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Janet Jackson: I'm Pregnant!

Janet Jackson: I'm Pregnant!

Janet Jackson has reportedly been telling friends “Yes, I’m pregnant”, according to the latest issue of Life & Style.

Here are the captions from the cover: “Her dream’s finally coming true, but Janet‘s scared about becoming a mom at 42. She’s overjoyed, but will a baby stop the fighting between her and boyfriend Jermaine Dupri?”

Recently, Jermaine went on the record and told Us Weekly that Janet is not pregnant.

DO YOU THINK Janet is really pregnant or not???

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  • love


  • love

    Did she cancel her tours because she was pregnant ?

  • Frenchy

    That entire magazine is on it’s last leg. Look at those ridiculous headlines. Please

  • betsy

    That is so awesome Janet! I just heard a women from India gave birth at age 70 so I think you’ll be fine.

  • wish

    No i don’t think so are jermine would have told us weekly.

  • Ashley

    Man forget that I want to read about the twilight fight! juicy gossip!

  • betsy

    That would be awesome for her. I know India, a women who is 70 just gave birth so I think Janet will do fine.

  • Betina

    the whole cover of this magazine, Life & Style it is so false. Britney’s boobs are looking bigger on the picture because the cleavege is bigger, that’s for sure.

    Angelina it’s still PRETTY. She didn’t change anything on her face.
    She has more important things to worry about, than the way her face looks (at point of doing a ‘plastic surgery’). That’s stupid.

    Twilight fight? WTF? ¬¬

    And I think that Janet Jackson is not pregnant, whatever.

    This magazine SUCKS!

  • SI

    “She’s getting Botox,”

    ANGRELINA HOORNLIE ia getting botox…What´s new???

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    What Twilight fight? Baha what a crap magazine


    If it is on the cover of ” Life and Style “, then it MUST be true !!!!!…..Isn’t EVERYTHING on the cover and on the inside pages, TRUE ?..I would be shocked if it is…


    i love that lies and style has to print that disclaimer from a rep for angelina because

    1) they are scared of being sued
    2) they don’t have the swingers to stand by their story
    3) it’s not true anyway

  • Hmmm

    Wish her the best if its true!!

  • http://justjared tan

    uh, no its not true, its life & style. Everything on that magazine cover isn’t true same with star and another set of brangie twins

  • hannah

    i spy robert pattinson ;)


  • Kristinaa

    Oh my gosh…i’m really…surprised..


    Well is Jen Aniston pregnant NO!!! And how many covers have the
    magazine have that had false pregnancy.. like this weeks issue…

    Another pregnancy cover… Everyone doesn’t want to get pregnant….

    Why the rush let her tell the world.. since she has a hard time getting
    pregnant and if she is having a hard time with her boyfriend why would she get pregnant now.. with her last C.D a bomb.. And changing management..

  • susan

    I know she’s trying to get pregnant but Jermaine just said she isn’t yet. You can’t believe a word Life & Style say so it’s probably false. Their one of the worst tabloids for lying.

  • allie

    i think she’s pregoooooo!
    keep the baby away from your brother.

  • kbab

    i really doubt she is preggers
    however i have a funny feeling mariah is though
    time will tell!

  • Eddie Jones

    the spoiler is michael is the father.

  • cain

    when your career stinks, a baby surely can help!

    at least when it’s not been given birth to yet.

  • kiki


  • Jeff

    Who cares? She is a weirdo and we should get on with our lives. Hope her baby has more respect for people than her bizzare Superbowl striptease. Would she want her baby seeing something like that on TV? I do not like this woman. :0

  • Lady corporate

    A baby will not fix a relationship. If they are fighting now, they will fight MORE because the baby will need lots of attention. If a man is not secure in the relationship before the baby comes, sadly the baby’s presence will fuel his insecurities. Janet, I thought you might be pregnant when all this news started…be careful sweetie. We read way too many stories about what happens to innocent babies where there is an insecure daddy around who tires of the baby’s crying, etc. BTW loved you in Tyler Perry’s ‘Why Did I Get Married?’ If this boyfriend truly does not love you, just grant visitation rights if you wish. Be happy and God bless!!

  • Rhett

    I don’t follow her career, but seems every time I read something about her, she’s cancelling a show do to an illness. I saw an early 1990′s article about her doing an interview wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket in the middle of the late summer while on a visit here in Atlanta. They call it Hot-Lanta for a reason…it’s usually high 80s to high 90s in August & September. So I’m concerned something is going on with her. I pray it’s something minor like fatigue.

  • Baby

    Well that is great if she is afterall, she is 42. I would suggest she look into movie producing or even music. It is time for her to settle down, and assist with rising artist.

  • raven

    I think that she could be pregnant. Maybe she just want to share this time with Jermaine and not with everyone trying to get a picture of the baby bump. I don’t blame her for keeping it to herself.

  • http://na lashay

    you should not listen to what say if SHE said it we would hear it

  • http://yahoo Mz.Budgie

    I think it want change it between her and jermaine because it started before she got pregnant and it gone continue.The olny way it want is if she leave him.

  • hey hey hey hey

    @love: yeah she did

  • hey hey hey hey

    @love: yeah she did

  • boom boom pow

    YEA! I so hope she is and Jermaine should just die. I hope he does. I hope he baby’s boy and she names it Joe Jackson after her father and I hope Jermaine dies when she’s 3 hours so that bitch doesn’t meet his kid!

  • latwonda

    Wait! Isn’t she the mom of Kristinia DeBaurge.

  • http://myspace satinkirk

    i think janet jackson is pregnant and who cares she still doing her thing i think she would have a nice cute baby

  • http://spankiey satinkirk

    well im hapey for janet and jarmine she be a good mothere and h ave a cute baby and really i think she is prernant but who cares it sheuldnt buthere no else

  • http://twitter kayla

    janet jackson is not pregant so she need to quit lien about evreything

  • http://facebook Mariah

    No way…I do trust that Janet Jackson is pregnant because she anounced it to the world and because of the issue that her and bf just broke up maybe the now ex-bf is telling the whole world that she’s not pregnant because of the situation that they were in..what could I say Jealousy seriously comes a difficult way.

    Oh well honey J..of course ou don’t worry about being a mother at 42..I mean others are even mothers at the age of why the fear.

    Good luck.

  • Alicia

    Janet am glad to hear that your pregnant you have waited a long time for a baby and now you got one i hope u will be happy with that child.I don’t care what others are saying if your pregnant they should be happy for you and lifting up and not pulling you down.(Keep doing your thing girl)