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Angelina Jolie: Twins Again!

Angelina Jolie: Twins Again!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are adding another set of twins to their family, reports Star. (AJ/BP had twins Vivienne and Knox nearly five months ago.)

Angelina is reportedly taking prenatal vitamins, visiting her ob-gyn, undergoing secret fertility treatments and will be adding babies seven and eight to the Jolie-Pitt clan.

Angie‘s doctors told her that she has a strong chance of conceiving twins if she does it within two years after having her first pair,” a friend reveals. “She’s been seeing a fertility doctor regularly. She and Brad are monitoring when she’s fertile. And they’re trying really hard in the bedroom!”

And Angie‘s conception secrets are supposedly yams! “A friend told her that yams and orange juice will increase her chances [of getting pregnant with twins],” says the pal.

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  • serena

    please God say it isn’t true! For sanity’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    what these people will do to sell magazines is beyond me.

  • brooklyn

    Thank God I don’t read their magazine.

  • cait

    well, Star can’t exactly boast about it’s credibility, or reliability, not can it?

  • eeewwwwwwwwww

    Just when you think they can’t get any grosser..


    Angie next year new movie Salt begin february


  • Wow…

    You guys sure do act like you know a lot about this couple! Were you there when they conceived their last twins? And, how exactly do you know that they “wouldn’t do such a thing” when it comes to having another baby (or babies) so close together? Since you all seem to be close, personal friends of the Jolie-Pitts, I figure you’d know all the answers.

  • LuckyL

    WTF? Can’t they f*** off already? Complete, utter BS

  • cassie

    Where are the pics visiting the doctors and I vaguely recall Star claiming X was eating yams to get preganant back in July or August. Where are the twins she was going to be pregnant with a few weeks ago. Oh IT claimes Angie is already 3+ months pregnant and adopting a baby this Xmas in Africa so I guess that’s 10 kids.

  • Debbie

    omg would someone rip out this womans uterus.

  • Neil

    The way I heard it, Brad is super jealous of Jon and Kate and has demanded that Angie go on a fertility regimen that includes intrauterine insemination. He has been quoted as saying, “Yes I want a soccer team; but every soccer team must have their reserve players.” Angie is said to be concerned, “Pregnancy is one thing, but I draw the line at my feet being perpetually without footwear!”

  • move the crowd like moses

    these magazines have been saying she’s pregnant or trying to since like a month of the birth of her times
    u have 2 be stupid 2 believe every pointless story they write

  • Neil

    What a bunch of puerile and gullible pimples here. Anyone who to takes this, “article” for more than a joke really should get a life. LOL. Good for a laugh and nothing more.

  • marina

    tabloids will keep yelling pregnant every month up until she really becomes, and then they will say : “We knew it!!!!!”

  • Neil (a Canadian)

    devilgirl @ 12/10/2008 at 9:10 am

    “…Marcia Lynne Bertrand was born a typical American girl, to working-class French-Canadian parents…”

    You are as ignorant as your source article is. I know it is difficult for both you and your “source” but the accent on the FRENCH NAME, Bertrand is on the vowels and not the consonants. And of course when you include that with your “source” saying, FRENCH-Canadian parents, then I guess you have to say Angie’s mom is ONLY guilty of changing her French name to a different French name. OMG! An actor adopting a stage name! Tres bizarre!
    And by the way up until the second world war only those from the mostly French province of Quebec called themselves Canadians. The rest of the country called themselves British subjects. The culture isn’t France but it is French and it is old.

  • Mohegan and Pequot

    Angelina never said her Mother was from France.
    This Crap and Everything else made up by Tabloids,
    Let Angelina’s Mother Rest in Peace.Leave this deceased
    Lady alone.If you have any Respect.

  • QQQQ

    So Jared has all the RS interview but chooses to post Star rag mag. Gotta love it! Gotta get the $s

  • me

    I doubt this time the story be real… it is to early to have twins, but I wish them lots of happiness

  • brandi Cryer

    i can’t believe people still read star. i hate trash mags like this. and jj for reposting it.

  • jo-jo

    I don’t believe it….
    I would be thrilled if it was true though

  • Jill

    *Groan* Jared, was this thread necessary? It’s absolutely ridiculous to base a thread on a bullshit rumor from Star magazine.

  • Jill

    Reading through the posts. I can’t believe the trolls are actually buying this bullshit. It’s like I said, they aren’t very bright.

  • rose

    “I get defensive. (They’re) talking about not only the woman I love, but one of the people on this planet who I have the greatest respect for. I think she’s as honorable as anyone I’ve ever met.”

    Brqd Pitt

  • http://japan cinnamon

    OH, AHHHHH, it’s endless. Humor me!!!

  • Eddie Jones

    it’s a little weird that this hollywood girl keeps having kids, isn’t she one of those people that think “we all have too much and consume too much”

    I smell some hypocracy.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$

    Don’t worry Angie, you can always go back to sucking your brother’s face when Brad’s done with you.

    Oh, do you let your kids play with Billy Bob Thorton’s blood? That must be soooooooo much fun, or do you suck Brad’s blood now?
    Oh, don’t answer, it’s obvious by seeing Brad’s late pics, poor poor hasbeen.

  • groundcontrol

    $$$$$$$$$$$$ @ 12/10/2008 at 11:46 pm


    Gee, I wonder who this is? LOL!

    Sweetie, fly back to FF on your broom and conjure up more whacky lies about the Jolie Pitts.

  • Sway

    oh, so they’re having twins again AND adopting two more ?!

    be more pathetic, please

  • Just Jared Fan

    Ohcome on Jared you are losing JP Fans due to this crap. You know as well as the fans who have been here for almost 4 yrs that Star mag is BS so even if they were tell tell one iota of truth JJ Fans yes the people who come here regularly wouldn’t buy or read this crap
    So why put it here. I am pisssed at myself for repling to the rubbish.

    Can someone i mean a regular tell me where you ALL will be posting ontill another thread comes up? TIA

  • 2×4

    Just Jared is taking Angie’s example of charity and giving the poor haters a place to wank-off. LOL They know they would be ripped to pieces on a REGULAR thread.

  • bradprick

    It’s too bad he wasn’t so loyal to or honorable about his lawfully wedded WIFE while he was running around with this ‘ho and boinking her. What a sanctimonious wanker. Yes, you can see Angelina pulling his strings from here. She’s spent so much time and effort glorifying herself, but even the NYTimes sees her for the pig she is.

  • http://justjared kassandra

    OMG! this couple is really HOT! now i know why the old lady Aniston can’t let go she is so jelous

  • herald

    It’s too early to have twins again, so I don’t think this time is true.. but anyway… they will have some more children sooner or later, and I suppport them! live the family!

  • Della

    Isnt Star the tab that claimed she had a tummy tuck. why have a tuck if youre getting pregnant again so soon

  • Della

    Isnt Star the tab that claimed she had a tummy tuck. why have a tuck if youre getting pregnant again so soon

  • Lily

    I don’t believe this rag-mag at all.

  • Courtney



  • Tigress-fan

    Hey Jared, how much is Candace Trunzo paying you to sling her swill??? We’ll double it!!!

  • royalty brad and angie

    This says it all. All Jennifer ever do is go tanning in the beach. She has a very self-centered and lame life. I’m baffled by people who idolized this selfish bimbo. We should idolize people who does good in our society,a good model for our children. Not a bimbo who does nothing good but be narcissistic,self-centered,and whine about her life.

    neer @ 11/22/2008 at 2:33 am
    I want to share the following quotes (of various personalities) to the people who are cynical about Angie’s motive in doing her share in helping others:
    “What she has done transcends her physical beauty and really reminds us that it’s what is in the heart, and I really want to commend her for what she’s done in such a serious and thoughtful way.” (Hillary Clinton)
    “I don’t know Angelina Jolie, but I admire her work.” (Barack Obama)
    “Celebrities are doing the work that journalists are not. We can’t afford to be cynical about that….Can you really strike out against Angie and Bono?…Sure, there’s an opinion backlash. People think they are doing it for some sort of ego trip. But the people who are expressing that opinion? What are they doing?” (Marianne Pearl)
    “Angie roughs it. She lives with us in the forest and eats the crickets and the cockroaches the locals eat without thinking twice about it. Whenever I read in magazines about her ‘glorious house in Cambodia,’ I think, What? It’s a shack. I don’t think people believe she has the ability to abandon everything in the West and transpose herself to a situation with malaria and dengue fever and the most extreme poverty. I read about her ‘Hollywood life.’ Well, you can’t live a Hollywood life in this part of Cambodia.” (Stephen Bognar)
    “Their participation has been absolutely essential to the mainstreaming of these global issues into American life, which is why I find so ridiculous the cynicism, the pundits who disdain this. They misunderstand how our society works, and they misjudge these people, their leadership. No good deed goes unpunished, and it’s certainly true of this activity. Angelina goes at it with utter honesty, hard work and a deep feeling for the common faith of humanity. There’s no doubt about that or about her love for her children. And yet the amount of chattering that goes on about it is endless and preposterous, in my view” (Jeffrey Sachs)
    “OK.Now, your daughter, Angelina Jolie. You know, we checked her out. I don’t know whether you know this or not. Big investigation on her. And we found out she walks the walk, that she gives all the money, millions of dollars and this and that. (Bill O’Reilly talking to Jon Voight)
    “What I don’t understand is the media’s criticism (of Jolie’s) involvement in humanitarian aide and why they question her motives and sincerity..It’s like, Who cares? She’s doing a good job and putting so much of her time and money in the causes.” (Tea Leoni)
    “These people don’t need additional focus or respect. I’m not that cynical at all. Angelina has given not only her time, but her money to assist people who need it most….In the past, entertainers have usually led selfish and egotistical lives so I like it when I see people like Angelina trying so hard. I think she has raised some awareness and that she has an extremely good heart.” (Mia Farrow)
    “Her going to Haiti really helped my foundation. It was in a time where she was still pregnant. Haiti being the most dangerous place in the world, for Angelina Jolie to land there—while pregnant—that’s gangster. We respect that to the T.“ (Wyclef Jean)
    “I like them (Angelina & Brad) very much…They’re bright, interested in what’s going on, open to everything, ready to grab everything they can out of life. They’re not wasting a lot of time being movie stars. They’re taking advantage of it to see, listen and learn. “(Leslie Caron)
    “I want to congratulate Angelina because it’s been a very long time since I’ve been in this business and I’ve never met a person who has such a good balance between family life, humanitarian efforts, ..and all the extraordinary work that she does in addition to this.” (Dustin Hoffman)
    “I think her humanitarian position has just changed the way actresses and people in the industry think about what they can actually do … to help the world,” (Marc Bauer)
    “Angelina Jolie…just seeing an actress who has been through it all and who doesn’t care what other people say about her — someone who has forged her own path.” (Olivia Wilde)

  • Jenna

    They are nuts in the head to begin with. They need more kids like they need a hole in their head. What happened to getting married and then have all these kids. They are idiots. Disgusting people white trash. She is a psycho bitch who frech kisses her brother probably it is his kids not brads.

  • Alisha

    Absolutely ridiculous, that magazine. Why’d ya do it, JJ? Why’d you reproduce this pile of ick??? :o)

  • bambamswife

    I sure hope they are not going to put any more of them on this earth.

  • Silly

    Its true. Want to bet?

  • npa

    Great for them.

  • old lady

    I don’t believe this. AJ has no problem concieving and does not need fertility pills. She is probably trying to prevent conception because she just had a CS.

  • vivi

    lololol…I’m sure that Brangeludricrous will swear on a stack of Bibles that they didn’t take any drugs….they’re just such superior humans that they are able to will the number and gender of each pregnancy.

    Just like Angelina lost all that weight in two hours NATURALLY.

    These people are so stupid that if they had brains they would try to sale the pictures of them to a magazine for money.

    In thirty years, no one will remember who these people are. Brad will be doing AARP commercials and Angelina will have stretch marks just like every other woman who has had ten children. And, hey, if they’re still together in ten years from now, I’ll give each and everyone of you 100 bucks to go buy a butt load of celebrity magazines showing the newest hot couple that we should all wish we were like.

    I mean don’t all of you try to stay pregnant so your boyfriend won’t leave you like he did his equally beautiful wife?

  • Mary

    Just Jared – why on earth do you print this dribble? It makes you look like a prize twat. I thought you had a reputation to uphold. Obviously not.

    I mean, who in their right mind would trust Star magazine? The only thing it is useful for is wiping up doggie piddle and lining the bottom of bird cages.

    It’s funny actually. BP makes one throwaway comment about how they would consider marriage if the kids wanted it….and that was it. There is no real story there, it was just a comment during an interview.

    Then magazines around the world picked up the “story” and elaborated it into something its not (Australian WHO magazine managed a four page spread on one throwaway line!)

    Star magazine obviously took it one step further. What a load of crap and even worse there are people out there who actually believe this crap and would trust such a source.

  • Haake

    Les absents ont toujours tort de revenir

  • http://aol sporty shorty

    this is stupid…i don’t see y they just dont leave angie/brad alone?
    they have enugh to deal with

  • Danielle

    I started to believe it, but then i thought of the fact that Star is not to be trusted. It’s almost another National Enquirer.