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Tom Cruise to Spencer Pratt: Eloping Was A Mistake

Tom Cruise to Spencer Pratt: Eloping Was A Mistake

Tom Cruise made a special appearance on The Hill: Live After Show yesterday!

He had some sage advice for Spencer Pratt, who eloped in Mexico with Heidi Montag last month.

“If the girl wants the wedding, you gotta do the wedding,” Tom said. “It’s a special occasion, and she’ll remember it forever. Spencer, dude. You’ll realize this later.”

In response to Tom‘s advice about giving Heidi her big wedding, Spencer tells Us Weekly, “You all know how I feel about big weddings, but if Tom Cruise says so, it must be true. If Tom‘s the best man, we’ll have a big wedding!”

You can watch Tom‘s appearance on The Hills: Live After Show at (mark 13:45).

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  • Rayt

    Going on this was not a wise thing to do, Tom. Not at all.

  • Bre



    OH MY GOD…..So NOW we will have to endure ANOTHER silly wedding of Spidei……Just let it go, Spencer and move on…You already pissed off your relatives by shunning them the FIRST time, so don’t try and make up the sham, just because Tom said you screwed up…..
    And Tom, don’t be a best man !!!!!…DON’T ATTEND !!!!!… It will just be another costly mistake, and you can’t afford any more bad publicity………He should have never associated with Ken and Barbie to begin with……I thought he was smarter than that !!!!!!

  • jonhar
    third in line..not bad…

    haha.some wise advice from not so wise cute man here on Earth.

  • dee

    haha wtf is tom cruise doing messing with that ridiculous pathetic couple? and you can die waiting for him to be ur best man pratt.. i hope lol

  • Halli

    Tom Cruise is on PR damage control.

    He’s trying to get in with the ‘cool kids’ again. You know, those crazy youths who will not see Valkyrie.

  • rem

    my guess is this guy has no PA/PUBLICIST or he has but doesn’t listen to them, either that or TC & his PA/PUBLICISTS are a bunch of dickheads with no brain

  • Anna

    hahaha poor spancer, tom cruise has no idea who are you hahah

  • dancer

    Tom must be desperate to regain his cool status. Can;t believe he sank this far down.

    Yeah Tom you should know. You married Nicole in a field. Married Katie in an elaborate ceremony.

  • anon

    “If the girl wants the wedding, you gotta do the wedding,” Tom said. “It’s a special occasion, and she’ll remember it forever. Spencer, dude. You’ll realize this later.”

    dis is certainly d most senseless, stupid & immature statement i’ve ever heard from a 40 something yr old, dayum he sounds like a 16yr old

  • xoxoxoxo

    Didn’t Tom Cruise shack up with his girlfriend, Kate, and have a baby first? Didn’t he get married only two years after that? Why would anyone take advice from that loser?

  • dido

    tom baby ı love you and you are still the best , ı loved what he said to spencer ,ı think it is cool

  • Whocares

    I think this is a stupid plot to get people to watch this idiot show…I can’t imagine Tom Cruise giving them the time of day….

  • Whocares

    JJ give us some Zac Efron News!

  • rem

    can’t believe how low he has sank, appearing on the Hills!!!!!!!!! but i saw dis coming afterall the best he could get to promote lions for lambs was by appearing on TRL!!!!!

  • Kenz

    Dan and Jessi had brought the question up and he had no choice but to answer. I doubt he knows who they are. Dan and Jessi had to explain it to him.


    wtf, is tom cruise doing messing with these douchebags?? Oh geezus how the mighty have fallen.

  • bag

    This is lame from every possible angle.

  • Lillianne

    What a skunk. Prattfall knows the ratings would go through the roof with Tom Cruise.

  • bonnie

    how many douches can you fit in one post? Two.

  • iria

    next thing tom cruise’II appear on hannah montana.

  • filipe

    spencer is annoying

  • Heather

    wait, is this a joke? did tom really made an appearance on the hills aftershow?! wtf, Tom!

  • Ashley Banks

    what the hell, Tom?

  • eliza

    Tom is working hard to promote his new movie any way he can. Maybe he’s learned something through trial and error. After all, he’s been divorced twice and is working on marriage number three. Or maybe, HE’S the one who actually needs the advice.

  • WatchingMovies

    I understand promoting a movie but in many ways I think of Tom Cruise as better than this

  • Ericka

    WTF was he on the hills aftershow??

    =\ what a weird combination…

  • Suzie

    PEOPLE , of course he wasn’t on the aftershow. He was probably doing a press junket in Canada with those hosts for his movie and THEY brought it up. As you can see, he isn’t even on the set…they just showed a taped segment.

  • j

    cool polite Tom was ask the question about this couple

  • manette

    God bless this man. I LOVE TC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • go away trolls

    Amazing American actor who can do it all.

    He is so hot he looks 30 not close to being 50.

  • gotham

    Tom is the man and while he made a mistake making Katie pregnant before marriage at least he is so good to all his kids, he loves Katie and honors her with a marriage and lifelong commitment unlike many actors who dont wed, No more sacredness,respecting a lady and dignity and values.

  • defap

    Tom is right about the wedding. he’s a honorable man.

  • jd

    ah, crazy speaks to crazy. although i think each of their crazinesses are unique. At least TC has some acting chops. I have no idea what S has, except a stupifying affinity for paparazzi poses.
    why am i wasting my time on this post…?

  • jd

    and i agree… he is prob right about the wedding….

  • rock

    Props to Tom for having the patience answering the usual stupid Q’s from the media.

  • Mr. Blonde

    How is it senseless, stupid and immature advice, #10?

    He’s not a loser and I don’t see what having a kid out of wedlock and marry later has top do with anything, #11.

    Exactly, #16.

    That makes sense, #28. He’s never stooped so low.

    That was no mistake at all, #32. It doesn’t matter if a couple is married or not.

  • mary

    guys seriously. anyways it was all fun times. the gmd was in the tdot to promote the new movie and he did spots at mtc, much, and the hour…best interview was on mtv with nicole, darren, & paul, but really the hills question was from dan and jesse, cause they do the aftershow, and tom cruise doesn’t know who the hell speidi are so it was completely hilarious, and his answer was so juvenille but 100% true. a man gotta do the wedding for the lady you know, cause then we give the man the honour on our wedding night. all that crap.

    don’t believe that us mama montag story…atleast not according to steph pratt (awesome pratt aftershow song last night)…or believe it cause spencer is the devil.

    shit i just saw james franco in a gucci perfume commerical. what the hell?

  • ^_^

    Bring on Valkyrie :)

  • ^_^

    He is really sexy and gorgeous not only with his looks and body but by being a family man. Cant the media ask him about Germany and Valkyrie instead of these losers?

    Tom is soo busy appearing soon in Leno,Matt Lauer,Letterman,CBC,etc…

  • kit

    Tom a hottie Spencer a nottie.

  • SusieQue

    TWICE divorced Cruise handing out marriage advice! What a dumb jerk he is! LMAO. Oh, and how’s the Botox treating you, Tom?

    The advice Tommy Boy should have given is how to best manipulate your sham of a relationship for the optimum PR benefits. There he has some experience, and that’s the kind of advice the other one would find useful.

    What a dope! It make me cringe to watch this guy embarrass himself like that but he’s such an arrogant jerk it’s entertaining too.

  • serena

    Tom when will u grow up and stay out of other peoples business. Aren’t u happy just robbing the cradle by marrying someone 16 years younger than you. But kudos for the nonbelief in psychiatry. I totally agree man!!!! I don’t think anyone’s going to see Valkyrie. why? That topic is so 20th century man!! GET A LIFE!! No, better yet help Katie tote that baby around!!