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Matilda Ledger is a Tricycle Treasure

Matilda Ledger is a Tricycle Treasure

Matilda Ledger takes a spin around Brooklyn on her tricycle on Tuesday morning. Her mom, Michelle Williams, was MIA.

Michelle was recently interviewed by Parade:

Weren’t you ever afraid of being alone in Hollywood as a teenager? Hindsight. Isn’t it great? The risks of going into L.A. at such an early age are huge. At the time, I was invincible. I thought I was on top of the world. I didn’t realize what I was doing. But I wouldn’t trade any of those experiences for anything in the world. I am who I am because of them. I had a lot of growing up to do and it was slammed into a couple of short years. I did stupid, crazy things. But those stupid crazy things prepared me to deal with future.

What’s guiding you now? I think that, above all, it would be perseverance. I can’t really be objective, but the one thing that I’ve always had is an incredible amount of determination. And I guess it’s innate within everybody. It’s just a survival skill.

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matilda ledger tricycle 01
matilda ledger tricycle 02
matilda ledger tricycle 03
matilda ledger tricycle 04

Credit: Brian Prahl is the Man; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • mirta

    adorable kid!!!! Michelle is such a good mom!! :)

  • Belinda

    She is so sweet. At least we see her playing and having fun and not dressed in Sunday clothes working to fix parent’s image for a movie like Suri. Michelle is a great mom.

  • mimi

    Why do you have to turn this into a competition between Matilda and Suri??? I’ve seen plenty of photos of Suri smiling and playing. Michelle and katie are both great moms.

  • http://carrot carrot

    matilda really looks to have fun. good for her. :)

  • mango

    Actually, the first thing I thought about when I saw thic pic, was suri, because Mathilda is so much more like a normal, vivd kid, wearnig trousers and colourful clothes, and not acting like a little princess… I also like Suri, but the parents..ewww.sorry.

  • Big Mama

    Wow. That’s a happy, healthy beautiful little girl.

  • me

    Matilda is a cutie pie. Her nanny seems to be really nice. :)

  • juan

    She is soooooooo cute in that hat. :)

  • unknown

    Maltida and Suri are both living in New York.

    Maltilda is having so much fun and such a normal kid. Suri is always dressed in stuffy Sunday dress and not having fun.

  • Janelle

    Cute little Matilda. This little girl is always full of energyand smiles.Ilove both of her parents Michelle and Heath. :-(

  • MovieED

    HAs it ever occured to you that Suri might like wearing dresses? You people are FAR too involved in these kids lives.

  • Love Michelle


  • http://carrot carrot

    calling a a child ugly shows some class….but that would be expected from a lowlife cruise family sucker like you Infamous.

    matilda is beautiful.:)

  • rand

    she is SO cute. I love her and michelle.

  • Suzz

    She is defo having fun all the time, she must be such a character. :o)

  • Kitty Kat

    Now here’s a bright happy child.

    I love the way Michelle dresses her.

  • ivermom

    Michelle seems like a GREAT Mom! That little girl is precious.

  • Faty

    she’s a lovely little girl :D’

  • fantastique-michelle

    Matilda’s so cute. She looks like her dad. I love the way Michelle dress her daugther. (L)
    I love her !!!!!!!!! =D

  • Erica

    She looks like Heath.

  • sweetpea

    what a cute child. I am so happy to see her and Michelle is a great mom.

  • ruth

    she’s a sweetheart


    MIichelle should have been in Australia picking up the award for
    Heath Ledger… since Heaths entire family said that it was for

    Matilda is a lot like Suri they both like to smile and have fun…


    MICHELLE should of picked up the Australian award.. Since Heath’s
    family picked it up and dedicated to Matilda…

    That is the greatest bike ..It works for any weather…. And the handle is
    long enough to hold on too..And you can pull the handle off when the child is old enough to ride by themselves

  • Anon

    YOu see? This is exactly the thing that is so terribly wrong!!! It should totally be against the law for the paparrazzi to photograph the minor children of celebrities without parental permission. This little girl was out with her nanny!!! They had no business intruding or harrassing them.Look at nanny’s face. She is NOT happy. She looks very concerned. I hate that they are doing thiis. I hate it.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Right, #3.

    Acting like a little princess and not a regular kid, #5? What?

    Where do you get the crazy idea that Suri Cruise isn’t having fun, #9?

    Exactly, #12.

  • janel

    mom is a witch

  • model

    ITA Michelle is evil. I cant wait for her to sue more of her fans even this site.

  • laura

    She’s so cute.

  • Karlie

    Wow if only Heath gets to see how his baby girl is growing up so beautifully. May god bless her <3

  • Anon

    Heath gets to see her grow up. The sad thing is that Matilda will never know her father. He was a sweetheart. I don’t care for Michele. Even if the relationship was over, what’s up with her taking that kid to Sweden and not letting him be with his daughter over Christmas break. He had to go all the way to Australia to see his folks, because he couldn’t be with her! Michelle had Matilda with her and she wasn’t going to have him there. I think she had another boyfriend and it really hurt him. Not because of Michelle so much, but because of him not being with his own child and knowing that when Michelle got with another man, he would have to share Matilda. Nope. Do not like Michele. R.I.P. Heath! We love you! He was SO hot.

  • Rebecca

    Matilda you look just like your father! You are just adorable. You look just like everyother normal child. I love that you are not being carried in a designer dress with short sleeves and a blanket instead you have play clothes, hats, etc etc. riding a tricycle.

    I love that I dont see pics of you when it is 11PM at night at a foo foo restaurant. Only get to see you out and about during the day.

    Your dad would be so proud of how normal of a life you seem to have!

  • manda

    WOWOW, what a clearly spitting of the late Mr. Heath Ledger!!!!

  • manda

    spitting image****

  • Rochelle
    This makes me wanna cry :(

    Awwwww Matilda your the cutest thing. Your dad’s looking down at you don’t you worry little one.

  • angel hair

    i love these girls.

  • regina

    Love her!!
    She is such a happy girl!!
    Way different from that freaky Suri, always dressed up as a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liza

    what means MIA? Michelle Williams was MIA??

  • leane

    hey anon #31…

    get a life! you know for a fact that Michelle didn’t date any man during those times. It’s the other way around…

    RIP Heath but he was dating lots of gurls after their break up.

  • sandy

    i hate michelle along time ago, she hates her fans.

  • charley

    oh sandy, here have a tissue

    i think matilda’s the cutest thing ever and while i may be no fan of suri cruise, its silly to compare them. they’re just kiddies.

  • taylor

    Anon – took me awhile to decipher your comment because it made next to no sense, but apparently michelle is a horrible person because she had matilda with her while she was filming a movie? would you have preferred she stayed with heath while he popped pills in his apartment? its tragic yes, but no point playing the blame game. michelle is as much to blame as mahatma gandhi

  • wonderstar

    I’m confused – did Michelle move to upstate NY? I wonder why she still hangs out in Brooklyn sometimes. Maybe just until the home sells?

  • emma loves pattie :)

    haha those uggs xD
    Matilda is my favorite celeb offspring kid.

    she is amazing!

    Michelle is doing a great job at being a mother!
    Especially someone who is taking care of a kid that dad is dead.

    Heath was pretty much the best dad a kid could have even though he
    had a drug addiction.

    Matilda is smiles & joy!

  • Sadie

    Matilda rose ,perfect name for the child,Michelle is a good parent just loved her and Heath,they were perfect for each other i feel so sad ,my heart hurts for them all,God bless this family,little matilda will always remember her adored daddy,her mother will make sure of that!!!!!

  • Sadie

    Matilda rose ,perfect name for the child,Michelle is a good parent just loved her and Heath,they were perfect for each other i feel so sad ,my heart hurts for them all,God bless this family,little matilda will always remember her adored daddy,her mother will make sure of that!!!!!

  • http://justjared ashley

    She is adorable, she looks just like Heath.

  • Lilianetty

    When I see this pics of Matilda…I defenetly see Heath. Is creepy, realy. But that’s what I see when I see her. She is gonna look even more like him when she gets young. She looks adorable riding that.

  • Marissa Cortez ‘Emma’

    She looks so cute on those outfits. Very newyorker, XD She just look exacly as her father. I saw the other day a pic comparatin of her with her dad (when he was on those TV series called ROAR), and GOD I cannot believe my eyes. She is Heath, only that she’s a girl :)

    Defenetly your dad will take good care of you, but you will not see him…at least ur mom makes that vid she told an interview she will do, about getting all his famous things on a vid and showing them to u when u get a little more older. That is a good gift. You diserve it! BLESS THIS FAMILY and that LOVELY GIRL!