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Reed Kelly: Clay Aiken's New Boyfriend!

Reed Kelly: Clay Aiken's New Boyfriend!

American Idol alum Clay Aiken poses with a female friend and his rumored boyfriend, Broadway dancer Reed Kelly, at Rosie’s Gala at the Marriott Marquis last month in New York City.

“Everybody knows Reed as Clay‘s guy,” a Broadway insider tells Star. “Clay met him when he was doing Spamalot in early 2008, and that’s one of the reasons he came back to the show again.”

“It was obvious they were a couple,” a partygoer says of Clay and Reed, who is a member of the Wicked ensemble.

It’s rumored that the pair met through Clay‘s piano player, who also plays piano for Wicked.

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  • Mary

    Good luck guys!

  • WTF?

    What a mess his life is….


    AGREE ” MARY “…..I wish Clay the best…He has done well for himself since American Idol…….What is the problem hiding the girl’s face ?……Is she ashamed to be seen out in public with the guys, and have her picture associated with them ?…..JARED, WHO IS SHE ?

  • Angie

    What a cute couple!

  • rosebud

    Oh lordy—pass me the barf bag!!

  • NativeNYker

    ILL! ILL! ILL! and ILL!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Shana

    Good for you Clay! He’s a cutie!

  • Cookie

    They seem like a nice couple. If it is true (I tend not to believe gossip) may they be very happy.

  • Whocares

    I like Clay Aiken…but, I’m just not into him right now…JJ, give us some Zac Efron News!!!

  • Tom

    God idea!

    BTW, Zac Efron is gay too.

  • Tom

    Good idea! :)

  • Whocares

    I like Clay Aikens, I’m just not into him right now…Hey JJ, how about some Zac Efron News!

  • Whocares

    Zac, Gay…DOUBT IT! Just another beautiful face that has eyes and the looks to crave for.

  • Zat

    Reed is adorably cute. Clay is hideous. We sure know what Reed sees in him, though. $$$ and fame.

  • money can’t buy happiness

    Clay is a super nice, educated, intelligent and fun guy. He’s adorable and well loved by everyone who knows him.

  • roger

    Much happiness to both of them.

  • John

    Disgusting. Both of them.

  • Sherry

    Good for you, Clay! Wishing ou all the best, and don’t let the haters get you down.

  • missalice

    I respect Clay now that he came out. Wish them all good things. Boyfriend looks hot.

  • Anna

    Clay is getting laid! HOW AWESOMELY AWESOME! This made my week, it really did!

  • Jake

    I’ve been told, Everyone who works with Clay loves him. He’s a great guy with a great tallent and now has a great guy. Congratulations to both of them!!

  • Viki

    If this is true, then kudos to Clay and Reed! Nice couple!! Woot!

  • nausiated


  • zoey

    Cool. Cute couple.

  • Annie

    They make a nice couple! Clay is, by all accounts, a smart, funny, wondeful guy. I wish him and Reed all the happiness in the world. This is awesome news!

  • sam

    I’ve worked with Aiken briefly & he was incredibly sweet & friendly. With just about the most awesome sparkling green eyes I’ve ever seen. His boyfriend is cute & very lucky! If I didn’t have my own wonderful boytoy, I’d be jealous.

  • thankheaven

    I think it is wonderful that Clay found a soulmate,,and vice versa,,everyone deserves to be happy in this turbulent world,,more power to them,,,


    Cute couple!


    Cute couple!

  • http://justjarred anniekornut

    he is a great singer who cares who he dates

  • http://justjarred anniekornut

    he is a great singer who cares who he dates

  • lucy

    Too bad Clay spent years convincing the Claymates he was straight. Now they know and he has lost a lot of them. What’s the problem with honesty Clay?

  • lucyisabitch

    What’s the problem with minding your own business, Lucy? Every gay person has the right to come out on their own time schedule, not yours. Clay did it at a perfect time for him & his family & for exactly the right reasons. He hasn’t lost any fans who were really fans to begin with. Where’s your honesty? Why don’t you admit you’re just a hater who spends your life bashing Clay all over the net?

  • sidney

    Zac is a gay?
    Anyway, Clay and Reed are cute couple. ;)

  • tb

    GEESSSSSSSSSH! And we wonder what is wrong with our kids TODAY! ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR JUST PRAY..GOD LOVES YOU

  • dana

    Hardly any comments for a Clay Aiken story.
    I guess the Claymates don’t care that much anymore.

  • chicago

    I really adored Clay. He’s still a great singer but I have to admit that my fandom has faded quite a bit since he came out. I felt he mislead his fans to an extent and this image he portrayed just wasn’t true. I do wish him well and hope he continues to help needy children.

  • luvs it

    I absolutely love it … clay aiken has a boyfriend … and u can so tell… HES THE TOP.. I LOVE IT …THANK GOD… GO CLAY…

  • Lancebasslover

    eww he looks gross and fat..but congrats to him! and yeah he is a good singer. But I met Clay..on Spamalot last year, he was really nice but he seemed like he was in a bad mood

  • Eddie Jones

    Clay Aikens boyfriend is Adrian Rhodes

  • lizzie

    Clay used to be so cute and fun. Now he seems like a diva. He was nice and friendly at first, but I think fame went to his head. He isn’t so nice to his fans any more. Guess he got the money he wanted/needed and so it was “GOODBYE Claymates” He has little use for them now.
    He’s also gotten pretty puffy looking…again. He’s always had a jowly face and pot belly. Guess his new life style has done some of it. Plus…he doesn’t have that smile and sparkle he used to have. And he doesn’t tour or sing much either, so who cares what he is even doing now.
    What a waste of a good voice.

  • Iknowbullwheniseeit

    first he lies to everyone says he’s not gay then he admits he is then he claims he cam out of his closet for his son NO HE CAME OUT SO HE DIDN”T have to hide his boytoy if all the girls married girls and all the guys married guys then in a 100 years theres be no people

  • Greg

    Clay is the most incredible singer, who has been treated appallingly by the media. He deserves more respect, so what if he is gay, It is his life.

  • May

    I do not think Clay lied, I personally knew from the beginning he was gay, but like most fans, believed what I wanted to, I still wish he was straight but he is not. Do not blame Clay, for what you wanted to believe. He is a top singer, and that is all that counts in the long run. I hope he now gets the respect he deserves. He is one one of the best ever, in my book.

  • Rosemarie Squeri

    Lucy, you have a right to your opinion. A lot of fans were disillusioned when he came out, not because he is gay, but played “straight’ to his fans who really loved him. We have fought the media for years and have backed him in all his fights, supported and contributed to his causes, traveled and paid more money for his concerts and albums.
    TO: Lucyisabitch, Who cares what you thinks. You should apply the first sentence to yourself. Why do you ask her to admit she’s a hater. Compare the two comments and yours is the hateful one.
    I myself is no longer a Claymate after six years of devotion. It has nothing to do with his being gay and I approve of their devotion to the baby. I just don’t care for his music now. It seems he is going the way of Johnny Mathis whom I considered boring. Each of his songs seem to be unhappy and I miss his earlier music that was fun.

  • Kayla

    Everyone alive deserves to have love in their lives no matter who’s bed they put their shoes under. Clay Aiken is a phenominal performer and entertainer who has always put other before himself. It is about time he found love and acceptance . I am happy that he has a loving family , a close friend to mother his son , and a new man in his life to love. GOD BLESS YOU CLAY , JAYMES , PARKER & REED!

  • Kayla

    What surprises me is some of the comments from those that no longer support Clay. IMO that is sad. Clay is the same person for me that he was when he uttered his first not on AI 6 years ago….What is difficult is we live in a society that has to know everything about celebs 24/7 . This was truly Clay’s OWN business to reveal on his own terms when HE was ready and NOT when he was forced to by a segment of the ‘gay’ population appointing themselves as God. I have never known a gay person to come to terms with who he is right off the bat . It takes a lot of pain and soul searching . It shouldn’t , but it does because society is still not totally accepting of it all (and you can tell that by some of the homophobic comments stated here). We have made strides towards acceptance , but not near enough .

    Clay has done nothing to deserve some of the vitrialic hate spewed at him sometimes . He has worked tirelessly philenthropically for the betterment of others raising funds needed through his BUBEL/AIKEN foundation & UNICEF! His last Fundraising Gala managed to raise $500,000 in just one evening ……….now someone just all puffed up about himself would not do that IMO ! Clay is all about making a difference in the lives of others through his message of inclusion. There could not be a more selfless and dedicated individual!

    Clay is unique with a voice that comes along once in a lifetime . What is not commprehended is that old Clive & RCA want to put him in a “MANILOW”(esq) box . He is so very much more than that . His songs from his last CD “ON MY WAY HERE ” were phenominal and should be heard, but to do that he needs the backing of another lable that have the smarts enough to do that . His song “EVERTHING I DON’T NEED ” off that CD is a different side of Clay , kind of jazzy and away from the ballad -type. The song Clay wrote himself “LOVER ALL ALONE” is a breathtaking masterpiece that needs to be heard.

    Clay also was a HUGE success on Broadway stepping into a role previously occupied by a Toni-award-winner (David Hyde Pierce) and he did that with very little experience . He was even asked back for a second time. That is truly the mark of success.

    I am proud of Clay , that he has stood strong against the bullies when he was younger and now in showbusiness. I plan to support Clay for as long as he is around and still entertaining the socks off me !

  • crista

    Kayla= take a breath, it’s going to be fine.

    If Clay is happy, you should really relax and try to be too. I am sure the negative comments don’t get to him like you think they do. He seems smart enough to know that those who speak like that are just ignorant.

    Plus he has a hot boyfriend now that seems to make him happy. I would think he would be on top of the world right now with all the things he has going in his life. That’s “JMO”.

  • Dasha

    I am glad people are being supportive. Clay deserves to be happy and if that is with Reed Kelly then all the better. Clay is a lucky guy for so many reasons now!

  • December

    Clay must be on cloud nine right now at this time in his life. The “family” is growing larger all the time. Maybe 2009 will bring baby #2, who knows.