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Katie Holmes is Working Hard

Katie Holmes is Working Hard

A slightly sleepy-looking Katie Holmes clutches her phone and keeps warm in a nubbly grey fabric coat while heading out of her New York City apartment early Monday morning.

The 29-year-old actress has been keeping busy performing in the Broadway play All My Sons and caring for adorable daughter Suri.

Also spotted on his way to Toronto (to promote his new film Valkyrie) was husband Tom Cruise looking pretty energetic and wearing shades to hide any dark circles he may have had under his eyes.

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katie tom tired 01
katie tom tired 02
katie tom tired 03
katie tom tired 04
katie tom tired 05
katie tom tired 06
katie tom tired 07

Credit: Hector Vallenilla; Photos: PacificCoastNews
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  • zoe

    whats with all those rings? seriously not a pleasant set of photos. she looks incredibly worn out. the coat doesnt help either.

  • jimmy

    WTF! She looks haggard & old!

    Oh well, her beloved Tom Cruise is pimping his movie in Toronto, Canada.

  • melinda2009

    What has happened to Katie Holmes? Shes aged incredibly in the past few months its sad

  • g

    I really hate all you HATERS sometimes. The woman is in a play that is on everyday with two performances a day she has a young child… try doing that people complain that they hate it when people cover up their face with too much makeup I like Katie she works hard for her craft and I saw the play it was brilliant

  • OMG

    I am sorry I find the title of the post funny. Because if walking out a building into a nearby car, is work then I should be rich as well. I know she was most likely coming out of work , but enough with the Katie posts. I do not hate Katie or Tom, but there are only so many photos you can see of “what is Katie and Suri wearing or shopping for today?”

  • Jill

    Something is wrong with her. She looks haunted.

  • Wanderer

    O’k! This is it. The only way JJ will stop posting about this family is for people to stop reading about them. So, I quit. I will not ever read or post about them again. Please join in this boycott and just Stop! Enough!

  • uh oh…

    Jill @ 12/09/2008 at 8:24 am

    Something is wrong with her. She looks haunted.

    I agree. In fact, the way she looks in these pics, she wouldn’t look too out of place in a mental institution.

  • ‘KATE’


  • NativeNYker

    how many more boring sets of katie walkin out of her apt will we have to endure? i think if folks stop shooting her walking out the apt she will do something more interesting… LOL.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • ‘KATE’
  • bonnie

    she’s running out of energy because she’s trying to stay as thin as posh but you can’t eat that little and perform in a play every day…

  • jeez!

    She looks (at least) about 45 years old here!

  • arlene

    no mas fotos de tom and katie por favor

  • arlene

    no mas fotos de tom and katie por favor

  • mju8

    Whoa she looks like a senior citizen lol!

  • Jess

    I honest to god don’t think she could look any worse. I remember seeing her on TV saying it was her “dream” to marry Tom Cruise. Now I bet shes regretting even thinking that. Just look at her!!

  • hitler tickets for sale

    why is she wearing her grandmother’scoat? why is he wearing girl’s sunglasses? well, I know the answer to the second question.
    BOYCOTT the nazi movie.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    did your lɛsbian psycho infatuation cross over to ‘kate’?!? now you want ‘kate’s’ and jolie’s furry-burger? LOL little stalking slore you.
    ‘kate’ is what us blacks call a – Hustler. of course she looks a tiny bit tired… hustlers don’t sleep until they’re dead.

  • dido

    god bless Cruises

  • isabella

    it must be annoying to be photgraphed every time she leaves her apartment

  • eliza

    It looks as though the life is being drained out of her right now, and Tom is just his chipper self merrily going on his way.
    She needs a long vacation after the run of the play in January. Hopefully she’ll be able to recover some of her sparkle and vitality.

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    Katie has her priorities in the right order.

  • Sick of Katie & Suri

    God, another post of Katie Holmes….. BIG SURPRISE!!!

  • ice

    to G who calls everyone not a fan of katie holmes “haters”: Stop whining about her “tough” life. She has a much easier life now than 99% of Americans. She is not the only person on earth who has to juggle work and child. Moreover, she has the kind of help normal people do not enjoy. You think she does not have an assistant/chef/nanny/driver etc?

  • Not sick of Katie Holmes

    Geez! I agree with #4 g. She’s doing a play, she’s tired, she looks tired. What’s the rocket science behind that?

    And I take this opportunity to thank everyone who is sick of Katie Holmes and who take their time to write a comment. Even a hateful one. Because, by doing so, you all help to make these threads very popular. That’s why JJ keeps posting them. And making people who are not sick of Katie Holmes very happy.

  • gloria

    She is one BORING and unattractive person! They showed some separate interviews with her and Tom the other day on either Access Hollywood or ET and she is so immature. I don’t see all the hype about her at all!

  • http://google toni

    Katie looks very mature, she remind me of Princess D.

  • ivermom

    She does look tired but not aged, IMO. She is naturally beautiful

  • Miapocca

    g..everyday mothers care for their children..yes, plural…hold down a career adn make dinner and plan activities for thier kids…

    This lazy shopaholic had to read her lines , same thing everyday and HAS HELP with a truckload of bodyguards doing makeup hair etc..SHE HAS NO EXCUSE


    Katie DOES just looks tired and sleepy, that’s all……YES, New York has worn her down, BUT, at least she is continuing on with the play….There is NO way I could do that many performances, and still look great every day, plus have any energy left for anyone…..
    She isn’t wearing any make-up, because ” the theatre people “, will do that for her….SO, why bother, when someone will just wipe it off?………That is hard on the skin, as many of you in the business can relate …..Why don’t we cut Katie a break for the upcoming year, and try to be a little more kinder and understanding…..I would HATE to be in the public eye like that, 24/7……and bashed on everytime I wore ( or didn’t wear ) something…..

  • Miapocca

    Princess D is not kate, and kate will never be close to a princess anyway, she lacks grace and taste!! Princess D was also a very immature woman ..She wanted to be princess and she found out the price was too high…money is not all that..and even in her case she had position asn come power ahahhahahah

  • mel

    You people are so opinionated. What’s with the judgemental remarks and negativity focused on Katie and Tom? You complain that you are sick of reading about them, so stop reading about them!

  • TI

    toni @ 12/09/2008 at 10:45 am Katie looks very mature,

    now dat is an INSULT

  • boogie

    ummm…I think that Katie looks like a homeless woman right now in that photo! A pauper!

    She’s tired because of the play, etc..?? Well, she is the one that chose to act in a play. I’m sure she has loads of help to do what other “normal” people do in their everyday lives.

    I think she is also tired because she has a difficult tot to raise not to mention dealing with Tommyboy. What I mean by difficult tot- it’s not Suri’s fault…….its the parents lack of proper raising of Suri…most likley Katie because its very obvious from many sources she is not prepared to raise a child normally.

    But- that is her bed to sleep in. She got pregnant and married him.

  • rem

    to all d fools complaining about pple bashing KH e.g. G & VICTORIA, the fact is she does nothing except showing up at the theatre for a very MINIATURE ROLE, she’s got nannies, chefs, an assistant(s) with countless drivers fanks to the very PRVILEDGED life offered to her by TC and b4 you start going off, NIC was 27yrs old with two kids when she came to WESTEND and immediately after dat she headed to BROADWAY plus she had the LEADING ROLE in dat play, there was never a picture of her looking PALE & TRAGIC like dis 30yr old with one child and a supporting role n definitely not heading to the WESTEND (money buys BRAODWAY but u’ve got to have talent to make it to WESTEND)….. now tell me who is the STRONG WOMAN??????

  • aiden

    You’d look ugly and tired too if you had an extremely controlling and spoiled brat to put up with. But, she has no one t o blame but herself she’s the one that wanted the money, so she got it, but with a HUGE price.

  • bella

    Do you think she is pregnant? Could she have frozen JJ’s sperm? Who knows, she looks really bad or has some heavy duty morning sickness.

  • avionne


  • Princess di is rolling

    toni @ 12/09/2008 at 10:45 am

    Princess Di is rolling with laughter. This hag looks like the Princess. Hahahahaha. Diana never ever looked like this. She, no matter what was going on in her life, always dressed with style, elegance and grace.

    This person looks haggard.

    And for those of you complaining about those of us complaining about her looks. Princess diana, Jackie 0, Hepburn –all worked a hell of a lot harder than Katie does. Princess Di and Jackie O had a 24/7 job. Katie as she has said–doesn’t work during the day. Just at night or during the matinee. So she should have plenty of time to rest.

  • “Crazy” cruise fan in CT

    I agree with “g” and the others that supported those comments. For those of you who can only be negative – why don’t you just stop coming to these sites to look at the pictures?! It’s not like you don’t know who’ll be in them beforehand. If you don’t like it, don’t check them out. The rest of us will keep coming – THANKS TO JUST JARED for continuing to share them!

  • non-cruise fan

    “Crazy” cruise fan in CT @ 12/09/2008 at 12:38

    Many of us have been reading Jared for years and check him several times a day because he updates his blog much more regularly than most of the bloggers out there.
    So we are basically tired of opening his site and being greeted with these fame seeking idiots.
    As many have pointed out. There are ways around NYC that are known to actors, politicians etc. where you can avoid the paps. Tom, who has said he is living with Katie, has managed to do this on a daily basis. These folks seek attention. Jared gives it to them. Those of us who support Jared’s site, but don’t support the Cruises are in a “I want to vomit” mode every time we see these idiots.
    And we have as much right to comment as others who support them do. Read the Aniston, Kidman, or Brangelina threads for true meanness. The comments here are tame in comparison. And the comments on the Aniston, Kidman, Brangelina threads are kind compared to comments on other blogger threads like Perez Hilton, DListed, Female 1st etc. Those comments are truly cruel. Most of the folks on this thread just mention they don’t like her or him or the baby. Or they don’t like what they are wearing. Or they are publicity who*res. These are not what I’d term cruel comments. Comments on Brangelina can encompass death, dismemberment, disease, towards the kids and the couple. Aniston comments are cruel. Kidman comments are cruel.
    So as long as Jared keeps posting these folks, he’ll continue to get all kinds of comments–good, bad, negative, positive.
    So live iwth it honey. And if you don’t like it, then skip over the comments and just post your own.

  • Sick of Katie & Suri

    In reponse to #41
    “Crazy” cruise fan in CT, why should we have to stop coming to these sites just because some of us don’t care to see posts of Katie Holmes or Suri Cruise, every 15 minutes. Just Jared is a great source to see photos of all celebrities and it WOULD be nice if some of us could come and check out our favorite celebrities without having Katie or Suri shoved down our throats all the time. As far as I know, nobody has said any hateful things about either of them, nor that we hate them, we are just tired of seeing them CONSTANTLY!!!!!!!!

  • erica

    What are those great big, giant pouches under her eyes???!!!

  • zzzz

    Katie is looking worse than ever here, like a depressed, mentally ill homeless person. There is definetely something wrong with her. She should not be “exhausted”. She works part-time, and has a full staff of servants to take care of everything else for her. When was the last time you saw her grocery-shopping, driving a car, hailing a cab in the rain, waiting in line at the P.O.,running into the pharmacy for something? The play is not that grueling. She already knows her lines and is well-rehearsed-she shows up for a few hours at work. And one kid with all that help is really not a big deal, especiallly when she can get away for “me-time” (the play) for a breather.

  • breakdown

    She looks as worn out as Britney before she was taken away to the hospital. It’s a shocking contrast to the Katie acting happy and radiant in the PR video a few days ago.

  • bella

    One thing about TC he is always smiling and energetic no matter what is happening in his life. He marries these women, controls them,makes them stars (if they have talent as Nicole) and to his liking, they rebel, he gets tired of them, they cheat on him, he divorces them and takes the kids. Story of his life and he remains totally loyal to Scientology, his mom, sisters and Anne Archer’s son, that will never change.

  • LuckyL

    GOD, she looks more and more haggard every moment I see her

  • LuckyL

    One child, one job prospect at this moment and she’s THIS run-down? Tommy boy and those Scientology classes must be taking a toll on her.

  • LuckyL