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Jessica Alba is Airbrushed Thinner

Jessica Alba is Airbrushed Thinner
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    I like the “non-airbrushed” photo myself. Keep it natural Jessica!

  • ak

    the hottest girl in hollywood

  • Megan

    So not even Jessica Alba is hot enough to pull off looking as hot as Jessica Alba without a lot of photoshop.
    Crazy world we live in!

  • rd

    That’s about 10-15 pounds they took off for her.

  • ashleyrose

    That photoshopped one makes her look like an angry bratz doll, she’s much more beautiful in the first one.

  • Nadia

    Is that first picture supposed to humiliate Jessica?
    Is there one single person that thinks the photoshopped picture looks better? When i first saw it, i thought she looked not ugly but not as pretty as usual! Glad she’s still beautiful!!!!
    Enough with skinny girls!!!!!

  • wow

    Photoshopping to me is waaaaayyyyyy out of control now. I can understand taking care of a few blotches on the face (like they did before vaniy took a rise) but now they alter the photos to the point it don’t even look like the person anymore. It also sends a false message of how a body really looks. The first picture was perfect and did not need anything done to it. They took an already beautiful photo and ruined it.

  • Leeaahhh

    Omg You Lot Are Bare Stuck Up! She’s Gorgeous Either Way.

  • french

    jessica is always ho and wonderful

  • french

    jessica is always hot and wonderful

  • jonhar

    great photoshop work!


    Jingle all the way, to the photo-shopped bank….You can’t even take the pictures seriously anymore….Why not just use a drawing and that way, the artist can have free reign to make it all perfect…Why stop at the waistline ?………..
    Kate Hudson planning on ” cutting back “…..yeah, RIGHT !!!!!…BBBBAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA………. I’m sure her family will wear or use her little ole ” hand knit items “……They can stuff them in a drawer while packing for their ” Christmas ski trip “….Must be nice, to go to Colorado and ski for the Holidays…Last year, Jared had pictures of them shopping and eating on Christmas Eve, ( Goldie and Kate had many shopping bags ), while wearing their ski parka’s and furry boots and hats….THEN, Jared and other sites showed them ringing in the new year at the same place…..That is NOT a cheap vacation, in my book…You’re talking almost 2 weeks at a ski resort….WOW, I would like to cut back like that….

  • Mr. d

    No gilding the lily is necessary with Jessica Alba! She was and always will be muy pulchritidinous!

  • LuckyL

    Lol, dumb bit**

  • John

    Yeah, enough with skinny girls–bring on the fat chicks!!! (for someone else, that is).

  • maxipad

    i like both photos
    honestly the 1st photo would have been good but her boobs look kinda funny there
    doesnt matter i love jessica anyway =D

  • WakeUPeople

    They are TWO DIFFERENT pictures, look at the position of her head and the length of her shorts on her left leg. PS: plus all pictures in the mags are airbrushed, nothing new. I think she looks better in the left picture :)

  • Jaye

    Where do they get these clowns working for the mags. Alba is pretty all on her own. Even if she weren’t photo-shopping the hell out of someone’s picture isn’t a compliment. The arm on the photo-shopped picture looks deformed.

  • graphics artist

    I think the first woman is not Jessica Alba

  • Indigo

    everyone is mocking Kate Hudson for acknowledging the economy but everyone was tearing Gwyneth a new one for ignoring it when she discussed expensive Xmas gifts…make up your mind!

  • brit shit

    is she a model now

  • anna marie

    Um, the non-airbrushed photo looks wayyyy better than the airbrushed one. Why do they do this?

  • kite

    Jess is already charming with the un-photoshopped one. She looks like an angel. But look at the 2nd pic, is it human ? ;)) lmao

  • soph

    # 6: “enough with skinny girls”? that’s a damn rude thing to say. there’s a big difference between unhealthy skinny and skinny. so shut up!

  • Katherine

    Emily Blunt, not Emma.

    Sorry. Just sayin’.