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Catherine Hardwicke Still Promoting Twilight in Paris

Catherine Hardwicke Still Promoting Twilight in Paris
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  • yoyo

    Kristen Stewart couldn’t look less thrilled if she tried. In every single picture I’ve seen of her she looks so thoroughly bored and disgusted, it’s like she would really rather be at home snorting her coke and doing arse to mouth.

  • Sandra

    Why did she get fired.. that’s so wierd :S And I think that I’m the only one that haven’t seen Twilight.. haha.

  • maria

    if i see it u ll know.still loved none the less

  • gabriela

    Hi, this movie is going perfect. I love Robert Pattinson very much.
    He is very wonderful.
    I don’t see the time to watch this movie.
    I’m Brasilian.

    Bye Bye

  • aNDREA

    I love him so much
    he is so handsome!!! and cute

    I’m sorry about Catherine I’m almoust sure thet she’s do it an amazing job and i’m more than happy wih the result!!
    all my support for her

  • diana

    actually robert all pictures in looks like “not sense eyes” he isnt special.
    maybe kristen doesnt happy with twilight similar we are.who knows.

  • tinna

    happy b-day brian molko (placebo)

  • somebody ;D

    Oh God.
    Would You marry me Rob?

  • katie

    Rob and Kirsten look great ;]

  • irah

    oh my god…..why she get fired??
    but Robert Pattinson is so hot and Kristen Stewart looks beautiful.
    They look great together!!!!!
    i love u robert!!!!!!!

  • alix

    They were invited on a french TV show. If you want to watch the video, just go there :
    You just have to click on “Emission du 08-12-2008″ and then “Extrait de l’émission > Le grand journal du 08-12-2007 – partie 1″. Sorry, it is a little bit complicated if you don’t speak french…

  • alix

    Sorry, it is “Le grand journal du 08-12-2008 – La SUITE 1″

  • Zanessa Fan

    Argh ¬¬¬¬¬
    I haaate this guy!
    JJ , why you don’t post anymore about zac and vanessa?
    you, know… only post about this guy Pattinson!

    I’m really desappointed with you!

  • stefanie

    Now that girl, Kristen, is trying to sport the same kind of look as Robert.
    Oh please!

    I saw the movie and it was just okay. It could have been much, MUCH better. I enjoyed the book, Twilight, but the movie really didn’t capture the real essence of the book. Robert impressed me. Everyone else did not. Casting of Carlise was wrong. Actor is handsome, but not Carlise. Sorry.

    I think the change in directors might do the franchise good. I feel a better director could have done more with the movie.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Poor Catherine :(

  • jonhar

    both Robert and Kristen looked so tired..

  • Jaye

    He always look like he’s on drugs.

  • Elle

    I loved the movie. Maybe the best of 2008

  • Natalie

    I don’t get why people are making such a big deal that Catherine was there.. Twilight is still HER movie, there’s no reason for her not to be there

    Rob and Kristen look gorgeous as usual.. i heart them :)

  • ya ya

    Man! Hes hot! And what a kissing scene, huh guys? Yummy! Just give me a few hours alone with that boy! Just a few hours that’s all ‘Swoon:’ :)

  • mo0owie

    both kristen and robert look alike. they both looked high, maybe too much promoting?

  • Elle

    I went to the movies not knowing what to expect from the mixed reviews i’ve heard and read. But I was pleasantly surprised.
    I read the Twilight books and loved them, and I loved the film. I dont know why its getting bagged out so much. It was great. Of course it wasnt exactly like the book but it stuck quite closely. I loved how it was filmed. It was raw, felt real, was clear and beautiful. I think Catherine Hardwicke did a great job. Its shame shes not making the second one.

  • =)


  • amyjo

    WWHHAATT!!!?? she got fired??? how???

  • ludy from italy (milano)

    kristen and robert are super fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they are a great couple! twilight 4ever!

  • ludy from italy (milano)


    i’m so sorry but the language is italian

  • http://myspace janay

    maybe she just came from smoking coke haha o wellz i still love her and twilight catherine wasnt fired she just couldnt film twilgiht cause she was already going to film another movie around that time

  • andrea cullen

    I LOVE robert pattinson!! hottiiee!! ;D

    lol well bye!

  • Marie

    Have they EVER heard of shampoo?!
    I mean Kristen and Rob
    Their hair is just so.. greasy

  • sAHAR


  • sAHAR

    The only reason why Catherine is not directing the movie is because she said there was a short dead line and there was a certain amount of money they had. She said she didn’t want to do it because she thought she couldn’t make it into a good movie with all of that. She says she regrets it but she is moving on. And the greasy look for both Robert and Kirsten is cute. It fit them. Kristen has the i don’t give a f**k kind of look. She is simple. She is not like most Hollywood actress. I love her and her attitude. And Robert is gorgeous. He is a great and talented guy. Have you heard him sing?!?! He is GREAT!! I love everything about him and so what he is not the best looking guy in Hollywood. At least he is not like half of those Hollywood stars doing the same thing. He is DIFFERENT!! People like them is what Hollywood really needs. I love Twilight. I have not seen the movie yet because I haven’t found the time. I am waiting for it to come out on DVD for me to buy the movie. I heard and reviews and I haven’t seen it yet but I am sure I will still love it even if they did take out some scenes from the book. So just be quiet. And Kristen is not copy Robert. She is unique just like Robert. I love both of them.