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Scott Ruffalo Dies at 39

Scott Ruffalo Dies at 39

Scott Ruffalo, the hairdresser brother of actor Mark Ruffalo, died last night after being shot in the head on Dec. 1 at the condo where he lives on North Palm Drive in Beverly Hills. [via TMZ]

Shaha Mishaal Adham, 26, a suspect in the attempted murder of Scott, turned herself into the Beverly Hills police department yesterday. Brian Scofield, 29, who was named a “person of interest” in the shooting, also turned himself in.

Our prayers and deepest condolences go out to the entire Ruffalo family and friends.

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  • Rachel

    This is so sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones.

  • SHelby

    Thats awful
    I’ll be praying for his family & friends

    God Bless

  • Caro

    OMG.. RIP Scott

  • Damien

    this is so sad…
    thoughts and prayers go to the family

  • Jules

    Condolences to the family.

  • si231

    Hopefully, he is in a better place now. RIP.

  • sweetie

    How sad! My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  • Mowgli

    my condolences goes out to his family…

  • Maria (Shorty)

    My prayers are with Mark and his family. Such a horrible thing for any family to go through. Just tragic!!

  • JACK


    “Our prayers and deepest condolences go out to the entire Ruffalo family and friends”

    More like, In this time of grief, Jared MUST exploit your brother’s death for money.

    Clicks and comments equal advertising money!

  • youve got mail

    A person by the name of TITS on D-Listed is organizing all of our little trolls on the Brad and Angie posts. “It” is on D-Listed right now being very nasty and anti-American about Mark Ruffalos brother having died.

    TITS is Devilgirl there and “it” talks to itself.

    TITS sounds like an evil terrorist with all of the Anti-American vitirol.

    These brothers are in my prayers and it makes me sick that something like those people on that site can be so nasty about human life!

    Look what they do to a good family on the Angie stories and now this innocent family too! Im sickened! I cant believe such evil people exist!

  • 2o0my

    My Condolences! =’[


    A very hard and painful time for the family, to be sure !!!!……I wish them some peace, and my prayers are with the entire family….What a waste for such a young and handsome man……Those responsible WILL be punished !!!!!……….To NUMBER # 11….Anyone ” trashing ” and ” bashing “, like TITS IS the devil…..Just goes to show you, that there are people like this sub-being, who prey on others heartache’s and find fault with everyone different from their perfect selves………Such EVIL DOES exist, ” youv’e got mail “, even on these sites…….
    Look at the evil some of these beings inflict on the children of celebrities…..AND, I bet most have children themselves…..I feel so sorry for these children…Being raised in so much hate and selfishness…..

  • youve got mail

    VICTORIA @ 12/09/2008 at 10:59 am

    ITA. I pray for the kids because they cant help themselves.
    Scotts child just lost a father.

  • Lynn

    RIP scott… My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family

  • ana

    ” Miss nyc, number # 13″ Gee, I bet your entire family can rely on you for all sorts of comfort and love, when a death takes a loved one. Or, do you actually love anything? How inconsiderate and sad you are.
    ” Victoria ” I side with your recent post. There are lots of evil people on this earth, and some are here on this site attacking kids right and left. How low do you have to be, to pick on children? Such low self esteem is abound, don’t you agree?…My prayers are with this grieving family right now. So sad, indeed !

  • Gracie

    This is such a tragedy. What a lovely young man :( R.I.P Scott.
    And miss_nyc, learn some respect you ignorant little troll.

  • miss_nyc @ tfs


  • K

    How sad. May he rest in peace and may the family find comfort during this tragic time.

  • abby

    I ,m so sorry for Mark and his family this should of never happened
    my prayers go out to them

  • Sofie

    OMG! That is just awful!!! Poor Mark and the rest of the Ruffalo family! I hope they catch whoever did this.

  • Rayt

    Stop feeding the troll people..

    Anyway this is so sad. My thoughts are with the family!

  • Peacemaker

    This is truly a sad situation people! Let’s stop fighting here ….

  • athena

    This is very sad news indeed. I know what it’s like to lose a brother to a senseless violent crime.
    My heart goes out to Mark Ruffalo and his family.
    May his brother be at peace.

  • a realist

    This is just terrible. My condolences to the Ruffalo family. Rip, Scott.

  • X

    gosh, i feel so sad for the whole family and mark….my condolences to all of them. it must be so hard, especially in Xmas time……

  • W

    He was a really nice guy…very energetic and funny…he will be missed

  • Vabira

    This is just terrible. My condolences to the Ruffalo family. Rip, Scott.

  • Vabira


  • bag

    I’m so sorry this happened to Mark’s brother.

  • Camille

    Sad news, died like that…

  • LuckyL

    Wow, that sucks. 2008 is full of Death

  • Lifeisavacation

    WOW! This is extremely creppy because I was just watching ‘We Don’t Live Here Anymore’ with Mark in it and now the sad news of his brother’s death. My prayers go out to the family.

  • Kim

    What a shame. I was just watching a mark ruffalo movie the other day. Why did his brother get shot in the head? Some kind of brawl or something?

  • Chris

    This is so sad. My condolences to the Rufalo family.
    Another senseless death WHY?

  • k

    this is so sad.
    yesterday, someone in my town was shot, too. he was only 16 i think. it was my cousin’s friend’s ex boyfriend.
    my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  • Emma

    Aww can’t believe he died! My thoughts are with his family!


    A horrible, tragic time to be sure. My deepest sympathies and prayers are with Mark and his family. God Bless Them.

  • marisa


  • L

    That is terrible!!!!

    To the Ruffalos – My deepest condolences. Be joined by the ones you love and who love you in this time of sadness.

  • awww =[

    damn thas messed up =[

    sry 2 hear that family get better =]

  • sksnk

    I got an idea, if someone is going to shoot you in the head, duck you idiot!

  • homer

    I have seen some of his brothers movies, they should have shot him in the head!

  • homer

    I have seen some of his brothers movies, they should have shot him in the head!

  • Rodney

    I was teammate’s with both of them on the wrestling……. i’m so sorry to hear this……… Mark FC is with you

  • Karlie

    This is too, too sad! God rest his soul

  • brie2009

    R.I.P. Scott =( , Prayers out to the family.

  • Myrthe&emily

    i feel sorry for his family and friends.
    esspecially for mark. </3

  • emma

    R.I.P Scott.

    Such sad news, my prayers go out to Mark and his family :(

  • Top Job

    @youve got mail:

    You are an idiot! TITS and Devilgirl ARE NOT the same person you blooming fool! God, ask for a brain next Christmas!