite heritage

  • :)

    wow she` prettyyyyyyyy
    #25 im so agree with you