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Lauren London Goes 90210 Bisexual

Lauren London Goes 90210 Bisexual

90210 star Lauren London, aka cheerleader Christina Worthy, goes gay in an upcoming episode of the hit CW show, reports TV Guide.

When 90210 returns with new episodes on Jan. 6, Christina gets a girlfriend. Her character is described as being bisexual as in the Nov. 18 episode, Christina flirted with Dixon (Tristan Wilds) during the Spirit Dinner and then again at the lacrosse game.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of this new development in the 90210 storyline?

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  • julien

    A bisexual black woman is a rarity on TV…good move I think!!!

  • aliceson

    notice how the new trend is to make a character bi-sexual. that way if fans don’t like the gay story line they can always go back to the straight story line.

  • jessica

    you’re so right aliceson

  • Anna

    I think its stupid.

  • wish

    I guess its ok if its done in a nice way.

  • Frida

    absolutely aliceson, that’s a bit pathetic. Just go all out and have a totally gay character already. It’s really not that controversial.

  • T

    i can’t wait for a time when whether someone likes boys or girls isn’t even worth mentioning

  • lexi

    ratings ploy. it’s not like i have a problem with having a black bisexual (progress people!). but having a hot cheerleader go gay, is first of all very not possible in reality (unless she wants attention). I’d like to see how they go about with this story line. Because I don’t think they’ll do a good job at it. (look at Marissa going gay on the OC).

  • Marissa

    I like it no one expected it. Christina’s turn to rock it on camera.

  • lene

    I watch 90210. But, COME ON! Stop with all the newbies, and focus on the MAIN CHARACTERS! They’ve barly had any buildup. The cast is full enough already.

  • Jane

    I think its stupid. they are just trying to make this the norm. It’s not the norm.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    lauren london on justjared?! LOL did i accidentally go on ybf..? LOL

  • L

    In some ways, I am really happy that she gets a girlfriend because hopefully she won’t cause too much (or any) trouble between Dixon and Silver who are my favourite couple!!! But then again, I don’t want them to casually make her bi. Handle it with a bit more thought. But I also don’t want them to take up an entire episode because I want to know what Sean is up to!!! And Adrianna’s whole rumoured pregnancy thing as well. Ahh! I need 90210 now!!

  • kl

    I dont understand why every TV show HAS to have a gay character. Not every show has an asian character, or hispanic character…I think its ridiculous. I don’t know a single person that is gay personally so I think its totally unrealistic that every show has a token gay person.

  • LuckyL

    You’re wording is offensive Jared *rolls eyes* “Goes gay”?

  • Frida

    kl #14: well maybe every tv show SHOULD have a gay character to tell the world that it’s actually very normal. it certainly seems like the world needs it. And it would be good role models for teens who are gay.

  • Rita

    Frida#16 Well then if we are all about eqaulity here, we need to make sure that we have a homosexual male, female, transgender, bisexual, heterosexual male, female, asian, hispanic, american….the list goes on and on. To say that EVERY show needs a homosexual character is a joke. Just like saying EVERY show needs a white character or black character.

  • marisa

    WOW- producers this is just too much and totally ridiculous, not to mention uncalled for. i might stop watching the show if this happens. producers need to stop trying to come up with weird things just to get more viewers for a week and come up with more interesting things on the main characters!

  • OMG

    Well said comment #18

  • Greg

    What about Navid? I thought he was supposed to be the gay character. Everything about him was so gay. I was looking forward to him getting a boyfriend.

  • ollie

    this is stupid. i rolled my eyes when i read this “news”. so we can get a gay character but we can’t have an oriental asian character, its california after all. wtf

  • Erica

    Why can’t people just be straight? This is just a ploy to heighten ratings.


    90210 is a stupid show period.

  • yaaaaaaaaaa

    lene @ 12/09/2008 at 4:14 pm I watch 90210. But, COME ON! Stop with all the newbies, and focus on the MAIN CHARACTERS! They’ve barly had any buildup. The cast is full enough already.

    absolutely. i still don’t know much about the main characters. wat a season or two to introduce new characters/story lines. you introduce the main cast in the first season.

    and ugggh. i too want to know about sean!

  • Suzanne

    Didn’t know she would still be in the show.

  • kris

    i dont like lauren london and i think she can’t act worth anything. and for her to take a role as a bisexual is not good to me. i dont liek the idea of that at all.

  • Toni

    number 12 i was thinking the same thing

  • The Tenant

    Wait wait wait wait

    Lauren London is on 90210??? I’ve been missing out

  • whatever

    Boo!!!! Just another way for Hollywood to get its revenge about Prop 8. I’m so over it!

  • bhDANNY

    i’M SORRY. This is so pathetic. I went to Beverly hills high school, and the way they portray us is SO WRONG!
    First of all, my school is full of Persian people, people like the Navid character.
    2nd. Okay, some people are gay, but does every character on every show have to be gay now? wtf?
    And just to let everyone know.. sports wasnt even a big deal at Beverly… no one drives a lambourghini or bentley! NO ONE!
    and i dont even know anything about the characters?? They just keep introducting new lame ass people… for example, annie (shenae grimes) boyfriend from kansas?? like where the fuccccckk did he come from?? that was the stupidest thing when Naomi flew him in for Annies birthday…
    i dont know.. i think the show is so lame, but i watch it cuz its based on where i live and where i went to high school..
    If producers want to write a good script of ideal teenagers at Beverly High, they should do some research and realize that what they are writing is COMPLETELY WRONG!

    Jared, i love you tho. Great Site. I visit it a million times a day.

  • A black person

    #12 and # 27. please elaborate on your racist comments…just jared reports on pop culture…90210 a suitable subject for this site and the same goes for Lauren London who is a recurring guest star on 90210…and, as if, it should matter, her father is white…so please share with all of us, why “The YBF” comment?


    what PEOPLE STILL WATCH 90210?????????????????????????????????????


  • Marissa

    I’m but I like 90210, and it’s about time we see a confused character, it’s called Bi-Curious it goes on in the real world, nice to see Lauren playing Christina is going to dip herself in this role. She will have a girlfriend and supposively be conflicted w/ feelings for Dixon. BTW I have to add Dixon is definitely a cutie worth conflicting for.

  • bianca

    my dreams have come true!

    i LOVE Lauren London!

  • desiree

    its a good move though. but 90210 is not much of a show for this case is like they are trying too hard to get ratings and stuff

  • meanpeoplesuck

    @ #12 & 27…What is the big deal about Jared talking about Lauren London? Should “white” sites only report on white celebrities then? You silly people really need a life.

  • Eddie Jones

    good, nobody knows who she is, maybe this will get her onto justjared

  • jenni e

    lmao at #12 i love ybf tho!!

  • jenni e

    i am a black. .and i don’t feel like the comments where racist at all..i know that no one asked for my input but it’s just rare to see someone that’s african american on this blog just as to say it would be rare to see someone white on i thought it was funny, you may be taking it the wrong way

  • my opinion

    I LOVE IT!

  • lierina


  • http://justjared crystal

    this is not like lauren london because they said she is ingaged 2 lil wayne SO WHICH 1 IS IT GAY OR INGAGED????

  • J1a9n8i6e

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    To be honest, I loveeeeeeeeee lesbian drama series… they should make Naomi goes gay with ummmm…Silver? Or Adriana… that would be HOT! Yum! Yum!

  • Brijae

    omg im so happy that they are adding a new thing to the show…shows arent that exciting when theres no drama… beside lauren is my big cuz and i think she does a great job!

  • Roboytto

    Kris, i thinkk lauren london is crazy hot and i do agree with comment 23, its a wack show but lauren london being added to the mix makes it slightly more interesting, or why else would we be talking about this, because we’re all going to keep watching to see what happens with her. Also(as i spaek the truth) another girl needed to be added. And because this is a dumb show, the producers made a great move putting another girl(A better lookin one anyway). Besides there needs to be at least one african american irl, bi or not. It just makes sense

  • anonymous

    Silver is super cute but Dixen and Christina should totally be together.
    they are so good together. and they both have so much in common. christina can fill that empty part of Dixen which he never had which is the black part of his life. he looked so happy at that bbq party.

    what i want to happen now is that i want Christina to tell DIxen that she is not a bi-sexual and that the only reason she lied is because she really is into him and she didnt want to look like a fool after he rejected her because of Silver ..

  • Jbrown

    Man lauren london is sexy as fuck .. i think this is the smartest move ever ..

  • Jbrown

    Man lauren london is sexy as fuck .. i think this is the smartest move ever .. thanks

  • lezzikey

    i think its awesome. i agree w/ aliceson though.
    its refreshing to see a black bi cheerleader.

  • Roboytto

    i agree wit Jbrown