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Suri Cruise is White Coat Cute

Suri Cruise is White Coat Cute

Katie Holmes carries daughter Suri, 2, outside of their New York City apartment on a freezing Tuesday morning.

The mother-daughter duo, who wore matching silver shoes, headed to a party together. Katie was seen carrying a greeting card and a gift in one hand and holding hands with Suri in the other.

Katie recently sang praises of her husband, Tom Cruise. She told The Blade, “We are very much like most couples and we definitely bounce ideas off of each other. He’s incredibly supportive and I’m really appreciative of him being here and being so supportive of this play. I also love going with him on his films and supporting him through that. We definitely talk about everything together. That’s what partners do.”

15+ pictures inside of white coat cute Suri Cruise

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suri cruise white coat 01
suri cruise white coat 02
suri cruise white coat 03
suri cruise white coat 04
suri cruise white coat 05
suri cruise white coat 06
suri cruise white coat 07
suri cruise white coat 08
suri cruise white coat 09
suri cruise white coat 10
suri cruise white coat 11
suri cruise white coat 12
suri cruise white coat 13
suri cruise white coat 14
suri cruise white coat 15

Credit: James Ambler; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Janie

    They are a beautiful family! I wish them all of the happiness! I met both at Katie’s play, and they are such kind people! :)

  • non-TomKat fan

    Isn’t this the third thread today on these people?

    Jared have a heart.

  • Jen1

    So adorable. I agree too. They seem such a lovely, happy family.

  • Damien Omen

    Wow! Suri can certainly fire the evil eye! (picture 5)

  • galloway

    Ugh. Suri is adorable, but Katie is turning into Laura Bush, Jr.

  • Sick of Katie & Suri

    You know, it really seems like Just Jared really doesn’t read the comments that people write. So many people love to see and read about Katie and Suri, which is great, but there are those of us who are getting SICK and TIRED everytime we log on (which in my case is several times a day) having these two shoved down our throats. I am a huge Gerard Butler fan and all I have to say is, I wish I saw as many posts about him as there are about Katie and Suri!!
    Hey JJ, how about a balance for all or your loyal readers!!

  • Shawna

    #6 – Solution for you – get a life and stop logging on several times a day! Don’t you have a job or kids or something to occupy your time? That is seriously pathetic.

  • Anne

    Good grief, they finally got her into a coat!

  • Sick of Katie & Suri

    in response to #7
    Shawna…I have a solution for you, you know nothing about my life, and I see that you are on here too, so you must not have much of a life either… HA HA
    Besides, it is NONE of your business how many times I am online or what I say… your opinion is not everyones so why don’t YOU MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    … thank you jared. LOL
    …`keep`em coming.
    … suri’s the ;fly’est, freshest, most *swagtastic* celebrity child who ever lived.

  • Rude Gal

    #7-Shawna, you are the one that is rude!!… Everyone is entitled to post whatever their comment is, whether it be bad or good. It really is not your place to tell someone how many times they can log on or that their comment is pathetic….Geez, maybe your the one who needs to get a life…!!!

  • Galib

    Suri is so damn cute, I think she will grow up to be the new Miley Cyrus. She even looks somewhat like her, from the baby pics.

  • Famous in your dreams

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 12/09/2008 at 3:18 pm

    You are truly an f–g idiot. How cruel you are. YOu sit behind your anonymous screen name and make fun of all those other kids because you have a hard on for this kid.
    How truly pathetic you are. You are as low as it gets. Suri is no better or cuter than many of those kids you have decided to make fun of and denigrate.
    You are truly garbage.

  • Mary

    She is the cutest kid in Hollywood. Just adorable.

  • http://chattykathy poohbear

    Who talks like that, seriously. “We are supportive, appreciative, supportive, supporting , everything, together.” That’s basically what KatE (I have no personality) Holmes said. Blah, Blah, blah, face it lady, you walk around looking like a zombie half the time.

  • Sacha

    Calm down all of you Cruise family haters. There’s good news. You don’t have to look. You don’t have to see their movies or plays. You don’t have to even think about them.

  • xoxoxoxo

    Suri’s trying to take that coat off because she knows it’s too big for her. It must be uncomfortable to wear something ill-fitting like that.

    Katie’s black tights and silver shoes are a fashion disaster.

  • kit

    Re: Famous in your dreams @ 12/09/2008 at 3:21 pm

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 12/09/2008 at 3:18 pm

    You are truly an f–g idiot. How cruel you are. YOu sit behind your anonymous screen name and make fun of all those other kids because you have a hard on for this kid.
    How truly pathetic you are. You are as low as it gets. Suri is no better or cuter than many of those kids you have decided to make fun of and denigrate.
    You are truly garbage.



  • agatha

    i love this little cutie !

  • *


  • regina

    Can´t this woman carry her own bag?? The bodyguard looks ridiculous holding a purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ivermom

    That coat is adorable IMO

  • Jacky O

    the coat doesn’t fit!

  • ellie

    love that Suri, she a living doll!!

  • Jacky O

    galloway @ 12/09/2008 at 2:49 pm Ugh. Suri is adorable, but Katie is turning into Laura Bush, Jr.

    More like Barbara Bush Jr.

  • Elizabeth

    Suri’s white coat is the Scallop Placket Coat from Best & Company -
    I just bought it for my daughter – its adorable!



  • catgirk

    Suri’s white coat is from Best & Co. It’s available on-line at this link . . . it’s not cheap but it’s beautiful . . .

  • Naley

    Aww my wish came true more Suri and Katie pictures. She looks so cute.

  • maxipad

    always adoreable
    and she really looks like a doll, kinda freaky in a way…

  • mimi

    NATHALIE @ 17: That statement just showed just what an ugly person you are.

    Suri is such a cute kid! Adorable!

  • Big Mama

    Looks like they could get that beautiful child some clothes that fit.

  • http://google toni

    Suri is so cute, love her coat ,cute coat for a little girl.

  • Shawna

    Why is everyone saying her coat doesn’t fit? It is a full-length coat, it is supposed to look like that. Also Celebrity Babies said they were going to a toddler music class, not a party The gift might be a gift for the teacher.

  • jaye

    Suri is so cute, but she’s dressed like a old lady most of the time. Fashion is one thing, but they should just try letter her look like a kid, not a fashion statement. She looks like she’s trying to pull that coat off.

  • galloway

    Coat’s too big. Doesn’t fit at the shoulder or across the chest. Looks like it was hemmed and the sleeve length taken in. That’s why everyone is saying it doesn’t fit.

    But, so what. It’s kind of real world to buy a coat with ‘growing room’….like the rest of the mere mortals do for their children.

  • Jessie

    LOVE best and co!!! they’re clothes always remind me of Suri Cruise

  • boogie

    those sparkly silver shoes so do not go with her simple black skrt and white shirt. She’s combining casual with very dressy shoes that fit in more with a party dress of some kind.

    Where’s that personal shopper/assistant??

    I agree…the coat is kinda big on Suri. Probably a size too big. It’s also a $375 coat. Yikes…for a 2 year old!

  • Kara

    look at photo # 3 – Suri is trying to take off the coat! haha!

    Great they got her a coat. Now put on a hat and gloves dammit!

  • Big Mama

    Looking again at the photos, not only does the coat not fit, neither do the shoes or the tights. Maybe we need to start calling Katie “Aunt Bee” — from the Andy Griffith Show. Remember when she made Opie wear clothes that were too large in an effort to save money? Next thing you know, we’ll see Katie and Suri pulling a wagon loaded with a side of beef down a NYC street.

  • JesseJane

    Suri is adorable in the way that every toddler is adorable. I see no reason to slate a little child because her parents are a couple of nutcases. Having said that, her coat is too big. You would think with all their money, they could put her in clothing that fits properly. It’s her parents fault, not hers.

    Also, apparently Katie the fashion maven doesn’t know that one NEVER wears metallic shoes during the day. She looks like an ass. That woman can’t dress (or act) to save her pathetic little life. All she is is arm candy for a bigger celebrity to happens to be a complete arrogant, ignorant, obnoxious idiot.

    As for why I come here, watching Tomkat is like watching a train crash. You really dont want to see it, but you can’t take your eyes off them because they make such a spectacle of themselves. I too wish Jared would stop kissing their asses. He’s the only one who does it. Every other site seems to realize that very few people have any respect for them. They are tabloid staples these days. That’s about it. If it wasn’t for their daughter, no one would pay attention to them which is why they use her for publicity. I have zero respect for Cruise or Holmes and I wish Suri the best having two losers for parents.

  • http://google toni

    I think compare to other celebrities, Katie still look good without make up.

  • Naley

    Do you really think Tom or Katie care what you say about them.

    #42 I would still may attention to them even if Suri wasn’t around.

  • tom

    OKay — black nylons with silver shoes?? And why can’t Katie carry her own handbag? For goodness sake, it’s an over- the -shoulder handbag. I guess it puts too much of a burden on poor Katie’s feeble shoulders.

  • OMG


  • yo

    so fucking hollywood its annoying!!! smhhh balh finally she has a coat

  • jonhar

    Suri is so cute but she looks too small for this coat

  • jonhar

    Suri is so cute but she looks too small for this coat

  • boogie

    #42- I agree!

    another person mentioned she did not think TomKat cared what people here said on these threads…LOL

    I highly doubt Katie or Tom even comes here. LOL

    However…I really DO believe that TomKat DO care…but, would never mention it. lol

  • ella

    She is sure soooo cute. BUT, LOL! she will need a nose-job when she grows up. Everything about her is cute right now, including her nose,cuz, she is still babyish . . . but it is a thing to watch. When she becomes 18+ she will have a nose job.